today is the first day of a new chapter in your life my darling I am drawn to be by your side because of the unfaltering

faith and sincerity in your prayers I am here to be the key that opens the door to Miracles so you can rest assured your

unwavering trust guides me and no matter what my love for you will never waver it

seems like you’re constantly looking to me for comfort my love envelope is here to help you recover without passing

judgment even if you are going through time times and might need my support my

loving presence is here with you enveloping you in quiet non-judgment balance your wants with

mine since that’s the way to tell the truth you may be feeling completely drained of energy right now but that is

exactly when you should give in what you want it is my understanding that you and

your family are traversing a challenging environment where feelings of isolation May sap

motivation romance is what your spirit craves you may feel the roots Heat and

the stones Beneath Your Feet May shed tears of Sorrow as you endure numerous humiliations but know that my hand is

with you even as you struggle those who would harm you are your enemies but I have come to protect

you there was a method of cleansing in that bygone day that made everything seem better like gold gleaming after a

furnace is heat you too will radiate and cleanse yourself of any residual negativ

ity rather than minimizing your hardships my intention in sharing this

is to encourage you to lend a helping hand to others who have also Fallen quit

being a religious atheist angry vain worried and doubtful keep your focus on

the here and now the joy I anticipate from the day that is now ahead outstrips

all previous accounts are you trying to find ways to be grateful for the incredible everyday things that happen

to you walk with an unclouded conscience because my qualities are inside you

nothing matters more than the people in your inner circle your future prospects and the value of your family and friends

you should not be afraid of or grieve over the loss of your material Goods regardless of your reputation what

really matters is your love for me if you’re looking for an issuer someone who

can fulfill your requirements then you should go no further than me gain the

right advantages will pave the way for abundant opportunities keep an eye on your environment I have the ability to

see the positive aspects of every situation take good care of yourself

inspect my word manage what I provide and strive to make your non-secular lives better I pray that you will see

incredible signs of healing and that you will take good care of yourself and your loved ones stand tall and courageously

take action put put your fears aside if your pursuit of improvement leads you

into difficult circumstances you will not lose anything give me charge of

those individuals keep them in your prayers but ignore their counsel those

who are strolling towards a pitfall are unable to provide assistance before

anything else please know that my purpose in being here is to support you in everything that you do right here I

am to serve as your guidance your solace and your source of endless benefits you

will see the change happen when you find me first in your life no matter how low you may feel I can revive your decision

to remain and help you grow beyond your degree your steadfastness and unfaltering belief in what is true

inside me will serve as a legacy for future generations attesting to the many

blessings I have bestowed upon you get ready because I’m going to swap your

clothes I will Crown you with honor cleanse your path and shine my glory brightly in your private house even

though the Fulfillment of This Promise is still far off maintain your faith in it if you are in a hurry and have a lot

on your plate pause for a second to absorb these words you certainly deserve this so please if time allows let this

letter bring you much joy you have moved me with your steadfast faith and for that I am grateful I assure you that

even bigger blessings may be bestowed upon you on you and your family despite the difficult circumstances you are now

facing remain determined keep moving ahead bravely and when exhaustion seems

like it will destroy you don’t be afraid while I Am with You Raise Your Hands to

the heavens and sit down so we can talk tell me everything on your mind everything you have planned and all you

want out of life food isn’t always only physical it may be spiritual as well

your spirit will be filled with joy peace and confidence with every word that comes out of my Throne I leave you

with my peace and it will dwell in your heart even when you become tired and fail to hold on to it remember that my

love’s fireplace is a constant reminder of my Everlasting presence with you do

not put too much faith in other people they will let you down now more than ever let your soul be independent of the

transient love and acceptance of others although it is true that I made you in

my image to love and be loved the most practical and everlasting love that is ever present and brings consolation is

my sweet love and it never fails you should not give your heart to others

just in case they abandon you remind yourself that you are no longer an orphan and that you are not alone

nonetheless you should not put your future in the hands of others who may also stop loving you after you get all

the hope you asked for my darling Walter even if all your

Earthly connections fail you have access to the most Exquisite and meaningful things in the world learn first hand

that your heavenly father is with you every step of the way ready to assist you in overcoming obstacles overcoming

discouragement and continuing on in faith you may talk to me tell me

anything on your mind and tell me what you need since I am your real Heavenly Father remember me a remarkable friend

who off offers encouragement and is always thinking about you if you want to have a life-altering

conversation talking to me is the way to go it calms your mind and strengthens your faith today is the day to speak

your heart but also to pay attention after I speak with you since then

Marvels will happen instead of being critical or scolding my soul wants you

to know how much I love you and how much I look forward to spending a peaceful morning with you as the dawn Rises is

your worshipful and prayerful words are a beautiful song that rewards my throne

in the midst of challenging times my presence brings love and safety to your lifestyle your family and your property

never forget that I always willing to lend you a hand your requests for excellent things are becoming too much

for me to refuse I’m here to answer your prayers and send my love to you you can

weave more good into the fabric of your life by being grateful for the little things so hold on to hope your steadfast

devotion has weaved a connection to the Divine and as a token of my appreciation

I will be by your side as you seek fulfillment of your deepest longings in

addition to being acknowledged your appreciation has been rewarded with the hope of a prosperous life filled with

opportunities that are Beyond Your Wildest Dreams never forget that the folks in

the arena can’t give you the kind of deep love and tranquility that I am willing to give you I have

given you the gifts of Faith courage strength and endurance so that you may

overcome any obstacle complete any task and come out on top as an exemplary

servant of a miraculous all powerful God feel free to share your thoughts and

emotions with me assert your values and work for your goals so that you may experience Limitless joy in life the

phrases you are studying and paying attention to these days are more than just empty rhetoric I feel your worries

and the anger that rises when things don’t go according to plan by being patient I will help you with whatever is

bothering you it is unnecessary for you to continue crying therefore raise your

head high my blessings are strong and from now on you will come to my altar to

thank me specifically for the Miracles that have occurred in your life please make me feel at home on your land and

cultivate an atmosphere where I am known and sought after by every member of your

family as I go about changing people’s hearts casting out sickness and poverty

and bringing healing to your household my light and salvation will shine into every dark place under the shelter of my

wings I will protect you and those you love showering you with boundless love and Tranquility along the paths of

kindness and love you will encounter no harm you will be safe from anxiety uncertainty and Dread I will guide you I

deeply care about you closely monitor you and deeply love you let all the love

I have for you pour into your heart by opening it wide I invite you to spend more time with me in the calming Embrace

of nature to rejuvenate your spirit and nourish your soul feel my heavenly

energy flowing in your direction opening doors and removing whatever wounds that

negativity may have caused I have forgiven your sins and taken away your burden of fatigue so that you may face

each day with strength and courage everything is moving in your favor so you can trust me with everything you say

in my name I command my angels to shower you with great benefits strengthen your

faith and inspire you to passionately Proclaim my call never forget how much I

love and will love you no matter what I am confident that I can handle the

situation that holds significance for both you and me and it will soon soon find a resolution confess your faith in

me discover the Tranquility your broken heart craves and find solace in my assurances I could hear your screams of

