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My Child, Do Not Hesitate – Take Action Now | God Says | God Message Today | God Message For You

my beloved come close and open your heart for I wish to speak words of comfort and encouragement over your

soul set aside the burdens weighing you down and focus now on simply listening

to my voice hear my words and let them fill you with indestructible hope and

Transcendent peace written specially for you I am here to banish all fretfulness

ensuring you need never again feel Lonesome or Restless I govern the course of your

life and make this promise I will always Grant you peace as steady as a gentle brook gliding smoothly along allow me to

steer you make time every morning to connect with me trusting the trajectory

of your life into my capable hands Watch How I sustain you the shape of things to

come rest securely with me if you let me I will illuminate the path leading to a

place overflowing with strength and joy a place liberated from sorrow abounding

with blessings my love for you runs deeper than you know choosing you long before

you took your first breath in this world delighting over you with magnificent

intentions I will walk Faithfully beside you now and for all eternity I yearn to overwhelm you with

my devoted affection it brings me joy to brighten your life with my presence everything

surrounding you is Shifting even even now soon you will perceive the world awakened to new potential the realm of

possibility revealed never doubt my love for you is

unconditional my confidence in you unshakable my desire for your closeness

Ardent I have implanted inside you dreams known only to us for the present

treasure these dreams privately between us divulging them prematurely May attract the wrong sort of notice

eliciting Envy or lack of understanding from those unable to grasp the larger

picture pay no mind to anyone attempting to diminish you some may protest I am

too distant that your aspirations are mere Illusions your dreams oversized

your goals Out Of Reach or even that I do not heed you and some may wrongly insist I care

nothing for you now hear the real truth listen in intently and imprint these

words upon your memory I am closer than you or they could guess my Essence inhabits you you brim

with my grace I cherish you profoundly when you rise each morning and turn your thoughts toward me it

warms my very heart your gratitude your eagerness to esteem Me Above All Else

each new day gladdens me exceedingly your attitude of praise and worship your impulse for prayer reaching

far beyond yourself blesses me tremendously soon a spectacular reward

will come to you a blessing towering High beyond what you can presently Envision share this news with your loved

ones it is nearly upon you but once it arrives I urge you to fortify your faith

even more do not slacken your prayers or decrease your pursuit of me with your whole being your dedication and intense

yearning for deeper intimacy brings me profound Joy I have stunning plans in

store for you my treasured one these words are for you alone sent to soak you

through with bottomless peace and outright Elation you will call on me you will come looking for me and I will meet

you to empower you to rise above every adversity I cherish you

extravagantly persist in vigilance and bolster your heart’s resolve I stand equipped to brace you

but you must prepare inwardly and remain observant when there seems No Rest For You entrust

yourself to me and enter into my presence when weariness Creeps in I will provide you the rest you

require do not permit dis Qui to steal your Tranquility or erode your

faith the adversary is always lying in wait determined to send you stumbling

that he might squash your spirit and persuade you to discard what you believe this tactic is nothing new knew I have

forever safeguarded you from the schemes of your foes even in your sleep sometimes The Strife seems too

fierce but you have already emerged Victorious from countless unseen battles

I wage war in the spiritual Dominion on your behalf against Sinister forces ensuring no weapon formed against you

can prosper you are extraordinarily blessed and your future is safe in my

hands I Am Your Divine father matchless in might and unconquerable in

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