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Put Your TRUST in Me and |Gods Message Today | God blessings message | Gods Message for Me Today

angels are saying the cunning Devil

Himself is eagerly rooting for you to

hit that skip button and lose everything

you owe dear don’t be fooled by his

treacherous Whispers for if you dare to

ignore this video you risk bidding

farewell to all that you cherish in life

so sit tight and watch on for your

future might depend on it watch this

video till the end to see Miracles God


congratulations I come in wonderful news

that will make your heart skip a beat

brace yourself for you are about to

witness a series of Miracles that will

transform your life in ways you’ve never

imagined I the harbinger of Good Tidings

have specially selected you to receive

an abundance of wealth health and

happiness so get ready to bask in the

glow of prosperity for you are truly

deserving of all the blessings that are

about to come your way if you believe

God says the Stars shall align and the

universe shall conspire in your favor

behold the right people shall cross your

path and your health shall flourish like

a garden in

springtime those once shut doors shall

swing open inviting you to step into a

new realm of

possibilities and as if that weren’t

enough your heartfelt prayers shall be

answered bringing you the blessings you

have so earnestly sought Rejoice for

Fate has smiled upon you this day get

ready to witness your life taking off

like a rocket your career finances and

love life are all on a

trajectory towards the stars with each

passing day bringing you closer and

closer to the Limitless possibilities

that await you so fasten your seat belt

because you’re in for an exhilarating

ride if you needed this God says Dear

child heed the words of the Divine for

the almighty has spoken take a moment to

rest and let go of your worries fear not

for I’m already hard at work tirelessly

weaving together a tapestry of blessings

and opportunities that will transform

even the darkest of

circumstances into something beautiful

trust in me and watch as I turn every

negative situation in your life into a

shimmering Beacon of Hope and

resilience subscribe to the channel and

help us to reach , Divine

subscribers May the Gentle Touch of

Grace rest upon you and your loved ones

mending everyone soothing every ache and

healing every broken place within your

hearts and

souls as the night falls and you drift

off into a peaceful Slumber May the

heavens above stir with anticipation

eagerly awaiting the moment to unleash a

torrent of blessings upon you and when

the Sun rises may you awaken to a world

filled with unexpected breakthroughs and

wondrous Miracles leaving you in awe of

the divine power that watches over

you for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you

hope and a

future subscribe to our Channel if you

love God Jesus says I am the way and I

will make a way for you when your spirit

is broken I will will heal and restore

you and when you are weak I will be your

strength know this always you are loved

beyond measure type I love you Jesus get

ready to swap those tears for A Grin my

friend for the Winds of Change are

blowing in your favor and soon enough

your story will be transformed by the

Divine hand of the

almighty so hold tight and keep the

faith for your s sadness is but a

fleeting moment in the grand scheme of

things and a brighter tomorrow is just

around the

corner release the grip of overthinking

and Trust In The Grand Design of the

universe if it’s divinely ordained no

obstacle can thwart its manifestation

but if it’s not meant to be have faith

that a superior plan is in store for you

no matter what chaos swirls around us in

this world let us proclaim the name of

Jesus Jesus

alow for in doing so we declare that we

will never be robbed of The Magnificent

Glory that God has instore for our

lives so let us shout it from the

mountaintops and declare with every

breath we take the name of Jesus shall

Forever Reign Supreme in our

lives do not be anxious about anything

but in every situation by prayer and

petition Thanksgiving present your

requests to God

God and the peace of God which

transcends all understanding will guard

your hearts and your minds in Christ

Jesus type to affirm tell these

five things loudly to yourself to get

success I am worthy of financial

abundance and success in all areas of my

life I attract wealth and abundance into

my life effortlessly and easily my

financial success grows every day

and I’m grateful for the abundance that

flows to me I’m open to receiving money

and success in all forms and I use it to

make a positive impact in the

world I trust in my ability to create

and maintain a prosperous and fulfilling

life for myself and those around me

share this video with people who need

to hear this oh how radiant you are my

Lord with you as my Guiding Light

Darkness flees and and shadows dissipate

you illuminate the path before me

leading me through even the most

treacherous terrain with your Divine Aid

I am fortified with the courage to face

any challenge even against a formidable

army I stand tall and steadfast for I

know that you are with me fighting by my

side your strength empowers me to

overcome obstacles that once seemed

insurmountable walls that once loomed to

too high to scale now crumble beneath my

feet thank you my God for being my

unwavering lamb and for leading me

through the darkness of Life trust in

the Lord with all your heart and lean

not on your

understanding in all your ways submit to

him and he will make your path

straight you’re sailing on a vast

tumultuous sea and a raging Storm

suddenly strikes threatening to toss you

around and dash you against the rocks

but in the midst of the chaos a

reassuring voice booms out fear not my

child I am your anchor In This

Storm as the winds howl and the waves

crash around you you hold fast to This

Promise knowing that you are not alone

and the divine presence is always there

to guide and protect you the Lord is my

