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Let Me Help You God Message Today | God message jesus |

my beloved child I want you to know that I am here speaking directly to your

heart you don’t need to worry about the impossible tasks for I shall take care

of them just as the winds and storms obey my command so too will the storms

of doubt in your heart find peace come to me now and I will bring

you the rest you seek I will calm the Restless thoughts and fears that trouble your mind

I desire peace in your days and serenity in your nights you are blessed beyond

measure but sometimes you overlook those blessings giving more importance to fears that will never come to pass or to

people who hold no real power over you I urge you to remain calm pay no attention

to the news gossip or threats from others for I am the one who holds your

destiny in my hands even even if thousands rise against you even if you face the

consequences of your own mistakes do not be afraid you are my beloved child and I

will protect you from harm even in the midst of chaos when those around you lose hope be strong and fearless for I

will never abandon you this is a profound Testament of my love for you I

am speaking to you right now reaching into your heart and addressing the doubts that have troubled your mind for

so long I love you and I’m showing it to you at this very

moment I am removing the scars that others have left on you the pain you

endured at their hands but know this everything you have

gone through has not been in vain today you possess the strength wisdom and

maturity to listen and stand up for those you love your time of Liberation has come

you are now ready to be a vessel of my love bringing my light to those in

darkness however your enemies are aware of your potential which is why they seek

to cause trouble and steal your peace if you allow them to disturb your

sleep or if you lose your faith and sink into fear anxiety May once again overwhelm

you but remember this truth my love for you is immeasurable my

Mercy is boundless and my holy spirit will not allow you to be harmed so believe that even if you

stumble and fall I will lift you up do not think for a moment that I have turned my gaze away from

you if you stumble into the snares of your enemies I will rescue

you if your faith falters and your heart is filled with negativity I will

continue to fight for you cleansing your soul with with my word I will not let

anyone lead you away from my love whether it be swords or knives scarcity or illness conflicts or

dangers for in all these things you are already

Victorious you have turned away from Evil and surrendered your heart to me

openly professing your faith in me as your savior and protector your loyalty is unwavering

unlike those who complain and deny me when faced with challenges venting their frustrations

recklessly they disregard my love but I continue to love them and never

rest I urge you to distance yourself from the wicked and keep praying for them do not let their disdain for my

word influence you move forward persist do not stay where you are today I bless

you with Incredible strength March forward confidently facing the enemies and challenges that

come your way you have grown you are brave among the brave a champion among

Champions start each morning by igniting your faith with my word presenting your

faith and requests before me remember nothing is impossible for me

I am by your side ready to assist you in all things keep your composure and enjoy my

peace for you are stepping into a supernatural life come I am calling you your place is here

in my presence when you kneel down and pray with faith reverence and respect my

armies will come to your Aid today I command you to remain calm do not let

your heart be troubled find solace in the loving Embrace that envelops you tell me that you receive it for I

have chosen to bless you you called out to me and I shall answer your life is is

about to change believe it I am giving you a new heart and those who know you

will be amazed and receive unexpected help be thankful for many doors of

blessing and New Opportunities will open for you believe in these words and share them never forget to pray speaking to me

is simple just close your eyes and say Lord I need you and I will be by your

side have faith for the truth is that my presence will never leave you unless you

turn away from my grace or reject the blessings I bestow upon

you in times of confusion do not open your heart to false teachings do not let

hatred enter your heart and do not join in speaking ill of those who have done you no harm and are not your

enemies do not believe everything you see hear or read if someone speaks ill

of another do not not be quick to believe them do not fall into the Trap set by the enemy my eyes seek sincere

loyal and faithful hearts that love me and respect my laws I am raising you up

to inspire others to uplift your family and to share these Divine

words not to partake in the sins of others I earnestly ask that if you don’t

understand my words due to worries take some time and listen again

hear all my messages it is my will that your heart comprehends this signal I have sent you

many times you’ve asked for peace and tranquility and I will grant them to you

but keep my words in your heart and remember them when the enemy like a roaring lion seeks to devour you and

challenge your faith my voice is your guide your spirit

receives it my word illuminates your path and gives you the strength to conquer any

situation no enemy shall harm you if you remain Vigilant with my word on your

lips and in your thoughts day and night when the wicked come against you do not

fear I will give you strength and by speaking these words with faith all

evildoers will flee your home shall be free from misery scarcity and illness no one shall stand

against you for my word is a shield for your family I want to see your heart on

fire your eyes wide open and your mind awakened you must be prepared to welcome

numerous blessings and ideas the time has come to conquer new

territories to reap the rewards of your sacrifice and effort nothing you’ve experienced has

been in vain everything in your life is working for your good in your home your

family and you will witness great Miracles and understand the purpose I have for each of you I urge you to

