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Let Me Fortify Your Spirit _ God Says _ God Message Today _ Gods Message Now _ God Message _ God Say

draw near my beloved child with a heart brimming with trust this day is ordained for your

blessing a Divine appointment for joy to wash over you imagine me lifting away

the shadows of Sorrow that weigh upon your soul the burdens that have long dimmed your light feel my hand tender

and strong resting upon your head Envision my love a boundless and pure

stream flowing directly into your heart I yearn for you to experience the profound relief that comes from

surrendering your fears and burdens into my ever waiting hands let me fortify your spirit in the

quiet chambers of your heart listen for my gentle whisper and eternal echo of my

love for you I love you I say yesterday today and forever more my love is

unchanging vast as the heavens Eternal and inexhaustible it is my deepest desire to

reach out to you to guide you through the trials of this world that can wound so deeply I am here ever present ready

to illuminate your path my holy map is drawn with patience and Grace leading

you towards healing Freedom a life filled with happiness and a Revival of

your spiritual senses come let me take your hand and guide you

along the Tranquil Paths of peace and serenity in your heart let the seeds of

deep lasting Joy germinate and flourish together we will cast aside the gwing

worries that once seemed unconquerable behold today I reveal to

you you have never been forsaken by your heavenly father who holds you so dearly I have come to rekindle your destiny

believe in me for you are not lost or bewildered you are merely in a season of

mental Repose a sacred pause before the dawning of renewed strength and

Clarity my cherished child I do not desire to fill your future with fleeting

dreams or uninitiated projects I refuse to let you lend your ears to those who

seek to piler your time and resources luring you away from your dreams to chase

theirs such is not not the way of my spiritual Kingdom within your heart I

have sown dreams and with my support you shall strive and attain them you will

triumph over Giants and dismantle forces of Darkness but this requires you to dwell in my presence absorbing the

wisdom that will be your guide and strength haste has no place in this journey it’s not a matter of fleeing

emotions or Surface feelings you have matured grown in character and steadiness you have transcended that

former realm through my word I will navigate you reveal your steps and

direct your path watch for my signs for I will visit you with the morning’s

first light bestowing upon you the gift of sacred wisdom do not let go of these

words there will be days of joy and days of Sorrow moments of numbness and Times

of exuberant leaps yet in this elevated Supernatural realm turn to the

scriptures nourish yourself with my word and in times of decision or

adversity return to my embrace my Holy Spirit Will enshroud you

offering Solace and guidance in overcoming life’s hurdles heed my

direction here I decree avoid entangling yourself in burdensome long-term

debts resist the world’s push towards bondage pause reconsider do not get ens

snared by The unwise Who prey on the innocent your wisdom Prudence courage

and intelligence Shield you from deception shun vows that contradict my

will evade evil and prevent your family from being ens snared in misery due to

Ill choices remember if you Heir or fall into sin my arms remain open my

forgiveness Everlasting I will absolve your contrite heart and Lead You Back to

the right path out of love I caution You Against The Perils in this troubled

world the enemy is cunning ready to exploit any lapse in Focus or faith

leading you into unseen pits my words stem from profound love aimed at keeping

your soul mind heart spirit and body

Vigilant this message is a blueprint for blessings seek me in my scriptures where

my my will and plan for salvation are laid bare each morning as you awaken

step through the supernatural gateway to my presence with these words of faith God is good I embrace his Blessing with

gratitude today I bestow upon you my boundless love share with me your

feelings when you hear of my love for you your thoughts knowing I am attuned to your innermost desires and fully

aware of your circumstances how does it feel to be so cherished

safeguarded and loved my desire is for you to stand secure in my love regardless of whether

you sense my presence or hear my voice your emotions are not the measure

of our connection trust in my written word for it is a firm promise that

nothing not even the fiercest of adversities can separate you from my

love even amid a throng of foes you will never be isolated or without

hope do not Harbor any doubts about my boundless love for you be assured for

you are familiar with my unwavering promise hold fast to it with an unshakable belief even in moments when

