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MY CHILD SAY GOODBYE…TO….|Gods message today |

my beloved come close and lend me your ear for I wish to speak words of love

and reassurance to settle your weary Soul do not be troubled or

afraid you are mine and I will care for you I know the burdens you carry are

heavy the trials Fierce I see the tears you cry in the

lonely night and hear your heart’s desperate prayers offered in faith though your spirit grows faint

you wonder if I hear if I understand if I am even there at

all I am and always have been with you my precious one your pain is my pain

your tears sting my heart you’re not alone you have never been alone I speak

now to tell you plainly I love you I love you with an everlasting love that

will never fail never falter my love for you is a blazing fire

an endless ocean there are no words in Mortal language that can capture its fullness its power it has no beginning

and no end it simply is just as I am I know at times this is hard for you

to grasp especially when storms assail your little boat and you feel yourself sinking in the waves but I tell you the

truth no matter what you see or feel no matter what your circumstances say my

love for for you is unshakable I Delight in you I sing over

you I crafted you with my own hands I breathed my life into your lungs you are

fearfully and wonderfully made the apple of my eye The Treasure of my heart why

then you ask do I allow such hardship and sorrow why do prayers seem to go

unanswered why do enemies Prevail while innocence suffers know this I am

Sovereign over all I see the beginning from the end my ways are higher than

your ways I promise in time you will understand and say he has done all

things well for now I ask you to trust me even when understanding fails you

even when I seem far away I know trust does not come easily for one so battered

by life storms but I love proving my faithfulness to wounded hearts will you

let me prove it to you will you bring your broken dreams and shattered expectations to my feet will you dare to

Hope again to believe again that goodness that joy that fulfillment can

be yours in spite of all you have lost this I promise you I will restore

what has been taken health for sickness joy for sorrow freedom for

bondage no prayer prayed in faith is wasted no tear sheet goes

unseen I have heard every Cry of your soul I have collected them all in my

bottle full Redemption is coming full Vindication full recompense for

Injustice lift up your head the day of your Liberation is at

hand yet even now before that appointed day arrives there are Treasures to be

found amid ashes Beauty to be unveiled behind your tears but you must r R up

from the dust you must open your eyes unclog your ears you are wrapped so tightly in a shroud of grief and pain

you cannot perceive the Miracles that surround you you do not need to wait for some future Glory begin now to offer

thanks for blessings that fill this moment start by praising me for who I am

Majesty robed in splendor power boundless in Mercy love extravagant in

its Pursuit Of You worship breaks strongholds of Despair

there is breakthrough on your lips beloved yes weeping comes in the night but joy awaits you in the morning

Sorrows endure for the night but I send my song at dawn sweet Melodies from my

heart to yours listen can you hear them lift your face from the dirt let me wipe

your tears away so you can see my wonders aresh you fear the lack but do you not know the Earth and everything in

it is mine I cause the boundary lines to fall in Pleasant places for you no good

thing will I withhold beloved where do you think these words come from if not

my heart thrilled with joy over you my song Rises continually over your life if

only you had ears to hear it then even in the deepest night you would dance and sing praises amid your tears knowing

Dawn and with it Deliverance is coming I am coming but you you are radiant now streaming

with Glory from Heaven’s Throne Room walk in this my child do not discount

the strength I have placed within you or the authority I have granted you did I

not say you would do greater things why then do you cower and Retreat rise up

beloved rise up and let my power course through your veins no weapon formed

against you can prosper I have commanded wholeness to permeate your CS

Deliverance to March through your circumstances get in agreement with me beloved Sing and Shout what I declare

over you grace mercy breakthrough Glory

my angels hearken to the voice of my word and so do your adversaries even death and Hell respond

when Sons and Daughters of Heaven’s Kingdom issue decrees laced with faith

boldly declare my promises over your life my beloved and watch the powers of

Darkness flee the thief comes to steal kill and destroy but I have come to give you life Abundant Life pressed down

shaken together and overflowing I do not wish you merely to survive your present trials but to

thrive in spite of them I have pronounced you more than a conquerer through Christ Jesus who dares stand

against you how dare depression and anxiet y fear and inadequacy find lodging with one who has my spirit