respect all to not belittle anyone regardless of their age status or past

mistakes do not judge Those whom I have forgiven support and help those you love

grow by doing so I will bless you even more for I desire to pour blessings onto

others through you rivers of Living Water shall flow from your heart to those you encounter

on your journey they will experience Miracles wonders and healings through

you in your smile they will find the hope they seek and even those who do not

follow me will come to realize that I am Real and True just as I have shown Mercy to you I

will extend it to all who Turn Away From Evil and come to me with sincere

Hearts today I am showering you with love dispelling the dark clouds of Despair

and covering you with the shade of my grace step out of your home look to the

sky raise your arms and declare to the world that I am your Shepherd your

provider and that you trust in me wholeheartedly following my words Faithfully Until the End do it now

receive this healing anointing feel the strength I give you and do not fear or grow weary keep moving forward

sharing my word and hold gratitude in your heart for all the blessings I bestow upon you tell me that you receive

them with love I see you struggling unable to sleep with thoughts racing

through your mind know that you need not fear for I am here with you dispelling the shadows

of your past releasing the burdens of your sins and healing the wounds that

remain the chains that once bound you are now forever broken look to the future with faith for

I Am by your side always never to abandon you accept my Truth for I love you so

profoundly that I sacrificed myself on a cross and Rose with power so that you may have eternal life trust in my

promises I will guide you to the right path and close the doors that lead astray approach me with unwavering faith

and I assure you my my Grace will be bestowed upon you you are never alone or confused I am

just a prayer away wait with confidence for the blessings you seek but have not

yet received know that you will hold them in your hands soon embrace my word and believe cry out

to me with all your heart and I will answer I will strengthen your spirit so

that life storms no longer easily sway you you will stand firm unafraid of Lies

false news insults or empty threats if I tell you you will believe you are not

weak you are strong break free from the prisons that others have constructed for you release

the guilt of forgiven sins clear your mind of needless conflicts and don’t

allow negative emotions to take root let go of resentment and forgive those who have hurt you

do not dwell on the past your future is in my hands I will ensure your chosen

purpose is fulfilled Miracles will unfold in your life and your family will also bask in

my love your home is protected by the powerful blood that forgave your sins

place your faith in me open your mouth and I will provide I will sustain you

with nourishment like honey from The Rock and satisfy you with the finest wheat my promises Flow To You daily and

I am always ready to give you more fill yourself with these words that bring

peace Dawn The Shield that guards you from the assaults of evil let your

family receive my promises and may they feel the beauty of Grace enveloping their hearts bringing them peace day by

day I will perform miraculous Feats that may seem impossible to you I will bestow

Health provision freedom and prosperity upon your loved ones who else can grant

you this Supernatural Joy who else comprehends your thoughts and knows your true

needs who else can fill you with this healing love and gentle

Tranquility am I not the one who offered my life on a cross and Rose to Grant you

salvation I am the author of your days the architect of your destiny and future

nothing is beyond my reach many listen to the world’s falsehoods believing that I do not love them that I am out to

punish them but I speak of my love and they doubt they prefer false Notions that

keep them imprisoned in disappointment but you my dear child are hearing me now and that signifies great

and wondrous things for you and your family Mighty and marvelous blessings

are on the horizon and I want you to believe in this wondrous love gentle and

benevolent patient and understanding never easily angered Never Keeping a

record of wrongs rejoicing in the truth cling to this enduring love that

believes all things hopes all things and Bears all things hold fast to this love that never

fails for it is the crown of Supernatural blessings already bestowed upon you love Hope and

Faith of these three the greatest Is This Love and I will grant it to you

eternally accept it and write with your own hand I accept it each morning rise with determination

and Faith for it brings joy to my heart do not be swayed by life’s

challenges for you are not one to be easily discouraged you reflect me so profoundly

in your heart resides a fervent desire to do what is right to help and serve

to keep your family united and harmonious and to greet each day with my blessings at the first light of

dawn continue in this way do not lose that Faith your way of being is also your

worship your praise you are a good soul and your actions resonate with me exalting my

name I want more people to see someone like you a person of unwavering Faith

who truly loves me I admire you greatly you have withstood the storms of life

you have not responded with hatred or resentment toward those false friends who harmed you and stole material

possessions but they could never steal the most precious thing your faith your

dedication your unwavering commitment to follow my will regardless of what

comes you are my beloved child and that is beyond doubt the word I have sown

within you has borne abundant fruit and there are still many blessings and Gifts awaiting you a splendid future lies

ahead have confidence in my support in every circumstance you can approach me with

confidence and pour out your heart at my altar in any need even when doubt or

error tempts you I remain faithful I will never forsake you I envelop you with my

presence wherever you are with a multitude of heavenly armies ready and eager to assist you to Grant you victory

over any cruel adversaries who May challenge you to provide healing and to

eliminate all afflictions I will Empower you to Proclaim my word and the forces of

