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My Purpose Is To Protect And Help You | God Message Today | God’s Message For You

my beloved child as you embark on the

Journey of your life let it be known

that I am with you from this day forward

before you begin each day remember that

I am your God guiding you and speaking

to you with my Serene voice there is no

need to fear for I am always by your

side ready to help and love you never

should you feel alone or forgotten even

if envious individuals attempt to shame

you with reminders of past mistakes and

sins pay them no heed and do not let

bitterness and sadness consume you even

if the world abandons you I will always

be here never leaving your side in my

eyes you are a beautiful tender and

sincere person whom I cherish

deeply do not waste your time on idle

gossipers who know nothing of those they

speak about seek my presence

desire my word and find refuge in my

love I have created all things with care

from the oceans to the skies the

mountains and your soul so that you may

dwell in My Kingdom

forever while the time of the wicked is

limited your days will never

end I have granted everyone the freedom

to choose between life and truth and

when I touched your heart you responded


gratitude therefore I will bless you

abundantly and we shall always be

together have faith and do not fear for

cowardly people only waste time accusing

you of past mistakes and sins that I

have already

forgiven I do not remember them as your

sins have been cast deep into the sea

now I am removing the weight and

oppression from your mind and the secret

sadness lingering in your heart I will

change your attitude give you even more


and I want you to rise with great

enthusiasm to face life the greatest

blessings in this world are reserved for

those who truly believe in me who hold

my word with Humble Hearts not letting

this power go to their

heads Heaven rejoices at your decision

to allow me into your life to follow my

word and to obey me I will repay you for

everything that has been taken from you

walk confidently for your destiny rests

in my hands and all your enemies are

defeated now come and pray to me with

faith and all the beautiful things you

desire in your heart shall be lovingly

granted I understand how you feel and

there is nothing you can hide from me

you can always come to me with

confidence at any time to share your

situation to tell me how you are I am

attentive to your feelings and your

needs as I have always been do not doubt

my care my child you cannot expect love

or understanding from this world but

with me you have everything and more to

satisfy your need for peace to cover

your life with my love and to fill your

heart with the powerful emotion that

comes from knowing and feeling deeply

loved for I love you and that has always

been the truth even when you doubt it in

times of adversity my love for you never

wavers I loved you I love you and I will

continue to love you cease investing

your affection in people who betray you

in those who do not value or prioritize

Your Love they do not deserve the first

place in your heart that place belongs

to me recognize and respect me holding

the reverence you owe me in your life I

alone should be your God your lord your

king and no one else you have allowed

someone else to take my place and that

is one reason why you have felt unwell

in recent days there is a void in your

heart that will grow larger if you

reject my love that is why you feel sad

why tears fill your eyes in the night

you long to feel loved but you are

searching for it in the wrong place

there is no one in this world who can

love you as deeply as I can come to me

for peace love and rest embrace my love

and let it heal the void within you rest

assured no force can snatch you from

from my protective grasp however be wary

for the cunning enemy lies in wait

patiently hoping for the moment of

distraction hesitation or temptation to

lead you

astray doubts may insidiously creep into

your mind snares and uncertainties that

seek to ens snare you once again yet

take solace for no one can touch you or

your cherished family remember the enemy

is Relentless at attacks aim to trample

upon your faith and emotional

stability the wicked and envious cannot

bear witness to your strength for they

know their own demise is certain and

their feeble assaults are feudal in the

face of your unwavering spirit in times

of trial you possess Serenity emotional

maturity Purity self-control and

Supernatural power gifts bestowed upon

your heart by the Holy Spirit there is

no room for cowardice or fear within you

your legs do not tremble with Dread nor

does anxiety govern your actions you

maintain a Firm Stance making decisions

not under the sway of turbulent emotions

but with calm and

composure allow my words to resonate

within you to beckon you to listen and

embrace the love and peace I offer in

this very moment my grace and blessings

are bestowed upon you as I fervently

desire to witness your Triumph and


both in this Earthly realm and for all

eternity in my Celestial Kingdom accept

this Divine calling and live your life

with the enthusiasm passion purpose and

vision that you rightfully deserve let

your unwavering desires to do good and

carry my word to the farthest reaches of

the universe be your Guiding Light

through your hands I shall work miracles

offering encouragement and Solace to

seeking souls and spiritual nourishment

to those those in need walk with

unwavering confidence unswayed by the

Envy of the wicked for your faith in me

shall enslave your life place your

utmost trust in me knowing that I shall

protect you and your family let the

indestructible Shield of my warrior

angels surround you at all times my

protection is ever present and when you

lean on me Temptation shall not Prevail

over you rejoice in the knowledge of my

eternal love love from which Abundant

Blessings flow in the face of life’s

obstacles you shall never lack my Divine

protection yet do not forget for it is

of utmost importance that the enemy

awaits the moment of distraction the

moment you look back with temptation in

your heart and doubt do not allow your

mind to be ens snared by these traps and

doubts which can once again enslave you

remember no one can harm you or your

cherish family this truth is vital to


close the enemy’s attacks are aimed at

trampling upon your faith and emotional

stability in the realm of your

aspirations behold the promise of

prosperity that shall inevitably Grace


Existence as the sun rises so does your

health Ascend upon an upward trajectory

ensuring a state of

well-being know that every need that

arises within your being shall be met

for your journey through life shall be a

vibrant canvas adorned with Abundant

Blessings yet in the face of such

promises it is imperative that you

surrender your gaze and care to your

maker in times of immense challenges

when the weight of the world threatens

to crush your spirit seek Solace and my

guidance for it is the Divine armor that

shall Shield you from the deceptive

attacks of the enemy let it be known

that negativity can infiltrate your

thoughts cunningly disguising itself as

your own

musings therefore in moments of doubt

and loneliness remember that My Embrace

is ever present urgently guiding you

towards the abundance of blessings that

await picture a journey where every step

you take becomes a testament of my

intervention an awe inspiring testimony

to the miraculous work unfolding within

your life feel my powerful presence as I

illuminate your path path with

unexpected joys and a future adorned

with Grandeur Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams know that you are cherished and

