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my beloved child no one is strong all

the time for life’s journey is filled

with challenges and trials that test our

faith and resilience there are moments

when life’s storms seem to engulf us

when darkness threatens to consume us

entirely it is in those times that the

only solution for you to find strength

and this strength you will only find

with my presence in your life in those

dark hours my light shines brightest I

am the one who extends a hand to lift

the Fallen who will bring Comfort to

your troubled heart I am the solace in

moments of Despair the strength in times

of weakness when all doors close before

you remember that I am the door that

never shuts the safe refuge in life

storms trust in me for my love for you

is infinite and unwavering there is

nothing in this world that can separate

you from my love no matter how deep the

abyss in which you find yourself I am

with you holding your hand and guiding

your steps remember also that when you

acknowledge your weakness and surrender

to my will it is then that my strength

is manifested in you

gloriously for it is in weakness that my

strength is perfected and it is in

surrender that my grace pours abundantly

upon you fear not for I am with you at

all times trust in me with all your

heart and I will guide you on Paths of

righteousness and peace believe in the

power of my love and you will see

miracles happen before your eyes listen

carefully you should be aware that not

all the advice you receive comes from

Pure and truthful sources often even

those who claim to honor my name may

offer you advice that does not reflect

my will for you their intentions may be

good but their understanding of my truth

may be

distorted it is important to discern

between the wisdom that comes from me

and the advice that stems from Human

opinions and understandings not all

voices that cry out in my name are

aligned with my eternal truth therefore

always seek my guidance on your journey

seeking wisdom in prayer and meditation

on my word when you encounter advice

that contradicts my truth remain

steadfast in your faith and your trust

in me do not be swayed by words that

weaken your soul or Lead You Away From

the Path I have set for you remember

that I am the only one who knows the

plans I have for you plans of happiness

for you and for those you love and that

no human advice can override my

sovereign will furthermore

I want you to understand that true

spiritual value is not found in Grand

Deeds or material achievements but

rather in your communion with me and

your love for your fellow human beings

seek in your heart the humility that

pleases my spirit and find true wealth

in generosity compassion and service to

others never forget that you are

unconditionally loved by me and that

your worth is not in the opinions of

others or your own accomplishments but

in the fact that you are my beloved

child created in my image and likeness

let this knowledge fill your heart with

peace and confidence empowering you to

move forward with courage and

determination may my light shine upon

you dispelling all darkness and guiding

you on the path of truth and life trust

in me at all times and I will sustain

you with my mighty hand dear child the

Journey of life is filled with moments

of weakness and discouragement where you

feel overwhelmed by the weight of your

worries and anxieties you’re not made of

iron and there are situations that shake

your emotions more deeply than any

physical strain could cause in these

moments it’s natural to feel fragile and

vulnerable however don’t let

discouragement overpower you for

remember that I don’t expect you to be

strong all the time what I truly desire

is for you never to give up to keep

walking with faith and determination

even when you feel weakened

for it’s in weakness that my strength

manifests most powerfully and it’s in

total surrender to me that you find true

peace and comfort when discouragement

knocks at your door don’t hesitate to

seek me I’m always ready waiting to take

on the burden Weighing on your shoulders

there’s no burden too heavy for me and

I’m willing to share the weight of your

concerns and lighten your heavy heart

trust in me my beloved and surrender

completely to my care I know every tear

you shed every sigh that escapes your

lips nothing escapes my loving gaze and

I’m always by your side ready to comfort

you and guide you on the path of peace

and hope don’t let discouragement

overcome you for I am your strength and

your safe

Refuge trust in me at all times and I

will sustain you with my loving hand may

my presence envelop you like a cloak of

peace and may the certainty of my love

strengthen and comfort you in every

moment of weakness my beloved look

around you and you’ll see that the world

is full of people who seem to live

Wonderful lives flaunting Bright Smiles

and success stories however behind those

masks of Happiness there are Hearts

bleeding in silence Souls crying out for

Relief amidst life’s

trials know that you’re not alone in


struggles every person walking this

Earth faces their own challenges and

tribulations for life is a Battleground

where Good and Evil Clash daily but it’s

precisely in these trials that the true

strength of the human spirit is revealed

when you choose to face obstacles headon

with courage and determination and seek

my protection and guidance you’re like

an eagle soaring above the storms for

you know that even in the darkest hours

I Am with You illuminating your path and

strengthening your soul each trial you

go through is not an insurmountable

obstacle but rather an opportunity for

growth and learning for I who know the

deepest corners of your being know what

is best for you and allow you to face

challenges that I know you can overcome

if you trust in me and lean on my grace

do not be discouraged by life’s trials

for each of them has a greater purpose

remember that you are stronger than you

imagine and that your resilience and

faith in me will guide you through all

obstacles trust in me at all times and I

will sustain you with my mighty hand my

beloved child I want to celebrate your

courage and unwavering Faith throughout

your journey you have faced many

adversities and challenges but you have

never lost your faith in me I have

observed every step you’ve taken every

sincere prayer you’ve lifted to the

heavens seeking guidance and Solace and

it is with great joy that I witness your

spiritual growth and dedication in

seeking my will you are truly strong for

even in the face of the most violent

storms you have stood firm as a rock

sustained by your unshakable faith in me

and it is this faith that moves

mountains that opens doors that seemed

closed that turns The Impossible into

possible therefore know that I am ready

to release upon you a torrent of

blessings an abundance of grace and

favor that will overflow into your life

with each passing day I see your heart

opening more and more to receive the

Wonders I have reserved for you there

will be moments of Glory in your future

moments when my mighty hand will

manifest in extraordinary ways in your

life but remember my beloved that

everything has its appointed time and I

know the right day to deliver your

blessings so wait with patience and

confidence knowing that I am building

preparing the Miracles that are yet to

come meanwhile I bestow upon you a great

amount of positive energy and strength

so that you may continue to walk with

firmness and determination knowing that

the Best Is Yet To Come may your faith

continue to shine like a light in the

midst of Darkness guiding you on the

path of truth and life may my peace

which surpasses all understanding be

with you in every moment and may you

feel my powerful Presence by your side

strengthening and sustaining you in all

your Journeys amen if you believe in

these words leave your Amen in the

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