Miracle Is On The Way: Today’s Message from God | God Message Today

my beloved Child come close and heed my words I have yearned to commune with you

to unveil the depths of my heart unto you in this season Myriad wonders unfold

orchestrated by my hand in the tapestry of time be attuned for I shall whisper

Secrets meant for your ears alone a grand metamorphosis is underway both in

plain sight and veiled from Mortal gaze as the Divine Weaver I intricately

intertwine Destinies of Nations and souls guiding them into Realms ordained a the dawn of existence though the

expanse of my designs eludes mortal perception I offer glimpses to those who draw near to my Throne before we journey

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journey and together we celebrate the transform formative power of shared encouragement behold the pulse of my

kingdom quickens a stirring beneath the surface a hidden portal swings a jar

Awakening Souls attuned to its resonance heralding a pivotal juncture the sands

of time hasten their descent propelling Humanity toward a new Epoch prepare therefore with Earnest

sobriety and deep consecration the stakes are momentous and I seek those

willing to embrace the sacri arcial call of this Dawn fear not the departure of saints who’ve run their race with Valor

for they now Dawn Celestial crowns adorning my Throne In Perpetual worship

their legacies now unfurled upon the Earth shall Inspire and guide generations to come reveal the rising

Remnant carefully crafted in the shadows My Chosen lineage the shifts unfolding

in the tangible realm mirror the birthing of profound spiritual movements pay heed to the signs each a guiding

Beacon directing the Discerning to comprehend my intentions and align with my Divine timing a cosmic realignment

Looms on the horizon with a Divine redistribution of resources influence

and favor imminent watch intently as wave after wave of transformation sweeps

across the land I am shaking entrenched systems displacing those seated in

positions of authority some swayed by empty ambition building their Empires instead of advancing my kingdom their

blurred vision and mixed motives will no longer find footing on shifting Sands the tempests of change will ensure their

fall take heart o Saints for the era of compromise is at its end the curtain

falls on those who opportunistically ride the coattails of this movement while resisting the refining fire of my

spirit I am purging my household those who remain are the ones whose hearts

beat in unison with mine these Trailblazers will exemplify and Safeguard the next phase with

righteousness unwavering character and unblemished integrity the stakes are too

high for anything less than absolute dedication emerging from the depths of

obscurity a multitude of prepared Souls steps forward from the Wilderness veiled

in Shadows their seclusion was orchestrated by my hand a crucial period of refinement and testing now they gleam

like pure gold for in the fires of Affliction stripped of Pride they

Embrace humility seeking only my approval titles bestowed by men hold no

Allure for them their sole desire is to walk in harmony with my spirit obedient

to my every prompting they resemble David’s Valiant Warriors ready to stand

by their leader side in battle this chosen company Bears no earthly Badges

of Honor they have SED at the tables of kings and communed intimately with with me as one does with a cherished friend I

have felt their tears of devotion pouring out at my feet through trials

unimaginable I have walked beside them never faltering our covenant runs deep for I

have been both their Solace and their purifier rest assured the intricate work I have done within them has never been

without purpose the marks they now bear are emblems of the utmost Valor proof

that they truly grasp the significance of My Sacrifice and the camaraderie found in suffering alongside me having

been refined and proven these Valiant healers exemplify the progress of my Divine realm a realm unattainable

through mere intellect the key to unlocking the mysteries of this new era

lies in the purity of heart transcending mere skill true greatness is revealed through

acts of service love and human humility this elevated generation no longer strives for recognition or status they

have relinquished their desires for lesser Pursuits having died once to worldly Ambitions their sole purpose now

is to wholeheartedly obey my guidance showcasing my Essence methods and might

wherever I direct them to whomever I send they have awakened to this Noble

calling and are fully committed they are the Heralds of the end times stepping aside like John to make room for my

greater presence empowered by the spirit of Elijah they boldly confront The Audacity Of falsehood and unveil the

deceptive practices clouding the minds of many as I dismantle structures built upon shaky foundations eagerly my Davids

anticipate my directive to fill the voids Left Behind they have not campaigned for positions of prominence

nor have they sought a claim instead they Faithfully stewarded what little they possessed in the shadows but now

now is their moment I call upon them to rise and assume their roles as influencers and leaders their impact

will exceed all expectations for each carries insights that unlock breakthroughs long- awaited Solutions

and strategies tailored for this pivotal hour let them flow freely for seismic

Transformations lie ahead intricately linked to each assignment they undertake

in this pivotal moment of progress I urge you to tread carefully as you

ascend to new heights and receive accolades remain grounded resist the Allure of distraction when others

applaud you guard against the pitfalls of pride and arrogance that may arise with increased Authority Giants May

emerge seeking to divert your path but stay steadfast in your focus with

greater power comes the temptation to rely on oneself rather than on Divine guidance stay within the boundaries I

have set and Trust in my wisdom before forging ahead the path ahead may seem daunting with challenges becoming more

arduous as you climb take care of yourself spiritually amidst the journey

for the enemy waits to exploit any weakness will you persevere will you

remain faithful to the end be wary of the Allure of Fame and familiarity as they condle your

sensitivity to my presence and standards remember the lessons learned in obscurity and prioritize my Whispers

over world L platforms avoid the Trap of equating busyness with productivity

cultivate moments of Stillness to discern my voice amidst the chaos embrace the sacrifices required allowing

me to cleanse and prepare you according to my will Integrity humility and wholehearted obedience are Paramount

Embrace this call wholeheartedly and you will witness exponential impact are you

prepared to be counted among the faithful seek my face earnestly for the appointed time is near my grace empowers

those who surrender fully to my process the Midnight Hour approaches but for those who have patiently awaited my

promises the time of fulfillment is at hand prepare for Divine Alignment as

long delayed plans fall into place this convergence will not be delayed until the new

year behold there remains a climactic manifestation of my might and unwavering

faithfulness destined to unfold in the days ahead stand firm the Crescent do

approaches even now I am orchestrating the conclusion of this chapter while simultaneously guiding you into the next

with each closing door another awaits to swing wide open for I am the Alpha and

Omega orchestrating restriction to pave the way for explosive expansion in due

season as the old gives way to the new anticipate back-to-back triumphs as I

lead you into Realms of abundant blessing though it may appear i t until the th Hour trust in the Precision of

my timing for it is Flawless prepare to be catapulted into Realms of blessing Beyond imagination where my power and

extravagance await to Astound you many among you have faced Relentless spiritual battles enduring prolonged

seasons of warfare that have left you weary and wounded but fear not for the

hour of Deliverance has arrived I command an end to the Relentless Onslaught against you bringing an Abrupt

cessation to The Strife that has besieged your heart and mind no longer shall fear anxiety and

anguish hold sway over your emotions for I now usher in a season of overflowing

peace and rest watch as former adversaries emerge as unexpected allies

their animosity transformed into fervent support for my kingdom purposes through you witness my power on full display as

momentum surges toward the culmination of this year’s Journey prepare for a profound shift

ahead marked by unmistakable signs the labor pains will intensify heralding the

imminent birth of long-awaited promises the moment of fruition is upon you the

vision is reaching its full term its magnitude surpasses your current

comprehension defying the confines of your plans and schedules this Divine

blueprint exceeds needs any Earthly design you could conceive yet every detail Bears my

Divine Touch My Essence pulsates within its core embracing this Vision will

demand radical Reliance on me calling forth extraordinary Faith to tackle what

seems beyond human capability herein lies the Paradox the grander the vision

the deeper the faith required anything attainable through mere human effort lacks the Eternal imprint of my hand and

if achieved through human wisdom and strength alone how can it bring glory to the

Creator my most profound displays of sovereignty necessitate vessels emptied

to receive Supernatural mandates as I unveil these plans you will recognize

their divine origin their sheer magnitude will both overwhelm and invigorate you as the year unfolds

expand your capacity to embrace more of me during this pivotal transition dare to steward greater

Visions requiring faith that transcends your current understanding seize the new

territories I entrust to you the principles guiding this new era will diverge sharply from the past old

mindsets abilities and strategies will prove inadequate as I lead you into

Uncharted territories embrace the unique dynamics of these Dimensions requiring

heightened wisdom discernment and sensitivity to my leading rely entirely

on my guidance as you navigate unfamiliar terrain on this pioneering Journey failure to grasp Embrace and

surrender to my rhythm could lead to unnecessary setbacks when Mary first

glimpsed the extraordinary purpose destined for her life the Revelation surpassed the boundaries of her human

understanding prompting her to withdraw for a period of deep reflection in this

sacred time of incubation she guarded the seeds of Promise within her heart

nurturing them quietly the unfolding fulfillment surpasses the comprehension

of those around you premature exposure would invite skepticism and criticism

undermining the divine plan therefore protection Demands a sheltered environment where my design can mature

securely shielded from those who lack the vision to perceive its beauty and

the wisdom to comprehend its significance remain hidden In My Embrace until the appointed moment when I will

reveal and Empower you for you are indeed deed anointed as a clandestine instrument of my will when Joseph

prematurely shared his Divine Visions before fully stepping into his ordained role his lack of experience made him

vulnerable to betrayal even by his own family yet what seemed like ruin ultimately propelled him toward his

destined place in the unfolding narrative I orchestrate despite human imperfections I intricately weave

everything together to advance my benevolent purposes nevertheless wisdom dictat the adoption of spiritual

subtlety to preserve strength and avoid unnecessary conflict guard your intimacy

with me as the most sacred treasure allowing only a select few Into Your Inner

Circle choose trusted allies who have demonstrated loyalty wisdom and

spiritual maturity capable of nurturing the seeds I am planting within you avoid

those who would distort dilute or diminish the emerging Vision Focus your energy on your primary goals do not

waste it on defending against adversaries who resist anything new or unfamiliar their Spirits are bound by

outdated spiritual paradigms instead invest yourself fully in this exciting

Journey Guided by those who surrender completely to my transformative power

get ready for an unprecedented downpour of blessings unlike anything you’ve experienced before position yourself to

receive this overflow from the abundant Treasures of Heaven despite enduring

hardships to uphold your integrity continue fighting the good fight of Faith a little while

longer the intensity of the battle signals that a decisive Victory is on the horizon your promised land is Within