Despair as doubt engulfed you that is why I am here to encourage you to

surrender all to me and maintain the unshakable faith that doors will open

embrace the arrival of your benefits When open storms pass by have no fear

I’m here by your side ready to lend you a hand Keep Your brave heart my love for

you has no bounds under my wing you will find the fortitude to overcome the

difficult circumstances you encounter if you keep moving ahead and persevering no

one can hurt you and I can lift you up and comfort you with my Limitless love as we settle in so whether you need to

confide in me about the tricks and secrets of your heart carry a heavy load or watch over buried anguish that has

become too hard to bear I’m here to support you no longer can I pass

judgment on you the Haven of My Affection is a secure place for your trust I do not want you to carry the

weight of anxiety stress and Dread I sacrificed my blood to offer you pardon

rather than being empty platitudes the words I’ve shared with you are a gentle breeze that I hope will fill you with

calm and Assurance the Symphony of your anxieties forever Treasures you embrace

them let them resonate with within you and know that your mental health and the

people closest to you are targets they cannot influence by spreading false

information religion and belief systems crumble leading to defeat and depression

please understand that I am not angry or seeking retribution despite all the difficulties

you’re experiencing my unending love for you is causing me to make them hungry

for your eventual righteousness in The Crucible of transformation put your worries aside and give me a

call my heart longs to reveal my schemes make sure that every step you take is

filled with purpose and Beauty by guiding and imparting knowledge there is

absolutely no time to waste at this point in your life go about your day with purpose avoiding those who would

bring disgrace to your faith and the impoverished companies they own I’ll take care of them in order for you to

achieve greatness honor and blessing you must be mindful of the path that is

ahead of you since it is completely against my desire seow Seeds of Love and

you will also reap Abundant Blessings of joy and prosperity I have given you the gifts of love and forgiveness and the

ability to receive my word supernaturally show your family how much I love them and let your hands touch the

hearts of many I am taking your trust to new heights by constantly calling calling your attention back to me let me

take away your worries restore your feelings and alleviate your suffering a

complete metamorphosis is taking place in your heart and you will see with your own eyes how I encourage and help you in

all that you do defensive and all I shall reveal you to my love the area

will feel my power and energy for your life I am arranging unique talents

encouraging friends and having a devoted family they will grow to appreciate and

acknowledge you when they see the Wonders I’m doing within you you are becoming stronger and more determined to

live the adversary may also direct negative individuals against you people

who just see the impoverished and who aren’t enthusiastic or religious should ignore them since they’re trying to

discourage you stand in my presence loved supported blessed and hugged

cultivate The Bravery to be your true self paint with diligence carry on cheerfully

because you are one of a kind to me being mindful of your actions and words I commit some time each day to my phrase

stay strong and protect your vulnerabilities sincere those who believe in you support you and help you

will enter your life I’m capable of lifting your heavy loads take care of

the things you’ve confided in me and assure me that I will speak to your spirit let the gentle murmurs of love

into your heart strengthen and bring you Tranquility cease the daily Tempest in

your thoughts because there is tranquility inside your soul believe these potent words that may mend you

remember that not a single thing benefit or favor bestowed on you has gone unnoticed and express your thanks

verbally I’ll consider your transgressions and pardon you accordingly give me control of your

heart right now and you’ll never be lonely or bored again with me you’ll

have a friend a companion a provider a Shepherd a monarch a god of nourishment

and a Healer you must open your religious eyes in order to understand such statements get out of your hurtful

home and into a magical New Life by just walking through the door because of my

unending love for you extraordinary and miraculous things are going to happen to you even if you haven’t asked for them

yet there is no one who can take you away from me if you have given me your heart

and are determined to follow me Faithfully warn yourself because the crafty foe lurks under the surface

waiting to pounce on your distraction stay away from thinking about dwelling on the past or second guessing such

statements if you give into doubt it will entrap you again take this into

consideration no one can touch you or your family the adversary wants to crush your faith and mental stability but

their attacks are weak and fruitless because they know they will be able to stop when you are brave you will attain

emotional maturity stability and serenity as long as your spirit remains unwavering in the face of unexpected

challenges your heart will be filled with Supernatural energy and willpower so there will be no trace of fear or

cowardice when faced with unforeseen obstacles be steadfast make rational

judgments based on rational considerations remain calm and collected keeping in mind the Expressions I employ

St there please listen to me I hope you find the love and Tranquility you seek in my arms right now I shower you with

my favor and blessings because I want nothing more than to see you thrive and prosper Forever by my side in the

Heavenly Kingdom take it instride and go out into the world with the Zeal purpose

and vision that you deserve through your Embrace I may paint Miracles offering

nonsecular nourishment to the hungry and comforting those who seek me with my

unfaltering commitment to do what is right and spread my message to the ends of the Earth carry yourself with

confidence let the jealousy of evil no longer control you put your faith in me

to experience Limitless peace when danger strikes remember my assurances

wrap yourself in the cloak of my Holy Spirit while you loom I want an impenetrable shield around you and your

loved ones guarded constantly by my warrior angels in most cases my defense is a gift put

your trust in me so that Temptation can’t win and enjoy the pleasure that comes with the knowledge that my love

will last forever no matter what challenges life throws at you you can always count on my support remain calm

the benefits I’ve bestowed upon you are yours to keep I have selected you for a life of unmatched peace if you want to

be victorious live a peaceful life have faith that will not waver and pay close spiritual attention when Temptation

calls seek me out and listen to what I say those are the fruits of your

steadfast faith and your decision to be my disciple to the end it was my

tremendous sacrifice that made it possible for you and you too must receive it with reverence thankfulness

and modesty I desire to give you the gift of my adoration if I am to get the

mission my God just make it plain to me my anxiety will no longer be unwarranted

Ed and I will no longer be able to back out if you insist on my participation if you are seeking my deep

and tender affection please let me know so I can put your fears to rest and

reject you right this second those who have rejected or injured you have placed

conditions on you to gain a small measure of love but I am different from them however I sacrific my way of life

for you I gave my life and endured unimaginable able suffering so that you

might understand how much I loved you I will never compare you to those who have caused you anguish and hardship again I

do not identify with those who create artificial romantic environments so that you may know the depth of my love for

you I sacrific my life on the cross for you shedding blood and suffering immense

Agony my grace and message have opened your heart and my resurrection has brought you salvation we were born again

as a gr group we have now humbled and vanquished The Vicious enemy who dared to harm you I will always hold you in

high regard because of your decision to embrace love Lifestyles and being

forgiving I want to smother you because you are a lovely beloved kid as I humbly

place my love in your heart I pray that you will rise above life’s obstacles and Trust in your own abilities always

knowing that I will be there to support and protect you you need not be afraid

even when your friends betray you for I will remain by your side I may not always be able to meet all of your needs

but know that I’m always trying to find the best option for you my abilities include bestowing power on you infusing

your life with new meaning and revealing the secret to true happiness my lessons

will nurture your soul while you Traverse life’s tumult ensuring that you don’t lose your way to the

adversary a future full of blessings awaits you stay in constant contact with

me keeping your ears open to my voice about your aspirations even if I may

approach you with the ferocity of a lion attempting to divert your attention and trap you by being attentive and obeying

my word you will find peace vitality and self assurance and I will show you

miracles and Lead You Down the correct road your heavenly father is with you at all times hello there my beloved toddler

how is your heart health at the moment I feel a change inside you and I’m able to hear your petitions we value your

eloquent speech and the religious tears you shed you provide immense Delight with your Brave attitude as you confront

each new day no matter the challenges you have an admirable amount of Bravery

in understanding that I am here to help but your beautiful faith will bring about much more miraculous

Transformations I find joy in your faith and tranquility take some time to relax when I command

and take a breath I battle I will stand up for you and defend you in any conflict my heart is warmed by your

honesty and your faith it makes my heart sing to know that you seek me out daily

my beloved baby I beg you to stop what you’re doing and listen intently allow me a few minutes of your valuable time I

must tell you something of the utmost importance Let My Words enrich your spirit and guide you away from any

obstacles my message for you today is really important give me a little more

time to get to know you so I can understand your senses let me access your darkest thoughts and bring out all

the hurt you’re carrying my love for you has no bounds and the peace I provide is

unparalleled let yourself be embraced by my love as we get closer and give me your heart my word is my bond my words

have become more meaningful coming to you each morning while you look for me is my way of lifting you up and putting

a smile on your face I want you to fully experience my Limitless love for you so

that you may find happiness again understand this I have not abandoned you

and will never forget you I cradle you close offering unwavering protection

your path is safe think about this fact as long as you hang on to me with all your might my hands will remain open I

hear your prayers and supplications as you rise to to face the day open your eyes breathe deeply and know that I am

with you I am Overjoyed when you come to me speaking to me with confidence and

recognizing me for who I really am you are well aware that I listen carefully

and Grant your sincere wishes When you pray for your family it touches my heart

because it is a very significant thing to do when times are tough do not let yourself be distracted by little things

stay focused on the road I’ve laid out for you even if you’re feeling trapped by the problems that come with your way

of life remember that you can always come to me for advice and support I

refuse to allow crippling worry or baseless concerns to frighten me into an action because you know I can’t let you

down you’ve put your faith in me recall my expression hold it in the depths of

your being remember to keep it close to your heart think back on all the Wonders

I’ve done for your sake deliver delivering you from danger defending you from enemies and reaching out my hand to

