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dear child I know that somewhere in the

world you have dreams to fulfill each

day you quietly contemplate these

aspirations listening intently to me

today I bestow upon you the power to

realize these dreams this power can

manifest in various forms Financial

mental or physical listen attentively

within these messages lies the potency

that can bring your desires to fruition

even if my messages aren’t always to

your liking after absorbing them you’ll

feel the strength they impart so

disregard worldly problems immerse

yourself in this message with a pure

heart through this one of your

significant wishes will materialize I am

God and I love you it’s that simple I

yearn to be with you to Aid you in

living a life abundant with love and

companionship I’ve granted you

everything essential in this world

family friends wealth and health yet the

most vital is my love for you you you

are my beloved child a gift to me and

your happiness is my desire I’ve

facilitated ways for you to know me

through my word and my son Jesus Christ

I implore you to believe in my love it’s

the gateway to eternal life your worth

isn’t contingent upon actions or traits

but on your potential to do good you

possess a purpose surpassing imagination

despite hardships my love endures in my

absence remember I’m with you in spirit

guiding and supporting you always when

I’m with you life becomes easier my

presence strengthens you directing your

decisions toward goodness I offer a safe

haven in your heart for those hurting or

seeking Solace you are never alone I am

here eager to Aid you in all Endeavors

your life holds significance to me Jesus

is your savior and I am the Eternal God

who loves you unconditionally trust in

my plan for your life including your

emotions and experiences learn to handle

feelings communicate effectively and

forgive yourself Life’s imperfections

are opportunities for growth know this

you are loved cherished and treasured

immensely by me your family friends and

those who hold you dear fear and

uncertainty are natural but regretting

choices later isn’t the path ahead might

Twist and Turn yet it’s lined with

people who care for you offering support

and love

when loss occurs there will be those who

grieve remembering and honoring your

life embrace the assurance that God’s

love for you surpasses any other you are

deeply loved with everlasting love God I

understand that light’s journey is

fraught with complexities and your

emotions might sometimes overwhelm you

remember it’s all right to feel afraid

or uncertain about what lies ahead these

feelings are part of Being Human however

as time time passes you might reflect on

this moment and wish for different

choices made the road ahead though

challenging is adorned with people who

genuinely care for you they’ll stand by

you offering unwavering support through

lights twists and turns it’s essential

to acknowledge that while fear of

failure or uncertainty about the future

may exist there’s a community

surrounding you ready to provide comfort

and guidance in moments of loss those

who love you will mourn and cherish your

memory ensuring your legacy endures even

after you’ve departed from this world

God’s love for you transcends all else

offering Solace and strength through

every experience you are enveloped in an

endless and boundless love that seeks

your happiness and well-being Embrace

this love trust in it and let it guide

you through light’s Journey with

unwavering affection dear beloved I want

you to grasp the depth of my love for

you it’s not contingent on cir

circumstances or your performance my

love is steadfast embracing you with

compassion understanding and unwavering

support regardless of the challenges you

face life may not always align with your

expectations and uncertainties might

Cloud your path but within these moments

remember that my love is constant it

illuminates even the darkest corners of

your existence offering hope and

guidance I urge you to recognize your

inherent worth you are a cherished

creation uniquely fashioned with

Incredible potential your journey toward

growth and self-improvement isn’t about

erasing imperfections but embracing them

as stepping stones toward a more

profound sense of self as you navigate

light’s complexities embrace the

imperfections and joys alike cherish the

perfect moments allowing them to fill

your heart with boundless happiness yet

do not be disheartened by life’s

imperfections instead see them as

opportunities for learning resilience

and growth you are part of a grander

design a plan that encompasses the

entirety of your being trust in this

design in the Divine orchestration that

unfolds each moment of your life allow

my love to be your anchor grounding you

amidst life storms find solace in the

knowledge that you are never

alone my beloved child I want you to

understand the intricacies of your

emotions and experiences life can be a

tapestry of joy and pain success and

failure love and heartache in the midst

of it all my love for you remains

unwavering and unconditional embrace the

uncertainties and challenges that come

