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Listen With Your Heart | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now | God Message | God Say

my beloved child listen with your heart and let this important message touch your soul I see your pain and want to

help will you accept this love that can heal you I know you’re going through

tough times and I’m reaching out to help you are you ready to accept the care I’m

offering in my presence you’ll find Comfort strength and the peace you’re

searching for trust in me let my love surround you and guide you to full

healing and Lasting Hope I’m here for you always planning the wonderful

blessings I’ll give you listen to my voice as it speaks to you and leads you through my words don’t

give up the struggle is daily there are important parts of your life that need your attention and discouragement also

wakes up early bringing negative thoughts with it but I’m with you and as you hold my

hand we’ll walk through this new day together I’ll tell you about my promises

that will bring new and amazing Miracles into your life don’t be afraid don’t lose Heart

Don’t Look Down face everything with faith and confidence for I’ll come each morning

and fill your soul with my holy word feel this immense love with which I

speak to you and place your hands on your heart notice how it leaps with joy when

you hear my voice there’s no room in your soul for loneliness or

sadness look at yourself in the mirror speak to yourself with Faith about the promises I give you in this message and

remind your soul of who you are you are a child of the almighty God

full of life with a bright future ahead filled with wonderful dreams to fulfill

and a strong desire to live marvelously tell depression which once

held you captive that you now believe in my message and let your mind be free and

cleansed of all harmful Thoughts with the power of my love I’m removing every

trace of the past from your mind soul and heart there’s only room for this

heavenly father who loved and rescued you and you will love me with all your strength making me the priority in all

you do and undertake when you open your eyes tomorrow morning never forget that I am

here greet me with a good morning beloved God because your kind words also

bring me joy I am pleased with your voice and the attitude of your heart and

because of your praise I will bless your life and your family see the grace you found and the

great love you’ve encountered Ed feel how this beautiful emotion flows

through you from head to toe down your cheeks like tears of

joy let it stir your heart feel my love as you once did rise cry shout open your

arms under this reain of Grace that heaven sends you accept this invitation to be happy in my presence with

Simplicity bow your head in prayer and accept this new life I have lifted you

from sorrow and restored your strength I have erased your suffering and placed

you among the crowds so you can continue to bless many people therefore I command you to keep

moving every day be strong and courageous for I will handle what seems

impossible to you remember that true battles are not one with swords or armies but with the supernatural power

of my Holy Spirit do your part and act acate your faith do not ignore this calling do not

underestimate my words open your Bible alone in your room

and read its Pages attentively for I will continue to speak to you until your heart is convinced that you are loved

saved and protected with care you will Triumph in everything no

one can harm you and even the challenges you face will become blessings because I do not make mistakes I know EX exactly

what I’m doing and I love you and your family I preparing you for something

special I want to elevate you to this Supernatural level you have the right to

live a Victorious life and that’s why I am here to remove all obstacles from

your path and to overcome all your enemies with power accept my gift you are already

more than a conqueror it is not my will for you to suffer so much

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