Shield you when it seemed like all hope was gone I still manag to conjure up an

effective phrase and do miraculous Feats I can still shower you with an infinite

number of benefits give me unshakable confidence as you entrust me with your

heart come to me and I will carry you leading you and protecting you all the while I’m the parent who always watches

over you you are really precious to me so please do not let yourself be crushed

by sadness my heart’s goal is to find contentment and genuine Delight I am

privy to your anguish your prayers and your cries for help or hatred for the

people you care about most of the time you bow down to me and beg for my favor

but you never once ask for anything for yourself when you stand before me in an

attitude of worship and thankfulness it g gives me immense joy to see how your mind is set on giving thanks for all the

blessings that have come your way while you resist questioning your personal wants I may shower you with Benefits

that are more and more excellent than you can imagine I notice your respectful approach keep your trust strong I am

capable of keeping all of my promises to you your future is within my grasp and I

will help you achieve your dreams so don’t give up when obstacles stand in your way no one or thing can take away

the rewards you’ve worked so hard to earn by being faithful honest and sincere because you know in your heart

what you really want do you find yourself thinking of me first thing in the morning when you open your eyes and

do you let yourself be overwhelmed with gratitude and praise as you speak hurting words should not

overshadow the kindness that brightens your days remember to be grateful for the chances I provide you if you choose

to follow follow the path of others thus giving up some of your heart or if it suits you your faith I can give you the

magical capacity to see beyond the floor knowledge plans and Loving Thoughts I

have for you could also sway without a solid base during storms the waves May

Buffet your ship sending you a drift in a sea of Despair and uncertainty you

must train your ears to hear my voice you never know when your emotions may run wild or your mind will wander so be

careful with what you eat on certain days Joy may fill your heart but on

other days sorrow may also come crashing down like a throne in your heart from me being ambivalent could also rule your

life pain doesn’t have to be your constant companion anymore my sincere

desire is that you would entrust me with your broken heart and put your unwavering trust in my hands may your

devotion never waver let your trust remain unwavering make up your mind

right this second to commit to me completely and give me your life forever being by your side and experiencing the

wonders of the cosmos together makes everyday count not less than a zero but

more than a zero you will be pleasantly surprised more beautiful and bountiful

than you can ever dream Good Fortune will follow you throughout your life and your loved ones will be there for you no

matter what challenges you face you will be encased in my blessing and those who

seek you will be driven from the field those who choose to follow me will be praised forever because they have

already won the victory sacrifice your faith Your Allegiance and your heart

that is your element today I have a more important request please if you can shut

your eyes or hold your hands and be silent for a moment expressing sincere

appreciation is the first step gather all of your blessings both real and

imagined including those you got the day before remember that even seemingly

little things may give you strength to keep going and show your appreciation from the bottom of your heart even when

you feel like you’re getting nothing in return gratefulness is a healing Bal for

the spirit and a removal of the blindfold that has been blocking your view rejoice in this fact alone the vast

expanse of the Horizon will expand Illuminating the Myriad blessings that

have befallen you and those who have accompanied you providing sustenance for your lives inspiration to face each day

with determination and the strength to rise each morning and persevere in the

face of obstacles even though you may face difficulties and hardships your faith

will grow as you reflect on the knowledge and strength you have acquired from each event it is now my turn to

receive your thanks permit me to listen to the beautiful sound of your voice as

you utter those words your very being and the oxygen you provide to your loved ones are

appreciated stay grateful for where you are right now no matter how much you wish you were somewhere else the

solutions to your requests will be available from me soon gratitude for the time being while you chart a new route

and get the instructions you need to reach your destination give gratitude when your spirit is grieving and be

thankful while you are delighted unconditional appreciation for difficulties slip-ups and testing

processes take a moment to appreciate yourself in the mirror a grateful attitude is a powerful force and you

will start to see Miracles and share these experiences with others today many

people around you may put up a brave front but they’re really battling with heavy emotions and finding it hard to

keep going join them in Sharing The Wonder of the love that is forming in your heart tell them about the joy I

bring to your life and the great impact I can have on theirs as your proportional love I will surround you

with joy contentment success and blessings I heard your prayer before you

went to sleep last night therefore there will be no stress debt or worries even

the morning knows this you conquered your fear while you lay in bed tears hidden under your pillow and now you’re

a source of inspiration for me to face the difficulties of life with bravery strength Serenity and

certainty despite the recent challenges that have tested your resolve and left

you feeling confused and hopeless at times I am reaching out to reassure you

that you will remain safe avoid humiliation conquer your enemies and

overcome any obstacle that stands in your way now is the moment for you to

realize who you really are a beloved child of a powerful God there is no

power that can oppose you or fight beside you if your trust is unwavering I

have the power to overcome any obstacle know that I will answer your prayers if you pray with conviction go forth with

self assurance and inner fortitude feeling down or discouraged is not an option anymore what you’re going through

with family issues is real and I feel for you rest prayer and quiet time are

Necessities at time times find solace in times of quiet reflection they are good

for your spirit my Holy Spirit did not send you to suffer and fail instead he

came to comfort and heal you my love for you will never waver no matter how much

pain you endure even when you think you can’t go on I’m here to give you strength no one can stop you you radiate

innocence and Grace from your heart do not conceal it in the shadows emerge into the sunshine praise be to my my

name Jesus May others see the brightness of your face as you testify to my name

you embody my Limitless love and are hence my beloved kid I will keep doing

miraculous Deeds for you because you are very important to me just as I have done many Marvels for you you can no longer

afford to give up or Retreat as I’ve been emphasizing you are piercing the storm clouds and Paving the way to the

promised land because you are like the Spear’s point I will help you grow spe

spiritually so that you may fulfill your destiny as a provider for the next

generation your unwavering faith will inspire many to follow in your

footsteps if other people are ignoring you right now it shouldn’t bother you no

matter how painful the strikes are you should not let them depress you take good care of the favors I give you

everything serves a function I am fully in charge but your demeanor is crucial

as it always is be faithful loyal and genuine in times of weakness rely on my

word you have triumphed against your adversaries react immediately have you faith in and affection for me when I

hear from you I will perform a miraculous transformation inside of you permit me to show you three ways to ease

your spirit and your worries take careful note of your environment all day long may these words ring true in your

heart let your whole heart be given to me with without hesitation or fear it is

the first step in bringing peace my goal is to make sure you’re happy and live

forever I never meant for you to go through painful trials and penalties a

life full of love and plenty is what I have in store for you your heart must bow every day before my Throne ready to

do my will feed itself with my word and trust me without wavering if I am to envelop you my written word serves as

the foundation for your trust providing you with the strength to persevere through doubts and challenges

have faith in me I am working everything out in perfect timing so that when my blessing is ready to come to you you

will not have to worry about a thing May tranquility and endurance be your blessings invest in them refrain from

responding hastily based on how you feel please seek my input before making any

major choices I hope that nothing complicated or misunderstood comes between you keep away from

ill-intentioned allies by sending you this communication I assure you that I

will be of assistance patiently wait do not rack up any further debt you have

more than enough avoid enslaving your future I don’t want that for you my

mercy and compassion will soon shine a light on your life so that you may live a life free from Reliance on anybody I

will break shackles and bindings we need to get a consensus on the new course of action you should take nothing else

matters except what we discuss here for the time being keep quiet about your

ideas and plans because not everyone will understand our strategy there are plenty of jealous and dishonest people

in your life who will tease you as they always have and drag you down by bringing up all your mistakes in the

past you ignored my idea and Dove head first into initiatives that had little

chance of succeeding due to their shaky bases when the wave of disputes issues and

shortcomings washed over you all of your plans that you had constructed on Sand fell to Pieces because of all the time

and energy you squandered you now feel down and discouraged and have no motivation to keep going this is

evolving right now your dependence on me has transformed your heart ensuring your

success in all your endeavors true blessings are on the way as I said before opportunities will arise and the

weight you’re carrying will eventually lift everyone from acquaintances to

judges to authorities will feel sorry for you and I will make them all see

things your way having faith in me and taking action will make you Fearless no

matter what others do to you when you act with honesty and moral rectitude you will make your enemies seem foolish and

