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My Promise To You | God’s Message Today | God’s Miracle | God Blessing Today | God’s Says Today

my beloved child this moment is not a

simple coincidence these words come to you when

you need them most my Holy Spirit

surrounds you fortifying your life you

have felt the desire for me to

communicate but I have waited for the

perfect moment to reveal my love to you

I have been preparing you using phrases

and messages in your Bible that resonate

when you open it with a true heart today

you have opened your heart to my voice

renewing The Vow you made to entrust me

with your faith your trust and all your


I hear your please and you must trust in

it so that worry does not consume you by

making you doubt if your words Ascend

beyond the ceiling from the first moment

you cry out an angel departs from my

heavenly Throne bearer of the key to

your freedom you are precious and unique

and a Heavenly battle is fought for your

soul the adversary seeks your fall not

wishing to see you

triumphant yet my Legions are Waging War

for your future fighting the forces of

evil in the heavens the recent turmoil

you have faced is no accident from today

on be vigilant and wise guard your words

Keep Your Secrets close and discern who

you trust the enemy seeks to consume you

seeking vulnerabilities in your ESP

striving to dismantle your faith with

lies and

deception your future is destined to be

full of Wonders and wonders a life

beyond you awaits you for the ordinary

even if you encounter difficulties for a

season remember that your struggles are

temporary soon soon your pain will fade

those who have hurt you will come

seeking your forgiveness and in your

heart you will find the grace to forgive

them put your faith and trust in me

alone although others offer you great

promises do not be influenced because no

one can bless you and protect you from

evil like me no one else has the truth I

am firm I do not deceive but if you walk

away from me depositing your trust in

the false promises of others you risk

losing the blessings I have for you some

of which may never return

this is your moment anchor your faith in

my eternal and powerful word which is

living effective and unshakably true the

moment to decide is near choose my love

my comfort my refuge and my hug commit

to seeking me every morning to listening

and to fill yourself with my word that

illuminates your path and gives you

purpose come closer without hesitation I

long to know about you whatever your

state or

feelings my doors are always open and my

ears are always always listening find me

before Dawn it is the perfect time to

present your prayers and feel my loving

Embrace speak to me so that your words

reflect your most intimate thoughts and

know that I have in your thoughts a

sweet fragrance a tender praise and a


adoration share with me your aspirations

your needs your challenges and your

uncertainties I trust everything because

I am your Confidant the only one who

truly understands and knows you the

Winds of adversity have battered you you

have passed through unexpected times of

anxiety the scourge of disdain and

cruelty has broken your soul leaving you

breathless you need peace and my word

will grant it to you I will fill your

heart with strength in the midst of

afflictions you will find calm when you

feel weak you will be strong and when

you falter you will not fear hold on to

my promise and when your burden seems

unbearable come see me never forget that

I am always with you do not allow doubt

to steal the blessings that you will

find on your journey I bless you because

I love you and so I have decided I grant

you favor and mercy because you are

precious to me and I love you so much my

love for you is unbreakable it is

eternal today is a special day a day of

victory that you will never forget I

have sealed these promises with my own

blood you will be happy I will grant you

eternal life there will be no more

crying or pain in my presence this is

your sign open your eyes the problems

you face will disappear the help you

expect is coming and the provisions you

need will be provided to you I love you

and today it is

confirmed tell me that you love me tell

me what you believe I understand your

concern because I know that many times

it seems that nothing is going as you

expected and you feel

frustrated be calm I will help you in

everything that matters to you I will

show you my great power in your life and

I will transform the things that have

gone wrong into something good and

pampered you are very important and

valuable to me I will never allow you to

be involved in situations that could

endanger your life pay attention to the

signs I send you and do not Venture into

paths that I have not indicated to you

you know that I know and I see many

things that you cannot perceive and

sometimes you cannot understand the

dangers from which I have protected you

I can discern the intentions behind

people’s actions and thoughts believe me

not all of them seek your friendship

with sincerity do not not be distressed

by false friends who get angry over the

most insignificant things and alienate

themselves from your life do not doubt

that your prayers are being heard those

things that are not working in your life

I am answering that prayer of yours in

which you asked for protection against

dangers against malicious things and

against treacherous people I truly

listen to you and free you from these

situations breathe deeply while I bring

tranquility and Solace to your heart

elucidating the essence of be sure of

these things and keep faith that I am

helping you by preparing yourself for


undertakings however remember that all

things usually require time I must often

alter circumstances and remove