Temptation beckons or you feel frail in times when your plans

unravel when betrayal Shadows your path or when disappointment strikes remember

my protective presence envelops you there’s no need to seek Solace elsewhere

Proclaim it boldly let the heavens themselves bear witness to the faith and conviction of your spirit a spirit that

devoutly believes in me your belief in me dear Jesus transcends mere emotions

you are not ens snared by transient feelings your faith stands Resolute you

are devoted and steadfast in adherence to my holy word place your trust in it

declare with conviction I Believe In You Christ Jesus and know that unseen to you

Legions of warrior Angels rally around you this very moment battling on your behalf until you surmount your

challenges and attain Liberation from your tribulations it is decreed it is

affirmed I personally vow this and I shall fulfill it Joy infuses your heart

kindling courage in bestowing the peace you yearn for while you may experience an Indescribable emotion I implore you

my child to hold a steadfast certainty of my presence beside you even if

unfelt my love for you is ceaseless I am your Eternal protector night and day I

Am with You greeting your soul each morning accompanying you throughout your

day I am here I love you on the day you reach out to me expect my response know

that I heard your cries on those nights of Tears today I’m eager to impart to you a profound sentiment one that will

dispel your sorrow eradicate loneliness Vanquish depression and heal every

lingering wound in your heart your faith is evident but I desire

that you accompany your prayers with heartfelt tears laying bare your soul in my presence holding nothing back unveil

the entirety of your experiences the good the bad the unsightly the long ago

injustices the deep-seated bitterness that seems dormant but insidiously gnaws at your soul causing anguish robbing

your peace and thrusting you into despair cling not to these burdens hoard

not the emotions that invade the darkness of Dawn and Rend your spirit

bring forth that chest of memories which has only served to self- punish and estrange you further from my love

I will renew everything even transforming your past achievements and joys granting you greater victories and

an everlasting joy that none can usurp henceforth focus on rejuvenating

your dreams there’s no need to revisit the past or seek out those who have moved on why return to the land of

rejection forsake the anguish they inflicted you’ve endured enough disappointments

all this is behind you now you are progressing towards Bliss and should

anyone scoff at your faith remember you have a heavenly father to defend you if

someone seeks to harm you they must seek repentance lest they plummet into a

profound Abyss approach each day with the faith you feel and if you sense nothing fret

not come and Converse with me I will heed your words approach me in your

emptiness if sadness has crept back and past tormentors return to muddle your emotions Come Just As You Are into my

presence I will heal and liberate you shatter the chains binding you my Divine

breath will dispel the oppressive clouds that obstruct your life seek me out in the early night at noon whenever you

need me approach with this Divine love and I shall envelop you in it this

message is for my Warriors heed it till the end if you feel called

and know yourself to be among them as I have affirmed many times do not dismiss

my words excuses about age health or finances have no place here for all my

Warriors ready to trust in my word I will clear your paths and open doors in

Supernatural ways you are my chosen child prepared for Triumph in moments of

uncertainty cling to the hope my promises offer believe wholeheartedly and I will enact my will in your life

wondrous things await see yourself imbued with strength unwavering in faith

and Valiant face any challenge Financial Health rated or familial without fear I

have the power to part your sea of troubles Forge paths to Solutions provided you heed my word and persevere

march on with determination and you shall Traverse chasms tread upon

Waters and remain unsunk no Tempest will submerge your destiny my warrior my

beloved child in my hands lie the keys to your joy and blessings as you walk

through life Let each step make you stronger when You Face trials may your

faith be unshakable rooted in the knowledge that even when my presence seems distant my voice silent

I am ever near ready to rescue you at the ordained moment your foes will

retreat in awe of your Resolute Spirit their threats and size unable to shake your courage in you defeat will find no

home I bestow upon you a hallowed sword today a symbol of my words power on your

lips your adherence to my teachings and your faith will illuminate your path

with my Divine strength supporting you as you could confront your fears my

Valiant one you are cherished deeply in my heart now hand in hand with your loved ones your children your family

step through the door of your blessings with unwavering Faith and Hope as you absorb my words reflect deeply upon your

