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My Child I Never Leave You If You Watch | god message for you today | God’s message Today | God Tell

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video God’s

message for you today dear friend as we

approach the month of February a

significant chapter in your life’s


unfolds the unwavering faithfulness of

God is ushering in a season marked by

Clarity and Confirmation concerning your


calling and

Destiny brace yourself for a

transformative period of recalibration


redirection as the Lord positions you

for the unique plans intricately

prepared for your

journey contemplate the path that led

you here it is not a product of chance

every experience each season of training

relationship hardship and joy has been

meticulously woven Together by The

Master Craftsman

through Green Pastures Quiet Waters

valleys and Wilderness the Good Shepherd

has been your guide as you face the

months ahead expect a deepening

Revelation and Alignment seek the Lord

tune your heart to his voice and witness

as Heavenly light illuminates your path

the haziness will lift and you will

recognize with conviction the Divine

call upon your life type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you your unique experiences

like facets on a diamond will refract

God’s glory in distinctive and necessary

ways this realignment both necessary and

perfectly timed opens the door to


positions and Partnerships prepared by

the Lord embrace the

acceleration as distractions and detours

are removed from your

path set your heart to hear his voice

above all

others reject fear or doubt consecrate

yourself through


fasting and

worship anticipating profound

Revelation vision and

strategy God desires to unveil profound

Revelation aligning your path with


certainty be patient wait expectantly

and let him chart the course revealing

your unique Mission field your Supreme

purpose remains constant to intimately

know him walk in his ways and make his


known all other Pursuits find their

place under this sacred call seek God’s

kingdom with passionate devotion

trusting him to direct your

path a month of profound purpose lies

ahead God has laid out good works for

you walk

confidently trusting that he knows your

every gift and skill still bold faith

will be your companion and his grace

will prove sufficient at every step may

you find strength and encouragement for

the exciting days ahead as God aligns

your life for


Effectiveness and joy uh draw near to

him commune daily in the secret place

and wait prayerfully for his timing and

Direction you will shine brighter

reflecting his glory to

all your life will have eternal

significance as you fulfill this sacred

call cultivate an intimate relationship

with God and his son Jesus Christ the

essence of life’s purpose your unique

calling will unfold as you embrace the

ongoing process of God’s work within you

past months have prepared you each

experience no matter how challenging

carries meaning the Lord will lead you

to new understanding redeeming what once

seemed broken

release any shame over past mistakes for

God is able to restore all things asking

only that you walk the appointed path

February signifies a turning point a

gateway to your true calling accept

God’s invitation allowing him to guide


steps your father sees and knows his

plans for you Desiring to prosper you

with hope and a

future fear not for the Lord goes before

you straightening the Crooked paths

great purpose unfolds now trust him fix

your eyes on the Lord and grasp his hand

as you shift into new Realms and

relationships aligned with your

calling distractions and detours are

being removed chains of indecision are

breaking and bold faith is released

where uncertainty lingered new doors

open and you are called to walk through

them with boldness and joy as you

fulfill your destiny great favor and

blessings await following you all the

days of your life if you believe that

God will help you please subscribe to

the channel go forth in the power of His

Spirit knowing that he sees your deepest

desires trust the orchestration of your

life by a wise and loving God even when

the road ahead remains

mysterious this season is a turning

point God is reordering and resetting to

align with his purposes embrace it not

as loss but as preparation for new

assignments moving forward may be

uncomfortable at times but change often

demands leaving old Comfort zones be

bold trust the one guiding you through

Uncharted Territory discomfort is

temporary while the glories prepared by

God are

Eternal doors will open and your unique

gifts and calling will unlock them say

yes to God’s inviting

Adventures the enemy May cast doubts and

fears but resist and stand firm firm in

your identity in Christ lies of

inadequacy have no power over one

cleansed by the savior’s blood trust his

affirming voice and know you are ready

and able for this moment as God realigns

your life let righteous living dispel

the enemy footholds your worth is secure

in who God created you to be his

unwavering Love Remains steadfast Even

in our moments of stumbling if errors

surface in this season run to The Mercy

Seat in humility

God heals and restores for the

continuation of your journey seek the

Lord’s guidance in major decisions

avoiding stagnancy masked as

Prudence ask for courage to advance When

God says to move

forward the month ahead promise his

progress as you surrender to his leading

the shepherd knows the way follow him

wholeheartedly staying rooted in

scripture share your story boldly with

those still seeking Clarity your journey

Sparks Fai faith in others contending

for their

purpose transparency about God’s

faithfulness shatters strongholds of

isolation and

fear together Proclaim God’s goodness

and his intentions for his beloved

ones keep your Gaze on the author and

perfector of your faith if you believe

that God will help you please subscribe

to the channel if you do not believe

feel free to

leave not every detail of the path ahead

is meant for immediate understanding

walk forward with the knowledge that it

leads to Greater intimacy with

God how sweet it is to be known and

loved deeply by God and from this sacred

exchange your purpose

unfolds what joy to be led by the spirit

into new Realms of influence and impact

God has meticulously prepared you for

all that

awaits thrive in surrendering your life

to God’s call trusting in his good plans

and loving heart

listen for his voice expect Abundant

Blessings and share these truths with

others who need encouragement our good

God has much in store Desiring to

prosper you and give you a future full

of Hope walk ahead with confidence for

the one who began a good work in you is

faithful to complete it keep following

his voice knowing the best is yet to

come if you believe in God express it

with a like and a heartfelt Amen in the


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