Reach just beyond this season of rigorous training don’t settle for anything less

than my best as the time of recompense is upon you recently I spoke through you

with prophetic words declaring the arrival of the long awaited latter rain outpouring in the language of the Divine

rain carries profound symbolism the early rain represents

blessings that prepare the ground for the seeds of Destiny to take root softening hardened soil conversely the

latter rain brings abundant showers leading to a Bountiful Harvest these two Divine interventions

are converging now transforming ing Barren lands into fertile territories teeming with life Swift growth has begun

and the Earth is being revitalized breaking the chains of barrenness as my love pours out like rain seeds sprout

rapidly reaching maturity at an astonishing Pace watch as I accelerate

the growth process during this remarkable convergence of Seasons various stages of development intertwine

showcasing my unwavering faithfulness to all people through you prep prepare for a collision of blessings as former and

latter Reigns merge into a powerful Crescendo ushering in breakthrough after

breakthrough this season will end with great momentum flowing seamlessly into the next get ready to reap an abundant

Harvest this downpour of blessings will not only sustain you through this sacred season but will also overflow into the

new year leaving you breathless with the magnitude of fulfillment prepare to receive Str iic

advancements that will enable you to occupy territories long sought after by Generations past go forth boldly to

conquer and establish my Kingdom’s purposes in these lands knowing that I have entrusted you with governance

founded upon my word and wisdom ensuring a legacy that will benefit future Generations the Abundant Blessings

propelling you into this new era are the Divine catalysts igniting the sacred

dreams conceived in your spirit during the previous season as this fresh chapter unfolds you will

be infused with resources to embark on new Endeavors with fervor and

determination Embrace this momentum eagerly as you pursue the tasks and Acquisitions I have ordained for you in

this Epic Journey though Others May Marvel at the sudden turn of events leading to your triumphs exercise

discernment in your disclosures not every detail needs to be shared especially VIs

yet unfamiliar to many these delicate seeds of inspiration require nurturing

and protected spaces shielded from premature exposure and

misunderstanding misinterpretations can hinder the growth of movements born from Divine insights hence a cuse

articulation is crucial to safeguard the progress of my work through you the advancement of my kingdom unfolds in

stages beginning with humble initiatives that gradually expand in influence

each phase is accompanied by a specific measure of Grace and anointing tailored for Maximum

Impact revealing these stages prematurely invitees skepticism and opposition potentially undermining the

delicate beginnings of what will blossom into powerful demonstrations of my

power in this extraordinary moment between ages unite the old and the new

through acts of dedication that set you apart for me cut time with the past

where stagnation rains and passion Fades I’m birthing something fresh distinct

from what has been some who walked with you may feel left behind by your bold departure from The Familiar bless them

but choose to press forward embracing every promise I have spoken over you since the dawn of time the journey ahead

demands radical obedience with choices that challenge your security and Reliance on me alone embrace the

sacrificial path knowing that from every loss Resurrection Life emerges on the

Journey of Faith death always precedes New Life surrender and descent are not

optional they are the gateways to dwelling in the Eternal realm even in this present moment step boldly into the

unknown armed with unwavering faith in the one who brings life from Death you

were ordained and destined for this pivotal moment Destiny awaits those who dare to believe my child I have

witnessed your yearning for blessings and prosperity I have planted dreams and Visions within you now heed my call the

time of release and abundance is upon you for too long my beloved ones have

toiled and labored In Their Own Strength leaning on human wisdom and Earthly methods for what only I can provide but

now a new season is upon you the heavens stand open wide the floodgates of Heaven

unlocked ready to to pour out blessings beyond measure and provision in abundance yet before I release this

torrential outpouring of goodness there are preparations to be made there are conditions to be met to step into this

higher realm of favor and abundance first and foremost I must reign supreme

in the throne room of your heart I cannot bless what elevates itself above me anything that takes precedence over

the acknowledgement of my greatness becomes an idol even things that seem no Noble and good whether it be Ministry

business or family when they are esteemed above me they hinder my best intentions for you my people you have

exalted yourselves too high and diminished my glory too low repent and

surrender the worship of self no more let your life be a testament to magnifying my Splendor humble yourselves

before me and in due time I will lift you up secondly honor the sacred Sabbath

the weekly rhythm of work and rest six days are for labor but the seventh is

holy set apart for communion with me too often my people exhaust themselves in

ceaseless toil and anxiety the clamor of Life drowns out my gentle whisper be still and recognize that I am God set

aside one day to cease striving to let me carry your burdens and to synchronize your pace with the rhythm of Heaven as

you honor the Sabbath my blessings will scatter the forces of chaos seek to overwhelm you divine peace and order

will reign in every aspect of your life lastly walk in wholehearted obedience to my commands not out of Duty or

obligation but out of love Faith and reverence for who I am allow my guidance

to direct your steps into the abundance I have in store for you as it is written

if you diligently heed my commands I will send rain in its season and your

Harvest will flourish above abundantly yes a deluge of blessings is coming I

will pour out refreshing Waters of renewal and prosperity over your life your family your business and your

ministry I will send not just one kind of Reign but a convergence of all the

prophetic showers promised in my word prepare yourself for the lifegiving torrents that are about to overflow upon

you firstly anticipate the reign of Beginnings signifying a time of transition and the Inception of new

Journeys this Divine shower will lift you from periods of stagnation and

dryness to higher Realms expect extraordinary opportunities Newfound

connections and doors of Destiny swinging wide open propelling you towards your promised land next comes

the reign of cleansing a powerful downpour from the heavens that washes away all past Sorrows failures

injustices and impurities prepare to be entirely renewed where relent less

opposition once stood this cleansing reign will bring about sweeping changes

subduing your adversaries and marvelously transforming your circumstances the rain of Promise

follows closely preceding the bloom and harvest after enduring trials with unwavering Integrity bravery and

Excellence you will soon witness abundant showers blessing all that you have

sown this Heralds a season of breakthrough and restitution for all losses assuring you that your har is on

the horizon then arrives the reign of guidance bringing Divine Direction and

insights for building progressing and conquering if you have visions and

dreams but lack resources or knowledge fear not for this Deluge of divine

instructions practical wisdom and prophetic strategies will equip you fully to accomplish your purpose lastly

prepare for the reign of abundance an intense outpouring of blessings from the Gates of Heaven

after times of scarcity and uncertainty brace yourself for an overwhelming array of blessings wealth healing salvation

and miracles the rapidity of these blessings will leave you in awe of my power and Grace indeed a historic

convergence of all these Heavenly Reigns is imminent get ready to receive however

there are two essential keys to positioning yourself for this Deluge of blessings firstly as I’ve mentioned

before Dethrone all idols and surrender wholeheartedly to my lordship with unwavering devotion secondly proceed

with spiritual discretion by holding these prophetic insights close to your heart sharing them only with trusted

confidants and intercessors broadcasting what I am about to do exposes the assignment to

satanic assault and interference for the enemy prows seeking fertile Visions to

ravage guard my promises until the appointed time of their revelation for

as it is written discretion will preserve your life and understanding will keep you

safe let wisdom guide you safely through to breakthrough and prepare in quiet

anticipation as the distant Rumblings of blessing draw near the clouds gather

darkening poised to unleash their Bounty lift your head my beloved for Redemption

is at hand the season of lack and Wilderness wandering draws to a close as

a rising Glory crowns your testimony Heaven’s Halls resumed with shouts of

Joy echoed by my Angelic host and celebran of my unwavering faithfulness

all creation eagerly awaits this appointed hour of Faith where my goodness is made manifest settling all

accounts for eternity stand ready my faithful one as Heaven mobilizes its forces to honor your steadfast trust in

me I am your Vindicator your rewarder your provider and your

companion your story will Crescendo with Symphonies of Grace favor and Destiny

Unleashed silencing the Skeptics as you demonstrate my power through surrendered

lives heed the resounding Chimes of Heaven for the hour of divine empowerment is upon you prepare for an

unimaginable outpouring akin to an Unstoppable storm of blessings lift your

gaze and extend your hands wide for the creator of the cosmos who spans the universe and dwells in eternity has

selected you as the vessel to unveil his magnificence to this generation embrace

the initial drops of the approaching Deluge for the latter Reigns have dissed it rejoice and let your voice sing with

Triumph Victory abundance and more than sufficiency are now yours amidst the

quiet sanctuary of your heart attune your ears to the subtle Whispers of my guidance as you navigate Uncharted

territories the path I’ve laid before you you is not one of comfort but of

dynamic growth and profound fulfillment your journey is a unique tapestry woven

with threads of trial and tribulation yet also with the soothing balm of my constant presence though you may be

amidst sorrow and confusion your journey through this Wilderness is drawing to a close today the world may have sought to

obscure your vision and shake your resolve but you have not been vanquished my dear one you have traversed a path of

endurance and resilience and now I shall brighten your days and restore your

smile witness the transformation as my strength breathes new life into your

being my wisdom shall illuminate the path ahead resolving the challenges you

face recall the days of solitude when weariness threatened to overcome you

your unwavering Faith your love for me and your kin sustained you through those trials today I send forth clouds heavy

with blessing things drenching your soul with Rejuvenation and Solace feel the

Embrace of my love enveloping you the Covenant between us remains steadfast

and I am ever attuned to your prayers embrace the forthcoming miracles for they are a testament to your loyalty and

perseverance trust in me for I shall not forsake you my profound love for you my

child knows no bounds my cherished child will you continue to place your

unwavering trust in me amidst the fierce battles will you steadfastly believe in

the Declarations of your Supreme Commander rather than succumb to the threats hurled against you stand firm

for victory is on the horizon the intimidation May rage for a moment but its rain will be shortlived your

breakthrough awaits drawing you closer to the Abundant Blessings I have prepared for you stay vigilant along the

journey attune to my gentle Guidance with each step you take seek my wisdom

to fortify your spirit when weariness threatens to overwhelm you worship me as

your Mighty burden Bearer adorned in Majestic Holiness cry out to me and I

will swiftly answer embrace my promises as your steadfast Shield against

adversarial assaults knowing that I will never abandon nor forsake you I stand

ever by your side fiercely fighting on your behalf you shall learn to trample

fear Beneath Your Feet boldly stepping into the vast inheritance I have ordained For You in My Kingdom my

beloved one whom I have crafted and summoned for greatness today let your

vision be renewed and your resolve fortified cast off the shackles of Despair adorning yourself instead in the

