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My Love for You is Boundless | God Says |God Message Today

my beloved child if you believe this like this video And subscribe to the

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amen my beloved child leaning closer give me your heart for just a moment I

ask for your complete Focus my deepest desire is for your happiness for you to

feel light and free to leave behind those nights where sleep seems a distant

dream to move beyond your grief and to step away from the shadow of sadness

forever my love for you is boundless I’ve shown it time and again but I long

for you to truly understand and feel it deep within your soul tell me now speak

from your heart are you ready for a change in your life do you yearn to be free from the

weights that have held you down do you wish for a heart overflowing with joy

answer me quickly if you truly wish to climb out of that deep Darkness listen closely to what I’m telling you now

start today without delay no more putting things off see how I’m right

here ready to clear your doubts speaking directly to you you know I’m real you

don’t need any more proof of my commitment to you yet I’ll show you not just for your faith but to also shine a

light for the doubters around you begin this very day the first thing in the

morning even before you get out of bed before you leave your room start with a

moment of thanks even if you’re not feeling up to it or if yesterday left you so mixed up that being thankful

feels hard just close your tired eyes and give thanks be grateful for your life for the

opportunity to talk with me for your faith no matter how small it may seem

appreciate the people around you even if they sometimes make things difficult they love you in their way be thankful

for your ability to think to read to absorb these words and to choose a shift

in perspective over dwelling on negativity with each new Dawn focus on

the positive the pure the kind strive to find the good in every situation even in

adversity look for the bright side remember what doesn’t break you makes you stronger here you are standing or

kneeling alive and unconquered the trials you faced have made you stronger proof of your toughness though these

times were tough remember you have life you’ve become incredibly courageous even

through the the toughest times you’ve turned to me seeking guidance so as you

start your day close your eyes and give thanks for everything the good and the

seemingly bad alike fully Embrace gratitude and see how it transforms your

heart lifting you to a spiritual realm where you see beyond the hurdles before

you every challenge hides either a blessing or a lesson each meant to

strengthen you and gift you with wisdom that sets you apart in a world where many flaunt their

gains your wisdom deep and Powerful will shine through it’s a wisdom not of this world

but from your Divine father While others take pride in their knowledge yours is a

direct gift from my Throne this wisdom blossoms from your daily practice of gratitude brightening

your spirit as you enter my presence with thanks I’ll fill your heart with Indescribable Joy

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