formidable obstacles and treacherous

traps From the Path so that when the

time comes for you to travel that path

no danger stalks

you understand I have not given up

holding you nor have I distanced myself

nor have I abandoned you I have

fulfilled the promises I made to you

staying firm in my commitment now it’s

your your turn have faith trust me

completely give yourself courage and

lift your head you must immediately get

out of this

Melancholy I am here to help you tending

to your soul and healing all those

wounds please recognize that throughout

your most arduous struggles you have

never been abandoned by me so stop

thinking that my love for you is being

withheld that will never happen I

understand that your battles Run Deep

but I still adore you and I will

continue to guide you by the hand I have

heard you express your waning patience

and your feeling of

helplessness claims to be unable to find

the way out allow me to tell you this

maybe you are looking in the wrong place

because the door before you has always

been present I am your path your hope

your door your truth and the one through

which you must travel your future and

your life if in the midst of all your

problems you choose to believe and turn

to me you will come out of your problems

in my time and as I see fit but have the

unwavering confidence that I will take

you by the hand to the exit if your

patience is exhausted and you get tired

of waiting I will strengthen your

patience your strength and I will give

you my peace do not give up now because

you are about to reach the level and the

place that you have long loved it is

imperative that you begin to believe

with all your heart and understand that

in me you can find all the help you need

refrain from making hasty decisions or

jeopardizing what you have already

achieved things can go wrong if you

venture down the wrong path you are not

in in a competition nor do you have to

prove anything to anyone

anymore you have demonstrated your faith

therefore simply continue walking with

firm and sure steps slowly but wisely in

this way you will reach the kingdom of

your blessings and

prosperity when you set foot on that

Promised Land you will remember these

words a time of great blessings awaits

you now your family you have kept your

faith you remain firm I am prepared to

bless you you are ready to receive

everything that I have prepared for you

I also wish that you leave behind the

difficult times that you free yourself

from the feeling of

failure allow me to tell you something

none of my sons and daughters are a

failure nor will they ever be I love

them I take care of them I prepare them

and correct them if they stumble they

get up if they make a mistake they

confess and I forgive them with patience

and love they stay upright they shake

off the dust and they Advance with faith

in my word and their eyes fixed on the

goal my daughters and my sons May

mistakes but they have the humility and

the ability to receive my forgiveness

for their defects and discard all

feelings of defeat and guilt you have

never been a

failure the enemy knows how you feel and

he has taken advantage of it to steal

from you and hurt you but everything

that has been stolen from you will be

returned to you I wish you get used to

living a life of emotional Freedom

stopping blaming yourself for past

issues or denying yourself the

opportunity to succeed I wish you

continue to grow in your faith and learn

to depend more on me I will instruct you

to do things that may seem impossible to

you understand this my dear son I have

chosen you to be a conduit of blessings

for all those you love therefore you

cannot remain as you are you must Rise

by overcoming all self-imposed

limitations and simply accepting that

you are my son the struggles you faced

in the past conditioned you to live in

emotional poverty burdened by unfounded

fears with your spirit crushed by wrong

thoughts it was a painful process but

today you have learned valuable lessons

you know how to make wise decisions and

choose good friendships you are on the

right path within my will ready to

succeed prepared to enter a new

Supernatural stage of powerful

Miracles the blessings that come will

fill you with faith strength and joy

receive them without hesitation they are

yours I will pour out so many blessings

on your life that you will cry but with

tears of joy do not despair I listen to

you I protect you and I help you I am

the one who heals you and delivers you

who rescues you and prospers you seek me

with all your heart and do not forget

the Miracles that I have in store for

you now is the time to be alert to

listen to me and to participate in my

word feel that my spirit touches you the

time has come for you to change in your

life to say enough to anger and bad

company today is the day for you to

fully immerse yourself in the river of

my love when I speak to you with

tenderness do not ignore my words when I

call you with sweet sness do not turn a

deaf Fe to my voice when I offer you

firm guidance it is in those moments

when you should most embrace my loving

care I will rescue you from the clutches

of adversaries freeing your heart from

repentance and from all forms of Ruin I

fulfill the request that you bring to me

with faith each day I eagerly await your

presence every morning I am glad to hear

how you talk to me about the confidence

that resonates in your words because you

feel you know and you truly trust that I

will respond to you

I am attentive to your needs and I will

never abandon you when fatigue

overwhelms you I will be by your side

you can support your tired head on my

shoulder and talk to me because I am


Confidant I do not judge you or your

secrets do not provoke my anger keep my

words in your heart recite to me the

door of reconciliation is wide open for

