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Rise Up My Child And Engage In The Battle | God Message Today | God’s Message For You

my beloved child I come before you now

speaking directly to your heart seeking

to forge a deep connection with you I

offer these words to strengthen your

faith to envelop you in love salvation

Grace and forgiveness do not succumb to

fear or disappointment but rise up my

child and engage in the battle that lies

before you the powers of dark dark nness

shall flee and the blessings that have

been withheld shall be bestowed upon you

listen closely my beloved for I want you

to understand that no matter how dire

the situation may seem I hold the power

to overcome it I promise you Victory but

you must not let fear take hold of your

spirit furthermore I want you to know

that I bear the weight of your suffering

I have already triumphed over the

hardships of this world and I have

ignited a spark of life within your

heart which shall grow and flourish with

every word I speak I have heard your

prayers and though the forces of

Darkness may attempt to steal you away

you have remained steadfast praying with


faith I implore you now my child do not

waver continue to cultivate the fertile

ground of your soul rise early and do

not be disheartened by those around you

who may falter and abandon their faith

persevere in your efforts for in due

time you shall witness a Bountiful

Harvest treasure this message my beloved

for in moments of sadness listen to it

once more open the Bible and nourish

your soul with the Psalms and Proverbs

and studied the lives of my Faithful

Servants The Heroes of Faith they were

imperfect yet they silenced The Roaring

Lions conquered armies and stood firm in

the face of

adversity just as they endured pain and

suffering so too must you be prepared to

endure do not surrender to your

adversaries or those who seek to

undermine your family Stand Tall my

child for you possess immeasurable worth

and precious dignity do not rely on the

fleeting support of others for they may

fail you many May promise eternal love

but when the storm comes they flee

leaving you in despair find your joy and

hope in me my dear one seek Clarity and

distance yourself from violence for the

sake of your well-being run From Evil

and fear not for I am your

protector those who seek to hinder your

flight and clip your wings shall not

Prevail I have saved you to illuminate

your future I have filled your soul with

love and bestowed upon you the gift of

peace I shall guide you with

Supernatural Joy even when the Winds of

the world bring pessimism and negativity

hold fast to the knowledge that I am

capable of great and marvelous things in

your life devote your faith to me my

child for no matter how weary you may

become kneel before me and Lay All Your

anxieties problems and frustrations at


feet today I have spoken to you with

tenderness revealing the depths of my

heart you have chosen to Listen and Obey

and with faith and determination you

shall flourish in the faith of

adversity trust in my promise my beloved

for I will crush your enemies and as you

raise your hands and praise you shall

witness the wonders of my love I truly

adore you my child you hold immeasurable

value in my eyes and even if you were to

stray my love for you would remain

unwavering I will search for you

wherever you may be rescuing you from

the darkest depths trust in me my

beloved and know that I am with you

always my child in the universe there

are no words that can adequately

describe the profound and eternal love I

have for each and every one of you this

Divine affection flows endlessly

nurturing and guiding you through life’s

challenges I will never abandon you for

you hold a special place in my heart and

I am committed to supporting and

uplifting you in my presence you will

find the strength and comfort you need

to face your problems no matter how

insurmountable they may seem like a

mighty Mountain I am here to help you

climb to Greater spiritual Heights

empowering you to overcome every

obstacle that stands in your

way today I want you to understand

something crucial do not compare my love

to the love of others for it is

boundless and unwavering do not doubt

your worth because of the difficulties

you face do not give up on my word

because of your failures do not

underestimate my blessings or reject my

forgiveness I remain constant in my love

for you continually strengthening and

guiding you remember I have made a

covenant with you a sacred promise that

has been written since the beginning of

time I offer you salvation and bless you

with peace patience and love I will open

your eyes to see beyond Despair and fill

your heart with praise

when you realize the greatness and

Marvel of your future your happiness

will begin here and now you are filled

with unwavering strength for a mighty

power ignites within you fueling your

purpose in life and illuminating your

path let me be your guide and Grant you

wisdom every step of the way believe me

when I say that I will never leave you

alone I am the almighty God commanding

the Seas and storms to obey I give you

the power to conquer ser serpents and

scorpions and nothing shall harm you

watch as your enemies fall defeated at

your side do not feel insignificant or