soul letting my message imprint itself within you the difficult days will fade

making way for a future filled with light the trials will end and in this

assurance find solid your heavenly father is perpetually by

your side as you Journey Through the darkest valleys let not fear overwhelm

you for I Am with You guiding empowering and shielding your dreams and

aspirations in a world riddled with suffering trust in me for I have

triumphed over anguish and hold the keys to a life of profound Joy your success

Victory after Victory along aligns with my divine plan your future is destined

to be rich with accomplishments and blessings let the notion of defeat never

Cloud your vision remember the words spoken to you for as you grow in

happiness and blessing envious foes will arise as is the way of the

world I uplift those I cherish and often their joy and unwavering Faith draw the

eye of adversaries do not fear no harm shall touch you as you walk in my path I

seek not Perfection for I understand your humanity and its faltering

nature what I desire is your heart your gaze fixed on my holy word I yearn for

your steadfast loyalty seek and love me in both good times and trials this journey is unending continue

to walk and pray even through tears whether in the rain or storms March

forward for I will still the tempests and quiet the tumultuous Seas I will command peace in your conflicts and

provide in your times of need yet I long to see your unwavering devotion your

Relentless Pursuit Of Me placing me above all else in your life witness how your faith transforms

into a sword dispelling evil conquering weaknesses and bestowing upon you

spiritual and Supernatural might to overcome Temptations fear tears and life’s

hurdles each time you leave your home pause to Bow your head entrust your

plans and Endeavors to me pray for your family utter words of faith and serenity

Rejoice for I am your Shepherd and in my care you shall want for

nothing you are my beloved children and also my cherished little lambs I will

lead you to Lush Meadows and guide you beside Still Waters in your home there

will be an end to tears and confusion the conflicts that once

brought you deep sorrow will vanish I will remove those who steal

your love and disrupt your peace eradicating sin and Malice that hide in

the dark undermining your faith and joy I will banish sorrow from your life and

poverty will no longer be a guest at your table the heavens will open showering you with Abundant Blessings

employment and opportunities will flourish nurturing growth and wisdom I will cleanse your home of

harmful habits and vices that challenge your integrity and belief together we will Journey with my

hand firmly in yours focus on the good the pure the wonderful things I long to

bring into your life avoid those with harmful intentions and do not align with

those who dwell in negativity I am your provider The Giver of true

happiness you need not seek the approval of others I do not require permission to

bless you so do not ask others whether you should love and serve me the answer

is clear in me alone you find a love that is pure unbreakable comforting and

healing I alone in the universe have died and risen for youant granting you salvation and eternal Happiness by my

side Divine God grant me this love forever spare a moment to hear my plea

do not be distracted by trivialities give your full attention and cherish each word I speak I must

speak again of this incredible love I have for you it goes beyond words or feelings it is an Everlasting Covenant

my love for you is declared with my own lips written sealed and irrevocably

Bound in my blood my promises are steadfast you will

always have a place in my heart every star in the night sky is there to light

your way in darkness reminding you of your beloved status the light shining from above

bathing you in its warmth exists so you may feel an affection invisible yet so

vast it dispels all inner darkness my love each night before sleep

let this love fill you every morning as you awake to a new day feel deeply

cherished Embrace this love with unwavering faith and belief for it is

undeniably real not an illusion or a fantasy love is your deepest desire and

it is what I freely give to your soul I am bestowing something beautiful and magnificent upon you transforming

how you see life I love you and it matters greatly to me that you flourish

that you have the strength to endure any storm big or small I love you and will provide the

fortitude you need my promises are enough to keep you steadfast on your journey once again I declare my desire

for you to live cherish the future I want to give you believe it embrace it I

gift you life and encouragement which you must receive with Faith to Triumph you will be well

all will be made right I hear your words and they bring me great joy your

expressions of gratitude each morning fill me with delight it is good that you yearn for my

presence that your heart seeks me and that before you leave your home you ask

for my blessing persist in this unwavering Faith you stood strong even as

adversaries surrounded you during a Fierce and unrelenting battle that seemed to Herald

defeat yet defeat never came I arrived just in time reaching out

my hand to you now you remain firmly rooted in my promises safely held In My

Embrace as it should be you have many dreams but it is wisest to walk this

path together always come to me daily seek my guidance confide in me share

your plans with me I long to hear your voice voice your words are precious

reflecting your steadfast faith when you least expect it I will surprise you I

want you to witness the Miracles that occur in communion with me nothing will stand in our way and I will always be

here to listen the only barriers are doubt and despair tools of the adversary to Cloud