loved reflecting the glory and Splendor

that emanate from your being every tear

that has dampened your bed becomes a

testament to your strength for in the

depths of Sorrow you have found the

fortitude to

endure rest assured that I your God hold

each tear transforming them into Pearls

of Wisdom that en Rich your

journey in times of exhaustion and

Silent Cries remember that you are not

merely a Survivor but a mighty Victor

adorned with the blessings of my love


kindness allow me to guide you through

an extraordinary Journey marked by grace

and infinite blessings envelop yourself

in my love for within My Embrace lies a

refuge that fulfills all your needs and

lovingly Embraces your spirit Trust

unwaveringly in Me Your Heaven L Father

for I shall lead you towards the

blossoming of a new chapter a time of

wholeness and Harmony witness the

wondrous Works evident in the peace and

joy that surround you even in moments of

suffering remember that with me my child

all things are not only possible but

also attainable allow me to navigate

your thoughts aligning them with the

Divine wisdom embrace the complex paths

that life presents for you you are never

alone on this journey I am always

present to lift the burdens from your

shoulders strengthening your spirit with

hope and love embrace the unfolding

phases of life with open arms for they

shape you for the Magnificent Kingdom

that awaits release any fear and

recognize that during challenging

situations you must follow my advice on

how to overcome difficulties in doing so

you shift your focus away from the

negative aspects alleviating the

pressure of time and reducing confusion

in moments of reflection discern my

voice amidst the multitude of influences

that seek to control your thoughts be

cautious for many succumb to the

tempting patterns that lead to fractured

and unsatisfying lives separate yourself

from such influences and tune in to the

instructions bestowed upon you by the

Divine know that you are a branch of

those who recognize my voice and

Faithfully follow my lead in doing so

you are about to witness tremendous

blessings as the Heavenly Angels eagerly

await the realization of your full

potential my beloved

repent your words though they may be

filled with emotions and desires do not

sway me I am not a deity who exists

solely to fulfill your desires or

overlook your mistakes do not wait for

suffering to befall you before seeking

solace in me the doors of redemption are

open to you now but approach with

caution my love is not driven by Passion

but rather by a commitment to guide your

souls toward salvation do not be swayed

by those who Revel in spiritual misery

or trust in negativity they are

misguided Souls Lost In the Shadows of

their own despair instead embrace the

light of Truth and seek solace in my

presence only then will you find true

peace and fulfillment my child hold on

to the life given to you but do not seek

Joy solely in material abundance true

happiness lies in the alignment of your

soul with the Divine Purpose trust in my

plan even when it seems

elusive have faith for the path set

before you is one of tests and trials

that will shape your character and

strengthen your spirit do not doubt my

word words any longer instead seek

understanding and wisdom in my teaching

embrace my love beloved but remember

that it comes with the responsibility to

live a life worthy of that love do not

sink into despair for it is through the

testing of your faith that you will

receive my greatest

blessings in the midst of your struggles

know that I am with you consoling your

soul and satisfying your thirst for

meaning I do not abandon those who seek

me even when they feel alone trust that

I am working behind the scenes

orchestrating a future filled with joy

and miracles my beloved declare your

faith and commitment but do not expect


rewards the Journey of Faith is not a

transactional one where your commitment

is met with instant

gratification instead it is a path of

growth and transformation where the

blessings bestowed upon you are seeds

that require time and nurturing to bear

fruit have patience and Trust in the

process for my timing is not bound by

human constraints your tears may fall