you walk through it I walk with

forgiveness and those who once hurt you

and mocked you will come to respect you

and return to you they will realize that

I am with you you and always will be you

are destined to be a leader in your

community offering help to many believe

in it prepare yourself and do not be

afraid because you will lack nothing

Prosperity will come to you and you will

manage it wisely cultivating it with

humility when you kneel in prayer give

thanks for all the blessings that you

are yet to receive even if some have not

arrived show your gratitude for them

pray with joy and Faith because your

prayers have power and are heard on my

heavenly Throne the word words that

escape your lips are like swords that

overcome despondency doubt sadness and

all thoughts of defeat and

negativity pray out loud continue giving

thanks lift your hands arms and praise

you are fighting a spiritual battle and

all the negative feelings will leave

your home never to return today you will

witness how an aura of Tranquility

surrounds your home open your doors and

windows do not fear because no evil will

enter my Angels Camp around your family

ready to defend themselves from any

spiritual assault learn this truth you

are not a product of

chance I chose you and wrote the story

of your life before creating the

Universe I looked at you with love

before your birth conferring upon you I

pronounced these words to Grant you

peace but also to instill in you the

conviction that there is an important

purpose in your life and it is time for

it to be

fulfilled stop your complaints and

confusion for those who have rejected my

advice and they will face the

consequences do not imitate their ways

do not seek their support or ask for

their help if you look for friends to

lift you up every day know that the

Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are

here for you in my presence you have

everything you need to

succeed if you want my promises to come

true in your life and in your family put

your trust in this word and no longer

depend on any human being for your

motivation and

happiness your help and your strength

come from the almighty not from fallible

human beings who can let you down this

is a special day that you will never

forget a moment to change your course

with an unwavering belief knowing that

you move in a supernatural world may

your dreams materialize today the time

is now I love you deeply and I will

guide you out of the storm with victory

in hand I love you and in this very

moment wherever you are I want you to

feel it your heart is filling with this

beautiful and deep emotion that fills

you with joy and dispels your

sadness feel how that burden on your

shoulders is dissipating and there is a

lightness and a newly found strength in

your step to continue getting up because

you cannot give up now that you are on

the verge of Triumph even though the

storms may rage fiercely and the winds

they can shake you and the waves of the

sea can try to knock you down I am your

refuge and my hand guards you I

understand what pain is and I know what

it feels like when those you trusted

abandon you when enemies pierce your

soul with the nails of hate and tear

your back with the lashes of Cruelty


compassion I know what it means to love

to death and give your your heart even

when you are received with

disdain I understand you I know exactly

what you feel I want you to know that I

care about you when your tears flow like

a spring and your soul is filled with

sadness and anxiety I will not judge you

for your moments of

weakness understand that only I can help

you when danger strikes you banish

thoughts of death and defeat from your

mind for Darkness they are gone and now

you can walk with

confidence today I have renewed your joy

I have increased your faith and I have

written Promises of trust in your heart

I have granted you a fresh Vision a new

desire built on my word don’t waste your

time trying to convince those who they

only seek to discourage you no words or

arguments will change their minds they

will not see things from your

perspective instead they will mock you

you do not need these mockers to

progress on your journey you are on a

Victorious path they do not however they

are on a path of defeat having chosen

their own destiny if you feel immersed

in loneliness if you think you need

someone’s support remember that I am

always with you but keep the faith and

be patient soon I will bring the right

person into your life you are important

to me you capture my attention I

appreciate you I protect you and I love

you in a few days the victory will be

yours I am never late I arrive precisely

when you need me most the weight is hard

and focusing too much on the possible

results can destroy you inside that’s

why I urge you to free yourself from the

burdens that you carry with so much pain

living in constant worry about the

future is not the life that I have

planned for you you should not bow your

head or consume yourself with your

worries and thoughts I have sworn to

Grant you the miracle what are you

looking for to open doors for you I am

always by your side and I do not lie the

days are under my control I am the

creator of the nights I see you when you

struggle to sleep thinking about many

things that I already have under my

control when anxiety arrives face it

when anxiety tries to overwhelm you face

it out loud and declare that there is no

fear in your heart because you have

chosen to trust in your greatest Ally

your God and your lord you will see with

your own eyes how fears flee and never

return your soul will be free from so

much fear and you will finally enjoy my

peace live your life to the fullest and

be happy I promise you that in the midst

of your struggles I will remind you with