Darkness will crumble your life your family your

health your finances all those under your roof will experience freedom and

live in Victory your home will be illuminated by my glorious presence and Supernatural wonders will occur

daily you will be surrounded by families of good-hearted individuals who will also be blessed by your compassionate

spirit I implore you keep being the person you are do not regress into

disbelief seek me earnestly learn and grow immerse yourself in my Holy Spirit

which will reveal my affection to you day by day and embrace the peace that fortifies you my beloved child I love

you always you thanked me today for another day of life so what are you

waiting for it costs nothing to part your lips and express your gratitude in your own

words I know your needs even before you voice them just trust come with me and

spend moments of Tranquility find a quiet space and contemplate all the reasons you have to

be thankful today your life your family your health the

air you breathe the food on your table the shelter over your head my

Supernatural protection around your home where Warrior Angels Camp and standguard

watching over your dreams ever ready to engage in battle there are numerous reasons for

you to feel blessed you have so many beautiful motivations to ponder daily so your mind

is filled with positive positivity and your eyes are open to my goodness along your journey imbu you with the assurance

that I hold your destiny in my hands I reside in a grateful heart that

acknowledges its dependence on me and seeks me with Faith and Hope knowing it

is abundantly blessed occasionally I see you fretting over life’s events but that is only

natural do not excessively worry you bear the weight of your responsibilities you desire all to go

well for provision to fill your home for your family’s health and for nothing or

no one to disturb the peace and stability you crave yet there are days when darkness

Creeps in and you forget to be grateful the enemy Whispers injecting impure

thoughts into your mind transforming concern into fear surrounding you with

lies converting fear into anxiety and despair I watch and wait for you to

raise your arms high and speak words that send the enemy fleeing give thanks for your life your

family your health and all that you are and possess your sincere faith and

grateful heart serve as Shields preserving you in times of

tribulation when you pass through the fires of trouble I will be there beside your bed awaiting your

Awakening I want to hear your first first words each day emanating from the depths of your grateful Soul proclaiming

thank you thank you for life come to me today even when you are

not feeling well release the burdens you carry within I will take those emotions into

my hands transforming them one by one sorrow into Joy remorse into peace guilt

into hope and that shadow of depression that haunts your thoughts and compels you to listen to voices from the past

that still deceive you I am eradicating that depression for eternity I am the almighty God and you

are my beloved child who obeys believes and Faithfully follows

me today I bestow upon you the freedom from all mental distress through the

power of my shed blood healing and Holiness shall come upon hearing my

voice complete Health from head to toe is yours right where you

stand rise up collect your hopes from the ground and walk forward join me on this path that leads

to the Mountaintop of Victory the place of your Triumph the emotions I am sewing in your

heart are being sealed by my Holy Spirit The Blessing I present before you

is genuine true you are receiving in it as long as you believe in me and my

Eternal Word you are not mistaken when you open your heart to your heavenly father who loves you

immeasurably you are not imagining this Mighty and marvelous Miracles are on the

horizon for all who heed my words and dare to believe with humility and simplicity recognizing their faults

leaving evil behind and resolving to March steadfastly forward without looking

back I love you my beloved child I yearn to heal you break your chains and

obliterate Every curse and spell that has ens snared you deceiving you into believing that someone in this universe

wields greater power than me it is the LIE of

Lies Heaven and Earth tremble at the sound of my voice the forces of evil

crumble before me no one in this world whether human or spiritual can oppose

you harm you or inflict any harm upon you for you are not

alone my arms encircle you my Holiness envelops you and the power of my blood

Shields you day and night no more sadness No More Pain No More Tears of

Despair accept and experience the peace and happiness I am granting you at this very moment tell me that you are

receiving it declare your belief in me bend your

knees and express your gratitude for the love and wonders that you are about to witness I have good news for you

something you’ve been eagerly awaiting I will resolve every predicament that weighs on your soul I

will bless your family your health and your finances you are entering a season of

recovery pay close attention for I will guide you and provide instructions for

everything you need to do to ensure that nothing is lost and everything

prospers give me time and commit to bowing your knees and returning to my word decide once and for all to entrust

me with your fears and burdens to fortify your soul with my presence and to listen to my voice in your heart

filled with love I want to lead you on a path of restoration so that you can reclaim all

that has been lost I want to hold your hand on the Journey of peace and tranquility so you can ReDiscover the

happiness you long for and leave behind the troubles that once seemed

insurmountable I desire to free you from anxieties that have plagued your life to

remove those fears from your mind do not cling to them do not conceal

them I no longer want fear to influence you into making poor choices you have paid a heavy price for