your way they are not meant to Define

you but to shape you into a resilient

compassionate and empathetic individual

every trial you face is an opportunity

for growth and a chance to draw closer

to me remember your worth is not

contingent upon external validations or

fleeting emotions ions you are

inherently valuable a masterpiece

crafted with care and purpose your life

holds immense significance in The Grand

Design of existence at times you might

feel lost or unsure of your path in

these moments turn to me I am here to

guide you to provide Clarity amidst

confusion and to offer Solace when the

world feels overwhelming learn to

embrace forgiveness both for others and

for yourself let go of past regret

threats and mistakes for they do not

Define your future instead use them as

stepping stones toward wisdom and

understanding your life is a testament

to my boundless love Embrace this love

let it permute every aspect of your

being and allow it to be a Beacon of

Hope in your journey with unending love

and grace my dearest child in the

vastness of existence amidst the E and

flow of light’s challenges and triumphs

my love for you remains constant and

immeasurable your presence in this world

is a cherished gift a testament to the

boundless love that surrounds you I

understand the depths of your heart the

moments of Joy the trials that weigh

heavy and the aspirations that light up

your soul Through It All My Love Remains

a steadfast anchor a source of strength

to carry you through every season of

Life remember your journey isn’t about

achieving Perfection but embracing the

journey itself the messy beautiful and

intricate tapestry that forms the fabric

of your life Embrace every experience

for within them lie valuable lessons

opportunities for growth and the chance

to discover your true self allow

yourself the grace to forgive not only

others but also yourself release the

burden of past mistakes and embrace the

beauty of Second Chances know that each

Dawn brings with it the promise of new

beginnings in moments of Doubt or fear

seek solace in my presence

I am here walking alongside you guiding

your steps and Illuminating the path

ahead trust in the divine plan woven

intricately for you a plan that holds

promise purpose and boundless love you

are cherished beyond measure embrace the

uniqueness of Who You Are For You are a

masterpiece intricately designed and

deeply loved let this love be The

Guiding Light that leads you toward a

life filled with purpose peace and

boundless Joy

with Endless Love and unwavering support

my dear in the Symphony of existence

your life plays a crucial note a melody

of Hope resilience and love within you

resides a spark a unique Essence that

radiates with boundless potential and

immeasurable worth amidst the tumultuous

Seas of uncertainty know that my love is

the lighthouse guiding you through the

storms it’s an unwavering Beacon that

illuminates the path forward offering

Solace and strength strength during

life’s trials embrace the entirety of

your journey the highs that bring

Elation and the lows that Foster growth

your life isn’t solely defined by

triumphs or setbacks but by the

resilience you exhibit the kindness you

extend and the love you share forgive

yourself for the moments when you falter

for in those instances lies an

opportunity for self-compassion and

growth let forgiveness pave the way for

healing and renewal guiding you toward a

brighter tomorrow when uncertainty casts

its shadow or fear threatens to

overwhelm seek solace in my presence I

am here a constant companion on your

journey offering guidance comfort and

unwavering support believe in the

tapestry of your existence a masterpiece

woven with threads of Hope love and

purpose you are an integral part of this

Grand Design embraced by an

all-encompassing love that knows no

bounds your life is a testament to

resilience and Grace Embrace each day as

a canvas painting it with kindness joy

and unwavering Faith trust in the path

laid before you for it is a path

illuminated by Divine love you are

cherished beyond measure with infinite

love he he wants to show it by sending

his son Jesus Christ to die for your

sins on the cross because of this he

will forgive you and make you clean

again all that is left is to believe in

him and ask him to forgive you you just

believe in me and I will forgive your

sins I want to thank you for the way you

live your life and for the example that

you set for others you’re not perfect

but I know how hard it can be to be

perfect that’s why I love you so

much I am not asking for an easy life

but don’t let anything stand in your way

don’t let anything get in the way of

your happiness and success type if

you receive your blessings you have a

right to be peaceful and Serene in your

soul body and mind you have a right to

be free from Fear anxiety stress and

worry you have a right to live life with

dignity and honor as a human being with

the ability to make your own decisions

in life without being overly influenced

by others who want you to do things

against your will or better judgment so

that they can benefit from it themselves