deny the blessing that is bestowed upon

you embrace it with gratitude and

declare your love for me prove your

devotion by taking these words to heart

and allowing them to shape your actions

prepare yourself to face conflicts and

challenges with unwavering faith for I

am with you surrounding you with my love

and filling you with strength no longer

shall you endure endless struggle there

is no room for discouragement or fear

embrace the new life I offer you for it

is filled with hope and victory my

beloved child heed my words and let them

penetrate the depths of your hearts I

come to you with a fiery passion urging

you to embrace the benefits of personal

growth and

resilience do not allow the burdens of

others to weigh you down or partake in

malicious gossip that seeks to harm the

innocent instead open your hearts to me

your ever watchful father and find

solace in my unconditional love know

this my dear ones doubt and negativity

may attempt to seep into your minds

causing insecurity and fear but fear not

for I am here by your side ready to

guide you through every emotional trial

no matter how trivial they may seem I

implore you to hold on to my words

tightly for they hold the power to

transform your

perspective when faced with a problem do

not cower in its presence Stand Tall

look it in the eye and declare my

promises aloud call upon me and I shall

answer your plea through unwavering

Faith you shall overcome all obstacles

and your enemies shall be vanquished but

beware my children for the depths of

danger lurk even in the calmest Waters

pray fervently letting my word imprint

upon your souls do not neglect the

vulnerable for the enemy seeks to wound

them offer them guidance and care and

witness the Miracles that shall unfold

in this age of noise and distraction

many voices clamor for attention but

those who truly know me recognize my

voice listen closely for when I speak my

messages resonate within your being

Embrace these words of mine and let them

resonate with everyone in your sphere do

not allow the rebellion of others or

their disbelief to discourage you

instead shower them with love patience

and understanding I shall touch their

hearts one by one and they shall open

their lives to me seeking A New Path my

beloved child I speak to your heart with

an intensity that binds us together

I am here to transform your thinking

liberating you from the weight of

negative thoughts that burden your soul

release yourself from the shackles of

stressful situations and refrain from

spreading slander fill your hearts with

my boundless love and you shall feel my

presence day and night regardless of the

circumstances as your spirit grows

stronger you shall become resistant to

the influences of Darkness choose your

associations wisely for those who dwell

in emotional Darkness shall hinder your

journey I have renewed your spirit and

imprinted my holy word upon your soul

purify your mind with the living water

that flows from my Throne of

Holiness my desire is for you to live in

complete freedom but the choice is yours

to make listen to my messages obey them

and witness the Abundant Blessings I

shall pour upon you

believe and live according to this Truth

for it is not a fantasy your life is

already changing and miracles are

unfolding within your family let these

words penetrate your heart even in

moments of disappointment or weariness

remember that you are

victorious by faith you are a beloved

child of almighty God who loves you

beyond measure showering you with Grace

and surrounding you with his divine

presence recall the significant

victories of your past when you faced

seemingly insurmountable challenges and

emerged triumphant you know the taste of

Victory and now with even greater reason

you shall conquer all that lies before

you the light of my truth shines

brightly on the horizon awaiting your

arrival I stand here with open arms

ready to invelop you in my boundless

Grace and offer you a new and wondrous

opportunity believe my child and let

your life be a testament to the

transformative power of Faith trust in

my love for it shall lead you to a

destiny beyond your wildest dreams my

beloved I stand before you not as a

Stern and cold figure but as an

impassioned messenger urging you to

embrace the boundless love that I offer

within this Love Lies the power to renew

your health and strength granting you

the emotional stability to face the

challenge es that lie ahead listen

closely for the day and hour you

received this message marked the

beginning of a life filled with wonders

and miracles written with the power of

my blood and sealed by my eternal

promise your destiny and that of your

family shall become a reality despite

the problems that may still plague your

home do not underestimate the

transformative power that lies within

you your character your way of life your

very being can be renewed from this very

moment tomorrow awaken with thoughts of

courage and victory leaving behind the

failures and defeats of the

past declare your Readiness to accept

this change for I am here to guide you

every step of the

way in your interactions with those

around you exercise patience and

kindness speak with gentleness without

raising your voice or resorting to

insults and

humiliation through this joy and Harmony