helpless behold I Am With You Always Until the End even when others run away

in Terror and any refuse to even touch you or your family hearing my word will

heal you and the miraculous power flowing from my lips will Elevate you to new

heights though you may feel undeserving of my presence in your house I must inform you that your faith and humility

have captured my attention at this hour in your house I want to find not only your belongings but also your soul I

will free you from your bonds by writing a word of healing on your body your suffering will worries and Agony will

vanish with the mere Touch of my palm when I raise my voice even the sky will

bow down to it so they will all fade away I’m being straightforward with you

because my life’s purpose is to fulfill you to feel content to feel safe and to

anticipate a future brimming with hope and possibility you give me the chance to envelop you in my love my profound

affection and the assurance that I am shielding you from danger whenever we spend time together my lifelong goal is

to leave you this as a legacy I want you to put your whole trust in me today so

that you may get it your power is at your fingertips all you have to do is

seize it and wear it now is the time for you to receive the anointing of my Holy

Spirit which will heal you and change you it is impossible to carry around the

guilt and shame that come from thinking you are deserving of the horrible things that have happened to you as a result of

your wrongdoing despite the challenges you face the world you live in is

ultimately triumphant the powerful God has promised that you will be his child

if you put your faith in me and trust in my plan for your life no matter how difficult things become I will help you

triumph over them I can see that you still weep for no apparent reason and it’s taking up a lot of your time allow

me to explain it’s it’s an intense desire to be back with me you yearn for

my presence you are helpless apart from me yet my presence satisfies your

deepest desires you still haven’t experienced the contentment and joy you’ve been hoping for and it seems like

life is passing you by pay attention even when your loved ones seem to be getting further and further away from

you the streams of blessings run from the spring beside me and they will quench your life and spirit and remove

all sadness I am standing here you will never again be thirsty if you take this

water wet your head and wash away those memories of grief your trust is paid off

I assure you just hear me out you’ve been cured today because you invited me in I am now a guest at your house I will

stay here God will watch over your loved ones showering them with blessings and blessing you beyond your wildest dreams

here you are embracing the dawn of a new day you are no longer defeated or discouraged instead you stand here

strengthened and revitalized ready to face any Giants that come your way with confidence and bravery faith has taken

the throne where fear previously stood your fearlessness has transformed into boldness your legs trembled yesterday at

the prospect of upcoming challenges but now they stand firm prepared to overcome

rise above and go forward because I am planting a fierce drive for success in you

have faith in my might if I have led you thus far it is because I am both your

guide and your source of strength able to overcome a thousand great challenges

may they cast a shadow over your path but keep in mind that my strength is unmatched I have never abandoned you and

I have guided you to this juncture regardless of the severity of the situation I will consistently Stand By

Your Side because of my love and strength you are more than just a Victor

inviting you to accept the love light and Limitless benefits I provide these

words are my invitation gratitude surrender and the sharing of Love’s message through

unfaltering trust are the keys to a fulfilled life you will overcome every

obstacle and come out on top no matter what in the end you will triumph over

every powerful foe that comes up against you I grant you the unw wavering resolve

to overcome every obstacle that crosses your path in order for you to live in plenty and absolute Tranquility the way

your dreams overcome every obstacle that comes your way right now you must take your eyes off your cares and put them on

me this whole thing is just a stepping stone fill your thoughts with my

promises and Let My Words strengthen your trust and my love will dispel whatever anxieties you may have if you

follow my advice you will be able to overcome any Challenge and at the end of the day my love will strengthen your

heart so that you may go on get back to me I want to talk to you for a long time

and then I will give you a unique blessing get up and go the holy spirit will strengthen you to fight no one will

stand a chance against you in combat remember that anything is possible for those who trust in my love for you and

that you will be just fine you are not weak you are strong you possess my love

you have faith the nighttime sounds no longer startle you as you stroll under your mantle of protection in spite of

how perplexing or difficult things may seem please realize that you are never really alone no matter what you can

count on me to be by your side holding your hand you have the power to overcome

life’s challenges by seizing each new day as an opportunity forget about the

dark clouds that Loom over you instead let go of them and welcome the bright of

a fresh start altering your perspective and being careful with your speech are

good places to start use your words with care they are powerful so don’t bring

misery into your life by speaking ill of yourself and others instead let your words bring you Insight development and

encouragement defy the devil’s attempts to convince you of a life of failure and sorrow or that things will never improve

never forget that nothing is impossible when you’re on my side keep this reality

in mind your life character relationships and circumstances may all

undergo a transformation beginning today regardless of the obstacles you face I

want you to know that my love for you is unconditional and that I just want what’s best for you if you ever seek my

assistance I am capable of doing miraculous Deeds for you but I cannot guarantee that the path will be without

difficulty I can assure you that no matter what challenges we face you will always have

my steadfast support wisdom and courage I love you and I am powerful so have

faith in me when I bore the weight of the world and endured the agony of the cross I did it for a reason it had

always been my expectation that you would enter this world and have difficulties of your own so much of your

pain has come from other people but I am here to help you over come your Despair and anger so that you may have the

chance for an abundant free and joyous Everlasting existence I endured

suffering sacrificed my life and rose again hold yourself in love and

forgiveness my darling I am already forgiving you of your transgressions and all I ask is that you continue on my

road with me at the center of your being even though your journey is filled

with challenges my gift is your destiny for follow my love’s path and you will

discover courage and direction at every turn please in the name of Jesus Christ

Surrender Your Heart to me today and I will restore your joy and take away your

suffering you have been plagued by difficulties since you were a youngster but I will provide you with the power to

triumph over them you are well aware of the situation I’m describing and I am here to help you overcome your

challenges find inner peace and Achieve success listen up my darling we chose

you to succeed not to fail I want to demonstrate my love and strength through your life even though it’s going to be

tough for you to believe the riches I have in store for you are not just money it’s a complete metamorphosis that will

Amaze everyone who sees you those around you will be motivated by your optimism

resilience and perseverance come here my darling and join me your life will be filled with

blessings Harmon and serenity as I begin a great Revolution inside you and your family today just give me your heart

through this Tempest I will lead you to Triumph never forget how much I love you

I wish that you could feel my love at this moment no matter where you are imagine a burden being lifted off your

shoulders and a spring in your stride no matter how bad the storm gets or how

high the waves go you must not give up now you are almost there in time s of

danger my hand will be the first to intervene when those you trusted betrayed you or left you high and dry

you know the heartache in the face of scorn I have experienced what it’s like to love without conditions and to open

my heart my darling I know exactly how you feel when you’re feeling overwhelmed

and the world looks gloomy please know that your worries sorrows and tears are not ignored your presence brightens my

day when danger lurks around the corner keep in mind that I’m here to help you cast off those thoughts of defeat and

death the night has passed and you may walk boldly in my presence today you may

be depressed but I saw your sorrowful expression and know you need to pull yourself together to keep going

enthusiastically on your path trust me when you come to me there is no need for

you to face each day devoid of inspiration I hope after all that I am

your dad and that my love is not hidden away from you despite your occasional forgetfulness I

am always right here by your side I want you to hold my hand while we stand up

let us stroll down the roads of your mind for a little I want to hear your fears your reasons for giving up on life

and your reasons for rejecting your fate yes the world may be a terrible place

you looked forward to all the wonderful things that life had to offer with a childlike Wonder In Your Eyes you once

beamed with g genuine friendliness to the people you thought you could trust but in the end deceit and treachery

destroyed your faith dampened your joy sapped your will to live and tarnished

your affection you lost faith in me and stopped believing in my abilities but

now you should believe me when I say that I’m familiar with you and the sky as well as the names of the stars your

deepest sorrows deepest wounds and most insignificant sufferings are all known

to me I understand precisely what you need to feel better and we both speak

the same language join me by taking my hand and I will tell you a story of a

land where you are cherished clothed in Royal regalia and revered for all that you are the whole time from that vantage

point someone is staring at you you are fed and nurtured spiritually there like

a hungry Tiny Bird and you are fully identified as a child of the almighty

created in the image and likeness of the creator of the universe in the event that you trip over something again

remember this you have your very own space and nobody or nothing can ever

oust you from it peer into the depths of my being the sanctuary where you find

Solace you are free to visit me first thing in the morning and use all your privileges as a kid my blood will not