Garment of Praise lift your countenance High shoulders squared in confidence for

no weapon formed against you shall prosper do not allow the tumult and disorder of life to dictate your

decisions instead carve out moments of Tranquility to commune with me away from the

chaos as the Prince of Peace I desire for you to remain serenely in my

presence finding Assurance for your path ahead in this Serene Sanctuary let your

actions be guided by the priorities of my kingdom and our intimate Bond my

cherished child cling steadfastly to the plans we craft together in our quiet conversations for they are imbued with

enduring truth truths dating back to the dawn of time heed my counsel sourced from Realms Beyond Earthly opinions

Untouched by the Decay and confusion of this world it stands unwavering amidst

the Tremors of change this guidance is akin to a steadfast Rock providing

stability amid the moral turbulence of the world the wisdom I offer remains

uncorrupted and unyielding unaffected by passing Trends stay rooted in my eternal

truths towering above fleeting societal Norms let these constant principles be

your guide safeguarding you from the shifting Sands of morality do not be

swayed by the world’s transient standards susceptible to alteration Under Pressure embrace the immutable

reality from above empowering you to stand firm with Integrity my beloved as

challenges Loom you may feel besieged and your faith tested I perceive the

depth of emotion within your heart witnessing your prayers and fervent cries for guidance illumination and Aid

the night no longer cloaks you in fear and isolation for I am ever presentes at your side enveloping you in my Divine

Essence and unwavering truth though unseen you can sense my presence feel my

touch and experience my love each night as you Retreat to your sanctuary and

kneel in prayer I am there with you bestowing upon you my peace saturated

you with love and instilling within you the fortitude to face the challenges ahead I stand as your steadfast Guardian

dispatching my Celestial Messengers to Shield you from the Terrors of the night I am the steadfast anchor that keeps you

steady amidst the storms of fear and despair how many times have you entered the realm of sleep burdened with sorrow

tears staining your cheeks only to awaken with a renewed Spirit fortified

and strengthened your trials May linger through the night but with the dawn comes the promise of Joy a joy that

Springs forth from my boundless love I have spoken to you and your spirit has

awakened to my love and guidance your sensitivity grows and your vision becomes clearer with each passing day

know that I cherish you deeply your name is written in my book and your prayers are heard and remembered trust in my

timing for it is perfect in times of distress I am your refuge in danger your

protector in need your provider my support is eternal extending

to you your family and generations to come do not yield to fear my beloved

child for I Am With You Always I am the bomb for your wounds whether they be physical or emotional in moments of

weariness and doubt remember that I am by your side a faithful companion and a

source of endless strength and comfort I stand before you ready to lay out a feast of blessings even amidst the

challenges you face lifting you up in the eyes of those around you I am prepared to guide you into unexplored

territories through the story of your life a testament that will lead many to know me you stand at the brink of a new

era filled with Miracles and Supernatural wonders oh how I Delight in revealing my strength through you my

beloved one I see your enduring perseverance amidst the fiercest battles

though weariness may assail you your Spirit propels you onward you feel the

strain in every fiber of your being yet you press forward obediently to my call

your toil in the field of harvest fills me with profound Joy I witness your resilience your refusal to surrender or

succumb to the weight of opposition my passion Burns brightly within you transforming raw materials into Glory

from crushed grapes flows new wine Beauty emerges from the formless and strength rises from the powerless

this has always been my modus operandi my child bringing life from barrenness

ignite Hope from Shattered Dreams to reveal the essence of True Glory I beckon for surrendered clay a

willingness to be reshaped and renewed for only through this process do you awaken to the depths of your identity in

me pressure unveils the hidden gems within you unveiling their Brilliance

the friction of unwavering Faith refines rough edges into facets that capture and

reflect Divine Radiance in the radiant Dawn Let My Words resonate within you

igniting the flame of wisdom that will guide you through every path your life’s

tapestry is being woven with threads of Brilliance heralding a chapter of boundless wonders yet to

unfold anticipate this with eager anticipation for these assurances are

the gifts bestowed upon you by your Divine Creator in moments of Anguish you reach out for my grace

seeking solace in the Embrace of my boundless love a love that heals without judgment a presence that consoles in

silent understanding your soul yearns for communion with my empathetic heart

always ready to listen to understand to comfort embrace the truth of your longing for me for therein lies your

Liberation your own strength has carried you far but now is the time to acknowledge your dependence on me

through your prayers infused with unwavering faith you beckon to me and in response I hasten to your side I see you

and your loved ones navigating through the Arid Wilderness of life where isolation threatens hope and your spirit

thirsts for love amidst the trials you endure the sun casting its Warm Rays

upon you from the heavens above exists to envelop you in the tenderness of a love as vast as the cosmos itself

dispelling any Shadows that may linger in your soul every evening before you surrender to Slumber allow my love to

embrace you fully awaken each morning refreshed and emboldened by this love

ready to embrace the new day ahead know with unwavering certainty that you are deeply cherished and that your faith in

this love is as tangible as the very air you breathe not an illusion but a steadfast reality the deepest yearning

within your being is for love and it is precisely this Divine affection that I am pouring into your very Soul I’m

granting you something so magnificent and awe inspiring that it will reshape your entire perspective on existence my

love for you is unmatched and it is vital to me that you thrive equipped with the resilience to withstand any

Tempest no matter its ferocity or scale you will navigate life’s tumultuous Seas

with unwavering courage my love will be your strength my Assurance is your

steadfast anchor guiding you unwaveringly on your journey prepare yourself child of Destiny and purpose

for breakthrough approaches swiftly like a rushing torrent on its appointed course Miracles hover on the brink of

manifestation and blessings await just beyond the threshold behold my glory is poised to

intertwine with your story in ways that surpass your wildest dreams rejoice and

offer thanks for your season of trial and tribulation draws to a close promotion awaits you anticipate with

excitement the unveiling of all I have intricately prepared behind the curtains of time yes my beloved child Victory is

on the horizon your celebration is imminent yet for now remain steadfast

endure a little while longer lean into me fixing your gaze upon my radiant

countenance in beholding your savior there lies transformative power power

that resurrects and rejuvenates Grace and peace overflow to you my beloved in

abundant measure lean wholly upon me for I am more than capable of bearing your

burdens know that I cherish you with an everlasting love my dear child do not

perceive the trials that assail you as cause for fear rather view them as invitations to draw closer to my

protective Embrace these apparent assaults serve as reminders of your adversaries Inevitable Defeat while you

my precious one are destined for Triumph the the enemy seeks to portray hardship

as defeat but I declare unto you that they are opportunities to wield The Authority I have bestowed upon you the

path of Faith may seem daunting and narrow at first glance but once you stand at top its Summit and gaze back

you’ll witness the boundless treasury of Eternity unveiled to those who simply dared to believe and Obey with each

timid step taken in my direction The Impossible unfurls with the certainty of

dawn spelling the darkness my promises stand as steadfast beacons for the

faithful Soul so come take up residence in the shelter of my wing and experience

the veracity of my extravagant declarations for yourself I Elevate The

Humble the meek and the feeble I Adorn willing hearts with Regal robes Guided

by my Illuminating touch your steps unlock ancient Mysteries Beyond Comprehension a life of wholehearted

surrender to obedience awaits you cherished one will you Embrace its unfathomable riches I bestow this

blessing with the full weight of my eternal Authority walk diligently in the paths I carve for you and you will

flourish abundantly thriving in every Pursuit bearing fruit that endures for

eternity my hand moves mountains swings wide the doors and unveils Hidden Truths

my joy pures your soul and rejuvenates you for the journey ahead now an

invitation awaits you beckoning to partake in this enigmatic Journey embark

on the path of humility and Trust allowing my commands to unravel the mysteries of your life’s purpose only I

possess the power to unveil your destiny yet my pledge remains steadfast I shall

Elevate the obedient Soul forsaking All for Love of me the road leading downward

into the abyss teams with countless Souls chasing Hollow follow Illusions

conversely Drawing Near to me via the narrow path of surrender yields

boundless Joy unutterable while my strategies May confound Earthly wisdom they chart the

sole Dependable route to true peace and abundance so my beloved child will you

grasp my outstretched hand will you opt to erect your foundation upon obedience

instead of the shifting Sands of doubt and hesitation as you stride in Harmon ious

rhythm with me Miracles once veiled emerge boldly into sight the unthinkable

bows before your gaze leaving You In Perpetual Wonder verily I say to you the

depths of my abundance are immeasurable and the expanse of my wisdom is beyond

comprehension not even the infinite expanse of your Universe can contain more than a fraction of my Transcendent

