God Says ➨ I’m Trying Last Time to Talk to You | God Message Today

my beloved child in this world full of

noise and Chaos I extend my hand to you

do not pass by hastily for I have a

message crafted just for you I invite

you to linger to listen intently for

within these words lies the key to

unlocking the mysteries of your journey

trust in me as I guide you through the

shadows of uncertainty and into the

light of

Truth so my beloved I implore you do not

turn away embrace the gift that awaits

you after a few minutes of this message

I promise to answer your deepest

questions and provide Solace for your

weary Soul But first you must listen to

this message Faithfully are you ready my

child my dearest child there will be

times when many won’t recognize The

Incredible Journey I’ve paved for you

despite their doubts your faith and

Inner Strength shouldn’t

waver understand that some may not

forgive you hold on to grudges cut ties

with you and remove you from their lives

their choices are Theirs to make and

it’s important for you to accept them

and let go of any bitterness you’ve done


best now continue forward for I have

marvelous plans for you trust in me for

I will guide you through every challenge

I’ll Grant you the courage and

resilience to overcome any

obstacle lifting you from Despair and

easing your troubled mind whenever

you’re feeling lost or

confused remember that I’m always here

for you just reach out and I’ll

listen even if you think you’ve stumbled

too far your faith repentance devotion

and loyalty are precious to me embrace

the truth my love for you knows no

bounds believe in this feel it in your

bones I’ll always be here for you

shielding you from harm you’re safe

under my watch and I’ll be by your side

through thick and thin keep your trust

strong if someone exits your life if a

chance slips away if you endure setbacks

don’t be afraid you’re

alive my affection for you never waivers

sense my arms around you you’re an

essential part of my design I desire you


well-being yearning to calm your inner

being with my Serenity and fill you with


Essence I understand the difficulties


facing and I genuinely hope you find

peace and

contentment if you believe in God then

like the video and leave a heartfelt

Amen in the

comments I want you to have everything

you need and to tackle your daily tasks

with Integrity without any worries or

anxieties knowing that you are deeply

valued by by a higher

power the changes unfolding around you

are being Guided by a force greater than

us clearing obstacles from your path and

shielding you from harm or

negativity take a moment to slow down

don’t let yourself get lost in the rush

of things don’t shut yourself away

because you’re afraid of what might

happen instead keep talking to me keep

sharing your thoughts your hopes your

fears and don’t pull away from others


especially not from

me I’m here ready and waiting to shower

you with blessings Beyond Your Wildest

imagination I have the power to do

incredible things in your life I can

wipe away all the mistakes you’ve made

in the past and set you on a path

towards a bright and beautiful future I

want to show you the true depth of my

love for you I gave everything for you

enduring unimaginable pain and suffering

so that you could be free don’t ever

forget that


me I’m here to lift the weight of guilt

from your shoulders so you can stand

tall again life has big plans for you

there’s a treasure Trove of blessings

and peace waiting for you picture

yourself in a world overflowing with

love and Tranquility my wish for you is

to always feel valued and safe no matter

what life throws your way whether you’re

basking in the sunshine or facing a

storm wherever your path takes you

I’m erasing that feeling of

loneliness that Hollow ache that nagging

fear of what’s to come my child pause

the video and click the Subscribe button

to join me in the depths of betrayal

where the shards of trust lay scattered

like shattered glass upon your soul Let

My Embrace be your

Sanctuary my Essence a beacon of light

amidst the darkness of Deceit comes to

cradle your wounded Spirit to wrap in

the warmth of unconditional love and to

breathe Solace into the caverns of your

despair do not dwell on those who

callously disregard your worth for they

are but fleeting shadows in the grand

tapestry of your

existence their departure a Liberation

from the chains of toxicity grants you

the freedom to soar unfettered by the

weight of their

indifference should they dare to

entertain the notion of return let

discernment be your guiding star and let

caution temper the the impulses of

forgiveness for in The Crucible of

betrayal you emerge forged a

new resilient and

radiant with the promise of a future

untainted by The Echoes of betrayals

