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MY CHILD DO THIS DAILY । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my dear child allow yourself to pause

and bask in my divine presence I observe

the fatigue that clings to you an

unwelcome companion on your solitary

Journey you have embarked on a path from

a familiar past towards a future filled

with promise a journey I have personally

charted for you I understand how the

delay tests your patience how it drains


spirit in the Silence of your Solitude

the adversary deceitful murmurs grow

more insistent sowing doubts about the

dreams I’ve instilled in your heart they

whisper lies suggesting you’ve lost your

way that you’ve somehow deviated from my


plan yet let me assure you my beloved

the vision I have planted within you

will flourish when the time is

ripe I Am The Sovereign over time and

seasons and I have not forsaken the

wondrous designs I have declared over

your life the season of Doubt as noisy

and persistent as it may be is but

fleeting soon the fresh Sprouts of your

burgeoning dreams will emerge strong and

resilient from the depths of your soul

my promises will manifest with Grandeur

and might in due

time I see all that burdens and Grieves

you I am intimately aware of every

concealed pain in your heart and yet my

love for you is unending ing untainted

by any Shadow this is a time for divine

restoration call out to me and I will

respond our communion in this hidden

Sanctuary will rejuvenate your spirit

for the challenges ahead the arduous

path you tread is not Eternal the

threshold of a more glorious Destiny is

nearer than you

realize feel oh cherished one the

comfort and joy of being held in the

Embrace of your heavenly father

experience the depth of love that

radiates from my heart words cannot

capture the magnitude of my affection

for you but listen closely to my voice

Let its message resonate within you you

are deeply cherished treasured beyond

measure I take immense Delight in you my

precious child despite the world’s

clamorous messages inscribe upon your

heart this truth I Rejoice over you now

embrace my peace as I unfold you in a

blanket of Grace since every burden and

root of bitterness lose their hold on

you falling away into

nothingness the heavy yoke of Shame will

no longer weigh upon you as I gently

clothe you in garments of identity

belonging and purpose feel a newfound

strength Rising within you like The

Awakening of

spring let Joy overflow from your being

refreshing your spirit with laughter


more what once loomed large and fearsome

diminishes in the light of my radiant

presence witness a miraculous renewal of

energy throughout your being the years

of loss and desolation are restored in

an instant the marks of age and the

scars of past hurts vanish as my healing

Grace washes over you

completely trauma and heartache release

their grasp in the face of my

overwhelming love

step forward into life beloved stand

tall and confident looking into my face

without fear tears May flow but they

signify release not sorrow the

oppressive weight lifts allowing you to

breathe freely inhaling joy and purpose

a new anxiety and guilt Retreat and

healing permeates your being dissolving

bitterness resentment and internal

wounds in the fire of my love

understand this deeply your time of

wandering is over the night of Sorrow

draws to a close a splendid Dawn awaits

bringing to life the promises that seem

dormant but were merely resting awaiting

their Resurrection in astounding

Beauty drink deeply from the streams of

my joy dear one your cup overflows with

gladness no longer will emptiness or

scarcity Define you

In My Embrace past traumas lose their

grip on your mind and

emotions the Giants of fear and

intimidation Wither in the Brilliance of

my gaze no condemnation or shame can

withstand the truth and affirmation of

my light shining upon

you lift your gaze higher child of

mine your journey through desolation is

at its end greater glory and intimacy

with me are

accelerating no longer must you hide and

nurse your wounds in

isolation the barriers you’ve built

crumble before the power of my presence

I am here surrounding you with my favor

an unbreakable

shield no weapon formed against you

shall prosper every aspect of you that

needs healing receives my Divine Touch

break free from the prisons of trauma

and limitation embrace the identity I

bestow upon you magnificent one awaken

to uncontainable Joy and Destiny dance

over Despair and

Injustice the trials you’ve endured have

prepared you to reclaim the dreams and

hopes of your youth now reborn in wisdom