residing within rise to the authority I have given you command the storms to be

still command hope to rise and joy to return you have my power to tread upon

scorpions and serpents over all the enemy’s power did I not promise that you

would do these things and more begin Now by healing your own Broken Heart by

banishing fear and despair speak my my words aloud to battered places within

your soul powerful is the voice that declares he was pierced for my

transgressions he was crushed for my iniquities by his stripes I am healed

show creation who I created you to be I have loved you with an everlasting love

I have drawn you with bands of kindness I lift up your head I strengthen feeble

knees do not fear only believe and walk forward in newness of

Life the path before you may not be clear or straight but my glory is revealed along the way if you have eyes

to see it certainly goodness and mercy follow you always remember but even now

blossoms Dawn that usher in your bright future lift up your eyes beloved and be

radiant for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you no more shrinking back no

more hiding your face all of Heaven’s host rejoices over your emerging strength

be renewed in the spirit of your mind I call you mine clothed in my

righteousness Beloved the storm will not last though battle rages through the

watches of the night know that I the warrior king fight for you I stand guard

over your soul and scan the Horizon watching for the first signs of Dawn’s approach you only see This Moment’s

trouble while my gaze beholds your vast Horizon filled with goodness glor glory

and grace that is my heart my vision for you wholeness fruitfulness and joy

unspeakable shining through radiant peace if I spoke these things prematurely you could not yet bear them

for heaviness and sorrow still shroud your sight but behold even now streaks

of gold pierce your Darkness as the day star arises within your soul Rejoice

beloved child the daylight draws near chasing all Shadows away way I burn with

desire to Lavish you in blessings without number and mercies ever new I

offer myself fully to you will you take my hand will you walk in Sublime Unity

with me and together unveil all the hidden riches stored up for you in ages past waiting for this marvelous Dawning

day I cannot restrain my love any longer I must speak to you of better things to

come if you have ears to hear then hearken today to My Melody ringing out

the old and ringing in the new all things are becoming new within you beloved as you step into the fullness of

your identity yes the battle has been Fierce and the road long you have walked

through fire and flood through pain that ripped through to Bare Bones but all of it all of it purpos to

bring you to this reveal look and see with eyes of Faith the testing is

complete the waiting is over the transformation nears its climax what I planted long ago through

tears and trials now blossoms in you with Kingdom Glory the seed that once

appeared dead now Springs forth new life and Heavenly fruit oh Rejoice beloved

child lift up your head and Survey with awe the grace that has tended in your soul indeed you will often look back on

this profound Journey with weeping wonder and joy knowing these days contained rare treasure that simply

could not be be formed in you any other way you will tell of it again and again

how Mercy met you in the lowest pit and exalted you to the highest Heights what

wondrous merciful wisdom governed our steps even on the blackest roads you will laugh now today already

dripping with joy foraste once you fully grasp this vital truth only by being fully known and then

fully healed could you become a vessel overflowing with comfort wherewith to comfort many others out of your weakness

I ordained strength strength sufficient to Bear others up along this narrow Kingdom Road what awaits you beloved

child is a life immersed in the full knowledge of my love for you I yearn for you to comprehend its

breadth and length and height and depth although it passes understanding I long for your days to

unfold embraced in this Endless Love assured it will never fail you never let you go I pour myself out over you in

ceaseless demonstrations of gentle Delight mingled with extravagant kindness your emergence has not gone

unnoticed dear heart now I lean forward again yearning watching through Mercy’s

window as tenacious green tendrils push up from your concrete grave into glorious

Liberty I trumpet over your arising I dance upon your deliverance from enemies

vile and cruel no more will ruthless taunts echo through your

mind the accuser himself has fled no more will Relentless regret and failures

bitter taunts Hound your days only goodness and mercy love everpresent joy

as your morning companion wholeness and peace blanketing Your Body Soul and

Spirit with promise indeed many are the plans churning in my heart for your life

plans not for evil but for goodness for a future wrapped in Grace trust me to

unveil my plans for you in due season as today’s new Mercy meets tomorrow’s

promise for now continue turning your face toward the warmth of my never-failing presence Let each new

glance drink in ever increasing measures of my extravagant love for you soon as

the last Shadows Fade Into Oblivion you will finally see yourself as I see you

only then will you understand understand the extent of my glorious inheritance on display in you beloved child and your

joy will be seconded only to mine roaring through the heavens resounding

through all creation my beloved child hear my voice this day for too long have you walked in

darkness besieged by troubles and beset by fears but no more will Shadows haunt

your path no longer will adversity cause you to stumble where once dread and

despair held Dominion now hope arises courage and light now shine on

your journey ahead in ages past you faced great tribulations battles raged

within and storms crashed without infernal forces sought to make you their

prey while inner demons plagued your weary mind many times they brought you to your