Splendor every tear you’ve shed every silent plea you’ve uttered has been noticed in the quietude of your

trials your faith shines brightly like a beacon amidst the darkness refined and

radiant in moments where pain transforms into resilience fear into courage and

sadness into triumphant Melodies know that a masterpiece of blessings woven by

my hands awaits you through your unwavering belief amidst adversity

you’ve illuminated the world with the transformative might of faith in my bound less love I etch these Timeless

words upon your heart a sacred script that resonates with each New Dawn no

longer bound by the heavy shackles of Despair and grief they’ve been Shattered by my grace the curses that once

lingered in the shadows of your life now dissipate into Oblivion hold fast to my

word let it illuminate your path like a Guiding Light preserve it as a cherished

gem within the sacred pages of your soul the pivotal key that un locks every door

lies in obedience by honoring my decrees you pay homage to the Divine lawgiver

imagine a Kingdom operating at its Pinnacle when every subject reveres the authority of The Sovereign therefore

step into this yoke with me brimming with joy it’s a burden light and easy for I bear its weight entirely I carve

the path ahead your sole duty is to Traverse it fueled by unwavering belief

my vision extends far beyond the confin of mortal sight along this journey

generously share the wisdom and treasures you gather with those I bring into your orbit Enlighten those

entrusted to your care with the same truths I impart to you remember Earthly

achievements pale in significance compared to a soul fortified by Readiness to heed the Creator whose

imagination birthed the infinite and fashion the cosmos with mere words

devoid of my presence your efforts amount to to not enduring yet aligned

with me your existence accumulates Everlasting Treasures impervious to

Decay understand I selected and shaped you not for merit earned but out of

boundless affection who among Mortals could Ascend such Heights independently

my extravagant love Delights in transforming the feeble and insignificant into vessels radiating my

Divine Radiance here lies abundance in overflowing abundance pressed down shaken together and pouring

into every crevice of existence it awaits you through obedience my child I know there is still

much for you to grasp but heed this obey my decrees and diligently follow them

that is the route to righteousness and prosperity the path I have ordained for you to prosper in alignment with my

Divine will this truth has echoed since the dawn of time embracing my te

teachings is the key to unlocking a life of enduring Triumph the Bedrock upon

which all true Prosperity is erected many of you eagerly await a detailed

road map to riches or explicit instructions for launching a venture yet

I have already disclosed the Paramount principle in my teachings meticulously heed and abide by my directives among

you are those who earnestly beseech me offer sacrifices and seow seeds of faith

all in my name anticipating abundant harvests yet as I delve into your

innermost beings I discern idolatry the exaltation of other deities above me

just as Moses recoiled at the sight of the golden calf fashioned by your forebears I am dismayed by the idols in

your lives they may not take the form of gilded statues but anything that

supplants my rightful position becomes an idol for some It Is wealth

possessions relationships or careers yet you must not prioritize any

other gods before me my cherished ones if specific prayers linger unanswered

it’s often because I’ve already dispatched Solutions through individuals you may have overlooked or opportunities

you might have dismissed when you anticipate my intervention strictly on your terms you risk overlooking the

breakthroughs I’ve meticulously orchestrated rest assured I’m always laboring on your behalf weaving Divine

connections and unveiling opportunities at precisely the right moments however

it’s imperative to trust my timing and methods which frequently transcend human logic and expectations while you grasp

only fragments I perceive the entirety of the picture my cherished child as you

Journey closely beside me in reverence and obedience I have remarkable blessings awaiting you these Treasures

once deemed Beyond reach will overflow abundantly from Heaven’s storehouses into your life in my sight you shall

stand blameless and Sanctified Ponder the rewards bestowed upon those steadfast and following my decrees I

pledge to Shield you from harm and Grant you a lengthy fulfilling existence shielding you from premature demise your

needs shall always be met sparing you from scarcity indeed I shall bestow upon

you Abundant Blessings not merely meeting your requirements but surpassing them and abling you to reciprocate with

a heart brimming with gratitude in the quiet of night as you stand at the threshold of Psalm speak with

unwavering conviction in Jesus I place my trust and sense my encompassing

presence embracing you declare it boldly for I am your Shepherd ensuring that you

lack nothing engage deeply with the entirety of the psalm for it is a

precious gift bestowed upon you by me respond to my summons and unearth within

yourself a reservoir of untapped and Majestic strength Like an Eagle you

shall Ascend to new Pinnacles of Faith with the Horizon Ablaze with blessings

awaiting my eager bestow upon you as you return to this sacred place with the

dawn let your Bible rest near you as you sleep knowing that I will Rouse you at

Daybreak my Whispers shall gently caress your spirit guiding you toward the unveiling of mysteries and wonders meant

exclusively for your Discovery welcome to a realm where Miracles manifest as

your everyday reality where Joy Springs forth from the fires of divine revelation here you shall glean the

essence of gentleness and humility empowered by your Mastery over Darkness

to Traverse unscathed amidst serpents and scorpions when you feel besieged

persecuted and hemmed in from all sides remember I see the end from the beginning

I know the outcome of all things nothing catches me off guard I

allow these battles only to fortify your faith and refine you stripping away the dross from your character until you

shine with my likeness the era of testing the period of trial I allow its

Fury only for as long as necessary and not a moment longer just as I sealed the

jaws of the lion to safeguard Daniel I erect invisible fortifications around you and when the appointed work within

you nears completion I command the trial to cease and your breakthrough bursts

forth like a mighty flood have you pondered my servant job as a model I

permitted the adversary to afflict him but within strict boundaries I said job

couldn’t fathom from an Earthly standpoint why such suffering was permitted but from a Heavenly

perspective a profound transformation unfolded the revelation of my sustaining

Grace that uplifts the righteous through every trial job emerged with a deeper

understanding of my loving sovereignty his latter days brimmed with greater blessings because of his enduring faith

and likewise my beloved as you fix your Gaze on me rejecting the threats of

impending disaster the forces of Darkness May Roar around you withstand

every taunt rooted firmly in my promises and your hand shall possess even greater strength as my faithful servant a tested

Warrior your spirit is filled with endurance and peace confidence born of perseverance dispels fear unwavering

hope eclipses Shattered Dreams urat a light United in a world shed in Decay a

Brilliance over which even deth holds no sway my beloved shill embrace the vision

I have set before you a glimpse of the incredible potential you hold within I

am beckoning you to rise higher granting you keys of authority and Awakening strengths within you that you have only

begun to tap into our Union is ascending to New Dimensions of richness as you

bravely face this test your faith is being honed and rewarded the promises I

spoke over you long ago are now springing forth into tangable reality and abundant increase so lift your head

high dear one my power flows through you Victory is breaking through and my

presence is sweeping away every barrier to blessing and divine appointment rise up and advance from glory to ever

increasing Glory no Enemy No fatigue no moment of Doubt can quell the torrent of

promises I have for you remember Children Are Meant to resemble their father there is so much more in store

for you if you will only surrender to becoming truly my child take courage

child of the Celestial Kingdom for no barrier can confine the true Sovereign I

ordain the conclusion from the outset crafting a divine plan that unfolds in

Perfect Harmony at the appointed time place your trust in me even when the

path ahead seems uncertain and together we will witness moments of profound

Revelation though obscured from your sight I orchestrate events in ways that ensure the Fulfillment of my Divine

Purpose have faith in my benevolence my cherished one when cherished dreams

appear to wither before fruition know that just as a gardener tends to their Harden unseen I am silently nurturing

and safeguarding the fruits of life with boundless love nothing can thwart my

divine plan for Abundant Blessings my Celestial Guardians watch over this flourishing Garden ensuring its safety

trust in my Providence for nothing can harm what I Safeguard therefore I urge

you today attune your spirit to the Heavenly Symphony that transcends the chaos of the world listen for my gentle

whisper amidst the tumultuous winds that Buffet your concentration block out the clamor of worldly demands incessantly

clamoring for attention over my gentle Whispers confront the distractions firmly unwavering in your

focus Journey with me to spiritual Heights until the noise Fades to a distant murmur below tune into the

subtle guidance flowing from above free from chaos and stress I reaffirm this

eternal truth I desire for you to Embrace Life full F cherishing and

honoring the destiny I have woven for you trust in my boundless love for you

embrace it with all your heart I offer you vitality and empowerment which you

must seize with unwavering Faith to emerge triumphant you shall find Solace

all shall be set right witness the sign you have been seeking your cries have reached my ears your quest for answers

acknowledged and I have come to respond from the very moment you first called

out an angel was dispatched from the celestial Realms bearing the key to your

Liberation yet you are a profoundly unique individual and a cosmic battle

for your soul is unfolding the adversary seeks to see you stumble and does not

wish for your Victory my heavenly armies engage in Fierce Combat on your behalf contending

against the forces of Darkness the sudden upheaval you experience is no mere coincidence remain

Vigilant and Discerning carefully choosing your Confidant when challenges arise even Fierce Warfare assails your

mind body and circumstances recognize them as harbingers of the imminent breakthrough

I have ordained for you the intensity of the battle signifies the magnitude of the victory that

awaits as you stand firm in faith Victory is assured and the sweetness of

Triumph shall overflow for it is my power within you that prevails my plans

for you are ones of peace prosperity and blessings surpassing your wildest dreams

dispel the lies of the enemy fix your gaze upon me and revel in the lavish love I bestow upon my beloved for I am

love and it is my delight to shower you with goodness beyond measure do not let

the circumstances of the physical world dictate your declarations instead tap into the mind

of Christ and the Divine discernment granted by my spirit within you

you possess the authority to speak only in alignment with my word for my promises never return empty let your

words on Earth reflect the truths of Heaven the trials you faced have fortified your faith in me much like a

warrior strengthened by battle your endurance has sharpened your spiritual resolve and you now wield the sword of

the spirit with Mastery I do not wish for you to languish in such despair each

night as you surrender to sleep I come to you in dreams my voice a soothing

Melody comforting and reassuring no longer shall you toss and turn in restless nights instead you shall rest

peacefully like a child cradled in safety and when you awaken know that I

am there gently guiding you nurturing your spirit so that you rise with renewed determination to embrace

happiness a wealth of divine blessings awaits you dear one a joyous reunion

with family lies on the horizon along with encounters with Kindred Souls whose

intentions are as pure as yours your life shall continue and the shackles of

fear and bondage shall be cast aside replaced by the freedom I bestow upon you promise me cherish this newfound