my calm voice that my hand is on your

shoulder and that I will give you

strength to resist any attack tell me

what you believe obey in me and then if

I have convinced you my word will fill

you with my promises and you will

believe in me in those difficult moments

that you find on your path you have not

fought so hard to give up now you must

move forward today I speak to you so

that you can be filled with faith of

courage and strength so that you learn

to wait for me even when it seems that

your spirit is tired of waiting stay

calm and speak to your heart tell it

that there is nothing to fear your life

your dreams and your destiny are in the

hands of your father who loves you the

Winds of the world can try to make you

forget those moments in which I always

helped you but I order those winds and

storms to cease now I love you I have

never failed you and I never will no I

will not be late I am here willing to

take care of you guide you by the hand

and rescue you answer me with your heart

which loves you more than I do do not

doubt I am with you do not give up now

that you are so close to Victory I am

filling you with courage and Faith

eliminating obstacles defeating your

enemies and healing your emotions so

that you stop fearing you have chosen to

succeed in all things and I am opening

the windows of Heaven and the doors of

opportunity stop putting yourself down

it is not a suggestion it is an order

remove from your mind those doubts about

your own worth and all the beautiful

things that with my help and power you

can achieve I am telling you that you

are not alone and I have shown it to you

so many times that you cannot doubt it I

have given you all the necessary skills

for victory have faith and trust in me I

reside within you I have given you

wisdom strength and intelligence so that

you can overcome any problem no matter

how difficult it may seem even if many

enemies gather to defeat you do not fall

I will save you truly believe it and

stop worrying Abandon All doubts and

fears and face these

situations you will not go alone my

powerful hand goes before you knocking

down Giants so that you can reach your

destination you are my son my daughter

and I have put the power in your hands

to defeat any enemy that crosses your

path these enemies will flee because of

the light that I have placed within you

the light that illuminates the

darkness show the way to Great victories


blessings there is an army of angels

that I have sent to watch your path and

prevent you from stumbling even in the

midst of Storms and

darkness arise now and take the

anointing mantle that I placed on your

shoulders nothing and no one can oppose

you because I am your powerful God I am

here to protect you and give you

strength to always help you in so that

your legs do not tremble with fear and

your faith does not falter you are very

special to me and I will not allow you

to be defeated because your Victory is

my victory when you make your dream come

true you are fulfilling my will because

I have Divine and wonderful plans for


life may have dealt you many blows and

the enemy may have tried to bring you

down in every possible way by putting

people in your path who will help you

discourage people who humiliated you

mocked you and doubted your faith do not

worry because no person or situation has

control over you since I am here to

protect you heal you and strengthen you

with my loving

embrace my powerful hand will come into

your life healing every wound and sad

memory in your heart despite the trials

and efforts of adversaries to create

confusion in your family your workplace

and your home you have stood firm

refusing to give in I understand the

complexity and immense challenges of

these situations that often cause wounds

disturb your emotions weaken your

thoughts and diminish your strong

resolve I am here to repair everything

that is broken in your life continue

your path stay determined and stay

upright because the adversary has tried

by all means to have you your

perseverance continues because my grace

sustains you everything you are in

enduring everything you have faced is

not the final chapter of your story my

daughter you will not lose this battle

when others see your situation as the

end I will intervene with my powerful

hand and my angels to Proclaim arise

because your prayers have been heard

your life is about to be

transformed be aware that many doubt

even when they see my presence daily but

you are not one of them my single word

is enough to heal you and the

supernatural power of my words is enough

to give you life and raise you you you

may feel Unworthy of my presence in your

house but now I assure you that your

faith and your humility have caught my

attention I seek to enter not only your

house but also your heart there I will

write words of healing I will break the

chains that bind you with a touch of my

hand and I will alleviate your suffering

all your fears worries and pains will

fade away because even the heavens obey

my voice I speak directly to you because

of your joy your inner peace and the

knowledge in your soul that a future and

a new life await you when you spend time

with me you give me the opportunity to

hug you and transmit to you the depth of

my deep love and protection against


forces this is the inheritance that I

want to Grant you today I implore you to

believe in me with all your heart and to

receive it it is prepared and ready for

you to Dawn the healing and transforming

anointing of my Holy Spirit which is now

at your

disposal you must not continue walking

in the shackles of painful thoughts you

must not believe that you deserve the

terrible consequences that your sins

have brought upon on you although you

live in a kingdom of Affliction it is a

defeated world you are a son or daughter