knees yet each time by my grace you Rose again though battered and torn still

your unconquered spirit endured and now the time has come for full

Deliverance this day I break aunder the Feds that have bound you no more will you be imprisoned by

the failures of yesterday or tormented by the ghosts of regrets a new dawn is bursting forth and

its Radiance is transforming you where once you saw only

Shadows now the light of my love illuminates your world you need not understand the extent

of this miracle for my ways and thoughts rise infinitely higher than yours you

need only receive it open your heart wide that I may enter in ever more

deeply cast off fear’s deathly shroud and be clothed instead with joy and

courage lay aside all weights of past defeats that served only to slow your

steps unencumbered you will find find your stride again though the path ahead

May Wind Through dark valleys you will lack no companion for I walk by your

side my rod and staff guard and guide you when dangers press

close I am your rock’s solid foundation upholding you so you will not crumble

but continue to rise ever higher when Fury filled storms descend I shelter you

in the secret place of my presence when evil voices whisper lies that you are

forsaken know with unshakable certainty that you are cherished you are Graven on my hands I

will never forget or abandon you now is the era of

restoration as I once called worlds into being so also do I call forth life and

fruitfulness within you where you have long suffered the desolation of Broken

Dreams and failed hopes New Visions now emerge arise and go forth boldly to see

them established where once you felt Forsaken and forgotten now you are remembered and

empowered my spirit’s fire is igniting holy passion and Direction within the

seed time of Tears is giving way to Joy’s harvest the Wasteland experiences

rebirth the parched ground drinks in New Life all that was dormant awakens

all that was lost is found again the former sorrows and pains are

purely past they will Vanquish and trouble you no more the stains of old shame and regret

are washed clean in my ocean of Grace captivity to fears is undone I unlock

the prison door and true Liberty is yours yes a New and Living Way now opens

before you Embrace this day as a gift brimming with Poss possibility allow

yourself to hope once more to dream again to trust without restraint take confident steps in the

power of my spirit for divine energy surges within the force that framed the

stars and flung galaxies through time and space resides in you more than conquerors you will rise

to meet every challenge no obstacle can ultimately impede my purpose for you

fulfillment and joy await you beloved one as you walk in sync with my plans

the loneliness that haunted will dissipate in the warmth of belonging the lack and loss that raided the storehouse

of your soul yields now to plenty the desert blossoms wounds heal dreams

revive and become reality the future shines brightly and your steps Quicken

with expectation yet do not assume the way henceforth will be absent difficulty the

world’s blindness and Brokenness remain not all is yet made new but where

threats arise promises prove stronger still when adversity returns hope will

anchor you steadfast when chaos swirls I Reign unshaken upon my Throne my words are

Spirit breathed life hear them let them dwell richly within they will illuminate your path

with light unded by certain circumstance they are the truth Whispering indelibly to your inmost core

reminding you always of your identity in me you are my beloved purchased at

infinite cost my blood was shed to Ransom and reconcile you to me my

resurrection power lifts you far above every foe none can withstand the force

of redeeming love of which you are the eternally sealed recipient cherish this gift it is the

Bedrock Beneath Your Feet build now with renewed vision and purpose many will

watch on in Wonder at the temple you erect hardly imagining its founder is I

for my hand is upon you and my joy is your strength our Oneness is a bond No

assaults can sever together we advance from glory to glory if weariness

overtakes on occasion be not alarmed for Renewal follows Seasons come and go such

as the nature of Earthly existence but the rhythms of Grace continue their Cadence through all when your steps

falter take my hand again when adversity whines howl take shelter near me my wing

is your Refuge my peace silences inner turmoil I cover you

always therefore lift your eyes higher above life’s inevitable storms catch a

glimpse of your Eternal home reserved for you since time’s beginnings

it is a Dwelling Place of supreme and endless Delight the half has not been told of

what I have prepared for you my precious child even now its glories beckon you onward keep walking continue Rising our

journey brims with significance and joy my companionship makes your pathway new

and Alive each morning for I have Sanctified you as my own and conferred

dignity none can diminish the beliefs of others about you matter not what

ultimately counts is what I say and I affirm that you are whole healed wanted

embraced as I spoke worlds into being so also do I speak new life into you as I

breathed my spirit into Adam and Eve so also have I breathed my life and identity into the core of your soul you