let you be tricked into believing falsehoods even if you feel undeserving your life has been purified by my spirit

you are full I have bestowed upon you the ability to Triumph in everything that you do you may find solace in my

affection so long as your attachment to me is genuine believe me when I say that

everything happens for a reason even your blunders will work out for the best no more pain for you or your loved ones

health for all will return to your household and day by day you will see the realization of your long sought

goals and the fruition of my plans for your your life if you’re dealing with

issues that are so overwhelming that they make it hard to see a way forward

it’s natural to feel exhausted from time to time this is not the case and you may

even feel dejected I am the one who is holding your hand no matter what your devoted

father will never leave you let me know that you trust me and that being held by me brings you comfort I am the one and

only holy and miraculous solution to all your problem problems I am the one who grants you healing opens doors and makes

your ways plain I am also your God I am the one who will provide for you and

keep you safe I am the one who will decide the fate of your family and you

the warmth of my love Embraces you today you had been eagerly anticipating my

arrival and could sense my tremendous presence come with a spirit of humility

and gratitude ready to listen take these words to Heart hold them close and allow them to fill

your thoughts so that you may release all your anxieties and walk in trust you

may not be able to see me with your physical eyes but you may still trust in my transforming power and the miraculous

things I can do for you and your loved ones if you would just hold my hand I will lead you softly and slowly down the

road of Holy Love where the waters will quiet down and the rain will stop when

you hear my voice today I restore your joy strengthen your faith and inscribe

Promises of trust in your heart my word has guided you thus far you should not

use your strength attempting to persuade those who would discourage you you don’t need their consent to proceed even if

they reject your Viewpoint or religion Victory seals your fate While others

Forge their own path you mean the world to me and my love for you has no bounds

you can easily contact Victoria and I am always punctual when you really need me

I’m always there just in time I understand that you may feel anxious and

that waiting may be a challenge but I beg you to put your anxieties on me you will not live the life I’ve imagined for

you if you’re always worried about what the future holds your mind and attention

do not need to be preoccupied believing in what I’ve said I vow to do miraculous

things in order to change your life you you want someone to be there for you at all times and to help you unlock doors

your days are mine and your nights are mine to make stay strong in the face of

worry by reminding yourself that you have put your faith in me your closest

friend God and Lord and that your heart can’t contain dread behold how your

spirit is set free from the shackles of fear Joy will flood your heart and you will be able to enjoy life to the

fullest I am here to reassure you that no matter what I will be right here with

you giving you the courage to face it head on no matter how difficult things become I will always be with you if you

have faith in me and obey my word throughout your life you have faced and conquered apparently insurmountable

obstacles with courage and resolve you have not lost a fight since you gave me command of your life and you have

started to win battles my darling you may have faith in me and be calm I know

it’s hard to stay believing when things aren’t going according to plan and disagreements emerge but even when it’s

hard hold firm in my promises and refuse to give in to the lies and temptations

of your adversaries I will always be here for you because of how much I love you I had

a big vision for your life even before you came into this world regardless of the circumstances I will consistantly

monitor you and ensure your well-being Embrace joy and keep walking in faith

defeat is certain and the reward I have in store for you is greater than anything you can ever fathom so please

do not let sorrow take root in your heart your courage has been much appreciated my darling reflect on all

the times you triumphed against challenges that were insurmountable at the time your every success was not an

accident rather it was the product of my mighty hand directing you there’s no

reason for you to be concerned you have gone through a lot I order the winds and storms to stop

no matter how much the world tries to erase the memories of the times I helped you no matter what you can count on my

undying love and devotion come to me and I will rescue you with an outstretched

hand no one loves you more than I do so let me carry your burdens I can see the

hardships you’re going through the things you’re trying to overcome and the hopelessness you’re feeling even in your

darkest hour you can count on my unwavering faithfulness you have made a strong move by seeking my presence

trusting in me and coming to me today reflect on your life and count the

struggles you overcame your bravery and perseverance have been very inspiring I

want you to know that I have always been here for you it was always my guiding hand some may say your successes were

due to chance but that’s not true listen I’m here to reassure you that everything

will be well stay fearless and pursue your Ambitions put your faith in me and

I will turn your wildest fantasies into a reality my darling pause for a second

and think your life has been marked by bravery reflect on the times when you overcame seemingly insurmountable

obstacles so take comfort in that never stop believing and always remember how

much love there is for you listen closely to the still little voice inside you my child because I know how

difficult it is to remain calm and faithful when troubles surround you and it seems like the world is conspiring

against you put your fears and insecurities to rest have confidence in my promises and continue to walk in

faith I always love and support you my dear little one pay close attention

write my words deep into your being to my delight my will is plain and

unambiguous to receive my incalculable gifts you must have unfaltering confidence trust in my reality and

knowledge of them my word is as follows I will not change change be humble and

accept my favors without making excuses accept my will if you want to make me

happy please know that my love for you is profound and unending because of my love wounds are healed Embraces you

bringing Solace safety and love today you may put the troubles and loneliness

in the past in this time of Sorrow I am here to give you strength no matter what

my word is bound to be with you say P them and keep in mind that I will be

there for you when your concerns are heavy just cry out if you feel alone if

you are in need of Solace I am here to provide it keep in mind that I am the

one leading you and you will not be short of anything everything you need is under my control and my heavenly

presence is the key to your Redemption Living Waters will nurture you and the

Bounty you produce will bring joy to your loved ones and everyone around you on days when you cry for no apparent

reason I will be here for you if you are searching for something real and everlasting if you yearn for genuine

love my love is a safe haven for you other than this you are stuck when

you’re down and out many people will still show you affection but they’ll also want something in return love

Tranquility healing and unfaltering Trust are things that no one else can

provide feel free to come and get this blessing it is not for sale I only ask

that you give me your whole being your belief in me your Devotion to me your dedication to our future together and

your unshakable will to put the past in the past as a hopeful new future unfolds

I wholeheartedly welcome it with assurance and tolerance I accept it I

give myself over to you God and I say it with your own words with all my being I

trust in what you have said my beloved be




experiencing developing and living to fruition as you surrender to the essence of our Union take a minute to breathe

deeply smelling the Beautiful perfume of my holy spirit let the passage of time

become an immersive experience in order to receive the multitude of goods and affection that I’m so happy to give you

enlarge your fingers in my unfaltering love you discover a Haven that surpasses

the limitations of Earthly relationships hence I imp you my dear to never put out

this eternal flame of Love or give up on the difficult pursuit of people whose loves May disappoint and abuse you take

heart I will always love you and our love will last forever in the fabric of

my love my intentions for you remain unwavering and my role will always be

tangible I foresee a life-altering journey a resurrection into a new existence characterized by boundless joy

and unwavering love I willingly gave my life on the cross triumphing over death so that you may

rise above and take part in the abundance of Lifestyles to the best of my abilities this love is more than just

good it is a surprising Wellspring of forgiveness and it definitely belongs to

you so embrace it completely could also Escape your contemporary knowledge I can

do more than you can imagine and you have to admit that with time I can reach

the core of your being and show you strength and conviction that let you make choices that change your life’s

trajectory the time has come regardless of your age or background you must

refuse to underestimate the otherworldly force that permeates your way of life

those who have doubts will be shocked by the outcome of my spirit’s actions which will shine a light on your life we offer

this First Rate holy love to everyone seeking Refuge it is not necessarily unique love on Earth Earth with all its

limitations and constraints is nothing compared it often requires return favors

and may cause heartache loneliness deceit and betrayal instead of going

through this I beg you do not let me soothe your pain and alleviate your sadness you have my undivided attention

and I wish to feel the depth of my love for you nothing not even a locked door

can stop the blessings meant for you now that your moment has arrived make your love for me known by speaking your

affirmations out loud and writing your beliefs down this isn’t a meaningless

statement rather it testifies to your faith and the fact that you have found solace and strength in the presence of

angels even when faced with difficulties do not give into despair Beyond this

same door is the fabled promise of an even more magnificent one revealing advantages of much greater scale

remember within the celestial your kingdoms a spiritual war is Raging for your lives and your religion no matter

how stealthy they may be all of your enemies both visible and invisible are

working to stop your Advance believe that I will deliberately bring people into your life who possess Heavenly

wisdom to help you overcome these obstacles be humble and accept this area’s guidance as you embark on your

journey if you spend time praying for me I will reveal many greater re

Revelations you will emerge Victorious from this spiritual Struggle No matter how strong our bond

is every barrier you encounter will eventually crumble even if I should

provide it to you quickly I’d rather you understand the value of your faith abilities and possessions at its core

