MY CHILD IT'S TOO LATE FOR.. | Gods message today - online calculators

MY CHILD IT’S TOO LATE FOR.. | Gods message today

my beloved come close and hear my voice once more I know at times you feel alone

weary from life’s burdens but I have never left your side

since the dawn of creation my love has watched over you when darkness hovers and storms rage I remain your shelter

and everpresent help today I bid you lift your head no longer bowed by grief or fear my healing

light now fills each chamber of your heart restoring long broken places the bitterness and pain slowly

melt away as you receive my perfect Grace you stand at a crossing my child

behind you lies struggle and heartache in front hope shimmers bright as Sunrise do not look back the past with

its regrets cannot bind you anymore you are free free to choose life love

joy take my outstretched hand let me guide your faltering steps I know

the way ahead seems uncertain but I go before you preparing your path trust in

me as we walk together into the future I have prepared along the journey Temptations

will arise seeking to lure you from the course foes whisper lies assailing your

mind with doubt and fear resist them my beloved come to me and find shelter

beneath my wings when they attack I alone wield power to silence those

voices my truth will drown out their Relentless accusations you are safe with me at

times weariness may slow your feet The Climb seems endless each step a

labor it is then I lift you up to soar as Eagles carried by my breath I renew

your strength when fatigued and uphold you should you stumble take heart

our destination draws nearer though clouds shroud the peak together we will

scale the heights no IE has yet perceived my glory awaits to envelop all

who complete the ascent you shall finish this race and claim the Victor’s Crown prepared for

you before time’s first sunrise on lonely nights when dreams haunt and sleep evades whisper my name I

will come swiftly flooding your room with peace that pass passes understanding not even Darkest Night can

hide you from my watchful gaze as a Sheltering Wing I spread my

love over you as Slumber softly comes and when pale morning glows we

will meet again my mercies ever await you fresh with each new day come to me

first before all else and drink deeply from The Well of life I will fill your

innermost being with joy no one can steal away

our love will hold you safe through whatever storms may rage without yes trials will assail you woes

afflict but I remain Sovereign over all no fiend can rest you from my hand

unconsented what foe could overpower me have I not conquered death

itself the Limitless storehouses of heaven await my command should rescue or provision be required none can

circumvent my will therefore lift your head unbowed by outside thread The Light

Within You is greater than any darkness my kingdom resides securely in your

deepest parts no assault can diminish its unconquerable might no assault from

without or from within understand beloved one the true

battle rages inwardly far more than what is seen your real foes are not flesh and

blood your enemies are not those hurtful words that pierced your heart nor

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