MY CHILD I’M TRYING TO TALK TO YOU । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I sense you are carrying a


burden come take a seat beside me and

unload your troubles onto my shoulders

for my grace is sufficient for

you I know at times your path seems

daunting each step layered with worry


dread the future stands obscured by fog

and fear Whispers lies into your

ears yet my dear one you must remember

the voice that leads you astray does not

come from me I am the Good Shepherd and

I desire only to guide your feet down

roads of peace and purpose so come let

go of anxiety’s grip and take my hand

instead together we will walk step by

step through the mist and

murkiness the way will open as we go has

your mind become plagued with perceived

problems each one appearing larger than

the next tell me does fixating on these

issues isues bear good fruit does it

spur you into constructive action or

positive change no more often it births

only paralysis and

stress my child how can a tree thrive if

all it does is analyze its own Roots the

constant scrutiny stunts its growth

instead shift your gaze upward and

outward lift your eyes to meet mine see

how the sunlight filters through the

branches when you stand tall beneath my


the Shadows seem less ominous now do

they not my sweet one where your

attention goes your energy flows what

you focus on expands while all else

Fades so be intentional about what you

allow into your mind and heart nourish

that which is noble right pure and

admirable fix your thoughts on me in my

truth worship me in spirit and inde deed

for when you magn ify my goodness your

struggles shrink in comparison eclipsed

by my glory I will fight for you my

precious child the battle churning

within and around you I long to lift

their weight off your weary

shoulders I can see the strain embedded

in your furrowed brow in your slumped

posture yet you continue trying to stand

strong on your own why do you resist

allowing me to unleash my strength might

and Valor on your behalf am I not the

Conquering King of Kings the Lord God

Almighty Heaven’s armies stand alert

awaiting my command to Route the forces

of Darkness causing you such grief and

pain just speak the word beloved and I

will Marshall my forces into

action Angels armed and ready will race


intervene wicked schemes will be

thwarted attacks will be repealed

no weapon formed against you can prosper

for I Shield all who take refuge in me

yet first you must relinquish the need

to orchestrate outcomes and micromanage


yourself you must release your white

knuckled grip on circumstances beyond

your control attempting to rigidly

manipulate people and experiences to

bend them to your will only breeds more

turmoil it chains you to frustration and


instead let go and let me

lead offer up the situations churning

within you I will handle them with

wisdom and Grace the rough places will

be made smooth crooked ways will be made

straight all will align in proper time

and order as you learn to listen for my

gentle guidance for now silence the

clamoring inner voices long enough to

hear This

Promise be still and know that I am God

God cease your striving planning

worrying hush now let all the busyness

and tension drain from your body breathe

slowly feel the quiet permeate your

spirit calming anxious thoughts for now

rest in my capable hands trusting me to

work night and day on your behalf I

never Slumber I never waver my vigilance

is endless while you sleep I prepare the


ahead I Forge connections open doors

speak to minds and hearts I orchestrate

timely blessings you cannot yet

perceive so do not dwell on what you

cannot control or fully

comprehend instead greet each New Dawn

expectantly live with childlike faith

believing I have wonderful surprises in

store when challenges Loom I lift you

over when anguish surrounds SS I carry

you through if you stumble I catch you

if you cry out I come running and

whenever fear ceases your thoughts speak

my word aloud let scripture dispel the

Illusions and half-truths which

disseminate distrust speak my promises

with bold conviction until breakthroughs

crash like waves upon your

circumstances as you immerse yourself in

my word its power and authority will

rise up within to combat fear and

despair with me is your strength no

giant can long intimidate you no

stronghold can enslave you no pit can

contain you the road ahead May tumble

and wind but I know the way I hold the

future in my palm every step leads to

Redemption every loss will give way to

gain every tear swn here on Earth will

reap unending joy in

eternity this I promise you my my

beloved one no matter what battles rage

around us I have already won the war you

are on the Victorious side the enemy

knows his time is short so he seeks only

to terrorize you for a season but his

defeat is certain and forever so take

heart my Brave Warrior wield my word

like a sword and my promises like a

shield for you are anointed and

appointed Royal and redeemed you are

safe in my hands my dear one I know

weariness weighs upon your spirit

tonight the clamor of Demands swarm

thick each seeking to siphon more energy

and attention than you have to give you

feel drained spread thin The Light

Within flickers weakly struggling to

withstand The Winds of stress blowing

fiercely all around come close now and

lean upon me lay down your labor and

worries you are safe here no one can

reach through these walls of Grace

surrounding us unclench your fists unot

your shoulders silence the inner voices

still churning Todo lists within your

mind cease striving for this hour and

simply receive receive my love and

nurturing peace I know it feels as if

you failed today my child you judge your

worth by tasks accomplished and

expectations met thus when exhaustion

still FS your hands long before the work

is done you deem yourself

inadequate oh but can you not see

beloved I never burden you with more

than you can bear it is not I who load

unrealistic expectations upon your

shoulders until you stagger under the

weight so reject the lies hissing you

are lazy irresponsible worthless for

needing rest did I not build the rhythm

of work and Sabbath into the fabric of

creation itself

my most perfect design understands you

need to step back from labor in order to

thrive it is wisdom not weakness which

prompts you to pause reflect and

replenish depleted

reserves can you receive this truth deep

into your soul tonight for busyness will

always contrive endless tasks to

colonize your hours unless you

intentionally fight back unless you

barricade time and space to rest you

will burn out so you must learn to push

back again against the demands carve out

margins of renewal and build a balanced

Rhythm sustainable for the Long

Hall protect those quiet hours for

Pursuits which nourish you start small

by dedicating even minutes daily to

Stillness with me sit in silent

communion soaking up my spirit

presence as this life breathing routine

takes root you will encounter

resistance anxious inner voices will

protest that you waste valuable time

relaxing when when so much work remains

unfinished yet I assure you the energy

gained through practicing sacred rest

with me will Empower you to accomplish

far more in each day than burning out


could Sabbath thing is never a waste it

always bears fruit in due

season walk slowly at my Pace beloved

child you are defined by your identity

in me your perfect father I love you

unconditionally for who you are

all that matters is that you and I


deeply for when you abide in me resting

in who I say you are you will bear fruit

that remains for eternity so breathe


now silence the anxious inner

voices let my tender affection wash over

you cleansing away the day’s

accumulation of stress and failure

remember when you were small and would

fall asleep the world fell away and

worries sleep slipped into nothingness

safe and sound come rest yourself here

once more just relax Into My Embrace and

make your mind go

still let all striving cease as together

we linger in this quiet Haven keep

breathing deeply while visualizing your

mind swept utterly clean take stock of

emotions and gently invite healing I

seal these cracks within your spirit now

mended by Mercy Redeemed by love

restored like new whole beautiful

complete in me I call the true and

lovely version of you forth now to live

loved and free rest peacefully here my

wings of Grace canopy you in the

Sheltering dark I keep watch through the

night protecting your sleep and when you

wake rested in light of a new day you

will walk on with hope and joy

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