maturity the devastation of the past

transforms into a display of pristine

Beauty fulfilling all that I have

ordained for you the past no no longer

dictates your life the gifts and talents

I planted in you shine forth

unmarred the promises I made at your

birth are now coming to fruition with

extraordinary speed and impact this is

the time for divine recompense double

for your trouble Beauty for Ashes joy


mourning your story is being Rewritten

paths straightened valleys raised


leveled life Springs forth in the dry

deserts of your soul you are enveloped

in wholeness Spirit soul and body freed

from limitations and the shadows of

Shame you rise into the fullness of your

Royal Heritage the lies that once

defined you

dissolve only truth remains see your

true self reflected in my loving gaze

child of Destiny chainbreaker Life

speaker dreamer of Dreams the long night

is over a brilliant Dawn awaits

my Divine compensation elevates you into

the destiny I crafted for you before

time began I Crown you with purpose and

favor cloaking you in Destiny as you

emerge from the Wilderness leaning on

your beloved together we walk forward

hand in hand heart tohe heart my plan

for you unfolds flawlessly No More Tears

no more struggle your Wilderness has

prepared and now propels you your


awaken wholeness envelops you completely

for I make all things new as you rest In

My Embrace let any lingering burdens

Fall Away feel the strength of my spirit

within you Awakening dorant gifts let

Joy Bubble Up from within my laughter

healing your soul I see the

discouragement that threatens to

overwhelm you when it seems the promises

are fading find solace in my

presence I will rekindle your hope

guiding you towards the Fulfillment of

your dreams the vision will manifest at

the perfect time stand firm and reject

the lies that cloud your mind my dreams

for you are vivid and

unwavering feel the shift in Seasons the

approach of a breakthrough the night of

Tears is ending a new day of redemption

Dawns the promises I made converge into

a mighty fulfillment my blue print for

you unfolds without flaw remember the

path ahead may have its trials but you

are not alone I Am with You guiding and

loving you through every step the

visions and Promises in your heart will

unfold at the right time hold fast to

your faith and hope a new glorious

chapter is beginning I have prepared a

future for you filled with hope joy and

fulfillment trust in my unfailing love

let it guide you you home you are my

beloved and in my eyes you are already

Victorious as you Journey forward

remember the lessons learned in the

wilderness they are not mere memories

but Treasures vital tools forged in The

Crucible of

experience these lessons will guide you

offering wisdom and insight as you

navigate new

territories the Wilderness was not a

punishment but a preparation a sacred

ground where resilience was born and

Faith was refined in this new chapter

your heart will encounter wonders beyond

imagination I have orchestrated moments

of awe instances where my handiwork will


unmistakable these moments are designed

not just for your joy but also as

beacons of Hope and light to others you

are to be a vessel of my love and grace

a testament to my

faithfulness as we move forward you will

find that the struggles and trials you

faced have equipped you uniquely for the

tasks ahead you are not just a Survivor

you are a conquerer endowed with

strength courage and a depth of

understanding that can only come from

Walking Through Fire and emerging

unscathed your story a tapestry of

Triumph and Grace will inspire and

encourage others who are still walking

their own Wilderness

paths remember my child that in this

Journey every step counts even the

smallest stride is significant in My

Kingdom there are no insignificant

moments or wasted efforts every act of

kindness every word of Truth every

gesture of Love Echoes into eternity

shaping not just your destiny but the

Destinies of those around

you as you walk this path be mindful of

the companions I send your way some are

there for a season others for a

lifetime each one plays a unique role in

your story helping you to grow

challenging you to love more deeply and

encouraging you to keep your eyes fixed

on me cherish these relationships for

they are gifts from my heart to

yours and in The Quiet Moments When the

noise of the world Fades and you find

yourself alone with your thoughts know

that I am there with you in the

Stillness I will speak to your heart

offering guidance comfort and

reassurance an

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