Freedom as my words fortify your spirit know that you are never alone your

courage has never faltered and I rejoice in witnessing your faith and efforts to overcome life’s challenges

when you stand Victorious basking in success and the Abundant Blessings I shower upon you return to me daily

remember though you may be strong and courageous you are still my beloved

child spending time in my presence feeling my love envelop you know that

you hold a special place in my heart eternally I have witnessed your struggles admired your resilience in the

face of adversity you have endured much but know that you are never alone for I Am With You you always yet just as the

walls of Jericho crumbled at the sound of praise your Hallelujah will scatter every looming obstacle ushering in my

best to inundate every aspect of your life Pharaoh’s chariots will no longer

pursue and harass you lack and pestilence will no longer oppress you

broken relationships and isolation will no longer ens snare you for when I lead you into Triumph you’ll stride into the

promised land I prepared for you long ago milk and honey will overflow in your

path you’ll taste the Abundant Harvest of the vine you tended Faithfully amidst

hardship instead of merely surviving dayto day you’ll thrive in the abundance of my provision to enjoy and share

you’ll dwell in my presence anchored in my protective Embrace indeed a profound

shift is imminent as your Praises rise like incense before me the atmosphere

hindering your breakthrough will shatter Swift release will rush in where Wilderness and desolation once reigned

you’ll Marvel as life bursts forth on every side streams flowing in the barren

places and abundance overflowing where there was once lack I’m restoring all

that was taken bringing healing to your body mind and soul and entrusting you

with immeasurable wealth to Steward alongside me many days you’ve Cried Out seeking relief from depth of sorrow and

despair no other could fathom you’ve yearned for my promises to dispel the lingering emptiness of Hope deferred

rest assured I have heard every plea and I’ve been by your side comforting your

weary heart now the time has come for those long awaited promises to blossom into reality your faithfulness has not

been in vain despite the adversaries whispered doubts that my words to you would never come to fruition know this

my declaration of Destiny are not bound by human constraints or natural laws I

breathe life into barrenness Awakening dormant potentials with a simple yes

trust in my unchanging character and watch as I bring forth wonders beyond your

imagination Rejoice oh you whose Faith May falter at times in the supremacy of

the Divine realm over the trials of Earthly existence I am the architect and instigator shaping creation according to

my divine will do not be daunted by the vastness of your aspirations which

transcend mere human capabilities the boundaries of human understanding cannot contain my boundless existence I

transcend all limitations and exceed mortal comprehension I will pour out resources to redeem all that sin is

marred restoring Justice and Beauty throughout the earth I will nourish

multitudes of precious children afflicted by preventable illness and hunger I will liberate those ens snared

in cycles of exploitation and rebuild communities Shattered by violence and

oppression every noble Endeavor that resonates with my Compassionate Heart will be empowered mightily through my

children the time has come for extravagant investment in the Kingdom on a global scale do not fret over worldly

concerns though corrupt systems May Gran under the weight of misplaced priorities

Global chaos May escalate as the pursuit of wealth and power dominates worldly systems opposed to me but fear not for

no weapon formed against you shall prosper as I shelter those who dwell in My unshakable Kingdom reject the mindset

of this Fallen World regardless of alarming headlines refuse to entertain

thoughts that instill panic and instability reject distorted visions of

the future crafted by the enemy’s lies my kingdom stands firm through ages

past and future my beloved citizens lack no good thing you were fashioned to walk

in sheer Delight embracing your true identity as my cherished treasure it is

a solemn commitment to listen to me every morning immersing yourself in the word I have revealed to you it guides

your path and gives you reason to persevere this is your sign open your

eyes the obstacles that surround you will vanish the aid you seek will arrive

and the provisions you require will be supp replied I love you and today that

love is demonstrated I will rescue you from this situation you have asked and I

have heard I have come to bestow these promises upon you so receive them with

unwavering faith my word declares it and assures it my victory is your Triumph it

emanates from my Throne from my hands you shall receive your reward soon the

recompense for all your suffering the prize for your bravery the medal for your perseverance the Crown of Life and

countless blessings await affirm with your lips and your heart that you believe and shall receive them even if

weariness weighs on you today fear not I have come to impart strength and steadiness to your legs swiftness to

your feet and courage to your soul you feel the stirring of divine longing deep

within your soul as my words resonate within you rise dear child and stride

confidently toward greater victories I your loving Creator am ever mindful of

your well-being it pains me to see you burdened by sorrow and despair weighed

down by worries that cloud your mind and afflict your body your victory has been decreed by my hand and I will bring it

to fruition now is not the time for retreat or resignation it is the season

for bold advancement Guided by my spirit the promises I have spoken over your

life shall surely be fulfilled as you walk in partnership with me align your thoughts words and expectations with my

Divine will anticipating the imminent breakthrough as you abide in me allowing

my Living Waters to flow through your innermost being intimidation loses its

grip deception scatters and fear’s strongholds crumble my perfect love casts out all

torment silencing The Voice voices of condemnation and self-doubt it brings order to the chaos

and peace to the Restless Soul hold fast my beloved for your

Victory is assured and together we shall triumph over every adversity draw deeply

from The Well of my loved dear one immerse yourself in the boundless depths of my presence where power and

unwavering affection flow ceaselessly let me Elevate you high above the tumultuous currents of life’s challenges

from this vantage point my perspective becomes your own and you shall stand as a conqueror adorned in garments of

radiant salvation and righteousness Remember The Battle Belongs to Me and

victory is not only assured but imminent trust in this my cherished child though

you may be shaken momentarily Joy will Dawn with the morning and strength will rise with each new day grace upon Grace

this is my steadfast promise to you Mercy renewed with the dawn of every day

embrace my love heed my voice and envision the Magnificent future that awaits you what you can Envision pales

in comparison to the Grandeur I have prepared for you I hold in store for you blessings

beyond measure a future adorned with love Harmony prosperity and boundless

opportunities maintain unwavering faith and do not allow sin to entangle your

life stand Resolute in the face of Temptation recalling my promises and

steadfastly walking in my ways in moments of uncertainty when the path ahead seems unclear and decisions weigh

heavy on your heart turn to me in prayer and feel the warmth of my love enveloping you allow my peace to flood

your soul dispelling all anxieties and uncertainties know my beloved that no

foe can harm you when you are under my protection negativity will not overpower

you for I shall cloak you in my Tranquility empowering you to navigate your journey with wisdom and courage you

are cherished I am your father your Shield your Guiding Light None Shall dare to harm you guard your innermost

Secrets exercise utmost discernment in whom you trust the enemy seeks to

infiltrate your Soul’s defenses aiming to dismantle you with falsehoods and

deception your faith may be tested for many envious Souls have witnessed the

grace I have bestowed upon you your future is adorned with wonders though

you may face trials for a season your troubles are not Everlasting they shall soon fade away the burdensome sorrow you

carry shall pass those who have wronged you may come seeking forgiveness and you

shall not withhold it love them as you love yourself offering assistance in every possible way however let your

faith and trust remain steadfastly in me even even when others come with

extravagant promises never place your trust in them none possess the power to bless you and rescue you from Darkness

as I do none carry the true word that only I can impart should you falter in

your belief in me and start trusting in empty assurances from deceitful

individuals your blessings will scatter like leaves in the wind and some may

never return this is your moment anchor your faith in this potent and eternal

truth stay Resolute and unwavering through eternity the time for decision

approaches swiftly choose my love my comfort my Solace and My Embrace beloved

Warrior your greatest victories are on the horizon salvation healing Deliverance Miracles all await you as

you step into the Fulfillment of your beliefs these desires of your heart now

coming to fruition offer just a glimpse of the Abundant Blessings I have in store for our our eternity together rise

with strength and confidence embracing The Hope and Glory that surround you know that nothing can hinder my plans

for you you are destined for royalty Authority and prosperity in every aspect

of your being walk in the fullness of what I have already provided for you in

the Heavenly Realms rest in my presence allowing me to rejuvenat and clarify

your vision as you behold me you are transformed into a radiant Victor

empowered by the spirit within you what a glorious freedom to live out the reality of your identity in me blaze a

trail on Earth as you surrender to my love and allow me to work through you I

am pleased with your growing faith and your willingness to believe for greater blessings your obedience has birthed

courage and confidence propelling you into a new season of partnership with me

step forth through the doorway I have opened before you into a realm where the miraculous becomes your daily sustenance

embrace the unwavering belief that nothing lies beyond my omnipotent reach for all that you desire rests within

your grasp amidst adversity your faith has stood Resolute a Guiding Light amidst

The Tempest for your steadfastness a Rich Harvest awaits signaling an end to

seasons of scarcity and heralding a time of Abundant Blessings the journey you’ve traveled

the refining fire that has shaped your spirit has prepared you for the Abundant Blessings that await on the horizon I

hear The Echoes of your longing your yearning for the Fulfillment of my promise and I assure you it stands

poised at the threshold of your life it beckons you to rise to swing open the door of opportunity and to embrace it

with a heart Ablaze with Triumph cast aside every hindrance every excuse that

threatens to stall your progress banish the sh Shadows of doubt that seek to dim

the Brilliance of your faith your talents and the gifts within you waiting to Blossom stand on the brink of a

majestic unfolding upon this Earthly realm a breathtaking Garden of

possibilities lies before you and it is within this fertile ground that I summon you will receive beyond your requests

I will also Grant you the wisdom to cherish and protect your blessings your long- awaited dreams will soon be

realized PR prepare yourself for Abundant Blessings and opportunities are on the horizon new friendships pure and

supportive will replace those who hinder your progress and sow Discord I desire

your peace and companionship seek out those who uplift and inspire you in your

darkest moments when you call upon me I answer whether heard or read these words

will resonate within you my voice strengthens you letter by letter punctuation and accents adding emphasis

to my promises the Commandments I have inscribed upon your heart are your shield and your strength who can stand

against you when you walk in my ways bring me their name and in my presence kneel and pray for them for those lost

in darkness and wickedness are in need of forgiveness and Redemption your enemies may rise but fear not for I will

deal with them in due time keep your heart pure free from grudges and bitterness let not curses or judgments

pass from your lips for love and forgiveness are the weapons of the righteous rejoice and take comfort in

the assurance that I always desire what is optimal for you share these sentiments with others for in doing so

you amplify my message and extend my blessings there are indeed some among my

children who are in dire need of these words it could very well be the Catalyst

they’ve been seeking to unlock their inherent potential view the act of sewing seeds

not merely as a transaction but as a demonstration of faith and obedience I

speak directly to your hearts directing your offerings not based on their quantity but in accordance with my