your mind yet as long as you continue speaking with me do not allow these to

take hold wait silently for my response and listen to what I have to say open

your Bible and read for within its Pages lies my word there are so many wonders

you have yet to see or understand and I am eager to reveal them to you on a higher

level I wish to guide you to make your spirit open to my Supernatural blessings

to disclose my plan for you to talk about my purpose and to give you a map

and signs for a safe journey to your destination I will warn you of dangers ahead and

assure you of my constant help I look forward to meeting you here again tomorrow and I ask that before you sleep

tonight you take a moment for me throughout the day my voice will whisper my love to you

and at night we will talk like close friends as you sleep you will dream of

me this I promise you no challenge is too great no barrier too strong that

with trust in me you cannot overcome nothing and no one can prevent

you from fulfilling my will and Commandments from realizing my plans and

adhering to my teachings nothing can stop you from achieving all your dreams everything I have planned for you

will come to pass the adversary may try to instill fear and weaken you but with

me you will always find strength I will fortify you infuse you with energy and

courage and you will rise as a brave and triumphant warrior in the face of Trials remember the adversary will try

everything to make you forget my love but their efforts will never be enough

keep this etched in your mind everything you encounter will work towards your good with my help and power I will lift

you to a higher realm a place of my presence where all things good and beautiful become

imposs your health will improve doors will open and your problems will find

Solutions everything will get better but trust in me and let me work in my way

and according to my will I value your prayers revisit my promises often and

when you kneel declare with all your heart that you believe every word I speak write and promise to you will come

to pass your crisis will fade away for my promise endure Even If Heaven and

Earth may vanish my plans are for your benefit and what I give you is for your

prosperity in your mind soul health and household

Affairs you will see my radiant blessings shining in the core of your home you and your family will recognize

and be grateful for them praise and worship me with your whole soul it is

time for this I hear your supplicate the ons and you must believe that to keep

anxiety at Bay fearing your words are un heared your prayers are not lost or left

to cause you more distress sadness or loneliness that is not true I do hear

you I have always listened from the start I have never turned a deaf ear to your pleas and I will continue to listen

even when you cry out in anguish you do not upset or anger me

when you raise your voice I see how you humbly bow your soul kneeling in your

heart with gentle humility I hear you and I will always

listen please speak to me for today is a new day it is no coincidence that you

are reading or hearing these words when you need them most after days of feeling that I want to speak to you today you

have chosen to open your heart to listen to me and renew the Covenant we made

speak to me your words are the ref reflections of your thoughts and I am pleased to see you reserve a place for

me in them it is a delightful thing it is soft praise it is true

worship speak to me tell me your hopes dreams needs plans frustrations and

doubts talk to me for I am your friend I understand your yearning for peace and

Tranquility adversity’s winds have battered you you’ve journeyed through unexpected times and the sting of

disdain and cruelty has wounded your spirit it has left you gasping for air

you need peace and strength and my word will provide you with peace your heart

will be filled with strength amidst trials you will find Serenity in weakness you will be strong and when you

feel weary you will not be afraid you will hold on to my promise again and

when your burden feels too heavy come and see me always remember that I am

perpetually by your side do do not let doubt rob you of the blessings you will

find on your journey for I bestow these blessings upon you out of love having chosen to do so I shower you with grace

and mercy because you are cherished by me deeply and Tenderly loved you are

mine and my love for you is steadfast and everlasting my commitment does not

waver and my Essence remains constant Through Time believe in me and your life

will become a source of abundant Vitality trust in me and you will

possess The Bravery strength and power to overcome the adversaries forces I will never forsake or abandon

you as long as you believe that I have forgiven your transgressions that you are ready to let go of your past

mistakes accepting the love of an eternal and omnipotent God all the living promises in my word

will become a reality for you today today marks a significant moment a day

of life and Triumph that you will always remember stand up and prepare for the

battle ahead for in trusting me you will see the reality of my purpose for you

today prepare to step into a new Supernatural phase of life and always

remember without fail I am listening to you I am with you because I heard your

cries I respond to you because you thought your tears would go unnoticed

and for a moment you felt forsaken that’s why I am here now to

assure you with words of spirit and truth that you are never alone that your journey has purpose and