strength and my shield my heart trusts

in him and he helps me

my heart leaps for joy and with my song

I praise Him comment if you

believe do not be afraid Little Flock

for your father has been pleased to give

you the kingdom with each breath I take

I acknowledge that my existence relies

on a higher power my soul yearns for

divine guidance every day every moment

and every second without the grace of

God my life would be incomplete and and

my heart would be devoid of the love and

light that sustained me therefore I

declare with conviction and gratitude

that I need God in every aspect of my

being God says fear not for I Am by your

side do not be discouraged for I am your

God I will uplift you and shower you

with blessings strengthening you in ways

you never thought

possible let these words of comfort and

reassurance fill your heart and lift

your spirit for you are never alone and

the universe is conspiring in your favor

imagine a grand performance orchestrated

by the Divine Maestro God

himself the stage is set and the

audience eagerly awaits as the curtains

slowly draw back but this is no ordinary

show for God is about to reveal his true

power and might not only will he guide

you toward your destined path but he

will also use this moment to display to

all those around you that his unwavering

support is firmly on your side so sit

back and behold the inspiring spectacle

that is about to unfold before your very

eyes I can do all this through him who

gives me

strength type God is with me the Lord

will grant you abundant prosperity in

the fruit of your womb the young of your

livestock and the crops of your ground

in the land he swore to your ancestors

to give you

God says when you beseech the universe

for your heart’s desire hold steadfast

in your belief that it is already yours

trust in the power of your prayers and

watch as the universe manifests your

deepest wishes into

reality May the Divine light shine upon

your soul filling your heart with pure

joy and your spirit with tranquil peace

as you surrender to the will of the

almighty may your blessings multiply and

overflow like a river that never runs

dry truly follow the path of

righteousness and the grace of God shall

poured down upon you in abundance

granting you unending happiness and

serenity affirm Our God the almighty


supreme no obstacle no challenge no

trial can withstand his mighty power he

is the one true force that Towers Above

All Else and his strength is yours to


so speak it out loud and let it Echo

across the land our God is a powerful

God mightier than anything that may come

against us

today imagine walking through a dark and

treacherous path feeling lost and alone

suddenly a warm and gentle hand grasps

your right hand firmly and a soothing

voice Whispers in your ear do not fear

my child for I am the Lord your God I

will help help you it’s a comforting

reminder that no matter how difficult

the journey may seem you are never alone

and the divine presence is always there

to guide and protect you delight

yourself in the Lord and He will give

you the desires of your heart type

if you

believe May the heavens Echo a

resounding glory to the almighty and let

the Earth be filled with unending peace

bestowed upon those who have found favor

in his eyes did you know that your

mistakes have the power to transform

into a triumphant tale of inspiration

yes that’s right truly he is capable of

accomplishing infinitely more than our

minds could fathom or our tongues could

utter let us bestow our blessings upon

the almighty who is not only the God and

father of our Lord Jesus Christ but also

the loving father of mercies and the all

comforting God type Amen to affirm

imagine a world where kindness and

compassion are the norm where people are

quick to forgive each other just as

Christ forgave us a world where grudges

and resentments are cast aside replaced

with love and

understanding let us strive to make this

world a reality by embodying these

virtues and spreading them wherever we

go let us be agents of change bringing

light to a world that can sometimes feel

dark and

unforgiving remember we all have the

power to make a difference one kind and

compassionate act at a time even when I

go through the darkest Valley I fear no

danger for you are with me listen

closely for The Whispers of your prayers

have reached the heavens and the stars

have aligned in your favor the universe

is conspiring in your favor and soon

like a Cascade of blessings every

everything you’ve been yearning for will

fall perfectly into place brace yourself

for I am about to Astound you with my

unwavering love and infinite goodness

affirm oh Divine One my heart aches in

your absence for I cannot fathom

existence without your loving grace your

blessings have showered upon me in

abundance today and with a humble spirit

I implore thee to grant me the

unwavering ing fortitude to conquer the

challenges that lie

ahead with a heart full of gratitude for

the countless blessings bestowed upon me

I humbly prostrate myself before you

seeking Absolution for the wrongs I have

committed subscribe to the channel to

affirm dear Lord Jesus I come before you

today with a heart full of gratitude and

reverence for all that you have done for

me I thank you for your unconditional

love your mercy and your grace which

have sustained me through all the ups

and downs of Life today I pray that you

guide me on the path of righteousness

and help me to stay true to your

teachings fill my heart with your light

so that I may be a Beacon of Hope and

love to those around me help me to be

patient kind and forgiving in all my

interactions and to always seek to serve

others Lord I pray for those who are

suffering who are in pain or who are in

need comfort them with your love heal

them with your touch and Grant them the

strength to endure may they find Solace

and peace in your

Embrace finally Lord I pray for your

continued presence in my life help me to

always seek your guidance to trust in

your plan

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