Divine Purpose remember it is not the size of the seed that prompts my

response but the sincerity and obedience with which it is offered the pivotal key that unlocks every door lies in

obedience by honoring my decrees you pay homage to the divine lawgiver

imagine a Kingdom operating at its Pinnacle when every subject reveres the authority of The Sovereign therefore

step into this yoke with me brimming with joy it’s a burden light and easy for I bear its weight entirely I carve

the path ahead your sole duty is to Traverse it fueled by unwavering belief

my vision extends far beyond the confines of mortal sight along this journey generously share the wisdom and

treasures you gather with those I bring into your orbit Enlighten those entrusted to your care with the same

truths I impart to you remember Earthly achievements pale in significance

compared to a soul fortified by Readiness to heed the Creator whose imagination birthed the infinite and

fashioned the cosmos with mere words devoid of my presence your efforts

amount to not enduring yet aligned with me your existence accumulates

Everlasting Treasures impervious to Decay understand I selected and shaped

you not for merit earned but out of boundless affection who among Mortals

could Ascend such Heights independently my extravagant love Delights in transforming the feeble and

insignificant into vessels radiating my Divine Radiance in the radiant Dawn Let

My Words resonate within you igniting the flame of wisdom that will guide you

through every path your life’s tapestry is being woven with threads of Brilliance heralding a chapter of

boundless wonders yet to unfold anticipate this with eager anticipation for these assurances are

the gifts bestowed upon you by your Divine Creator in moments of Anguish you reach out for my grace seeking solace in

the Embrace of my boundless love a love that heals without judgment a presence

that consoles in silent understanding your soul yearns for communion with my empathetic heart always ready to listen

to understand to comfort embrace the truth of your longing for me for therein

lies your Liberation your own strength has carried you far but now is the time to acknowledge your dependence on me

through your prayers infused with unwavering Faith you beckon to me and in response I hasten to your side I see you

and your loved ones navigating through the Arid Wilderness of life where isolation threatens hope and your spirit

thirst C for love amidst the trials you endure the master Craftsman’s touch is upon you crafting and fortifying

resilient structures that endure every Tempest From the Ashes of broken relationships and Endeavors refined

character emerges like pure gold reflecting my Divine likeness your new

life Springs forth miraculously as you relinquish all that does not align with my eternal purposes surrender every

aspect of self to me and watch as this sleep of Faith becomes the gway to the life you’ve yearned for I see your

Brokenness and in that Sacred Space of surrendered obedience I lavish upon you

Indescribable Grace I fill your emptiness with more of myself that your

joy may be complete come rest beneath the shelter of my wing quiet your inner

turmoil with my peace that surpasses all understanding take comfort in the knowledge that I will perfect everything

concerning you you not a single detail escapes my notice my arm is ever ready to reach out and steady you every trial

is an opportunity for me to reaffirm who holds your present as well as your future release your fears for I am

already there do not disdain your current place of planting nurture

intimacy with me right where you are though the season of preparation may seem mundane it is where profound

purpose is nurtured my beloved persevere with a Joy born of the awareness of my

guiding hand upon you shaping and equipping you for the pivotal moment that draws near in this sinless realm

there are no bounds to the sacred Revelations you can encounter surpassing the comprehension of the Earthly mind

the seeds of Eternity within you swn through spiritual rebirth yearn for the

pristine atmosphere of Heaven their true Abode so come inherit the ceaseless

wonders I have prepared for you a legacy that grows increasingly luminous with each passing day release grasp of lesser

Pursuits and embrace the loftier calling I extend to you I have paved the path

for you to enter the hallowed Sanctuary where you may walk in benediction and

Authority this gift cannot be earned but is bestowed freely upon those who believe by my grace and mercy

alone therefore approach my presence with confidence unencumbered by fear I

welcome you back once lost but now found once blinded but now endowed with Clear

Vision you are no longer solitary but a participant In My Kingdom Under My

righteous and benevolent Reign my Essence courses through you transfiguring you into a dwelling place

for the almighty recognize your true identity redeemed and reinstated to reign in Realms yet unseen what was

forfeited is now restored as you stand firm upon the the foundation of redemption following the triumphant

Risen Lord You Are My Offspring fortified and complete poised to rain

alongside me first comes the testing of your faith like gold refined in the fire

your faith will be tried to reveal its authenticity remain steadfast in me and

you will emerge Victorious promotion and victory are on the horizon bringing with

them the Fulfillment of long-awaited promise stand firm a little while longer

trusting in my word over the voices of doubt and fear do not be discouraged by the challenges you face instead bring

your fears and worries to me for I will expose them for the lies they are trust

in my perspective which is one of authority hope and confidence in the future I have prepared for you remember

my child that I am always by your side ready to strengthen and guide you

through every trial intimidation May roar like a tempestuous storm but I am

the unwavering truth that calms the winds and tames the tumultuous waves with a single word I am the Divine lens

that brings Clarity to All Things guiding you through the chaos with precision and purpose as the master

strategist I confound your adversaries with unexpected blessings and sudden favors that exceed your wildest

imaginings I transform what the enemy schemes for harm into opportunities for

your flourishing my cherished one you have traversed the Shadows now is the time to

embrace your Divine inheritance as my beloved child and Beacon of light arise From the Ashes of the past

take hold of my hand and March boldly toward the doors of opportunity I am flinging wide open before you through

the grace I offer Embrace Joy choose gratitude and relinquish the impulse to

dwell on what what once was insteed fix your gaze upon the Horizon of what is to

come Traverse the Wilderness with worship for it cannot ens snare you for long like David of old who danced

exultantly despite the scoffs of onlookers let your Praises ReSound as a Clarion call that scatters your

adversaries from their lurking places then await with eager expectation for as

swiftly as the midnight arose so shall the Everlasting daylight Dawn upon you

radiant Glory awaits you my child be still listen for my voice and resist the

temptation to react in fear to the tumult of the world around you the adversary seeks to empower Illusions by

coaxing you to speak them into existence yet know this what I have decreed in my

word is the sole reality enduring and eternal take this moment to quiet your mind as the creator of all I command the

winds that Buffet you to cease their tumult and silence their voices no

longer shall you be troubled by The Whispers of the world’s threats for they seek only to instill fear let your faith

remain unshaken your generosity unwavering and never lose sight of the strides you’ve made release the notion

of your perceived weakness for in acknowledging your limitations you open

yourself to my strength together with your faith and my boundless power you

become impervious your spirit Rev idolized and your determination unbreakable with this declaration of

Faith your vulnerabilities dissolve confidently declare I am strong and

continue your Ascent to the summit where I eagerly await you here amidst grandure

your dream shall find fulfillment this is the appointed time and place for you to embrace my will and allow me to

orchestrate wonders in your life henceforth soar with unfettered spirit I

have led you here so that that Retreat is not an option spread your wings wider

ascending to new heights where the blessings of heaven await your gaze no longer shall despair Cloud your days nor

anguish haunt your nights nor sadness greet your mornings when Financial challenges Loom boldly Proclaim that I

am Jehovah jir your provider just as I provided Mana from Heaven to nourish my

people of old so shall I sustain you have I not vowed to withhold no good

thing from those who walk uprightly no weapon fashioned against you be it lack or recession can nullify

this Covenant when relationships are tested rise up as one who comprehends

their identity in me affirm the truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully

made in my image and no earthly circumstance or individual can sever you

from my boundless love speak words of Grace and Faith over human hearts even

as I continually shower these upon you stoke the Flames of Love extinguishing

the corrosive acids of bitterness and fear with Divine Assurance my presence

within you surpasses any Onslaught the adversary May unleash in moments of physical weakness and dwindling strength

embody the essence of divine restoration your words possess enduring

authority to reclaim all that has been taken therefore speak forth renewed

Freedom over every cell every or organ every system that opposes the Perfection

I originally ordained trust in the healing power of My Sacrifice wholeness

is your rightful inheritance shine brightly dispelling all forms of Darkness whether they be

illness despair or anguish my cherished child within the depths of your soul I

perceive your yearning for direction amidst the tumultuous journey of Life rest assured I am your constant

companion the wisdom and insights I share are gateways to the boundless existence I

have intricately designed for you crafted to fit the unique essence of your being yet groundwork must be laid

before the grand edifice can rise the path must be cleared and the Cornerstone firmly established obedience serves as

this Cornerstone diligent adherence to my guidance allows me to construct a

sturdy framework for your life from which my blessings will overflow abundantly while the world esteems

achievements wealth and Status even the most powerful leaders humble themselves

when my spirit moves through a willing servant why demand this surrender of

human ambition and desire because the Mortal mind is naturally inclined toward

self-interest my thoughts transcend yours as the heavens surpass the Earth

each strategy I provide serves my eternal purposes unfolding in ways Beyond on human comprehension bear in

mind I am the god of multiplication when you Steward your resources prudently I

shall Foster growth and expansion in every facet of your being you shall dwell in tranquility and Assurance

liberated from concerns regarding your daily necessities and you shall witness the complete fruition of my assurances

wealth and prosperity await you yet comprehend that such blessings are not merely doled out upon request it is

imper narrative that your character undergoes maturation so that you may aptly manage my Bountiful blessings

through this Evolution and refinement you shall be equipped to embrace the abundance I have destined for you once

you commit wholeheartedly to prioritize honoring Me Above All Else transformation will swiftly sweep across

every aspect of your life I will ready your heart and mind for a sudden profound increase in Supernatural

abundance as you surrender more fully to the guidance of my spirit aligning with

my plans rather than imposing your own you will encounter blessings of such magnitude that you cannot doubt my favor