of the almighty God who gives you he has

made a promise trust and have faith in

me at every step and you will overcome

this world and its

tribulations I observe that you often

spend hours crying without understanding

the root of your suffering allow me to

reveal to you that it is a deep longing

to return to me that torments your heart

your spirit Longs for me and your whole

being knows that apart from me you can

do nothing it may seem that life is

slipping out of your hands and that you

have not yet experienced the peace and

happiness that you long for your loved

ones move away one more day however pay

attention because I am before you next

to a fountain from which waters of

blessing emanate that quench your life

and your thirst eradicating all sorrow

participate in this water let your head

hang cleanly from those melancholic

thoughts and you will never have them

again thirst I promise you this your

faith has given results my word is

enough today I have healed you you have

opened the door and I have entered your

house I will continue to care for and

bless your family I will also bless you

beyond your imagination performing The

Miracles that you considered impossible

restoring your

happiness I will continue arranging the

pieces fulfilling the promises of my

word listen to my Serene voice which

speaks directly to your soul and entrust

the burdens you carry deposit your

Sorrows here and trust your problems

with each word spoken in prayer I will

grant strength and the solution to your

problems do not let fear fill your soul

trust that when you kneel in prayer and

offer your supplications they will rise

like doves and reach my heavenly Throne

if ever doubt Whispers to you that your

prayers are in vain that I have

abandoned you and that no one listens to

you do not pay attention to him how

could I abandon you I promised you that

I would never abandon you I repeat it to

you now and even if the the whole world

abandons you even if your family leaves

even if your friends leave you rejected

and even if everyone you love forgets

you I will not I will remain here as

always attentive to your needs while you

read these words that surround you with

Tranquility dispelling loneliness my

affection surrounds you caressing your

soul with Grace I have you in Greater

esteem than you can imagine safeguarding

your steps as you walk this path

protecting you from hidden dangers you

move me deeply because despite the

adversities you have faced you remain

firm I admire your unwavering faith I

have tried very hard and I know it well

I am a witness to your worries and I

observe how your first thought is to

help those you love even when gratitude

eludes you you will find greater peace

if you come to me at this very moment

and rest your tired head on my shoulder

breathe and remember that even when

others falter or abandon you you will

find entrance to my love peace strength


Sanctuary because I adore you I care for

you and I will continue to grow stronger

in moments of sadness when your mind is

shaken by the storms of life you will

hear the soft song of my Holy Spirit

calming your soul reminding you once

again how deeply I love you everything

will turn in your favor because I am

with you seek me you must pray and

remain Vigilant to fight the battle

against the adversary who opposes you

receiving everything that I wish to

Grant you but which is more powerful

tell me with your lips write it with

your fingers contemplate it with your

mind and believe it with your heart who

has the power and the will to help you I

can I want to do it and I will do it

because I have shown you Mercy I discern

your thoughts I know that you have a

noble heart these trials you endure are

part of your journey and your training

Beyond this Affliction you will find

happiness and abundant provision do not

fear do not be

discouraged do not throw away all that

you have gained a momentary distraction

may try to bring you down that’s why I

implore you to light that flame within

your soul the flame that will keep you

awake even when you seek rest give me a

moment I want to talk to you to reveal

Wonders that will strengthen you and

your family have unwavering faith and

convey this message to your loved ones

gather your family join your hands seek

forgiveness and offer together a sincere

prayer then convey everything I have

said to you everything I will do for you

do it dare to believe and you will

witness how I will bless you

wherever two or three Gather in my name

I am there if you want a genuine hug

come to me now I long to embrace you and

reveal to you my unwavering commitment

to follow you I know you need me your

thoughts and your needs cannot be hidden

with me you will achieve everything when

you separate from me your flame will

diminish I listen to you and I respond I

wish to help you escape from scarcity

and overcome the illness I love you and

I will reaffirm it to you through the

day and in your

dreams right here while your heart

Delights in my words your spirit is

immersed in crystalline Waters that

cleanse your soul every morning when you

wake up my glory surrounds you it

awakens you sustains you dresses you

prepares you for battle abscesses you

with tenderness and instills faith and

Security in you fill your mind with holy

words that will strengthen you on your

path you expect a miracle today I can

grant T tell me now what you believe

let me see a powerful smile on your face

your eyes full of faith and your Brave

attitude overflowing with strength and

power rise up my Champion it is time to

conquer your blessing is here in my

hands the solution to all your problems

resides in me come and embrace my words

although full of eloquence you write

thanks amen

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