shall be restored to your home and

happiness shall Blossom once more I

grant you the faith and determination to

overcome the symptoms of illness and I

encourage you to seek the wise advice of

doctors for they possess the knowledge

that can Aid in your healing keep your

faith active and persistent my dear ones

immerse yourselves in my messages for

they hold the key to your blessings and

even in the midst of your struggles and

trials extend your blessings to others

becoming a vessel through which my love

flows know this my child as you

Faithfully follow me Miracles will

unfold before your very eyes you shall

experience provision and abundance

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams sickness

shall not enter through your window nor

tragedy knock at your door I remind you

my devoted child that your loyalty and

unwavering commitment to to trust me and

follow me to the end are essential act

upon these words my beloved and witness

the greatness that awaits you today I

await your return tomorrow we shall

commune again cry out to me with

unwavering faith and behold the Wonders

and miracles that will be revealed to

you believe my child for these words

confirm the magnitude of the blessings

that await you my beloved child I

beseech you to heed my words for they

carry the power to transform your lives

I implore you to leave behind the

shackles of your past Cast Away the

sadness that weighs upon your heart and

believe that a new dawn awaits you in

your faith lies the key to Supernatural

manifestations hold fast to that

unwavering belief and present your

desires and dreams before me I shall

listen and answer your call offering

Solace and healing to your weary soul

no longer view me as a distant companion

for you are precious and invaluable in

my eyes look to the sky feel the warmth

of the sun upon your face and know that

the clouds are there to Shield you from

the scorching heat they were created

because you hold Great Value in my sight

at times it may seem as though your

progress is stagnant and life feels

meaningless you may face seemingly

insurmountable problems and and the

illusion of a way out May elude you but

I assure you my children that your

prayers have not gone unheard seek my

guidance and you shall receive the

promised blessings lay before me all

that burdens you and rest your weary

head upon my love allow my love to heal

your sorrows and wipe away the tears

from your eyes I shall open your

spiritual vision and bring Harmony to

your home ushering in a future of peace


abundance the challenges you face Shall

Serve to strengthen your faith and

deepen your understanding of my true and

Almighty nature fear not for I am your

Advocate defending you against all

accusations marvelous wonders shall

unfold before your very eyes leaving

those around you amazed and in awe of my

presence do not be swayed by the

slanderous tongues that seek to tarnish


reputation refuse to partake in Gossip

that divides families and spreads lies

instead let your words be a source of

blessing and inspiration offering love

encouragement and Prophecies of Miracles

and healings embrace the inner peace

that comes from immersing yourself in my

words allow them to strengthen your

spirit and equip you to face life’s

challenges with unwavering trust in me I

admire your steadfastness and faithful

stance in the face of conf conflict

though you have been tested you have not

been defeated believe in the future I

have prepared for you for it cannot be

destroyed by anyone or anything write it

down and declare it with conviction Let

It Be an anchor for your soul providing

you rest and Assurance in the face of

weariness when you are burdened by

countless problems cease your feudal

efforts and come to me I will provide

you with the spiritual power you need to

stand strong and fight against the

forces of evil no harm shall befall you

for my presence shall surround and


you as the sun rises each morning let it

serve as a reminder of my unwavering

presence in your life from the first

light of day till the setting of The Sun

I am with you enveloping you in my

Supernatural Grace resist the

Temptations of sin and do not return to

the place of past humiliation

stand firm against those who once

trampled upon you in my Divine embrace

you shall find Solace and strength

release the chains of hopelessness and

sleep in the peace that only I can

provide keep these words close to your

heart and when weariness threatens to

overcome you remember that I am here

ready to Grant you

rest beloved child rise up with a

renewed Spirit wielding the sword of


let no evil spirit or Force deter you

from embracing the Abundant Life I have

destined for you walk forth in

confidence for I am the shepherd the

Lord and the Savior who guides your

every step May these words resonate

within your souls igniting a flame of

unwavering Faith Rejoice for you are

blessed beyond measure today I reaffirm

my Covenant my beloved I love you

unconditionally and I will never abandon

you I will pour out my blessings upon

you granting you prosperity and

fulfilling your desires for health and

happiness for your family seek me with

all your heart and soul and witness the

transformative power of my love amen

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