Message of God from the Blessings of God Family !!

message of God today

if you are reading this and you are

going through one of like storms or

what seems like an unending Valley just

remember God Is Watching Over You

always forgiving you for the sins you

have made and yet to make

always try your best to keep your head

held high and Trust the process

we all have our days where we fill

we can’t survive

sometimes dreams are shattered

friendships may fall apart

loved ones may hurt us

finances May worry us

sickness May overtake us

we may even lose people we love but God

will always be there to guide us

God has a stimulus package for you

if you put God first he will put you


God is promoting you

get ready for a sudden defect over your


a sudden Deliverance a sudden outpouring

the haters doubters and devil cannot

stop what God has planned for you

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stay connected stay blessed and may the

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until next time peace and Abundant

Blessings from the blessings of God


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