but have faith that they will be

replaced with tears of joy as my

blessings unfold do not fear for I am

with you I will defend you from evil and

guide you towards a future that is

different from your past I do not wish

for you to relive the pain and suffering

that haunt your memories instead I offer

A New Path one filled with purpose and

fulfillment trust in my completely my

child for I Am The Rock upon which your

faith is built seek my presence and

guidance for I alone can provide the

Solace and understanding that your soul

craves rise above the deceitful

influences of this world and find solace

in the teachings of

righteousness my child know that my

presence is always by your side

comforting you in times of need embrace

the new life that awaits you where

sadness and tears will be replaced with

joy and fulfillment but remember this

transformation requires your commitment

and dedication to the Divine Purpose my

beloved child I am the source of your

resurrection and life even if you fall

to the dust you shall rise again for

those who believe in me shall never

truly die Main maintain your humility

and guard your meekness for patience and

steadfastness shall Shield you from

provocation do not respond with loud

outbursts or succumb to the Allure of

violence my child hear these words as

they Echo Through the Ages a testament

to the unbreakable bond between us from

the Genesis of time in the quiet hush

before the dawn of creation I envisioned

you as a masterpiece crafted with a

celestial purpose you are not merely

walking through this world but soaring

carried on the wings of destiny that I

have lovingly shaped in my omnipotent

hands in you I see a reflection of My

Own Strength a resilience that defies

the tumults of life you are my child a

Beacon of Hope and a testament to my

enduring love in the tapestry of

existence your thread is woven with

golden strands of courage and Faith

making you an Irreplaceable part of my

divine plan you stand as a jewel radiant

and rare in the Kingdom I have fashioned

remember this truth in the depths of

your heart for you are never alone I am

there in the laughter that dances in

your eyes in the courage that steadies

your step and in The Quiet Moments When

you seek Solace my love for you is as

boundless as the heavens as deep as the

oceans and as enduring as the

Stars dismiss the Whispers of doubt and

the shadows of fear for they have no

hold on you stand firm in your faith

Valiant in the face of life’s tempests

when waves rise to challenge you

remember that you are born of my

strength and in my power you will find

your Refuge stride forward with the

assurance that I am with you every step

every breath every

heartbeat together we shall transcend

the trials and Triumph over the


your journey is Sanctified your path is

blessed and your Victory is assured for

you are mine and in that truth lies your

infinite power my child turn your eyes

towards the heavens for there in the

vast expanse above lies the strength you

seek a strength that has upheld

countless Before You Through the Ages

fear not for I am more than a father to

you I am your Sanctuary your unshakable


you my child are anointed with the

spirit of a warrior within you dwells a

resilience to confront any trial listen

for I have come to impart a revelation

that shall illuminate your path towards

a new and Supernatural existence as you

step through this gate leave behind the

dwelling of pain and embrace the mighty

and wondrous Miracles that await you

even if you do not beseech for them my

unconditional and eternal love shall

envelop you showering blessings upon

your surrendered heart provided you

remain committed to following me with

unwavering perseverance and loyalty my

beloved know that your adversaries

driven by malice sought to snatch away

your Divine calling however fear not for

my Angelic armies ordained by the

heavens swiftly flew to defend you in a

fierce battle you were struck

relentlessly by the lashes of hatred

attacking your very essence but fear not

for I your true father arrived with love

the only one who supports and uplifts

you enabling you to fulfill your purpose


Mission I myself descended and

brandished the sword of my word rebuking