you have a right to be treated fairly by

others when dealing with them in any

business or social dealings where money

is involved I know that God is always

good but I also know that not everyone

around me always behaves well towards me

either so we all need help sometimes

when we feel like things are not going

well for us especially when someone

tries to take advantage of something

they know they shouldn’t do because they

love us too much as well you are the one

who was chosen by me before the world

was created I have loved you from the

beginning of time and I will never leave

you I am always there for you and will

never let go of your hand you are now at

a point in your life where you can

choose to be happy you are now at a

point in your life where you can choose

to be healthy you are now at a point in

your life where you can choose to be

successful you are now at a point in

your life where you can choose to be

wealthy I have come to give you hope

that all of your dreams can become

reality I have come to give you faith

that anything is possible for those who

believe I will destroy the evil from

your life and from the lives of those in

your family just as God destroyed

everything that had been created by the

evil one I will give you a new heart and

put a new spirit in you and I will

remove from you Your Heart of Stone and

give you a heart of Flesh and I will put

my spirit in you so the people who know

me will see it because they have come to

know me and they will know that I am in

the father and they are in me because

the father sent me I’m going to let you

in on a little secret you can trust me

with anything God Is Bigger than any

problem we face but he’s also infinitely

better at solving them than we are he

knows how to make things right even when

we don’t God has a plan for your life

and it doesn’t include you being screwed

up by the world or by yourself it’s all

about bringing glory to his name through

your obedience and faithfulness and if

you’re looking for something that’s

really hard for God look no further than

the cross of Jesus Christ God has

created you for a purpose and that

purpose is to live in him and through

him forever I was born in a small town

and I grew up in the country in my youth

I worked in agriculture and then got

married to a wonderful woman we had two

children who are grown now and have

families of their own you are not your

body you are not your mind you are not

your emotions you are not your thoughts

you are not your feelings you are not

even the person you think you are God is

saying to you that your faith is strong

and that he wants you to know that you

are not alone because there are so many

people in the world who suffer from

depression and

anxiety God wants you to know that he

understands your pain and will never

leave your side I am in charge of your

life I have a plan for you and I have

chosen the best way for you to succeed

in life type em and if you receive this

message God wants you to do what is best

for your own life without worrying about

other people’s lives when you think

about helping someone else remember that

God is always in charge of your life and

can give you the help that you need but

when it comes down to making decisions

about yourself it is up to God himself I

want you to know that I love you even

though there are so many things in your

life that don’t make sense I promise

that I will be with you every step of

the way I will teach you how to live and

how to love I want you to know that this

world is not as bad as it seems he wants

you to know that he can use everything

in life for good he wants you to know

that although it may not seem like it

now there is hope for tomorrow God is

telling me that he loves me and wants me

to be happy even when things aren’t easy

and he’s telling me that there are

plenty of things we can do together as a

family to help each other be more joyful

and peaceful you are not the way you

think you are you are a child of God but

you were made for a purpose God knows

your needs before you even know them he

knows what it will take for you to

fulfill your purpose on Earth God wants

you to trust him with your life and his

will be done in your life he wants you

to surrender all control over your life

and let him direct everything in your

life as he sees

fit your job is to listen trust obey and

allow him to guide you every step of the

way write all in paragraphs I am with

you I am here for you and I will always

be beside you you are loved blessed and

cherished By Me You Are Not Alone God is

love and he loves all of us

unconditionally I know that sometimes it

feels like there is nobody home when we

need him most but he is always there

holding your hand in mine you are a

beloved of God and the center of his

love you have been chosen by him as one

who will live in the fullness of his

life you are not alone here on Earth for

Jesus Christ has chosen you as his own

he will be with you always so that no

matter how lonely your days may seem or

how empty your life seems now he is with

you always he wants you to know this

because he loves you so much and wants

to give himself completely to each one

