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God is telling you today the ones

God is telling you today the ones

seeking to control you and cause trouble

stay in peace it’s going to go wrong it

could seem to be an opposition the fact

is that God is preparing you for


right I claim it should you get this


I hereby Proclaim that God is elevating

your station in life your grief will be

exchanged for Joy your tribulations for

blessings your laws for a miracle

greater than you can fathom and you will

fully experience the serenity that God

has for you

God is opening Windows of possibilities

for you just as you opened your eyes

this morning be prepared for victories

Miracles good news answered prayers and

breakthroughs in your life

you will succeed God is telling you

right now the tide is Shifting devil is

slipping out of control giving up now

would be foolish the gift I’ve given you

is something the world needs work is

waiting for you thank you

if you have trust in the Lord type to


you now have a chance for Fresh Starts

and New Opportunities I declare

there will be a lot of change during the

months of August and September including

internal conversion Spiritual

Development healing love blessings new

ideas and New Visions as well as the

closing of difficult chapters

and the opening of brand new doors

by faith claim and accept it

tonight God is telling you that he will

make up for the years that the enemy

stole from you the years that you were

alone and the years that you endured

abuse there will be a lot of happiness

peace resources and opportunities for


God has not yet through with you it will

be better for you now than it was back

then this is just the start of where you

are the next Dimension is about to be

opened up for you by God

remember that where you start will not

be where you finish so don’t let your

current situation demotivate you

prepare yourself for the end of your

life it will only get better so keep

going although you started out with

little you will end up with much

pray along with me dear God bless the

coming week don’t let external factors

influence how we make decisions instead

guard your joy

remind us that even when things don’t go

according to plan the joah of the Lord

is still our strength our peace and our

hope we pray in the name of Jesus Amen

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this month God will perform a miraculous

act in your life I have no idea what you

have been praying for or why your

pillows are soggy with tears but I am

here too let you know that God has heard

your prayers you’ll soon witness

Miracles because his angels have already


you will surprise the doctors your

health will improve and you will land a

job I promise it’s your responsibility

to speak and behave as if it will

actually occur walk by faith not by


you’re going to be a part of a miracle

when it happens despite the fact that it

is impossible for a man to accomplish

this God can


this afternoon God is saying to you

I’m going to need you to pay close

attention to things that are happening

around you the enemy is bringing Petty

accusations and Petty attacks against

you by using people that you know

these assaults are intended to divert

your attention from what is truly

important in the Kingdom let the petty

things go rise above them pray for these

people and continue on the path of the



if you trust God


God will let you through close doors

that have been there for a while

Miracles will appear in your life out of

the blue release of restoration and

healing your most fruitful and

prosperous times are just around the

corner don’t give up continues forward


God is telling you today that the right

person will appear out of nowhere your

health will suddenly get better closed

doors will open fresh connections will

emerge objectives will be accomplished

and prayers will be heard

the devil is attempting to wear you out

because he was unable to take you out

hold on things are about to change for

the better

you’re going to break new Ground God is

telling you this evening you should

break new ground in your relationships

finances and health you have never seen

what I’m about to do

unprecedented outside of the norm right

now God and His angels are assisting you

in every aspect of your life progress

and growth will be visible and felt your

moment of truth is approaching an

addition to guiding you towards your

destiny God will manifest himself so

that others can see that he is on your


God is saying to you this evening I know

you are living in pain in secret every

night you SOB your way to sleep so as

not to bother anyone you’re in the palm

of my hand right now you’ll awaken the

following day feeling rejuvenated and


I declare that this week will be filled

with accomplishments prosperous

developments and excellent Health God

will give you a significant Blessing by

faith claim and accept it this week God

is going to do something amazing in your

life each day

there will be many blessings and

breakthroughs this week if anyone is

reading this you should read this

message don’t give up because God heard

your prayers and is about to respond he

observes your entire movement


if you give up your blessing will be

lost hold on changes on the way for you

things are about to drastically change

the future holds great things for you

say it out loud with me I’m claiming

prosperity wisdom peace abundance love

and joy over every aspect of my life by

way of Jesus Amen

today God is telling you I’m still going

to bless you despite your mistakes

despite the failures and delays you will

still be healed by me that dream will

still come true for me

entering I am becoming aware will


the attack that has come against you

your family your finances Health

household interactions and ultimately

your destiny will not succeed

don’t worry one day some of the people

who are scoffing at you not giving you

credit and trying to make you feel last

and will want what you have God is

setting a table before you in the

presence of your enemies

everything for you is going to change

this week your behalf is currently being

served by God and His angels in every

aspect of your life you will observe and

encounter development never give up stay

persistent your breakthrough will soon


something has been waiting for the

person who is reading this the answer

you were hoping for was yes it will soon

be yours God has made all kinds of

opportunities available to you he wants

you to rejoice as though you already

have it as a sign of your faith

thank God and ask him to help you stop

second guessing yourself replaying fail

scenarios feeding self-doubt and

focusing on other people’s good

qualities rather than your own better is

due to you

you will come to understand that

everyone you encounter has a purpose in

life some will put you to the test some

will take advantage of you

some will adore you and some will

instruct you however those who bring out

your best qualities are the ones who are

truly significant

they are the exceptional and rare

individuals who constantly remind you of

the benefits take a night off God is

already addressing the issues you have

been worrying about there will soon be a

significant plot twist

finally God makes everything work in

your favor and makes the attack against

you pay off God hasn’t abandoned you

every setback and bad circumstance you

are going through will be overcome by


your tail is already written your last

scene has been recorded you achieve

success at the end rather than failure

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by Year’s End you will have gained more