upon you anticipate the extraordinary as I Propel promising ideas into wildly

successful Endeavors witness relationships flourishing unexpectedly

into deeply meaningful connections ordained from ages past prepare to be amazed by Miracles as I fling Open Door

doors once sealed Shut by the enemy schemes replacing sorrow with jubilant

dancing and laughter indeed my beloved unimaginable abundance awaits those who

selflessly love and pursue Me Above All Else I am ever presentes attuned to your

every plea I will restore what is rightfully yours despite the trials you’ve endured the undeserved pain

you’ve suffered my blessings will continue to overflow upon you receive them without worry for those who seek to

in still fear in you cannot dim the radiance of your blessings you are blessed indeed receiving Revelations and

words that others may never know but stand firm do not falter envious Souls

may attempt to ens snare you in turmoil striving to tarnish your reputation and cast doubt upon your faith yet you

remain steadfast unwavering in your belief I rejoice in your resilience in

your ability to discern what truly holds value and to brush aside the the Slanders of your

adversaries their Envy blinds them to the Brilliance that emanates from within you my presence in your life unsettles

them my favor upon your household stirs such jealousy within them that their

restless nights are spent in vain but as they toss and turn you rest assured for

I am your guardian safeguarding your loved ones your Abode and your

livelihood I will attend to them redirecting their focus elsewhere

they will come to realize that their efforts cannot disturb your peace remain attuned to my voice for I am a god of

meticulous planning and intention in the intricacies of timing the nuances of

seasons and the significance of numbers my handiwork is unmistakable do not doubt the

instructions I provide for it is through your obedience that my Divine blueprint

unfolds I urge you beloved ones to embrace steadfastness and compliance

let your offering serve as a testament to your unwavering trust in my provision and as you Traverse this path of Divine

Alignment stay connected receptive to the messages I impart they serve as

beacons guiding you on this Celestial Journey with a heart brimming with Divine love and a gaze fixed upon

Eternal Vistas I bestow these words upon you may they resonate deep within your

spirit may they illuminate your path and may they draw you ever near nearer to my heart amen the journey is arduous and at

times the path is searing with pain causing tears to fall like hot Stones upon the Desert Sands I comprehend the

weight of your burdens the struggle to persevere yet know that even in the midst of suffering my hand is ever there

sustaining you however know this I’m here as your guardian against the forces that seek to harm and discourage you

even in moments of defeat and exhaustion I will rekindle your will to thrive

lifting you up from despair your journey fraught with challenges will not go unnoticed by those around you or by

Generations yet to come I will Adorn you with honor illuminate your path and

Infuse your surroundings with my Divine Radiance consider this day struggles as a refining fire purifying you like

precious gold through this process you will emerge brighter and free from the Shadows that linger within to you my

beloved I extend not accolades to breed superiority but Enlightenment to extend

a helping hand to those who stumble release your grip on anger vanity fear

doubt and disbelief look not to the Past for it’s Joy pale in comparison to the

blessings awaiting you cultivate gratitude for both the modest and magnificent gifts in your life stride

forth with a clear conscience carrying my virtues as your guide if weakness or

illness befalls you do not lose hope instead heed my call open your heart and

embrace the Tranquility I offer my children engrave this fundamental truth upon your hearts when you wholeheartedly

pursue a noble purpose your life becomes infused with an inner Radiance maintain

Clarity in your aspirations and remain steadfast on the path I have revealed to you I am perpetually by your side

guiding and supporting you in in every aspect of your journey be it your well-being your relationships your

finances or your spiritual growth may your encounters with others reflect my

presence within you your life has the potential to emanate hope and embody the

blessings I have bestowed upon you as you mature in wisdom and strength you

will find favor in both Heavenly and Earthly Realms I assure you an abundance

of Grace to fulfill all that I have ordained for you my grace is all sufficient especially in moments of

weakness for it is then that my strength shines most brilliantly within you

indeed it is plausible to exhibit outward devotion while harboring clandestine Rebellion within there are

believers who outwardly Excel praying fervently giving generously serving

zealously yet disregard or minimize my explicit commands in

scripture consequently certain Avenues of blessing remain sealed due to

disobedience in areas I have explicitly addressed I cannot compromise my righteous standards to accommodate

self-serving motives to fully partake in my promises you must Embrace and

Faithfully follow my precepts I implore you to diligently explore my teachings

so you may grasp my Essence and understand precisely how I beckon you to

Live While enlightened instruction can comp ment your understanding fostering

personal intimacy with me through steadfast communion is essential my cherished child do not

despair though circumstances may appear Bleak and aspirations seem distant I

assure you brighter days await as you realign your priorities with my desires

recall the wisdom of Solomon a man who esteemed wisdom above riches his

decision to prioritize faith and obedience yielded un foreseen blessings this same journey is available

to you it’s not about grandiose gestures but about Earnest strides in

faith in moments of quiet reflection as you turn your thoughts to prayer I am

there to offer guidance tenderly and unequivocally picture my spirit as a

faithful companion walking alongside you facilitating your awareness of my

presence and comprehension of my Divine intentions I am here to embolden you to empower you

to achieve greatness and to discern your purpose in this world my guidance serves

as a beacon illuminating your path dispelling any Shadows of Doubt or uncertainty revealing the way of Truth

and righteousness as you Embrace humility and place your trust in me relinquishing preconceived notions of

what is best my transformative power breaks through willing obedience even in

the ABS of understanding paves the way for me to orchestrate Miracles beyond your imagination for you my beloved I

Envision a life filled with Vitality prosperity and abundance to share

generously as I direct deep communion with me through prayer Divine

Connections in your relationships and a blossoming Ministry that touches hungry

Souls when you fix your gaze solely upon me detaching from competing voices vying

for your Alle I will bring my plans to fruition every detail will unfold in

perfect timing because my timing is Flawless whenever you seek guidance for

the next step I will be there when new opportunities emerge I will illuminate them if they align with my purposes each

Revelation unveiled will prepare you for those still veiled move forward with unwavering trust knowing that I hold the

map to the destination I have prepared for you I know the desires and embedded in your heart and the dreams that keep

you awake at night I am igniting those dreams within you fueling your passion to step out in faith even when it defies

Earthly logic trust in my wisdom to bring the Unseen into visible reality

for my ways are higher than man’s understanding find solace in the Embrace of my sovereignty every intricate detail

is meticulously arranged for your ultimate benefit at the precise juncture

I will unveil the role you play in The Magnificent tapestry of redemption I am

weaving through your life trust in me yield to the guidance of my spirit

without reservation day by day the unfolding of your destiny will be a glorious

Revelation my cherished child amidst the bitter trials and betrayals you’ve endured today marks a Divine Turning

Point what the adversary schemed for Destruction I am turning into a tale of

restor ation and abundance as you choose forgiveness and extend blessings to

those who wounded you believing in my transformative power Victory becomes your

reality forgiveness shatters chains liberating you to stride forward

unencumbered now is the time to reconstruct upon foundations of Love

truth and righteousness yielding a harvest of Abundant Life beloved you

wield Dominion through the indwelling power within you fearlessly dismantle the schemes of the adversary for I have

elevated you to Reign triumphantly in this life no genuine threat can undermine the destiny I have prepared

for you if you hold fast to Faith though intimidation May seek to reinforce your

fears its influence is fleeting compared to mine recognize every disturbance as a

sign of weakness not strength you need not stumble over a weakened adversary

who can only Circle seeking to erode your faith stand firm in this truth nothing can ultimately

challenge what I have decreed to bless therefore cast off the shackles of victimhood and embrace your identity as

an overcomer destined to rule and reign in an unfailing Kingdom you are a Victor

a warrior a beacon of Glory destined to illuminate the Earth Embrace this

identity and wield The Authority it brings for the adversary’s power lies only in deterring you from your true

purpose United with me you possess all you need to shine brighter amidst the

darkness causing it to dissipate like Mist before the dawn herein lies the

Marvel with each trial and tribulation you claim more territory not less stand

Resolute in truth and greater Dominion is granted unto you from this day forward live with fervent faith and

vibrant purpose as each Dawn breaks choose joy and Defiance of C circumstance let not the shadows of

adversity dim the radiant smile that Graces your countenance remember always my beloved

that you are uniquely mine and dwelt by my Holy Spirit there’s no need to mimic

the words or deeds of others for you are fearfully and wonderfully made many are

shaken by The faintest Whisper of uncertainty their dreams crumble beneath the weight of fear yet you my cherished

one stand apart from them within you resides a Divine love and your faith is a Marvel to behold from your lips pour

forth prayers and your words carry power you are liberated Unshackled by doubt or

despair Embrace Joy Venture forth and share these truths with your loved ones

know this I adore you and I’m guiding you through the desert towards Triumph and the joy your heart yearns for your

worth in my eyes is immeasurable and I have woven a profound purpose into the

fabric of your existence listen closely for the words you encounter are not Hollow they are imbued

with truth and promise yet amidst the darkness Clarity emerges from my Throne

illuminating your path you possess the map and Compass trust in the plan I have

bestowed upon you attentively considering every detail draw strength from my unwavering promises steadfast

