Powerful Prayer for a Miracle in a difficult situation

hello friends my name is walston as we

say this prayer think about a time when

god has performed a miracle in your life

before believe that god can do it again

jesus is the same yesterday today and

forever with strong belief in our hearts

let us now pray in the name of the

father and of the son and of the holy

spirit amen prayer to resolve a
My prayer for a Miracle in a difficult situation

difficult situation

lord jesus

are the good shepherd

you are the only one i trust

you know when my mind is troubled

and you know when i am sad

you know the sorrow in my heart

you know the anguish and the tears i

have shed and the sleepless nights i

have endured

i ask you now to come to my aid because

i am helpless without you

sometimes i’m too scared

sometimes i’m too weak

i cannot do this on my own

i need you my lord

heavenly father

i humble myself before you

in this difficult situation

you are my refuge and my strength

my help in these times of trouble

hold my hand and do not let me fall

let your grace be upon me

during these times of anguish

even in my difficulties my trust is in


though i have fallen i still praise you

my lord

lord watch over me during this difficult


be my source of strength

let your peace fill my heart

do not let these circumstances shake my

faith in you let my trust be rooted in


i know that i will fight this battle and

come out victorious because you are the

one fighting for me

i am trusting god’s word which says

he will never leave me and he will

always go before me

i place this difficult situation in your

holy presence

at this moment please ask for everything

you need and believe in your heart that

you will receive it

write it in the comments section with

complete faith in god

mighty father

my strength comes from you

even though i am hurt

help me fully rest in your grace no

matter how difficult the situation is

give me the confidence to say

though i walk through the valley of

shadow of death

i shall not fear

for you are with me

your staff

and your god they comfort me

let my heart meditate on your word every


jesus christ my lord

i ask for your wisdom and help during

this difficult situation

wipe my tears away

i am burdened lord

hold my hand

i take your yoke upon me so that i may

learn from you

you are gentle and humble

in you i can find peace

my heart rests with you

you are my friend

please stand with me and save me


you have asked me to forgive others

times seven

i forgive all those who have caused this

difficulty in my life

i forgive those who have hated me and

wanted to see me fall

i forgive those who have spoken evil

against me

i forgive those who have worked towards

my downfall

i present them to you at your holy feet

may your mercy wash away their hatred

against me


i bless you for your holy presence in my


even in my financial difficulties i will

lift up my hands and praise you

nothing can separate me from your

infinite love

neither sickness nor pain

nor poverty nor hunger or any other


i will continue to praise and thank you

even through my difficulties


let the cry of my heart come to you

it seeks nothing but love and mercy from

you holy god

all my trust is in you during this

difficult time

i am confident that i will overcome

anything that comes against me

because you are with me every step of

the way

let my heart rest in knowing

that difficulties bring us closer to you

help me fully rely in your saving power

lead me through these difficult times

order my steps to do what i can

help me work hard with a humble heart

and a selfless spirit

my heavenly father

you are the hope for the hopeless

you are the consolation to those who

have lost hope

you are a warrior

who brings justice in unjust situations

you are the prince of peace for troubled

hearts you will bring me out of this


better than ever before

may i finally see the day when i smile


the day when my heart is joyful again

i believe you are already unlocking this


i receive your love and mercy with a

grateful heart

may your name be praised forever

i will now offer this short prayer to

resolve this difficult situation now we

will read three miracles of jesus
The miracles of Jesus and my prayer

and say a prayer asking our lord to

grant us a miracle just like he did for

others in the bible

as we go through these miracles

imagine yourself there with jesus


feeding the from john chapter

verse –

jesus replied

they do not need to go away

you give them something to eat

we have here only five loaves of bread

and two fish they answered

bring them here to me he said

and he directed the people to sit down

on the grass

taking the five loaves and the two fish

and looking up to heaven

he gave thanks

and broke the loaves

then he gave them to the disciples and

the disciples gave them to the people

they all ate and were satisfied

and the disciples picked up twelve


of broken pieces that were left over

the number of those who ate was about


beside women and children

let us pray


this is an abundant miracle

you gave food to the people who listen

to your word

i too have listened to your words from

the bible

i believe that you can come into my life

and solve my problems with your power

if i lack food

you can multiply bread in my life

if i lack money

you can strengthen my

finances if i am sick

you can make me healthy and whole again

thank you jesus

second miracle

healing the paralytic at bethesda

from john chapter verse to

one person was there who had not been

able to walk for years

jesus saw him lying there

he knew that the man had been in that

condition for a long time

so he asked him do you want to get well

the disabled man replied

i have no one to help me into the pool

when the angel stirs up the water

i try to get in but someone else always

goes down ahead of me

then jesus said to him

get up

pick up your mat and walk

the man was healed right away

he picked up his mat and walked

let us pray

lord you are the divine healer

you make the blind sea

the death here and the lame walk

just like you healed this paralytic man

i believe that you can heal me

whatever problem that i have in my life

that needs healing

you can heal it

you can heal my body my finances my

family and my life

and so i invite your healing miracle

into my life today

i praise you jesus

the third miracle

jesus walking on water in john verse

when evening came his disciples went

down to the lake

where they got into a boat and set off

across the lake for capernaum

by now it was dark and jesus had not yet

joined them

a strong wind was blowing and the waters

grew rough

when they had rowed about three or four

miles they saw jesus approaching the


walking on the water

and they were frightened

but he said to them it is i

don’t be afraid

then they were willing to take him into

the boat

and immediately the boat reached the

shore where they were heading

let us pray

lord i am amazed at all these miracles

you performed in the bible

you are truly the son of god

the winds the seas the mountains

bow down to you

absolutely nothing is impossible for you

my problems looked big to me before

but your miracles are much bigger

there is nothing that can last against


i have complete faith in your miracle

working power

with you by my side

i know

that everything will be all right


i trust in you

i bless your holy name

glory be to the god of all holy miracles

hallelujah praise the lord

blessed be his name forever and ever


remember to say this prayer for the next

seven days

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with you

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