than you laws God is preparing you for a

much greater thing I am so pleased with

you move forward I’m going to give you

so many wonderful unexpected blessings

just the beginning lies ahead

something you’ve been battling is about

to be defeated your heart and mind will

once more be at peace what about you I

work the night shift God is saying to

you right now you’re not the one don’t

try to solve your problems in the middle

of the night

count on me to make it all work out for

you tonight God is telling you I know

you feel worn out stressed out and

totally overwhelmed but know this this

evening I have your back

to let you know that I’m always on your

side I’m going to send you a blessing

you held on during the hardest of times

God is telling you today I gave you the

endurance to endure things even when you

were unaware that I was doing it

many people abandoned you and wrote you

off when things change for you you

didn’t just survive the storm though you

also developed during it you are unique

you weren’t made by me to blend in you

were made to stand out

I’m about to bless your devotion right

now you are about to experience I’d

never even imagine were possible thanks

to me

if you love Jesus type yes

to the reader of this message your

breakthrough is just around the corner

keep your faith pray and trust in God

you are going to succeed you’ll hear

good news about something you’ve been

eagerly anticipating your turn to be

blessed is now

your time to shine has come you will be

surprised by God what you believed would

never happen is about took her

unexpectedly everything that awaits you

tomorrow is nothing compared to God even

while you are sleeping he is working for

your benefit

if you agree enter why yes

if you’re reading this right now I’m

going to make a declaration if you keep

walking by faith you’re going to

encounter the biggest blessing you’ve

ever encountered in your entire life

on something you’ve been eagerly

anticipating good news will be delivered

the blessing is now yours your moment of

Glory has come oh my God so many times

you’ve shown me mercy and you’ve been so

kind to me

I merely wanted to say thank you in the

name of Jesus Amen in your favor

something is happening the conflict has

been won too much time has passed God is

going to bless me type while announcing


you have been asking God to send you

this sign everything in your life will

turn out for the best God is in charge

of your family finances relationships

love and health he is currently clearing

the way for you

Thai Palm man if you believe this

you’re about to hear some encouraging

news God is resolving your problem you

are bought to enter a brand new period

of blessings you’re going to receive

word that’s something went your way

prepare for it

blessings are about to arrive at your

door that you aren’t even looking for

you’ll be able to say I prayed for this

in the days to come finally it’s here

really this is happening your last night

of crying fretting and stressing over

that circumstance is now

it’s already been resolved by God first

fill your own cup burnout symptoms

include irritability Rage cloudiness of

the Mind physical exhaustion lack of



don’t just push through these signals

whenever you see them by forcing

yourself to keep going through your own

Cup first by taking time to rest unwind

nourish and rejuvenate and then put that

energy to use

everyone on the journey is doing the

best they can give in their level of

awareness therefore whenever you are

disappointed try to put aside your ego

and consider the other person’s

circumstances become anchored

right I’m gentle with myself to confirm

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the strength in your light by moving

your body sprucing up your surroundings

and clearing your life of clutter you

can expel old energy spend time in the

sun allowing it to improve your DNA and

start your Ascension process become a

master of effortless movement

allow peace to come instead of forcing

it stop being afraid to shine and take

control of your life this anxiety

results from feeling ashamed of your

genuine and true self

it also results from a desire to play it

safe or small in order to avoid

upsetting people’s egos or causing a

fight leave this conditioning alone you

have greater potential you were born to

be free

enter I am ready to shine to confirm

you will occasionally feel perplexed and

disappointed as you let go of the past

and follow an unconventional path you’re

learning something new right now which

is why you have a different perspective

than most people

therefore if occasionally your ego or

human self feels helpless agitated and

Powerless please know that you are not

alone and whatever you are experiencing

will pass very quickly it is not


your old skin is literally being shared

as you experience rebirth your

difficulties are guiding you in

miraculous directions elect for Faith

over fear love

enter this to shall pass to confirm

please accept the strange and new by

directing you in the direction of your

highest calling spirit is lining up the

best experiences for you don’t confine

Yourself by the Continuum of time space

reality instead he these subtle cues

your frequency can be chosen at any time

because you are infinite due to your

individual choices the world is being

created by you so keep upholding a high


letting go of ignorance fear and control

should be a priority in your life you’ve

had the capacity for it all along use it

wisely after releasing it

type I am evolving to confirm

enjoy every moment it is worthwhile to

celebrate life as the only thing that

exists don’t wait for anyone or anything

else to feel Joy you enable yourself to

exit the tedium and enter a high

vibration when you stop delay your

happiness and begin living in the


everything is possible when you are in

that state because you are at your most

positive due to the fact that it serves

as the Cornerstone for everything else

in your reality

prioritize your mental and emotional


enter I’m abundant to make a claim

if you’re prepared Tire PS and tell five

people who believe in God about this


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