are no accident you are eternally known and loved cast off false mantles of

shame or inadequacy foed On You by those blind to truth I see you as you truly

are and call you to rise to meet that Vision take hold of my view make it your

own see yourself as I see you then walk boldly into your destiny for a rich

inheritance awaits you not merely in some distant future but even now the

riches of my joy peace wisdom and power are yours for the taking continue you

drawing near to me our fellowship is endlessly Rich my voice Whispers

constantly deep within affirming Your belovedness imparting Grace upon Grace

listen for it amidst the frenzy of daily tasks listen through storms when louder

sounds attempt to drown it out resist the temptation to hurry on at the cost of missing this gift for my friendship

brings fullness nothing else offers you are at home in my presence here you

belong this is life’s Supreme blessing to be secure in me confidently live and

work with this status warming and reassuring you however chaotic events May swirl without inwardly all is calm

and confident for my victory in you is complete and final no opposition will

undo what I have rought therefore abide in me as a branch flourishes only when

connected to the Vine so also you will Thrive as you remain vitally joined to me fruitfulness and

prosperity naturally follow continue cultivating Stillness before me spiritual depth arises from

this soil though the days Rush furiously on steal Quiet Moments alone with me as

often as you can for I fill and soothe and speak deeply in such times imparting vision

and Direction tailored uniquely for you my plans for your life brim with

promise and purpose indeed a future of increase and blessing awaits you stand

firm in patient trust for this do not grasp for quick escapes from current

struggles but neither see them as permanent for my Deliverance will arrive in due time until then I equip you

richly for each challenge encountered none have power to overwhelm you or

thwart my names for you hold tightly to this especially when storms darken the

Horizon I rain through all and will bring you through victoriously now receive aresh my vision

for your tomorrows as I spoke existence into being so now do I speak Destiny over

your life my declarations hold within them the creative potency to bring to

pass all I intend as rain and snow descend from heaven watering the Earth and causing

seeds to sprout so also do my words flow powerfully into your being igniting and

activating my purposes in you receive them let them grow Deep Roots within

nourish them well through time spent resting silently near me soon tender

choots will emerge visibly bearing the evidence of New Life Awakening hope revived will Blossom Bold

and Beautiful before your eyes the wastelands of broken dreams past are

transforming into Landscapes of fulfillment all that lay dormant is Awakening now to display my glory and

goodness made manifest in you my beloved one this is my heart for you and my

intention that increasingly you will know yourself as cherished chosen

delighted in that you will see my companioning presence ever by your side my strong arm

shielding and upholding you the you will receive my words as life substance

reminding you always of your identity rooted firmly in me and that you will

discover wave after wave of my joy sweeping delightfully over you in the midst of daily

Ventures this I speak this I bring to pass my promises prove trustworthy and

true that which I conceive I complete declarations I frame around you

fashion your reality even even when you do not perceive this rest assured that I

am always at work on your behalf dear child the remaker is remaking the

Redeemer is Redeeming the restorer is restoring that which was lost or broken

so breathe freely the heavy yolks of old Lift Away fresh anointing descends even

now upon your head refreshing and renewing and empowering you aresh your

merciful Redeemer Lives as do you Faith now where Once Was Fear Victory where

once was defeat life triumphing over death my beloved I know life brings many

troubles that dim your sight and make the path forward unclear but do not lose

hope this is not the truth of who you are even in the darkest of nights I will

guide you as a beacon of light do not be afraid my pre ious one for I your

devoted father will never forsake you tell me do you truly believe in me

and find Solace In My Embrace for I am the Divine solution to every trial you face I am the one who

unlocks each door before you and clears every obstacle from your path I supply

all that you need and shield you from harm your life and future are cradled gently in my hands you and all those you

love are wrapped securely in my unconditional love today in this moment

you feel my presence and Power in a real and tangible way for so long you have

waited to hear my voice and now you have come before me with a humble and grateful heart ready to listen so let

these words sink deeply into you and hold them close always the hardships that overwhelmed

you yesterday today you will meet them with boldness and belief though you

cannot yet see me with your physical eyes know that I am right here with you

have faith in the Miracles and wonders I can bring forth in your life and the lives of those around you the

tempestuous Seas will grow still and calm at my command the thunderous storms

will quiet to silence as you walk peacefully in my covering and protection

such profound


found peace and Security will be yours that no dis disturbance of the night will trouble you do not allow this world

