today God is telling you that a new - online calculators

today God is telling you that a new

today God is telling you that a new

chapter in your life is about to begin

your tears will cease to fall soon

because I have heard all of your prayers

so soon you will find solace in me and

my love will envelop you like never

before you have my undying

love type how men if you

concur everything for which you have

prayed and trusted God is so close to

becoming a reality this morning I felt

compelled to tell someone that

everything that was promised to you is

so close to

happening in this season don’t question

it there it is I can sense it deity has

changed you are about to experience

something very

specific enter to

confirm if you believe in God please

like this

video God is telling you right now that

your desired results and answers to your

prayers will come to pass soon do not

try to force it to happen instead be

patient and Trust in my perfect timing

by faith take it and receive it

God declares believe what I have to say

about you not what the rest of the world

says about you you are Exquisite and

superably made as my child you I cherish

you the first day of a new month has

arrived New Opportunities blessings and

challenges await you in this month and

I’ll be here to help you navigate them

you made an effort it’s okay all your

effort was put into it you should feel

admirable your effort was strong in fact

you are a fighter not a failure I’m

going to be opening new doors for you so

get ready love

you God says that while working together

we can accomplish what you can’t as you

struggle my heart aches for you bring

all of your issues to me please type I

am ready to shine to

confirm instead of focusing on how

people treat you treat them lovingly it

was never something I ever taught you to

do with others deal with them better in

contrast to what the world teaches I

don’t believe in treating people the

same way I want to be treated I love I

am merciful

have you been pleading with me for

assistance but nothing has changed in

your life don’t lose hope your cries for

help have been heard be kind to yourself

and always rely on God for courage

strength enduring love and unity among


people receive this by typing

amen trust in me and know that I am

always there for you never walk by

yourself include me in all your

endeavors I care about you so I want to

be present in your


I am aware of your struggles and

will give you the power to get through

them when you come across negative

thoughts turn to me and I’ll give you

heart and mind


if you are prepared enter

God promises to find you and Lead

You with his compassionate hands I’ll

free you from your worries tears and

suffering with each breath you take you

will be aware of my presence trust in my

omnipotence power and an ending Mercy I


you you’ll face her harassment mockery

and ridicule For Your Love of me because

I am with you be brave and strong keep

trying to reach me suffering and pain

are only momentary I’ll give you

something for your loyalty I’ll give you

more courage may you see the face of the


shining Every Day offers a chance to

make a new beginning let the past go and

look towards the future whatever has

occurred in your life to this point

whatever it may be God claims to be

aware of your

imperfections I’m aware of the errors

you commit whatever happens you can

count on me to be there for you don’t

strive for Perfection please keep it

simple and follow my instructions it is

not by chance that you are reading

this this serves as your assurance that

everything will be fine right now God is

preparing a path for you let the

suffering you experience transform you

so that you can overcome sin in the

future keep in mind the

suffering God declares you’ll start

laughing once more you’ll learn to love

love once more and learn to trust once

more you can expect everything you lost

to be restored by

me take your time God will respond to

your prayers at the most appropriate

time continue looking for him if you’re

in a waiting

period if you delight yourself in the

Lord you won’t just be waiting you’ll be

acting on your faith fulfilled in his

presence and surrendered to his good

purposes if you love God please

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Channel Jesus is aware of our struggles

with anxieties worries and fears our

hearts are known to God he is aware of

our Frailty as beings who are frequently

vulnerable to our own irrational

emotions and uncontrolled able external

factors he recognizes when our

overworked brains refuse to shut down he

is aware of the way our minds replay

upsetting events he is aware of the

impact fear and anxiety have on our

ability to believe in

him God is shrewd and the best at tying

the pieces of your life together for a

bigger picture picture when he wants you

to meet the people he wants you to meet

he will make sure to put them in your

path at the right

time when he calls you into a room or

presents you with an

opportunity he will give you the tools

you need to be successful when you do

that you can relax knowing that the Lord

has planned your steps and that he will

lead you in every choice choice you make

as well as every

diversion God is always good so his

goodness is not dependent on your faith

in him your view of God’s goodness is

influenced by your level of

faith we are paralyzed by our fear of

failing to fulfill Gods while so

frequently if you’re wrong God is big

enough to correct you you receive the

holy Spirit when you put your trust in

Christ so keep that in

mind your daily Direction and counsel as

well as assistance in Walking in the

Lord’s ways and making wise decisions

are all part of the holy spirit’s

Ministry to you every day en list the

holy spirit’s

assistance to protect you from harm and

to lead you to towards righteousness

enlist his protection give him control

of your daily activities including your

appointments and

emotions put your trust in him to guide

you as you work towards emotional

well-being and sturdiness bringing your

emotional and spiritual selves together

as you live a Christ centered whole

life God will increase your faith as he

makes your fears known you require him

you require his assistance you want his

influence you require his Spirit to lead

you you require the strengthening of his

word your greatest fear will reveal

where you need to grow spiritually you

want his

influence to be guided you need his

Spirit you require the the power of His

word your greatest fears serve as a

guide for where you and God need to grow

together you are transitioning not

battling so stop acting like

it your character is being polished not

missed or forgotten rusting and keep in

mind the blessings God has spoken over

you despite what you cannot

see it’s crucial that you

understand your situation is not over

your current location is not where you

will stay amazing things occur when God

is involved you never would have

believed what the Lord will do in this

circumstance simply enter I claim it if

you get this

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Channel because of our faith in him

