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Prophetic Word & Money Prayer – The Key to $2,50,000 from God | Powerful Blessings


do you believe in miracles have you ever

felt like you needed a miracle I’m not

talking about the kind of Miracles that

happen in movies I’m talking about the

kind of Miracles that happen in real


the kind of Miracles that change

people’s lives forever

if you’ve been struggling financially

and you don’t want to miss out on this

opportunity then make sure to watch this

video Until the End

I’m going to show you how to get two

hundred and fifty thousand dollars from

God himself


God says there is so much potential

awaiting you so seize the opportunity to

be excited for what lies ahead your

future is bright and the possibilities

are endless this is your time to shine

believe in yourself and have faith that

something wonderful is coming your way


God says embrace the Journey of growth

and take life head on appreciate all the

blessings that the Lord has bestowed

upon you and be grateful


God is saying to you today no matter

what obstacles come your way never give

up you can overcome anything with enough

determination and hard work you have the

power to make your dreams come true so

don’t let anything stand in your way

believe in yourself and keep pushing

forward you can do this

Comet Ammon if you agree

God says be prepared for the incredible

blessings that await you today

with peace healing and victory within

your reach don’t give up and never quit

even in the toughest of times something

beautiful can be found within


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the

End if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your



God says

your presence is powerful and

awe-inspiring and you have the ability

to make a lasting impact believe in

yourself and the World is Yours

God says to you I recognize that you may

have experienced a unique Dynamic with

different individuals in your life and

that you may have faced adversity from

those who are envious of you

type yes to claim this

God says despite the pain that’s been

inflicted upon you by the hurtful words

of others never forget the strength you

possess and the power of resilience that

you can draw from


God says

it’s all right you have nothing to worry

about you are special and unique don’t

ever forget that

have faith and know that you will get

through anything that comes your way

God wants you to hear this today

you are strong and capable and you will

be all right

keep your head up and don’t give up

brighter days and amazing opportunities

are just around the corner believe in

yourself and stay positive blessings are

coming your way

God says this month will be your best

month of the year just believe in him

God says trust in the Lord for he will

provide his strength will sustain you

through these trying times and a

financial blessing is on the way

rejoice in your faith and in the Lord’s

love and know that he is proud of you

for remaining strong


God says this weekend be filled with the

joy of the Lord’s presence and trust

that healing will come to you enjoy your


God wants you to know this today

embrace the challenges that come your

way trust yourself to reach your

Ambitions and find contentment in the

little moments believe in yourself and

your strength to succeed amen

type I believe in God to affirm

God says good news is on its way God is

working with his power to bring healing

abundance Victory and a path open to

receive his greatest blessings into your


in Jesus name amen

God says as you enter a new era of

divine blessings you will soon witness

the manifestation of your Faith’s power

be ready to receive the news of your

success and have faith that better times

are ahead with a loving voice he said my

child your faith has healed you go with

peace your suffering has come to an end

God has a message for you today

reminding you that your struggles are

behind you your faith has been

unshakable even in the most challenging

times and because of your trust in him

he will bring forth an abundance of

blessings into your life greater than

anything you could have imagined

type Amen to catch these Vibes

God says be inspired by how I will guide

you through this difficult time and

bring back everything you have lost God

is telling you now you have been doing

the right thing finding Solace with a

bright Outlook giving thanks in the

struggle worshiping with faith instead

of worrying and showing kindness to

others even if they aren’t kind to you

God says be ready for bigger and better

things ahead I am ready to embark on

something new expect new possibilities

new blessings and new successes to come

your way the Lord promises to restore

all that was taken away he will give

back what was lost you will rebuild you

will recover you will rebound and you

will be stronger

God says you are not reading this by


there is a glimmer of hope on the

horizon for you God is about to do

something amazing His blessings are

coming your way and you can look forward

to feeling joy and optimism he has

opened up a path of possibility allowing

you to experience success and abundance

in every way rejoice in the knowledge

that good tidings are on their way

say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

God says cleans your spirit and clear

your mind

pack up your things and prepare your

journey for God is transitioning you to

a new level and a new place he is

providing you with a new mode of travel

and a new form of transportation get

ready for the change for new

opportunities are coming your way if

this is for you declare amen

God says welcome the changes that you

ask for

answers to your prayers are coming

Rejoice for all of your debts illnesses

and Sorrows are being released open your

heart to the Bountiful blessings new

possibilities and innovative ideas that

are heading your way

this is your moment to shine

God is saying to you today this week you

will hear the sound of success ringing

through your phone in one month your

life will be even more prosperous you

are on the brink of a season of great

successes where every day brings a new

Victory and every moment brings a new

breakthrough believe it and make it


say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

God says

you will soon be filled with joy and

gratitude God has heard your prayers and

is making miracles happen in your life

believe in yourself and the power of

your dreams focus on what you can gain

not what you have lost this month is

sure to bring blessings and occasions

for celebration

God says

believe in the power of abundance let go

of any anxieties about money and open

yourself up to the possibilities of

healing joy and abundance miracles

happen when you manifest what you truly


God says to you your time to shine is

coming soon be ready to Revel in your

accomplishments and spread the good news

you have the power to motivate and

encourage others with your story of

success embrace the journey and keep

sight of your long-term goals you have a

wealth of potential just waiting to be



God says are you ready to receive it

God says it won’t be long until a

beautiful Narrative of healing success

Health abundance Prosperity love

happiness peace and immense Joy is told

you’ll become empowered enlightened and

full of life while giving back and

radiating the positive energy that

you’ve been blessed with

God Says with God’s Abundant Blessings I

am equipped and ready to succeed in all

that I do

I trust in his hands to bring me all

that I need to be prosperous and thrive

in my finances


God wants you to hear this today

I have faith that through his guidance

all of my hard work will soon be

rewarded with Sweet Success and I will

be met with congratulations with God’s

help I have manifested my success Ammon

type Ammon to receive it

God says

you have manifested your wildest dreams

you are now living in the reality you

have worked and prayed for acknowledge

the blessing of this moment for you have

put in the effort and trusted the

process now your hard work is paying off

and the world is recognizing your


finally after watching this video all

the way through I am left with a feeling

of awe and a bit of disbelief it is

truly amazing that God is willing to

send you two hundred and fifty thousand

dollars before this month ends if you

don’t skip this video

now is your time to shine we’ve all

heard the saying that God helps those

who help themselves but what if I told

you that God is willing to go the extra


and send you a Hopping . million

dollars before the month ends if you

don’t skip this video it sounds too good

to be true and it might be

but I’m sure you’re curious about what

else there is to learn from this video

so why not watch it until the end to

find out what else you could gain from

it I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly

surprised at what you can learn and

maybe even gain something special from

The Experience so don’t skip this video

you never know what could be

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it



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