Victory isn’t about one individual achievement in spite of the fact that the devil will do his best to drag you

down into a pit of despair if you stray from my teachings and abandon your faith

I see great promise in your path which will be characterized by great success The Good Fortune of many and the growth

of your family as they learn to live with virtue and modesty you shouldn’t

always go on this life altering Journey alone you are about to rise to a nonsecular world where the future takes

shape and lives undergo tremendous alteration let us go hand in hand and

strengthen your hand to mine be be mindful that this moment holds not only wonderful but also lovely promises for

you as you listen to the choices available long before your technology existed the ground rules for your future

and your family’s future were being set and they are being set even as you

listen each one of them has unique abilities a calling and a hunger for

knowledge may they one day realize this and serve me have the courage to dream

bigger than what you can see what you can Envision or even what you can trust

right now spiritual deprivation mental disarray and mounting debt are not

inevitable for you and your loved ones with your faith you will be able to seize and direct the opportunities that

may soon present themselves you don’t belong in a world where sadness rules

prior to the utterance of a single word I will be standing by to assist you when

you scream I listen carefully please understand how much I care about

you and how much I want to help you overcome the obstacles in your path

because you placed your trust in me to extend my hand in a way that will assist you in Rising above healing your wounds

gaining perspective on what lies Beyond and restoring the advantages that were once yours you have come to meet me

today please know that you hold a special place in my heart I am filled

with immense satisfaction at your ability to per persevere when faced with challenges remember and trust in me as

your steadfast and mighty God consequently you must not succumb to those who would denigrate you or seek to

rob you of your happiness they aren’t your real friends they’re just people who have abandoned their religion are

envious of your success or are out to harm you they aren’t your true friends

they are atheists who are envious of your path and have abandoned religion

they are aware of how loved and fortunate you are yet they still refuse to believe it I will turn away those who

aim to hurt you and bring into your life those who love you so there’s no need to waste your power trying to convince them

allow go of your sadness and refuse to allow concern or ideas that disrupt your

Tranquility to take up residence in your mind or Spirit to protect your thoughts

against negativity put on the helmet of faith in order to face the challenges

that are ahead may you arm yourselves with righteousness like armor and draw

strength from my holy phrase like a sword you may typically come out on top in a religious fight so make yourself

ready for it even if you make a few mistakes you will still be considered

successful keep in mind that I will bring you up on a different occasion Embrace this opportunity and free

yourself from future anguish get yourself ready to battle discouragement and anxiety

head on make sure you’re ready to succeed right now and that your idea of me is correct on these days we shall

talk every day your spirit Bears the weight of worry and I would rather free

you from that load than give it to you we need to transform your life rejuvenate your soul and Elevate Joy

Beyond mere memories I had to come and talk to you I pray that your faith

becomes stronger so bear in mind that I’m capable of handling everything you throw at me no matter how difficult or

impossible it seems you must accept the Beyond as it is you cannot alter it the

key to finding pleasure is living in the present moment when your presence is at

its most effective refrain from giving in to the manipulation of those who want

to separate you from me by filling your mind with unfounded accusations that

undermine your success and make you feel worthless put your resentment and anger

aside and forgive those who have wronged you stop responding rudely or violently

to everyone your true battle isn’t always against flesh and blood spiritual

conflicts are an undeniable reality in the Supernatural where your genuine

conflict unfolds the enemy in that otherworldly place is out to get your

spirit by setting traps for you just when you’re about to give in it is my deepest desire that you submit to me

strengthen your your faith stand up to evil and find refuge in our hidden

Sanctuary protect yourself with my word whether you choose to believe it or not

pray quietly get strength from me and put on all the armor I offer so you can

confront anything difficult that may come your way make use of your faith

because I possess the strength to lift mountains of sadness destroy Evil’s hurdles and break the bonds of sin

immorality and destructive conduct even when it seems unattainable ask for all

that is kind lovely and encouraging inquire from me at my earliest convenience brimming with love

if it is Miles toward your Eternal development and worldly welfare no

matter how complicated your problems are I will still answer your prayers I am

capable of handling the matter you have entrusted to me do not be scared I have never let you down before and I will not

let you down now either whether you’re fighting an uphill struggle facing desolation or alone you’re never really

alone remain steadfast in your religion there may be moments when you feel my

absence but have faith in my assurances do you still remember that I said I

would be there for you at all hours I’m doing this right now not because you’re perfect but because I really like you

have faith in this truth and do not run away when difficulties come if you maintain your composure

your adversaries will collapse in your presence and the threats you were hoping to overcome will gradually disappear you

will be able to overcome all of them the only thing I want from you is that you believe in me with all your heart even

if it’s only a little faith watch it grow into a powerful tree with your idea

you could reap many rewards you happen to be living in a crucial and unique

period my return is approaching so pay attention to the wind and the trumpets

it isn’t a tough task therefore you should almost give your whole self to me

challenge accepted bring me your heart even when you’re exhausted and gasping for air when it happens I want you to

know that my love for you has no bounds here in my flesh I can ease your pain by

returning everything that has been unfairly stolen from you increasing your blessings manyfold being by your side

and refusing to give up tragedies have befallen you even if many have deceived

you and want you to fail I the great God will never abandon you you will rise up

and stand strong as a courageous fighter against those who would tempt you shame you or think they can defeat you all

because of my love Grace and the power I implant in your heart their jaws will

drop when they see the miraculous things I will do through you and you may be shocked from the barren Wasteland I may

bring you to the rich Fields where Miracles grow abundantly despite all the difficulties you faced the day of your

success is here I can cure your diseases set you free from your bonds and provide

you with Incredible Independence hold on to your heart’s desire like a Priceless

Jewel it is your most valuable property and keep my promise I can provide you

with substantial job sustenance once the envious nitpickers see the benefits I’ve

bestowed upon you so don’t let their meaningless words derail your concentration good health protection

from harm reliable friends and family Harmony within your Social Circle

motivational goals and an indestructible will to win keep going and never forget

that your age is irrelevant you should no longer let it deflate your self-esteem make no mistake about your

age because of how much I care about you I’m able to collaborate with the Great Marvels via you moreover I would rather

do this alone and nobody can foil my schemes you may count on my undying

devotion love and support I want your undying dedication your undying devotion

and your heart get ready to devote your life to studying the Paranormal I will

always adore you it warms my heart to know that my words are providing the

comfort and sustenance you need this makes my heart swell and I can feel the shift shft s happening within you

remember I’m here for you if anything persists that worries you the stresses

of life might make you feel helpless so let your imagination wander keep in mind

however that first thing in the morning you may pray to me to fix your problems and face life joyfully burden free my

darling you do not want to be self-aware of how naive you are one can never happen especially while I’m watching you

since you know longer have time to be afraid of anything end your concerns

there’s nothing missing from your repertoire to raise your spirits act on your faith no matter where you are on

your bed or in a chair come get down on one knee bring your hands to your face and thank your family and employer from

the bottom of your heart I like it when you confidently bring up your health even if there are times when you don’t

even have to my guardian angels are prepared to answer your requests and I

am listening they are ready to meet all of your demands since they were made to be submissive and helpful keep in mind

that I shower you with kindness and mercy because you are my beloved toddler

there may not be anything to be afraid of so don’t be shy about inviting so you

don’t feel bad about coming to me when you need anything let me remind you again if you ever feel like you don’t

want me it’s because your faith has faded and your life is consumed with pleasure measure if you ask I can

provide you with the best advantages even better than honey from The Rock I have the power to open the Heaven’s

doors and shower you with an abundance of divine benefits tears sadness and the

weight of your mistakes and failures were not made for you to be crushed remember that my love for you remains

constant no matter how hard things become for you at times like these when the weight of hopelessness seems too

great to bear I am here here to give you a boost and reassure you that you are not meant to live a defeated life your

coronary heart is beautiful and innocent and I want it to be a beacon of light

not a shadow shine in the light let your joy show on your face and let others see