Direction so when doubt tries to creep in recall this even as you walk through

the thickest fog you walk suly when you Traverse enemy territory you are under

my protection and in battle I am your safeguard amid this Fierce struggle I am

ever present you are moving towards me every day every night through every

trial and every fight in happiness and in joy and even if your soul feels weary

take solace in knowing that at day’s end your soul will find Rest In My

Embrace when you come to me we will share a moment together we will

Converse I eagerly await hearing you tell me of your love I I am patient and

Keen to listen to your sincere words do not hesitate to reveal your truth to me

I will never shut my ears to your voice nor will I judge you remember I created

you and I love you just as you are what others say about you is of no

concern to me I am aware that many have used their words harshly leaving your

soul fragmented and gasping for breath their hurtful words and betrayals have

torn your earnest heart leaving you wounded on the ground if you ever thought I left you

during those painful times you were mistaken see how I cradled you how I

raised you up observe how your foes and critics have been left behind dwelling

in defeat while you have risen flourished and been blessed the pain was

immense but now you have transformed growing stronger than ever before your

faith Vision purpose and love for me have deepened and

fortified as we engage in this conversation know that I am attentively listening to your words but when you

finish speaking close your eyes and feel my presence in your heart when I say I

love you Embrace this message wholeheartedly I ask for a moment of

your complete Focus put aside all distractions what I have to say is of

Greater importance than any other concern stay with me a little longer and express your feelings let me lift the

burdens of pain from your soul and the lingering sadness in your mind I embrace

you offering a Serenity and peace that is unmatched please entrust me with your

heart allow yourself to be enveloped in love my promises are unbreakable and my

words are never without purpose I come to encourage you to bring a smile to

your face each morning as you seek me my love for you is the reason I know you

believe it but I want you to feel this Sacred Love to find happiness again I

have never left your side I will never forget you this will always be true you

are held safely in my hands your path is secure trust in me with all your heart

my arms are forever open to you I listen carefully to your cries and prayers as you greet each new day open your eyes

take a deep breath and sense my all-encompassing presence my guiding

hand it pleases me when you speak to me each morning with confidence and

trust you know I hear you and I will respond to your heartfelt petitions I

value your prayers for your family for they are crucial do not let your mind

wander to trivial matters if ever you feel lost amidst life’s challenges come to me for

guidance when overwhelmed and besieged by conflicts rely on me for

Resolutions I do not wish for you to be consumed by anxiety or fear especially

not from unfounded rumors if you have placed your trust in me it’s because you know I Will Never

Let You Down hold my word dear to your heart reflect on my past deeds in your

life I have saved you from your foes spared you from death and reached out to

deliver you from Peril even in the most desperate times when all seemed lost I

intervened with my powerful word and performed miraculous

Deeds there are still many more wonders I have in store for you entrust your

heart to me with confidence allow me to continue aiding you I yearn to safeguard

you both day and night I will be your Vigilant Guardian do not let despair find a home

in your soul for my love for you is boundless I desire for you to embrace my peace and

find happiness I observe your tears and listen to your prayers for those you cherish often you kneel beseeching me to

bless others while asking nothing for yourself Your Heart of Worship and

gratitude fills me with joy even when you do not request anything for yourself I assure you that

I am preparing blessings for you that are far greater and more wonderful than you can

Envision hold steadfast in your faith I am committed to fulfilling all that I

have promised to you do not lose heart when obstacles seem to impede your way

your destiny lies in my hands you will achieve the goals and dreams harbored in your heart nothing and no one can take

away your blessing but it is vital to maintain your faithfulness loyalty and

sincerity seek me each morning and let your first words be ones of Thanksgiving

and praise as you awaken refuse to let negative utterances dim the light I

shine upon your days I encourage you to recognize and value the opportunities

I’m presenting to you I will grant you the supernatural ability to see beyond

and understand the benevolent plans and thoughts I have for you you have endured many hardships recently and at times you

may feel uncertain however I assure you no harm will come

to you you will not be disgraced you will conquer the adversaries that encircle you and Triumph over every

Menace now is the moment for you to realize who you truly are a child of the

almighty God no one can challenge you or withstand you you are already Victorious

over all challenges embrace your Victory

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