your mistakes but that ends today I forgive your sins I cleanse your

soul the burdens you have borne are shattering guilt and uncertainty will be

left behind my desire my beloved child is to bless your life my plans and

purposes are for your good and well-being not everything will be effortless at times you will need to

contend but I Will Stand By Your Side fortifying your spirit until the very

end if you believe declare it I believe if

you welcome me into your heart announce it I open my heart to you if you permit

me to rule your life Proclaim my God you are my king and my

Lord whenever you come to ask me for anything come with Assurance my dear child show me your

faith for your gratitude is the most beautiful gift you can offer in this sacred moment we share together

do not approach me with fear for I will never reject you your sins have been

washed away paid for with My Precious Blood you need not carry shame when you

enter my presence even when you were far from me forgotten I extended my Mercy to you I

sent thousands of angels to rescue you from the clutches of the evil one removing every obstacle from your path

so you could find your way back to me will you return tomorrow my beloved will

you bring me Good Tidings of the Miracles you’ve discovered the changes unfolding in your life you will reaffirm

your loyalty and I will rejoice in hearing your voice but remember I brought you here to

transform your life I desire to see you free from hatred contempt sadness and

despair listen closely my child will you believe in me or for those who place

hurdles in your path demanding Perfection while they themselves are marred by sin and flawed

thoughts in this world no one can boast of perfection before me do not let your

faith waver because of those who shut doors in your face here you are profoundly loved and

there is only one true path an open door for you to step through and embrace

eternal life complete happiness and everlasting Joy here with me you will always find

love acceptance and pure holy affection come boldly day and night whether you

feel unwell believe you failed or sense The Familiar weakness that once LED you

into Vice error and sin here you are embraced no matter how you come or what

situation you’re in I hear your prayer of repentance and I offer you another

chance if you accept my forgiveness and wish to begin a new come and Surrender

Your Heart no explanations are needed I understand your need for my love and I

am here loving you good morning my beloved how are you feeling today tell

me everything for our conversation remains confidential pour out your heart release

what’s been weighing on you after hearing my powerful word my Healing Hand shall touch your soul bringing Solace to

your tearful eyes and breaking the chains that bind you those emotions that have pierced your heart like steel

nails only through my power can they vanish I desire for your peace to return

for your faith to be rekindled and for you to soar once more feeling the same

passion you once had soaring high to reach your dreams I want you to feel well

it is crucial to enter my presence daily together you and I will rewrite

the dark chapters of your life and Pen a new narrative I want you to see yourself as

you truly are loved by me a triumphant Soul who awakens each day with a

compelling reason to live your AG poses no barer to rediscovering happiness

recognizing that you are a great blessing to many capable of offering significant support you hold numerous

seeds in your hands ready to be swn before you lies a fertile field rise and

observe your family needs you many hearts both big and small look up to you

the enemy has tormented you ceaselessly attempting to clip your wings and confine you within the prison of

bitterness it almost convinced you that you were worthless inflicting wounds

that appeared minor but slowly bled your heart you nearly lost your way but you heeded my word showed sensitivity

acknowledged your mistakes and repented of your sins your prayer of repentance was a beautiful offering celebrated in

the Heavenly Realms as you returned home today fueled by your burning active

Faith you forge your path in the battle for life I rejoice in your confidence your

willing to share your innermost thoughts and experiences you taste the joy of living

once more yet there are still hidden depths within your soul that need to be

explored speaking with me each day will grant you strength deepen your faith and

make you keenly aware of how I am lifting burdens from your shoulders your soul shall be light and

happiness shall fill your being you’ve heard my voice now speak

speak to me do not hesitate to reveal all that resides within your heart for I

cherish you deeply I am Overjoyed to see you here you come to receive affection and

nourish your spirit with my words and that is truly wonderful you’ve already

noticed changes within yourself yet there are lingering concerns that is why I am here it is

true that certain circumstances can trouble you causing your mind to race with thoughts that steal your

peace but remember every morning you can come to prayer and find resolution

stepping out into your day with happiness unburdened by the weight you no longer need to

carry reflect my child reflect focus on the matters of utmost

importance you need not worry about things that will never transpire As Long As I Am Your Guardian do not fear I am

Forever by your side I love you and watch over you ensuring that you have

all you need put your faith into action and to uplift your spirit come to me whether

you kneel sit or lie on your bed close your eyes and with gratitude in your heart Express thankfulness for your

family your job your health sometimes you need not even ask

but I Delight in your requests and I want you to ask ask with unwavering confidence my ears are attuned to your

voice and my angels eagerly await your petitions they were created to obey my

commands and serve you you are my child and I fill your life with Grace shower

you with mercies indeed you should ask of me so ask do not fear to request the

finest wheat honey from The Rock the opening of the windows of heaven and an

overflow of blessings if you truly love in God please like share and comment


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