MY CHILD YOU MUST PREPARE FOR THIS । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

hear me my children as the Creator who

shaped the heavens and the Earth the

time has come to awaken from

complacency to rise from Slumber and to

recognize the gravity of the

hour this is not a call to Arms in the

traditional sense but a summoning of the

spirit an Awakening to a conflict that

transcends physical

Realms throughout the ages I have

observed Humanity grapp in with trials

both of the earth and

Beyond Wars have been fought on

battlefields soaked with Blood and Tears

yet the confrontation I speak of now is

more profound more pervasive it is a

confrontation that delves into the

deepest recesses of your being

challenging the very essence of your

soul you have been accustomed to

thinking of War as a distant reality

confined to Regions far removed from

your daily life

lives however the struggle I bring to

your attention is not bound by geography

or Nation it approaches the threshold of

your Consciousness seeping into the

spaces where you find Solace and peace

it is not a war fought with weapons of

Steel but with the resilience of your


convictions in scripture you have read

about struggles beyond the visible world

where entities of great power engage in

a cosmic contest

The Narrative of Elijah confronting the

prophets of Baal is not merely a tale of

ancient times but a parallel to the

challenge you face

today this is a moment of discernment a

time to differentiate between truth and

deception between the illumination of

divine guidance and the Shadows cast by

falsehood the conflict is not only

external but internal challenging each

of you to examine your beliefs your

values and your commitments

it is a call for the genuine the

authentic for those who bear my message

not just in words but in the essence of

their lives the time for superficiality

and pretense has passed the hour Demands

a sincerity of purpose and a depth of

conviction that withstands the tests and

tribulations of these

times I urge you not to stand Idol for

the battle has already

commenced it is not a conflict that

allows NE ity or indifference each of

you is called to participate to choose

your stance and to take up the mantle of

responsibility that comes with being a

bearer of light in a world that often

Revels in darkness this is not a moment

for fear or despair but for courage and

determination the trials you face are

not to weaken you but to fortify your

spirit to refine your character and to

bring forth the Brilliance that lies

within each of you a Brilliance that can

illuminate even the darkest corners in

your Gatherings whether in places of

worship or in the quiet Solitude of your

hearts remember that the greatest

strength you possess is not in physical

might but in the unyielding resilience

of your spirit the unwavering commitment

to what is just and the boundless

capacity for love and

compassion this is a call to awaken to

rise and to embody the principles that

have been the Bedrock of your faith

stand firm in the face of adversity

steadfast in your pursuit of

righteousness and unshaken in your

commitment to

truth as you navigate these turbulent

times know that you are not

alone my presence is a constant a

Guiding Light amidst the

uncertainty in each act of kindness in

every gesture of love in all Pursuits of

Justice ice there am I reflected in your

actions magnified in your Unity so G

yourselves not with armor and sword but

with the armor of conviction The Shield

of faith and the sword of

truth for in this struggle it is not the

Clashing of armies that will determine

the outcome but the resolve of each

heart the purity of each intention and

the steadfastness of each Soul heed this

call my children not with trepidation

but with a Resolute heart for this is

not a proclamation of Doom but a

rallying cry for a dawn that

awaits a dawn of renewed spirit and

rekindled hope where the Triumph is not

of one over another but of light over

Shadow Of Truth over untruth of love


indifference as you step forward into

this time of

testing understand that this is not

merely a Str struggle against external

forces but a journey inward a quest for

the true self that resides beneath

layers of fear and

uncertainty it is a battle for

authenticity for the right to stand

unashamed in one’s own truth rooted in

the knowledge of what is just and

pure let not your hearts be swayed by

the cacophony of voices that seek to

lead you

astray in an era where misinformation

and deceit spread like wildfire

it is your duty to seek wisdom to

discern with Clarity the path that

aligns with my will in this journey You

Are Not Mere foot soldiers following

orders blindly but conscious beings

endowed with the Power of Choice the

ability to discern right from

wrong my children the struggle between

good and evil is but a surface glimpse

of a far greater truth in the depths of

the Soul light Embraces shadow in subtle

hues Beyond

categorization each choice spins another

thread in the complex weave of Human

Experience let go of simplistic

dualities instead seek my spirit that

resonates in all life that place where

inspiration uplifts mortal limitation

into Transcendent

possibility there lies the path to

wisdom the antidote for suffering the

narrow bridge to

Awakening in your inter actions in your

daily Deeds you wage this

war it is in the kindness shown to a

stranger The Compassion extended to the

downtrodden the Integrity maintained in

moments of

Temptation each Act of love each gesture

of selflessness each stand for justice

is a victory in this Grand conflict do

not be disheartened by the magnitude of

the task for in your Collective Strength

lies immense power power as a community

United in purpose and vision you can

withstand the tides of turmoil and

emerge stronger more

resilient the bonds of fellowship and

solidarity are your greatest weapons in

this struggle far mightier than any

sword or Shield remember this is not a

battle you fight alone my presence is

with you a beacon guiding you through

the storm in moments of Doubt seek my

face in times of weakness draw strength

from my spirit for I am not a distant

deity observing passively from the

heavens I am with you within you around

you a constant companion in your

journey as you g yourselves for this

battle let your armor be the virtues you

embody the breastplate of righteousness

the helmet of salvation the belt of

Truth let your feet be shaw with the

Readiness that comes from the gospel of

peace take up the shield of Faith with

which you can extinguish all the flaming

arrows of the evil one and wield the

sword of the spirit which is the word of

God in this war the spoils are not gold

or land but the hearts and minds of

humanity it is a struggle for the soul

of the world a fight to Kindle the light

of Hope in places darkened by

despair your Triumph lies not in the

defeat of an enemy

but in the Awakening of a Consciousness

that Embraces love Justice and

peace as you march forward be mindful of

those who have lost their way and snared

by the illusions of power and greed your

battle is not against them but for them

to liberate them from the chains of

their own

making show them the path of

righteousness not with judgment or

condemnation but with empathy and

understanding in the end this war will

not be remembered for the battles fought

or the enemies vanquished but for the

hearts transformed the spirits

awakened it will be a testament to the

indomitable Power of Love The

unquenchable Thirst for justice and the

unyielding Pursuit Of

Truth so my children as you prepare for

this war do so with a heart full of

Courage a spirit imbued with hope and a

soul anchored in faith stand firm in the

face of adversity unwavering in your

commitment to the greater

good know that in each moment of

challenge each test of your resolve you

are not

alone I Am with You guiding you

strengthening you loving you go forth

then not as Warriors of

Destruction but as ambassadors of

Peace spread the message of Love of

unity of compassion let your lives be a

testament to the power of divine divine

grace a beacon of light in a world in

need of

Illumination for in this holy struggle

the ultimate Victory is the Triumph of

love over hate of Peace over conflict of

unity over

division this is your calling your

mission your purpose embrace it with all

your heart with all your soul with all

your strength for in doing so you

fulfill not only my will but the deepest

yearning of your own spirit and when the

dawn of a new era Rises when the Shadows

Retreat and the light prevails you will

stand together a testament to the power

of Faith the resilience of the human

Spirit and the boundless Grace of the

Divine on that day you will know that

the war has been won not by the might of

armies but by the strength of love the

courage of conviction and the power of

Truth go now my children with my

blessing and my love go forth and be the

light in the darkness The Hope in

despair the peace in turmoil For You Are

My Chosen my beloved and in you I am

well pleased

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