Through the Ages and Let My Words sustain your soul each day I have

imparted wisdom in many Realms and through prayer you can uncover it I

promise to always illuminate your path with the guidance necessary for what lies ahead remain steadfast in Timeless

principles even when they are brushed aside as outdated while tools and methods May evolve the profound truths

endure shaping every age clasp tightly onto enduring truths amid attempts to

reshape them the sturdy Foundation I provide remains constant fostering

Creations that are both practical and exquisite across epochs my immutable Essence establishes unchanging moral

laws offering stability amidst the flux of time and Circumstance my beloved hold

fast to the steadfast support particularly in challenging times adhering to my moral precepts ensures

equilibrium and resilience amidst shifting Sands in a world where even guiding

lights May falter I stand as an unwavering Beacon guiding lost souls to

safety when you feel a drift seek my unwavering light leading you back to my

comforting embrace come to me weary traveler and release your burdens exchanging them for

a tailormade plan one step at a time prepare yourself to witness extraordinary events unfold in the lives

of your loved ones embrace the new chapter that awaits adorned with humility and self-control as Guardians

of the blessings destined to flow into your life Safeguard your heart and always remember the source of your

blessings dedicate each day to seeking my presence preparing your soul for the

boundless joy that awaits I hold you in profound affection strengthen your

belief in me persist in your trust and never waver reach for the skies

especially when weariness threatens to dim your path in moments of uncertainty

let the warmth of my love Sur as a constant reminder of my unwavering

companionship men place not your faith in the fleeting Promises of Mortals for they may lead to

disillusionment know that you are never alone never abandoned even if those closest to you may drift away my

enduring and magnificent love will never falter or fail you it remains steadfast

and unyielding your moment of Hope has arrived and your peace has been earnest

estly sought embrace it wholeheartedly today if you wish to share the blessings

you have received spread this message to those in need of my presence let us

together continue the mission of spreading Good Tidings and transforming lives amen there’s no need to hasten or

fret over distant aspirations prematurely life’s Odyssey unfolds gently across an infinite canvas

unrestricted by the confines of Earthly time proceed at a Serene and wholesome

Pace Guided by Celestial bonds rather than racing anxiously towards an

uncertaint conclusion in me you have already arrived at your destination even

as you continue on your Homeward Journey eternity is interwoven into the fabric

of your everyday existence operating in ways veiled from sight yet always for

your ultimate good peer Beyond surface appearances distorted by the passage of time and behold your life from the

vantage point of Heaven acknowledging the meticulous orchestration behind every occurrence disregard any semblance

of chaos or insignificance fix your gaze upon the intricately designed blueprint I have

crafted for you harmonizing all things flawlessly for your benefit and to manifest my glory through those devoted

to me Marvel at the extraordinary Voyage from eternity to Eternity propelled by

my unwavering will towards the objectives I have ordained what an honor it is to

participate in the purpose of my kingdom under my Divine Authority this sense of

wonder in aligning with my plan unveils Vistas previously obscured by human

limitations now your spirit ascends freely borne a loft by Heavenly currents

towards boundless vistas of Radiance Splendor and Truth know that my

intentions for you are pure filled with goodness and devoid of harm your desire

whispered from your lips reach my ears in the heavens and I answer them with fulfillment aligning with the purest

aspirations of your heart Rejoice my cherished one for the trials have reached their conclusion and

the dawn of your Triumph draws near do you believe in my promises I love you

deeply would you pause for a moment and Grant me your undivided attention let

all distractions fade away as you focus solely on my voice savoring each word I

impart to you once again I am moved to express the boundless love I Harbor for

you a love that transcends mere words and fleeting emotions my affection for

you is an unbreakable Covenant affirmed through my declarations and sealed with

my very blood you occupy a sacred and eternal place in my heart each star that

adorns the night sky serves as a beacon to illuminate your path through Darkness a constant reminder of your inherent

worth and cherished status their own households lie in disarray because they turned away from my guidance and love I

offered them counsel for their well-being yet they rejected it distancing themselves from me but you

chose to walk in my light understanding that Within Me lies the solution to all your troubles you surrendered to my will

wholeheartedly trusting in my word without hesitation not everyone shares your faith look around you many could

bask in my love yet their hearts remain hardened life is not unfolded as you wished and some may blame me but you

know better you’ve realized that your happiness and Destiny are not tied to people but solely to me keep walking

this path for each day you grow stronger and wiser your adversaries will seek you

out to hear of my greatness but know that a greater blessing awaits you ahead

I am by your side every step of the way keep fighting never give up my timing is

Flawless neither rushed nor delayed are you listening I have a message for you I

hear your prayers and I am not ignoring them if I haven’t answered yet it’s because I have something even better in

store for you you will receive beyond your requests and Within These intricately polished facets refined

through trials the Luminosity of my light shines forth unyielding what the World perceives as

weakness is in truth your greatest strength where my power and Glory find their most resplendent dwelling permit

me to revive your soul embibe deeply of my spirit and revel in Abundant Living

the battle has been waged and one Victory is already yours lift your head high for you have emerged

triumphant Divine Purpose pulsates within your being yet you shall yield enduring fruit enthroned in eternity no

temptation can sway you no Arrow can pierce your resolve step boldly into

Realms of authority influence and inheritance ordained for you since the dawn of time embrace the abundance

befitting your standing in my kingdom boldly approach my Throne petitioning for every provision required for the

next chapter of our journey together Heaven’s Limitless resources await your call grasp the expansion of Body Soul

and Spirit reap the Bountiful Harvest of Faith displayed amidst adversity the fruits you have longed for are ripe

and ready for the taking believe and receive all that I have prepared for you

amen beloved you wield Dominion through the indwelling power within you

fearlessly dismantle the schemes of the adversary for I have elevated you to Reign triumphantly in this life no

genuine threat can undermine the destiny I have prepared for you if you hold fast to Faith though intimidation May seek to

reinforce your fears its influence is fleeting compared to mine recognize

every disturbance as a sign of weakness not strength you need not stumble over a

weakened adversary who can only Circle seeking to erode your faith stand firm

in this truth nothing can ultimately challenge what I have decreed to bless therefore cast off the shackles of

victimhood and embrace your identity as an overcomer destined to rule and reign

in an unfailing Kingdom you are a Victor a warrior a beacon of Glory destined to

illuminate the Earth Embrace this identity and wield The Authority it brings for the adversary’s power lies

only in deterring you from your true purpose United with me you possess all

you need to shine brighter amidst the darkness causing it to dissipate like Mist before the dawn herein lies the

Marvel with each trial and tribulation you claim more territory not less stand

Resolute in truth and greater Dominion is granted unto you oh how I Delight in revealing my strength through you my

beloved one I see your enduring perseverance amidst the fiercest battles

though weariness may assail you your spirit propels you onward you feel the

strain in every fiber of your being yet you press forward obediently to my call

your toil in the field of harvest fills me with profound Joy I witness your resistance ience your refusal to

surrender or succumb to the weight of opposition my passion Burns brightly within you transforming raw materials

into Glory from crushed grapes flows new wine Beauty emerges from the formless

and strength rises from the powerless this has always been my modus operandi

my child bringing life from barrenness ignite Hope from Shattered Dreams to

reveal the essence of True Glory I beckon for surrendered clay a willingness to be reshaped and renewed

for only through this process do you awaken to the depths of your identity in me pressure unveils the hidden gems

within you unveiling their Brilliance the friction of unwavering Faith refines

rough edges into facets that capture and reflect Divine Radiance behold at my

command all that was dead shall spring to life a new from the ruins I shall

erect structures stronger and more resplendant than before where once there were only tears now

shall emerge Beauty From the Ashes of Shattered Dreams laughter and joy shall

overflow abundantly the fiery trials you have endured have purged and purified

you shaping you into a vessel worthy to carry my Divine glory to souls ens snared in darkness and lo not only shall

I restore what was taken from you but I shall pour forth blessings in abundance

f , fold until your cup runneth over necessitating continual outpourings

to make room for more never again shall lack assail you for henceforth I shall

bestow Heaven’s riches wherever need is found in My Kingdom every obstacle shall crumble before your steadfast stride

empowered by The Authority I have bestowed upon you the trajectory of your life shall soar to Heights unseen bathed

in my unending favor and blessing does This Promise seem too Grand too

Fantastical to grasp after enduring seasons of scarcity trauma and

opposition seek from me Revelation that enlightens your spiritual eyes to perceive circumstances and challenges

from Heaven’s vantage point my strength will Infuse you with such unspeakable joy that no adversity can

overcome indeed even the harshest seasons will become launching pads for

new levels of intimacy with me unlocking Realms of creativity you never imagined

possible allow my grace to impart exponential peace and confidence to you

transcending the fleeting conditions dictated by this era as you surrender more fully to my loving counsel

forsaking popular ideologies for unyielding truths your heart will be enveloped in unwavering stability and

comforting warmth for in my presence all anxieties and fears dissolve

instantaneously a single encounter with my Divine Glory has the power to revolutionize every facet of your

existence my beloved Within These humble words you will discover wisdom and a

pathway to comprehend life amidst the vast expanse of this universe adorned

with its Myriad stars and wonders know that I am ever present

lovingly guiding the grandest and smallest of Affairs my beloved child ingrain this truth into the core of your

being that your body shall remain Untouched by harm or illness picture my

angels encamped around you and your family Vigilant Sentinels watching over

every aspect of your life feel the wings of my protection a formidable Shield of

unyielding strength enveloping you and know that my hands shall uphold you with unwavering support throughout all Times

Release any fear for I am your God a steadfast presence that banishes dread

whether in the darkest hours of the night or when faced with the challenges of daylight let this assurance echo in

your heart you are shielded and no evil shall Prevail against you when news of

adversity and troubles seeks to trouble your heart dismiss it with the certainty

that I am your constant Guardian ever Vigilant and present in every moment of

your life seek your rest in me my cherish one relying on the Promises I

have spoken in times of storm anchor your soul to the unwavering faithfulness

I extend and find solace in the Haven of my boundless love in moments when

worries threaten to overwhelm remember that my love transcends all Mighty and

impenetrable no fear no matter how deep can sever you from my presence amidst

life storms Within Me discover a secure Refuge a place where where your faith

can anchor firmly my love and grace abundantly sufficient will gently guide

you to the shores of Tranquility do not be daunted by the challenges that Loom on the horizon and

let not the enemy’s Whispers and fear-mongering sway your resolve fix your gaze solely upon me and within My

Embrace find the strength to conquer obstacles the clarity to discern truth from falsehood and the determination to

stand unwavering and Resolute my dear child never lose sight of the

boundlessness of my love for you and know that in this journey you are never alone with me by your side harm can find

no foothold trust in my care and witness how all things without acception work

together in your favor amen

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