Sting and as you stand amidst the

wreckage of broken trust know that my

glory surrounds you infolding you in its

Embrace igniting within you the flame of

resilience and guiding you towards the

dawn of a brighter tomorrow feel free to

share this video with up to three people

if you feel the need for God’s presence

let others too bask in the Divine Light

of our heavenly father amidst the vast

expanse of existence not every extended

hand beckons for our

Embrace understand dear one my

intentions are not to cast you into the

desolate Realms of solitude rather they

are deeply rooted in a genuine concern

for your emotional welfare UST in the

rhythm of my

orchestration and isue the impulse to

hasten my actions or demand Swift

responses much like the Vigilant Dove

tirelessly shielding its progyny from

the harsh torrent of rain and the biting

chill of the cold so too shall your soul

find Solace under my watchful gaze your

essence shall be cocooned within the

comforting Embrace of divine

guardianship where Solace and protection

intertwine as one though the mysteries

of existence May Veil the understanding

of your current

tribulations fret not for for there

exists a destined moment when the Shroud

shall be lifted and Clarity shall reign


however that time is not yet come for it

is my decree that you should taste but a

sliver of the Heavenly realm upon this


plane a realm where the Eternal essence

of Love transcends mortal

boundaries and the gentle caress of

divinity radiates brighter than a myriad

of suns enveloping you in a resplendant

luminescence that knows no equal

in the realm of existence amidst the

vast expanse of time and space our paths

have converged not by mere chance but by

a design greater than our

comprehension as our journey

intertwines know that I stand before you

not as a mere acquaintance but as a

steadfast Guardian a beacon of

unwavering light amidst the shadows of

uncertainty I am here to bestow upon you

not just transient blessings but a

legacy of enduring Grace

to cherish you in moments of joy and to

Shield you from the tempests that may

assail your soul entrust your fears to

me for I shall bear them upon my

shoulders weaving a tapestry of

protection around you where your spirit

finds solace in

sanctuary your life dear one is not a

solitary Voyage Through the desolate

Seas of existence dear child if you wish

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description and pinned comment but a

symphony of interconnected

Melodies each note resonating with the

harmonious chords of Destiny let not the

shackles of solitude bind your spirit

nor The Whispers of Doubt Cloud your

vision for in the vast Mosaic of

creation you are not a solitary figure

but a vital thread woven into the grand

tapestry of Life release your grasp une

Earthly possessions for they are but

fleeting Illusions in the Grand Theater


existence Embrace instead the abundance

that flows through your veins the

pulsating Rhythm of Life that courses

through every fiber of your being with

faith as your compass fear shall find no

Harbor within your heart and the gates

of opportunity shall swing wide open

before you in The Crucible of Faith

Miracles Are Not Mere happen stance but

a testament to the boundless potential

that resides within you

so cast aside the veil of doubt and step

boldly into the realm of miraculous

Wonders that awaits your beckoning call

for in the tapestry of Fate your destiny

awaits a masterpiece waiting to unfold

with every step you take upon the path

of Divine

Purpose in this sacred moment I entrust

you with a heartfelt mission to reach

out to each cherished member of our

family and tend ly convey the depth of

my love for them let every word resonate

with a profound sense of gentleness and

Tranquility should you feel the need for

God’s blessings do not hesitate to type

yes I need in the comments

section as you stand before them place

your hands gently upon their shoulders

locking eyes with them in a silent

exchange of understanding and affection

let these words Laden with divine grace

flow from your lips God declares his

love for you and so do I allow the tears

to flow freely if they may for there is

no shame in the cleansing release of

emotion today Heralds the arrival of a

new dawn within the sanctity of our home

a period marked by healing and renewal

know that the sacred blessing i impart

upon you is a tangible presence drawing

nearer with each passing

moment embrace it with gratitude for it

is a gift of immeasurable worth may this

moment be etched into the fabric of our

family’s history as a testament to the

enduring Power of Love Let Us Journey

forward together United in the warmth of

this Divine

Embrace amen my child click on the join

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