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My Presence Will Go With you | God Says | God Message Today

[Music] my beloved child pause for a moment it’s no coincidence that you’re hearing these

words they hold great significance they are the light for your soul brightening every part of your

being they heal your emotions ease your stress and bring Clarity to your mind

most importantly they reveal your immense worth your Simplicity moves me I

love you as you are and have no desire to change your essence do you hear me do

you understand me I want to transform you but not alter who you are if you

need to mature I will guide your growth if self-control is a challenge

listen to me daily here you will find my healing words that work wonders in your mind

cleansing painful memories and emotions you once fell into sadness easily but now you are different look at

yourself come listen to me close your eyes you are in my presence surrounded

by my glory if your soul cries today it is from joy in my eternal Kingdom there

will be no more tears no more sorrow no more pain this promise begins now on

this Earth I have sealed all my promises with my resurrection and my Holy Spirit

dwells in your heart I am here to gift you with the ch chance to embrace a new

life each morning you have the opportunity to refresh your thoughts and dreams to rekindle your aspirations and

make your deepest desires come true those who turn away from my word live in

isolation trapped by fear they wander without hope Longing

For Love and Affection but you my dear one know me just as I have not judged you and

have not repaid you for your sins go and share with others that what they truly seek is found in my

presence I stand here with open arms my hands reaching out ready for anyone who

hears this word of life and accepts it receive this living water this Cascade

of Love there is healing for your soul I have miracles for all those you bring to

me share this message with those in need and you will witness how each heart is

touched I I love them so much that I gave my life on the cross for their sins

so that whoever believes in me will have eternal life you are growing closer to me each

day and our relationship deepens with every moment listen clearly now and let there

be no doubt about my will for you give me another minute do not leave just

yet outside regrets fall like rain and the desire to live fully f Fades those

who do not know me lash out in their confusion without faith they try to

hinder others from believing they live to discourage those who like children come to me with pure hearts and without

demanding signs do not step into the shadows of fear the path is still dark and I do not

want you consumed by troubling thoughts do not walk with the wicked or follow the violent even if they surround you

and mock your faith remember that my holy spirit is within you your eyes

shine with courage and no one can defeat you this is the hour to face life boldly

but wait until your soul finds peace in my powerful and Living Word you do not need anyone to predict

your future because I hold it in my hands and my plans for you are for good and

prosperity trust in me for no diagnosis or judgment can Prevail over my

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