the enemy and his armies I poured forth

a holy anointing of healing upon you

setting you firmly on the path to your

destined journey I guided you tracing a

map with countless dream dreams etched

within your heart I have paved open

paths for you to tread upon I bestowed

upon you gifts and talents molding you

into my warrior I breathed the breath of

life into your spirit igniting a flame

within you that shall never fade I have

armed you to bring Solace to Nations

offering so capsules of comfort to those


destress take my hand and never forget

that I shall walk beside you offering

you the assurance that you possess the

capability to achieve all your

dreams my deepest desire is to witness

your happiness and thus I am here to

watch over you protect you and provide

you with peace my love for you is

genuine and true therefore cast aside

your fears for I shall never abandon you

I am your counselor your friend and your

protector I have moved Heaven and Earth

to ensure your Victory I do not wish to

witness your failure for I have paid the

price for all your sins now is the

moment to open your heart to my grace

and embrace my

forgiveness despite the fervent desires

of individuals who seek your downfall

they shall soon witness how I shall

assist you in triumphing and achieving

success take my hand now and together we

shall walk this path place your

unwavering trust in me for my love shall

Empower and transform you

there is no room for sorrow or fear when

you are held within the palm of my

mighty hand for I forever watch over you

my child do not fear your adversaries

for I am your protector when you face

those who rise against you stand firm as

a brave Warrior and I shall extend my

hand to you raising you High granting


Victory the time has come to entrust

your future to me and stand tall today I

offer you an irrefutable plan surrender

your life into my hands giving me your

entire being whether you encounter

mountains to climb or deep valleys to

Traverse I shall guide you and make your

paths clear however I require you to

exert effort and display courage take

firm steps even as you tread through the

valley of Shadows walk in darkness or

cross turbulent Waters do not succumb to

fear or seek excuses to abandon your

dreams you shall not falter but persist

even when weariness envelops you exert

yourself further for I have bestowed

upon you the power and capability to

overcome despondency and rid your mind

of the habit of blaming others for your

circumstances know that you have a

purpose a mission and a commitment to me

no one else Bears the responsibility do

not wait for others to come and Aid you

when problems arise or difficulties

emerge do not complain that no one

uplifts you I am with you and that shall

suffice there are those who criticize

and reject you seeking ways to bring you

down however you need not seek love and

acceptance from those who have aligned

themselves with your

adversaries my love is sufficient and my

grace shall Propel you forward I shall

bless and prosper your Abode you have a

calling and a mission

and my promise remains steadfast I shall

surround you with prosperity peace

health and

provision be upright in your dealings

with me fulfill your part of our

covenant and witness the windows of

Heaven opening with abundance and

provision for your life and home I love

you and each day your love for me shall

deepen rest assured for today your storm

shall end and your tribulations shall

conclude my Divine breath sweeps across

your Sky dispersing the clouds that

concealed you revealing the path of

light and Clarity for your journey you

have a calling and a mission and my

promise remains

steadfast I shall surround you with

prosperity peace health and provision be

upright in your dealings with me fulfill

your part of our covenant and witness

the windows of Heaven opening with

abundance and provision for your life

and home home I love you and each day

your love for me shall deepen rest

assured for today your storm shall end

and your tribulations shall

conclude my Divine breath sweeps across

your Sky dispersing the clouds that

concealed you revealing the path of

light and Clarity for your journey amen

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