MY CHILD THIS NEEDS QUICK ACTION । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I come to you today with an

important message listen closely and

take these words to

heart my child there comes a time when

all my children must face their pasts

and make amends for

wrongdoings I called upon Jacob to

return to his homeland though fear

gripped his

heart the brother he had deceived so

long ago how would he


Jacob’s hesitation held him back

uncertainty chaining his feet though the

way had been

prepared I met him there in the darkness

wrestling to break through the walls of

fear with a Divine Touch I showed him

that though the path requires courage my

blessings walk alongside in

support Destiny had already etched his

name my reassurance was his to claim

through obedient faith alone Jacob clung

to me begging blessings already

guaranteed from the start oh my precious

one you to doubt what has been freely

given Vision set path revealed yet you

hesitate gazing through fearful eyes

clouds your sight take heart

Arrangements unfold according to

plan Jacob emerged limping but blessed

the struggle shapes you carves space for

Destiny Divine Purpose does not exclude

Earthly Growing Pains take courage my

child the blessing awaits you need only

walk in its

certainty fear May linger but limiting

beliefs must surrender to the beckoning

call of your fulfilled

potential with me all this and more is

assured Take My Hand the journey

requires endurance but the destination

is Glory for I call you as I called


to a pre-ordained

inheritance a blessing prepared in

advance for an appointed time but living

into that Destiny will require

perseverance and sacrifice on your part

the road will not unfold smoothly simply

because I have spoken over you but you

can walk it with confidence knowing I go

before you to clear the way the time has

come for you to rise up and claim the

role I have for you to embrace with

courage what I am calling you toward

you feel the pull in your spirit though

fears hold you back from moving ahead in

obedience this tension is a wrestling

will you cling tightly in your

hesitation or Release Control into my

hands I am Shining Light into areas you

have avoided examining until now because

it is time to deal fully with the past

to make peace where peace has been

lacking to pick up the broken pieces and

let me remake them into something new

the gifts and blessings I have for you

are waiting there but you must boldly

take my hand trusting I will lead you

safely through the veil of the

unknown for you I have envisioned Shalom

a deep sense of Peace wholeness and

restoration that comes from alignment

with me I weep for the conflicts and

schisms that have erupted grieving over

the breakdown of unity and mutual care

and I am asking you to be part of the

healing to step courageously into the

messy places with hands open and heart

Ablaze to become a vessel of

reconciliation this will require an

abundant degree of Grace toward yourself

and toward others choosing to believe

the best refusing to keep a record of

wrongs let go of old mindsets that

demand payment or punishment before

forgiveness can be

extended as I have loved you now extend

that same compassion to those who have

caused you

pain be the miracle for someone else

that you still await in your own

life for this invitation into deeper

intimacy with me comes at the cost of

comfort and

complacency you will find yourself

stretched forced to expand into areas

not formerly part of your

territory growth by definition includes

Growing Pains but do not despair a the

threshold moments feel intense but

quickly give way to new levels of

understanding and Authority lean wholly

on me for strength rather than

withdrawing into your

Frailty I will sustain you through the

fires of

transformation keep your eyes fixed

firmly on The View ahead rather than

what feels untenable in the present even

in the wrestling there is purpose

unfolding those areas of struggle signal

something significant ready to be

birthed fresh vision new identity

emotional healing a richer depth of

wisdom engage the tension fully rather

than resisting it there you will meet me

in ways unimaginable on this side of

surrender for I have not abandoned the

grand plans I have set in motion my

words over you will come to pass in due

season as long as you align your steps

with mine I am committed to completing

the good work I have begun but do not

move with without your

participation you walk in mutuality with

me this relationship flows in two

directions I am inviting you to step out

to meet me in the place of testing to

brush aside the doubts and fears holding

you back so you can labor towards

breakthrough as Jacob discovered in the

desert night contending with me

intensely in the darkness precedes the

dawning there are riches for you

scattered across the land I am leading

you into but only visible through eyes

transformed by faith I understand it can

feel Barren empty frightening in these

seasons of

contending but you share in the creative

power I wielded when saying let there be

light into the

void declaration precedes

manifestation keep speaking life

envisioning possibilities from the

Wellspring of hope within you rest has

eluded you but joy will greet you as the

first Ray of dawn caress your expectant

face for I am bringing it to fruition

even as we

speak the enemy schemes to lock senses

onto lack magnifying areas of

impoverishment or

loss but my spirit is over and around

you protective and

connected I am holding you tightly

through this night Dawn awakens Glory

descends and desolation

flees take heart and lift ey from the

churning Abyss to the pulsing life all

around even stars shine brightest in

darkness unchallenged by Earthly

illumination the gifts I shower upon you

are not frivolous but selected

specifically for shaping your character


christlikeness do not despise the

packaging humble plain

unassuming for within that unlikely

exterior comes everything needed for

your journey sustenance wisdom identity


purpose my greatest Champions emerged

from obscure caves but Faith gave them

eyes to see what I saw heart to hunger

for what I offered hands to Steward holy

entrustment humility was the latter to

the heavens run to me with open arms

unencumbered by intang lements competing

for affection in your heart I do not

judge you for stumbling in the Darkness

groping for false light that gutters out

my kindness leads you to

repentance I understand the souls

craving for consolation and meet that

ache with

compassion we will unravel together

every knotted burden and splintered

bondage until you stand free again take

refuge in my strength

today those Skies threaten storms I

remain your son and

shield claim joy and dance with with

praise despite Sorrows crowding close

for on the horizon Deliverance gallops

nearer listen for my voice Rising above

cacophonous clamor trying to sway you


Retreat many convince themselves

compromise provide safe Passage through

conflict but blazing Trails require

boldness felling towering obstacles

upending cultural norms refusing to

acques when I say it Advance you were

made for more than surviving in circles

join me where Lions prowl and storms

rage outside Comfort Destiny awaits amid


unknown my beloved though periods of

wrestling leave you limping I remain

ever by your side guiding upholding

championing your

cause you understood the seeds planted

during painful contendings would unfurl

into Landscapes Lush and vibrant with

new life I craft Beauty from life’s

fragments setting them end durable

mortar that ensures success is built to

last prayer attunes your vision to peer

Beyond surface reality chaos destruction

division hope deferred into the realm

where I am already at work welding

history’s timeline toward climax I

cannot resist runaway children wandering

battered and betrayed by counterfeit

affections my heart burns to envelop

them in my love no matter how far they

stray my Fury rages against every

Tormentor until captives regain sight I

stop at nothing to revive identity

aborted by generational trauma and

spiritual warfare life Rising defiantly

from Ash heaps demonstrates resurrection

power still pulses strong and while you

have not yet seen the full scope of my

promises realized can you celebrate the

vict iies already claimed recall with me

how unlikely some appeared when I first

spoke them as blueprints for the future

yet here you stand overwhelmed with awe

that I pulled you from the grave When

Death bellowed in

mockery boldly decree in the face of

discouraging setbacks that greater is he

within you than roaring intimidation

without greater is the spirit at work

behind all that unfolds seen and

unseen my beloved take heart and lift

your head high though Fury surrounds

Dawn is ready to break soon you will

bask in the fullness of light face

radiant with laughter exuding from your

soul strongholds tremble as we approach

for no power can restrain the matchless

name uplifted in Praise

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