your grin because you are my beloved child and an embodiment of my infinite

love I pray that they enjoy themselves in my honor I have accomplished much for

you and I can keep the power to do miracles that defy logic alive for you so that

you may know how important you are there is no place for despair or turning back

as I have often told you in the face of adversity you are like a mighty river

that opens the path to the promised land of benefits that I have reserved just for you your role as a parent to many

generations and an inspiration to those who follow you may be better understood if I unlock your religious records for

you no matter how hard things has become don’t let yourself be discouraged by

today’s lack of acknowledgement or the hardships you’ll endure remember that

everything I provide you from possessions to benefits is for a reason

everything is in my complete control but remember that your attitude faith and

trust will take you to new heights when you feel vulnerable for strength seek my

word bend down and pray even when you feel like you can’t go on I’m right

there in your your heart looking up at the sky you can see my advantages in person they aren’t abstract all of your

problems will crumble because your deliverance has arrived it is possible to Vanquish your enemies I can get down

to business the moment I focus on your response you have an incredible quality

about you my love for you has no limits and I can hold on to it so that it may

be a constant reminder of the immense affection that resides in my heart it it

gives me immense joy to watch the dawn break over your eyes and to see the thankfulness and Love in Your Heart from

now on every morning when you wake up let your mind be filled with those words

that came from my proposal you may rekindle a desire and doubts will

gradually fade away as the night becomes lighter you’ll be able to leave sadness

and despair in the past standing firm remaining total toally and embodying the

new course that awaits you every day may be the moment for you right now rise up

with joy Dawning the armor of battle and hold the sword of my word in your hand

if you have faith in my incredible power your enslaved spirit will be freed the

weight of Shame and regret will be lifted off Your Shoulders by me you are innocent you must wholeheartedly agree

with this neither a human judge nor a malicious utterance can save you from the consequences of your actions the

fire of my holy Justice May consume your allegation I can protect you like a fortress that refuses to give up no

matter how many wiy and evil foes are charging up against you you have a special place in my heart I have

bestowed upon you the power to walk on serpents and scorpions and no one or thing can hurt you now people all around

the world are calling out to me yet every once in a while I seem remote I will be there to protect you from those

who would do harm to you so you may rest easy knowing that I am here to help be

unwavering in your faith bearing witness in good times and bad on this present

day I reveal to you a potent Enigma you have been my Victorious fighter and for

that I am eternally grateful stay hopeful for what’s to come and I will perform miracles in your life and the

lives of your loved ones it is clear to me that you are aware Ware of this fact

now let go of your concerns for the problems that trouble you you will be sidestepped and your pain will go away

things will get better and I hope you may rest your anxieties on me fear is

counterproductive because it prevents you from thinking clearly and limits your abilities I ask you to put your

worries aside and stand with me because being afraid makes you worry even more

if you are suffering you may find comfort in coming to me share the origin of your anxieties with me let go of the

feelings that nag at your spirit and make you anxious your soul aches to be with me and your heart aches to be with

me as well this Need Is Fundamental to the feelings of isolation that weigh on

your spirit indulge in my company Let My Words surround you Relish in my company

and find solace in the words I share with you words that will bring you Liberation and healing because you have

a life ahead of you you don’t have to worry about anything else those who rely on your strength will battle for you

defend themselves and never forget me you have loved ones who adore you keep

in mind the commitment you made when you asked me to give you the strength to endure and I listened I know that some

difficult scary and seemingly insurmountable things have happened to you recently but now is the moment to

show you that I am here for for you always not just when things are going

well when you’re down my energy will be the most noticeable stop wasting the

many benefits I’ve given you and don’t abandon the progress you’ve already made

do not cut ties with those you care about just because they have shown pain instead give them another opportunity I

will give you the strength and wisdom to parent no matter how hard you try exercise caution keep your head held

high and your dignity intact while you patiently endure insults and assaults I

can personally face those who have wronged you and I hope they will have the chance to repent therefore I do not

want any damage to come to them take stock of your current level of faith and if there are days when it waines don’t

give up hope enter my presence in your true form even as you manipulate me into

feeling empty as your misery resurfaces and the specters of your past threaten

to obscure your feelings I will free you from your shackles mend your wounds and

restore your health gather the Divine love that envelops you and come to me at noon in the morning or whenever you need

my presence I will move mountains to help you pray with unflinching conviction and Assurance approach life’s

challenges headon and keep your faith strong let your spirits soar because

Despair and misery have no place here having a large family may put a lot of

strain on your mental and emotional health and I get that when you need a

minute to yourself to reflect and recharge that’s okay just remember that you’re never really alone my warm hug is

at your side soothing your spirit keep walking in faith be patient and don’t

give up until my loving and protective fingers encircle your life and the lives of your loved ones caring for you

providing for you and bringing healing into your life are my duties exercise

caution and wisdom as you enjoy the benefits of Health tranquility and love

give me your heart my little one and keep your eyes on the path I’ve set out for you make it ahead of time instead of

rushing to get it fixed or shrinking back I am standing here with my arms wide out ready to welcome you this is

something I really believe in I keep stressing and saying it again you have a special place in my heart Lord if you

love me you showed me this place the moment you asked me at this other moment

I’m conversing with you in spirit soothing your soul as it heals from the wounds of the past and making room for

the hopes and pleasures of the future even when everything seems to be falling apart you may still hold on to the

sacred promises I made to you in my word even though you may face obstacles that

seem insurmountable my promises will give you the strength to overcome them and celebrate your success uccessful

completion you will feel empowered Brave and assured that I am often making use

of your strength after taking them in any precise and terrible situation you

could rely on me trust in my abilities I hope you always keep this in mind since

I love you very much babies were cute I penned and sealed this message with the

power of my unwavering love pouring it from the depths of my heart I am coming to you now with this message here there

is the key to forgiveness the remedy for emotional pain and the hope for the future that you have been seeking in a

message this message is my way of showing you something it is the signal you have been hoping for written into my

entire being the kilometers marked with the pink ink of my blood symbolize the

endless sacrifice I made to atone for your crimes look closely at those

sentences I want you to know that they carry the weight of God’s favor and the love of my eternal devotion hold on to

this message because it contains an invaluable gift a gift of Limitless love

accept the Forgiveness that those words are offering and allow them to enter your heart a day of great encouragement

and Reconciliation has blessed you in the afternoon you will be able to let go

of the burdens that have been weighing you down I can see the seemingly unmovable and unwavering portals that

you’ve banged on so persistently these doors have opened wide for you today and you must realize this I have broken the

shackles that tied you shattered the chains that chained you and forged aside every obstacle that stood in your way

with my boundless Divine Force you are free to rise beyond your despair by

pushing yourself fighting and winning now you have broken free from the bonds

of pain and we acknowledge every bit of Anguish you have experienced you sought a sign and here

is my message to you let go of the weight of past failures since those who

saw your hardships will soon see your Triumph you will remain strong in your

trip because I am with you and the chapter of your tribulations is coming to a conclusion and I will clear up the

anxieties that have strained your coronary heart with humility and unfaltering Trust I ask you to return to

kneeling sooner than in my presence your choices made in unity with me will be

blessed therefore I urge that you refrain from relying on anything other than your human knowledge pay attention

to my instructions now these are the ways you should go I send my Holy Spirit

to encourage you so open your Bible and let the words ring true in your heart

you will feel my voice speaking directly to your soul as you read this and your

prophetic and religious faculties will open to show you the magical Shield I have placed around around your house

when you ask me for help I will send individuals your way who can provide opportunities and

companionship I will remove you from your life you people who seek the easiest way to extinguish your spirit

the winds I promise you in my call will come to pass when I release the weights you’re carrying be aware that you have

people who care about you you are treasured and Priceless soak up my warmth discard the hurtful idea

that might trick you into thinking no one loves or cares about you this is both soothing and false to me on a deep

level indulge in the present moment realize that you will not stutter or let

discouragement or hardship get you down anymore no matter what happens trust in me let go of your pain and let me soothe

you if you need to cry take it to heart I am here and ready to listen let your

emotions flow freely and openly when you feel like you failed surrender to me

always by your side my darling whether it’s the gentle light of dawn the warmth of midday or the quiet of night I will