of us we can only receive from him what

we can give away ourselves but when we

do give it away for him we open

ourselves up to receive more than we

could ever imagine God does not want

anyone to go through life without being

loved by him that would be an insult to

the most important relationship in all

of existence so this Christmas season I

ask each one of us to please pray for

those who have been hurt by us or others

these past few months pray for them that

they may know love and forgiveness pray

that they may find peace within

themselves pray that they will know the

joy that comes when we surrender Our

Lives completely into the hands of Jesus

Christ you are a free person you can

make your own choices I am not trying to

get you to do anything I am simply

trying to give you the opportunity to

choose I am the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end I will do what you

asked me to do it is not my will that

you should die but it is your will to

die you were created by God you were

created to live in a certain way and I

want you to live your life in my ways

God did not create you to be a robot he

created you to be alive and that means

that you have free will which means that

you can choose whether or not to do

something God doesn’t want us to be

robots who do everything he tells us

without question he wants us to have

faith in him and trust him for guidance

every step of the way so we won’t get

lost or confused along the way I want

you to be happy I want you to be healthy

and strong I want you to have good

relationships with your friends and

family and feel loved and valued by them

you should also learn how to forgive

others when they hurt you and love

yourself more than anyone else in the

world does and don’t forget that there

is a place for everything in this big

old world of ours even the bad stuff

it’s just that sometimes we can get so

caught up in trying to fix things that

we forget that there are other people

going through their own struggles too I

want you to be happy and excited about

life love me with all your heart and

soul and mind and love your neighbor as

yourself God’s word says that we are to

make God first in our lives and that he

will bring everything under his control

but when we do not live this way we

often realize that there is a battle

going on inside us between our flesh and

our spirit we know that we need to make

God our priority but it seems almost

impossible we are weak we have sinned

against him and messed up his plan for

us so why should he put up with us it

doesn’t seem fair but if we follow God’s

word and make him our priority there is

nothing that can stop us from becoming

successful in every area of life I have

created you for a purpose and as I have

made you in my image so that you may

reflect my character and likeness I have

given you the ability to choose from

among your options this is an important

message it means that when we are faced

with choices we can make the right

choices if we want to we are not

helpless victims of circumstances or

whatever happens to us at the moment we

do have the ability to make decisions

and act upon them if we want something

to happen then it will happen if we

don’t want something to happen then it

won’t happen either God doesn’t want us

to be victims of circumstances he wants

us to be able to take charge of our

lives and make choices for ourselves

instead of being controlled by others

whom we may perceive as being more

powerful than ourselves he wants us to

be free agents who can make our own

choices without any outside interference

whatsoever you cannot do this alone I

want you to stop trying to be bigger

than what you are and start building

your future with me you are the most

important person in the world I have

made you and I have loved

you I know that you are a child of God

and I love you you are my child because

God is your father I am here to help you

learn how to be like me God wants us to

become like him but we cannot become God

we can only grow into more of who he is

in our struggle to get it right we can

make mistakes and fall short of his

expectations for us but God’s love for

us never changes even when we do not

live up to his expectations for us in

the process of becoming more like him we

will discover more about ourselves and

find ways to serve others better through

our actions than we ever could have done

if we had done nothing at all the

process is hard work but it is also

rewarding and fun I know that can be

hard to hear it’s been said that we are

all our own worst critics and if you’ve

ever felt like your life hasn’t turned

out the way you wanted it to it could be

hard for you to believe that God has

anything good in store for you if so I

want you to know that he does he wants

to help you reach your goals and dreams

and he wants your life to be filled with

joy joy and peace your past is not going

away or changing just because you’ve

made a commitment to yourself and God

your past will always affect who you are

today but it doesn’t mean that your

future has already been written

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