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PLEASE DON’T MAKE JESUS BEG FOR YOUR TIME | Powerful Miracle Prayer To Jesus For Blessings

father Lord all honor praise and adoration belongs to your Holy

Name you are a good and amazing father grant me a Divine breakthrough in

jesus’ name you are the God of All

Flesh and there is nothing too hard for you let your miraculous hands Prevail in

all areas and aspects of my life grant me miracles in my finance

Health family relationship and every

aspect release your miracle and move on my behalf in jesus’

name I command everything that is standing in the way of my miracle to be

destroyed in jesus’ name I come against every demonic

hindrance to my breakthrough in jesus’ name I pray for Holy expectations

Lord you said in your word that all things are possible for those who

believe I believe in your signs and wonders perform them in my

life I speak life and victory into my life I speak Faith to arise inside of me

right now and I begin to believe God’s Miracles and

wonders in jesus’ name I ask Lord that you Empower me to

the next level the anointing of God is upon my

life perform your miracles in my life to display your

power and your glory acts says

that so they remained for a long time speaking boldly to the

Lord Who Bore witness to the world of his

grace granting signs and wonders to be done by their

hands you are the god of great wonders you demonstrate your awesome power among

the Nations let your miraculous hands rest

upon my life Heal Me from any disease or anything that brings discomfort to me

make me whole again I pray Lord that you turn things

around for my good let old things pass away and make

All Things New in my life heavenly father I come before you today to

receive your powerful miracles in my life the Bible says that you hold the

universe in the palm of your hands nothing is too hard for you Lord

thank you Lord for your mercy and your grace thank you for your power and Glory

that is at work in my

life I pray Lord that you intervene in every area of my life that is in need of

your miracle I bind every evil spirit that is

fighting against my progress in the mighty name of

Jesus I cast out anything that is holding my breakthrough in jesus’

name I pray father Lord that you come through for me

mightily let your Miracles begin to manifest in my

life let miracles happen miraculously in my life

life fill my life with your power I pray for divine Deliverance to

take place in my life fill every void in my life with

your power and the presence of your Holy

Spirit make my life too hot to handle for evil spirits and

agents I receive my miracle in the name of

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