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MY CHILD YOU CAN BE SAVED । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved child hear my words this day

I have great and wondrous plans for you

plans to prosper you and give you a hope

and a

future the time of fulfillment is at

hand I am bringing promises to pass and

blessings beyond measure into your

life yes changes are coming quick and

sudden like a mighty rushing wind do not

resist these changes for I am the author

of them

I am moving in power to lift you up from

the depths and set your feet upon


ground the Breakthrough upon you will be

like an overwhelming flood soon you will

go from Barely getting by to overflowing

abundance almost faster than you can

comprehend it where before there was

lack and hardship in the blink of an eye

I will cause blessings to rain down

Financial provision security open doors

and favor that money cannot buy I will

will refresh your soul and cause you to

thrive this aggressive blessing is no

surprise to me I have been leading you

through the Wilderness carving your

character honing your trust in me you

have remained faithful through the

trials and testings the waiting and

weariness proving that your roots go

down deep into my heart that solid

foundation of faith and obedience is now

about to Bear tremendous fruit indeed

you will not be shaken therefore for

reject fear and doubt when they hiss

lies in your ear do not believe their

threats or

insinuations they may try to convince

you that this radical blessing I am

pouring out on you is unrealistic or

exaggerated pay them no heed soon you

will testify to overflowing abundance as

the norm lack and hardship but a fading

memory this I promise to you my

treasured child whom I Delight

in now some practical instructions so

you may May fully receive all I have for

you first guard your mind and heart

vigilantly in this season refuse anxiety

or apprehension do not fret about the

changes taking place or cling too

tightly to The Familiar things I am

moving you away

from release the past how you did things

before your old mindsets assumptions and


beliefs let me expand your capacity to

receive I know change can feel

intimidating but the unfamiliar is not

something to fear but to get excited for

wonderful surprises are in store if you

let me take the lead and follow

willingly secondly avoid those who speak

negativity who seow seeds of Doubt or

try to convince you your blessing is

unrealistic they do not see as I see

surround yourself instead with those

whose Faith stirs yours up who boldly

affirm my goodness and and miraculous

power guard your inner circle as you

would guard precious treasure for that

is what your destiny is thirdly as I

bless you financially be wise and give

generously to advance my kingdom do not

fear that the supply will dry up or that

you need to hoard it my river flows with

abundance for you because I wish to flow

through you as you sew into my work in

the lives of others the Unstoppable

torrent of my provision

continues be my hands my voice My

Embrace to the hurting and lost be my

extravagant generosity to the

downtrodden watch in awe as I multiply

seeds sewn so that you always have more

than enough for your needs and overflow

to be a conduit of my loving provision

for many others beloved child I am so

pleased with you you have come through

the Wilderness you have put your hope in

me as your sole Redeemer in adversity it

not relying on your own strength you

have prayed boldly and sought my face

diligently soon your perseverance will

bear radiant fruit the seeds of tears

and trials will Sprout into blossoms of

joy for you have trusted me in lack now

I will trust you with plenty you have

stewarded the little

Faithfully now I make you ruler over

much your losses will fade to distant

memory in light of of the double

recompense of Blessing about to break

forth so rise up now with joyful

expectation my faithful one lift your

head open your eyes wide with

anticipation extend your hands with

Readiness to receive all I am pouring

out from my storehouses of

bounty deep adventurous Wells are

opening up inside you inside your soul

and spirit as you courageously embark on

this new Journey with me

no more crying out

someday this day the Fulfillment of

longings and breakthrough you thought

may always be just beyond reach are here

now the waiting seeking and believing

have come to

fruition my Showers of Blessings will

leave you a struck like rain after

drought like dawn after Endless Night

this dramatic turnaround from surviving

to thriving will refresh you again and

again each time you think you have

reached the Pinnacle of what I have for

you another Horizon of blessings will

come into

view yes beloved child the time has

come I am your God who gives you power

to get wealth and

substance I take pleasure in prospering

my kids I love to blow your mind with

blessings custom designed to Thrill your

heart and showcase my creativity power

and extravagance this show of my loving

generosity for you is only the beginning

an avalanche of blessings and

breakthrough is descending upon you

right now stay steady keep your eyes

fixed on me do not be overwhelmed or

shrink back just keep soaking it all in

with Wonder and

gratitude more and more revelation of my

heart for you will continue to unfold

Your Capacity to contain blessings will

rapidly increase as you yield yourself

fully to this season I am bringing you


to Dawning waves of change are here New

Beginnings bursting with potential

promise and abundance this is just the

start of flourishing and thriving in

ways you have not conceived of before

stay near to me follow close by my side

together we will venture into Wide Open

Spaces of increase and freedom unlike

anything you have experienced the

Wilderness has refined you and now

Majesty awaits mountains of limitation

are crumbling giving way to Horizons of

open Skies blessings upon blessings are

here for you as I lead you forth into

the broad place of

Destiny so hear this

declaration my beloved change is here

and change is good I am turning things

around suddenly and dramatically because

you are my precious child and I love to

bless you do not resist the tital waves

of increase I am bringing you into just

receive it with joy in awe then Venture

forth boldly with me into this expansive

season of extravagant blessings my

beloved child as you stand on the edge

of this leap of increase about to

descend upon you I want to encourage you

to think bigger than you have allowed

yourself to think

before open your mind and renew your

perspective to understand that I am the

unlimited God for whom nothing

absolutely nothing is

impossible the restrictions of lack

delays of disappointment closed doors of

no these have attempted to mold and

shape your expectations based on past

experience but I am releasing you from

limitations now as you step forward into

this place where dreams become reality

suddenly what you have hoped and longed

for is here now what you have prayed and

believed for is coming into

manifestation before your eyes your

expectations your very definition of

living blessed is about to radically

expand as you experience my extravagant

abundance and

favor yes you will need to make room for

all this increase I am bringing you

into let go of clutter from the past

season open your hands to receive gifts

custom designed to Delight you and

reflect how intimately I know you expand

your capacity to contain more than

enough so you can overflow bless

blessings onto others too enlarge your

territory of

influence dream bigger for your future

impact and

Legacy say yes with bold faith when I

prompt you to take on

challenges you feel underqualified

for you are more than ready through my

power and equipping to do all I have

called you to

do no more hesitation no more false

humility no more shrinking back when

opportunity and resp responsibility come

knocking you are empowered with my

strength and authority to fulfill every

part of your destiny I set before

you my beloved child gaze upon the

Horizon brimming with uncounted

blessings just for you vast spaces await

your exploration overflowing with

opportunities and

responsibilities I have prepared you for

this guiding you with my strength you’ll

find blessings in family homes lands

mere glimpses of the immense Treasures I

eagerly wish to bestow upon

you beyond material wealth I offer gifts

that resonate with your unique Soul

reflecting your true self lovingly

shaped by my

hands step into the light clear and

bright and witness all I have in store


you feel the warmth of my love as I pave

this path experience the awe of my

boundless love and power enriching your

life no more aimless wandering or

settling for Less Heaven’s Feast is

yours you will Thrive firmly rooted in

my blessings that enrich without burden

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