be by your side in order to convey how much I value you I am here to provide

you with Solace and constant support my affection Embraces you and my strong

hand stands guard over you ascend the ladder of Triumph face the opposing armies that may emerge climb the ladder

of combat and defeat the forces of evil with the strength of my words firmly

planted in your heart when the day winds down come to me again humble yourself

and put your worries and inadequacies in my hands in this very moment I may be

able to mend the wounds that the battlefield has inflicted upon you with my Divine love I will also give you the

strength to celebrate your victories with me and I will prepare you for battle by placing a Crown of Life and

energy on your forehead no matter what path your life takes I will be by your side to enjoy life to

the fullest even when you reach the Pinnacle of prosperity never forget that

my love for you has no bounds I will be here for you no matter what you need a

plethora of advantages are in store together we will discover fresh ways to

motivate you to keep going I am aware of the worldwide difficulties you encounter

and that your manner of living is far from hygienic but inside its hallowed Pages you could

find that it promises a method to strengthen your faith giving you the courage and calm to persevere through

depressive episodes never forget that I am always here for you supporting you

through good times and bad don’t blindly follow others as they flee from a frightening situation keep

straightforward doing what you’re supposed to and protecting your home stop betraying the faith of the people

you care about please please on a bended knee and with unfaltering faith technique me I am the one who will grant

your every wish I will pour down my Abundant Blessings On You by throwing open the gates of Heaven recognize

nevertheless that what you have worked so hard for is a safeguard against the Allure of taking out loans or falling

into negative and evil debt I don’t want you to be a victim of the traps created

by those who would use your vulnerabilities for their own benefit especially when the industry offers the

promise of quick wealth do not give in to their shackles I implore you use

caution while relying on their meaningless assurances Embrace bravery and tap into your inner power click on

the doors that lead to Opportunities work with steadfast resolve and unflinching integrity if you call out to

me I will send you a solution that has benefits so abundant that you will have more than enough to share with others do

do not take my words lightly they are a signal and a promise I send you out into

the world prepared to rise above the challenges you will face and I urge you to never discount a possibility no

matter how little or modest it may seem surprising developments will unfold as

you stay committed and work tirelessly I will reward your efforts and increase your acts if you follow my word I assure

you now is the moment my beautiful child to complete the task I have chosen for you I want to reignite the passion and

enthusiasm that when it was Burning Brightly inside you did not waste valuable minutes dwelling on past

tragedies or the problems that have trapped you right now A fire is about to

burst forth devouring your flaws and banishing your anger raise your head

high my baby and go on triumphantly get out of your shell and

stop dwelling on the mistakes you’ve made the hopelessness and lamentation of people who have lost hope should not

influence you as the world around you crumbles remember that I’m here to

defend you even if many others may give into fear and run away with my loving

arms encircling you and your loved ones I will bless you abundantly Grant your every desire and watch over you until

you are safe temporary setbacks in worldly possessions should not discourage you as they are merely

obstacles on the path to True pleasure in my my opinion there is a reason

behind every event I am very careful with the things I value and each task that comes your way has the potential to

become a gift in Disguise in order to protect your future and my Celestial

plan from those who are evil I may cut ties with them they fool themselves into

thinking they are more powerful than your heavenly father who loves you no matter what so they continue to live in

denial of their impending doom Never back down from your religious beliefs no matter how many others try to dissuade

you may your thoughts and emotions be guided to assemble the plethora of advantages that I have set out for you

every day I excitedly anticipate our reunion which is why I am your true father providing you with unconditional

love those expressions particularly the expensive ones strike a cord with your

soul while you look at them today feel my presence please reflect before I GR

you a moment of silence put your gaze down and give in to the soothing my

darling take it into consideration if you’re feeling down and out letting your

tears flow may help lift your spirits lift your sights higher my friend shake

off the sand of the past and reach for the stars raise your joyful voice the

triumphant resounding Roar is yours now that you’ve given me control of your life and are doing what I say you’ll

continue to do great things so remember all the victories before this behold the

Embrace of my love that envelopes you guaranteeing that you will not succumb to defeat or despair may you be filled

with bravery and may you declare your unwavering opinion of me in the same way

that your faith is the fire that burns brightly inside us amen I pray that the

words and phrases that make up this message speak to you on a deep and meaningful level if you feel a



benefits that are a part of it imagine the path ahead of you lit up by the

Bright Light Of Hope and ambition guiding you along the emotional landscape to the Fulfillment of your

Divine Mission let your heart be a garden in full bloom with

thankfulness recognize the difficulties as markers on the path to Greater self-awareness and strength in this

enlarged mirror picture imagine the far-reaching consequences of your

unfaltering faith which would transcend your current situation as you take in the depth of those words picture the

people around you impacted by the power of your unwavering idea finding comfort and inspiration in your own journey and

letting the interwoven threads of Joy love and success emerge in the intricate

patterns of your lives immerse yourself in the Deep sense of purpose that accompanies you on this long journey

understanding that every moment is a sacred chapter in the story of your Divine Destiny so my love may these

words ReSound in your vast spiritual Cathedral reverberating through the halls of Time and Eternity as you linger

in the spiritual odyssey learning more and more uncovering valuable insights that illuminate the path ahead

reflecting on the places of thankfulness and creating a masterpiece of gratitude

for the intricate design of your lives on this adventure also as you explore the depths

of your heart may you find harmony with the celestial beats that direct your

movements creating a harmonious arrangement of Divine Alignment envision your Soul’s ethereal

Walts in perfect sync with the cosmic energies all around you allow The Echoes

of those heavenly words to resonate through the halls of your recognition my dear and let the Whispers of thought

that accompany this extended meditation lead you closer to the holy sanctuary of your true

yourself as you press on with this long exploration you may be Reawakening

latent potentials and opening doors to Limitless geographical regions of opportunity in doing so you may be

serving as a religious Beacon driving away the darkness that has been blocking

your way and Illuminating the Myriad of opportunities that lie ahead as you

dwell on the Hallowed Ground of these deep realities free from the constraints of the here and now you will experience

the expansion of time in this enlarged reflection lose yourself in the vastness

of heavenly love and let the calm currents of its Embrace lead you to the shores of inner Tranquility may you too

find new depths as this holy dialogue progresses revealing the parts of yourself that have always yearned for

Fame and Fortune This lengthy journey is a call to explore the depths of your

emotional core and unearth the riches that lie underneath let these words

reverberate in your spirit until they harmonize with the Eternal wisdom that

surpasses the limitations of this world may you find comfort in the unending

presence of divine love as you Embrace this lengthy contemplation and get closer to achieving your holy purpose

now as we continue this holy Journey let the life-altering power of these words

seep into your very being imagine the brilliant light of your faith which on

this long journey guides you to your greatest potential in the sanctuary of your heart Let The Echoes of heavenly

wisdom remain motivating you to go forth with unshakable self-confidence picture a beautiful

tapestry of heavenly blessings unfolding before you with each thread telling a

story of success and spiritual growth now my beloved pause for a minute to

Center yourself in the awareness of the divine presence all around you in the this holy moment you may feel the words

resonating in your spirit and molding your attention as you weave The Echoes

of this meditation into the fabric of your life may you be filled with profound appreciation for the journey

we’ve traveled together the wisdom you’ve received and the Divine love that surrounds you are you open to being led

by the light of inherent wisdom as you gracefully and comprehensibly make your way through its many twists and

turns imagine in the path ahead lit up by the brilliant light of divine love as

we conclude our long investigation also May the light of Truth illuminate your path I pray that

your Beating Heart is an inspiration to those who see it the divine presence is

with you every step of the way as you Journey out into the canvas of your life so may you stroll with the certainty

that you aren’t alone inspiring and elevating might The Echoes of our shared

experience erience remind you of the precious connection that transcends time and area my darling I beg you to carry

the spirit of this extended meditation with you to sustain your soul you seek a

holy Elixir is it possible that the Echoes of heavenly love may resonate

inside you blending in with the Symphony of creation until our paths meet again

in the fabric of Eternity furthermore May the infinite mercy and compassion of

the Divine envelop you Faith love and persistence are the driving forces behind the trip we’re now

on if you felt connected or inspired please take a minute to show your

support by clicking the like button this AIDS in conveying the word

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