and its confusions to divert your course or diminish your faith in me keep your

eyes fixed on me and your hand clinging to mine for each New Day presents a

precious opportunity to press on toward the destiny I have prepared for you cast

off the shackles of past hurts failures complaints and words of discouragement that have kept you bound too long I am

breathing new life into you now Begin by changing the words you speak over yourself do not plant seeds of

defeat in the fertile soil of your future but let wisdom truth and encouragement flow sweetly from your

lips refuse to believe the enemy’s vicious lies that lasting change and blessing are beyond your grasp that your

destiny is depression difficulty and obscurity for I tell you solemnly with

me nothing is impossible cling tenaciously to to this truth no matter what unfolds before you I can wholly

transform every area of lack in your life your finances family marriage

career however desperate any situation may appear with me all things are

possible you have only to ask with sincerity of heart and I will begin my mighty work in you this very day the

path I call you to will not be absent hardship but my presence will uphold and

Empower you each step of the way what I have prepared for you is beyond your wildest imaginings for I wish only

prosperity and Abundance of Joy for my beloved ones the Miracles you so desperately need I am willing and fully

able to perform you must only believe where once swirled stormy seas of

depression let Joy come flooding in where sorrow dwell let praise and

gratitude arise where Brokenness scarred your soul let healing begin

forgive yourself my precious one for my mercies are new every morning great is

my love for you allow me to lift the heavy loads of Despair and grief from your weary shoulders for I will fill

that empty space with strength purpose and passion the trials that have plagued you

since earliest days will trouble you no more for though I have loved you deeply

as you are I am calling you now to a life of great Victory and influence

uence for I am bringing Supernatural increase into every sphere of your

existence new dreams new relationships New Opportunities all will flow

bountifully from my hand for I am the Wellspring of Life allow me to

demonstrate how wholly I can transform you to the point that even those closest May scarcely recognize the boldness and

tenacity that has arisen from ashes will you accept this invitation I tender you today

will you give yourself fully into my hands for I long to begin a mighty work of renovation within you soon you will

walk in Freedom and see my promises coming to brilliant fruition all around you peace and Harmony will reign in all

your relationships you will navigate storms that once destroyed you no longer will

you cower in their presence but you will stand tall with the authority I have lent you for you are anointed and

appointed for victory the defeated mindsets of your past can cling to you no more rise now Champion

for your time has come though torrents of rain assail you and malignant voices

seek to batter your faith again pay them no heed for you have me and I am your

unfailing Defender you are so precious to me in your most broken of

moments when no one understands and loneliness is your closest His companion

I draw nearer still turn to me for Solace support compassion that knows no

bounds weep if you must scream out your Fury and heartache for I will never condemn you

for owning the truth of your pain tell me all of it beloved one unload every

last Scar and wound upon my shoulders for my strength is made perfect in human

weakness you need bear these burdens alone any longer do not dwell on

thoughts of death and defeat the Shadows have receded and A New Day Has

dawned hope is yours once again purpose is rising within you for though the

waiting stretches long and your spirit grows faint I am true to my promises

miracles signs and wonders are already at work on your behalf can you perceive

their approach every minute that passes brings me closer to you in your hour of need

and when at last my glory is revealed you will understand my timing was Flawless so fret no more over what is to





a [Music]

but be still and know I am God the master plan of your life is safely held

in my hands it is I who call causes the dawn to break radiant as you rise from

Slumber I command the evening stars to silently take their post as you lie down

to sleep the hours and days bow obediently to my decree so worry not my precious

one for I am Sovereign Lord over all I see how you wrestle in the

Midnight Hour playing out imagined scenarios of what tomorrow may

hold when this temptation comes stand your ground raise your Shield of Faith

declare boldly there shall be no fear in your heart for you have avowed complete

trust in me your faithful friend and father testify aloud of my goodness that

never fails you in this way your fears will shrink and vanish peace will flood

your soul with Dawn’s first light in every challenge you face call upon me

and I will strengthen you for the battle ahead for I intend a mighty Deliverance on

your behalf as I live and breathe it shall be so the passion and yearning I

have kindled within you long ago now you will see it burst into brilliant reality

all around you for the fervent expectant prayer of my righteous child accomplishes

much and always I am leading you into Green Pastures by Still Waters restoring your soul a new each day you rise for I

am for you none can succeed against you now lift up your head champion and walk

forward boldly into your destiny

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