God’s character is displayed in our

perseverance and contentment do not let

your circumstances affect you trust in

God and be content he’s taken care of

all your

requirements right I’m abundant to

declare today I want to express the idea

that suffering has a point I have no IDE

idea what challenges you are facing but

I am confident that God is at work in

all circumstances even those that are

challenging or perplexing for our

good we can have faith that he is always

at work even though it may not feel that

way in the moment he always has a

strategy and those strategies work out

for the best in order for you to to find

peace in me Jesus said I have told you


things you will run into problems in

this world take heart however the world

has no power over me while Jesus is not

a guaranted of safety from the storms of

life he is absolute safety from

them do not let your current situation

or your perception of your ideal life

State cause you to forego God’s plans

for you you should not equate delay with

denial or your feelings with your

faith many times God is preparing us for

the locations for which we pray the

objective is to stay and prosper there

rather than just getting to the places

we pray about waiting is not punishment


preparation right I am evolving to

confirm God’s timing is incredibly

accurate the ones who lack patience are

us God is aware that if he gives you

something before you’re ready it could

easily turn into a burden developed

during the waiting period so that you

can comprehend the delay when it finally

arrives you’ll probably need to be

ready for the purpose that has been

given to your life put your trust in God

because he knows what your calling

entails even though you might feel ready

to step into

it when you feel that God is calling you

to something but are unsure of why it

hasn’t happened yet keep in mind that he

may be preparing you just as he did with

David the seen as being diligent before

purpose obedient faithful and patient

pray right now that your heart will be

given over to God’s perfect plan and

will which is always better than our

own type I am prepared to shine to

confirm you are not required to pretend

everything is fine if you are currently

suffering however praise God you don’t

have to add that Jesus did not sing in

the garden or act overly spiritual when

he was only hours away from being

crucified he was Dripping with blood to

find a way out he prayed to the father

but in the end Jesus was filled with joy

as he hung on the cross not a hollow

Solace that ignores suffering

but a jaw that is deepened by grief and

an understanding of how much pain

Humanity has

caused you never stop being made to feel

more like a human according to God Agony

filled sobs are acceptable God is

building strong character in you as a

result of your candor doe to their

desire for and possession of a Better

Home such Christians experience both

happiness and

sadness enter this to shall pass to

confirm there was a moment in my life

when I thought for sure that I had

derailed God’s plans for me but Jesus is

a god of

reconciliation he has the power to

reassemble the shattered pieces of your

life into something lovely

God is able to restore any dreams that

have been broken so don’t give up hope

it isn’t gone it’s just been put off

until we’re a little more polished and

prepared to handle what he’s giving us

God is able to menend your Broken

Dreams observe the faithfulness of God

for a moment now pause once more to

express your gratitude to God for all

the ways he has shown you kindness

generosity and

faithfulness in this attitude of

gratitude resolve in your heart to put

your faith in God even if you are unable

to see a path to the Fulfillment of the

promise make the decision to live today

with Assurance rather than fear and to

keep acting on faith just like Abraham

did right I’m gentle with myself to

confirm at one point in my life I was

fairly certain that I had ruined God’s

plans for me but God is a god of

restoration your life can be rebuilt

from its broken pieces into something

lovely with his

help know that God is able to

reestablish your dream if it has been


it has not disappeared it has simply

been postponed how we improve our skills

and Readiness to manage what he is


us please subscribe if you love the

Lord you still have the potential for

change even if you are still acting in a

stale manner but you are powerless to

alter your own behavior if you seek God

d diligently he will transform you be

patient with God’s work in your life

don’t push it

along God doesn’t care about our

schedule we want everything done right

away your plans might be thwarted by the

enemy but God’s plans are never fold and

he has a special plan just for you

identify God’s purposes for your life be

zealous Ablaze and on

fire I Love You Lord should be

typed with all the strength you have

pursue his plan for your life nothing in

this world is worth pursuing further

Lord I appreciate today I appreciate you

being there for me through each and


stage your calm in the midst of chaos

your solace in the midst of suffering

your courage in the midst of weakness

and your joy in the midst of sweetness

please stay by my side while I

sleep please refocus my thoughts revive

my soul and fortify my heart in

preparation for the new day I adore you

so much because you are my

God your relationship with God is the

most meaningful one you will ever have

him is the beginning of who you are and

what you do it’s both an exciting and

flawed journey to cultivate a real

relationship with

God you must choose to connect because

you won’t always have it together and

you won’t always get it right because

God cares so deeply about you he

constantly provides you with

opportunities to raise engage with

him God remains merciful god is

good even when your heart aches and

everything around you seems to be

falling apart God’s goodness is

independent of your

circumstances regardless of your

situation you can still put your trust

in him even when things are bad he is


good if you have have faith in the Lord


the devil has used every trick in

the book to keep you down but you know

what really drives him boners it’s the

fact that despite everything you’ve been

through and everything you’re currently

going through you still have the

audacity to praise

God you continue to worship despite

everything he has attempted I’m here to

encourage you to keep worshiping

praising and believing God is in charge

and is rooting for you all will be well

in the

end keep in mind that God is more

powerful and bigger than anything you

will face throughout the rest of this

week trust in his power more than your

own give it to him if you feel

overburdened in exchange for his peace

his hands are large enough to hold all

of your concerns anxieties stressors and

uncertainties recognize that God is

arranging everything for your

benefit Satan wants you to worry about

the future so you won’t be present to

enjoy the hearer and now a liar is the

devil be at peace keep your attention on

God and Savor each day that he has given

you God is beneficial even when your

heart aches your questions are difficult

to answer you don’t understand and it

seems like there will never be an answer

his goodness is grounded in who he is

who never changes not in the

circumstances we find ourselves in

you can take comfort in this unchanging

truth even when it seems like your world

is spinning out of control God is good

and he is still good even when life is

not he is greater than all things and he

is in control of every moment of your

life he will always use your situation

to exalt his

name if you’re ready just type yes and

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