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Listen Closely – God Message Today God Message For You Today Gods Message Now

listen closely for these words carry a blessing a gentle breeze of peace to

soothe your soul a surge of strength for your heart come sit with me together

let’s gaze upon the Horizon now drenched in a Divine golden Grace whisper your dreams into my ear

those dreams you’ve held close I’ve not forgotten them not one remember how you

in your youthful innocence crafted vision of joy and Adventure Journeys that stretched far beyond the horizons

of your imagination these dreams your heart’s whispers are precious to me don’t let

them Fade Into the shadows of Doubt hold them close for together we can bring

them to life as you grew that spark of joy in you flickered dimming under

life’s trials I understand it’s not your burden to bear alone

you were unfairly Laden with a load not meant for you while those who should

have stood by you guiding and supporting stepped back I watched in quiet seeing

the light I kindled in you glow through your darkest moments casting a radiant

hope I saw how you didn’t accept rejection as your fate something deep within you unspoken

yet Mighty spurred you on you yearned to leave behind your Sorrows to sail to

distant lands your heart’s unselfishness caught my gaze unlike those absorbed in

themselves you seek growth success and the hope to return to lift up those you

cherish I’ve always known this about you for in your heart lies a seed of life

wrapped in my Holy Spirit every struggle you’ve encountered has shaped you for

this very moment my beloved child I cherish you and believe in your

abilities your resilience is evident your heart steadfast tears have been

your companions fear and anxiety your adversaries yet each Dawn brings renewal

lighting up your face restoring your smile and empowering you to stand strong hear me proudly declare this is

my child the Heavenly hosts watch eager to support you to steady your steps and

Aid in realizing your dreams when you call I respond I’ve graced you with

Divine insights and fortified your spirit your bravery touches my heart

compelling me to bless you richly my commitment to my word is

unwiring my promises I shall fulfill you have matured in wisdom and

earnestness preparing to rise to a higher spiritual level avoid comparing yourself to to

others your path is distinct and personal with the gifts you’ve nurtured

boldly pursue your aspirations UE Envy of others successes

whether real or perceived let them pursue their own paths while you embrace

your authentic Journey your efforts and victories won’t be forgotten or obscured you are

destined not for retreat but to conquer your own land of blessings your your sincere goals will

bear fruit flourishing immeasurably in these times of global distress you and your family will

discover blessings While others bemoan lost opportunities your mind will be a

fertile ground for my teachings every morning as you listen I

plant seeds of creativity in you these seeds will soon Bloom into innovative

ideas the Gates of Heaven will open wide for you and you’ll bask in deep love

there there’s no turning back the shadow of failure has dissipated my presence in your life is

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