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Seek Me Always | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

my dear child The Voice you’re hearing now Whispering gently into the depths of

your soul didn’t find you by mere coincidence there exists no space for

defeat or despair in your life when you clasp my hand firmly side by side we

will navigate through the storms and calm the waves in moments of turmoil My

Embrace will offer you Solace strengthening your heart with tender affirmations

know this your existence and every detail of your life are of immense significance to

me I have reminded you time and again that though the world may bring trials

my victory on the cross and my rise from the grave have sealed a triumph over such

tribulations I yearn to share with you this Divine strength to ignite within

you the Eternal Wellspring of lifegiving water this sacred flow pure purifies

revitalizes and breathes new energy into your fatigued Soul your spirit weary and

warn seeks my comforting presence pursue me in every moment be it

at the break of dawn or in the still of night through storms and serenity in abundance and in need your path is not

marked by failure surrender not to despair for you are destined to embrace and cherish the

a myriad of blessings that line your path after every storm there comes a

moment of Serenity the tumultuous waves calm and silence

prevails in the same way as my voice reaches you now the peace enveloping you

is a manifestation of my love embrace it wholeheartedly without rejection or

doubt feeling undeserving acknowledge the Unseen battles that rage daily the adversary

aims to sway and shatter you yet remember you’re never isolated I am by

your side a sliver of your faith is all I ask choose to believe to welcome This

unceasing Love that accompanies you shielding you amidst adversities life’s tide can turn swiftly

sorrow and tears are yours to shed for they cleanse the soul promoting

healing however do not succumb to the falsehood of Eternal grief or a Fate

marred by constant defeat critics and foes might Endeavor to demoralize you to

keep you grounded in fear but my purpose is to bring you life

to lift your gaze and grasp my hand my wish is to fill you with

boundless happiness and Resolute bravery I am intimately familiar with

your struggles perhaps you’ve pondered the futility of perseverance tempted to

surrender to despair care yet my love for you is profound I have grand plans

for you and your loved ones you mustn’t relinquish hope or spurn your

blessings shun the shadows of despondency for they do not reflect my

desire for you I offer a life filled with abundance and divine

fortitude your worth isn’t tied to fleeting emotions or the opinions of others if today brings challenges and

disdain hear my Assurance I cherish you even if daunting

trials emerge abruptly never doubt my enduring affection these words inscribed upon

your heart will be a constant reminder of my love regardless of the circumstances you

encounter let not anguish and isolation overwhelm you you are not solitary in

this journey my care for you is genuine and unending the sentiments you experience each

imbued with love are crafted to mend your spirit regardless of your feelings I

won’t step back should you push me away I’ll remain steadfast by your

side my arms are wide open if you turn your back remember my love for you is

unlike any other I hold true affection for you and I will never abandon

you my loyalty is Everlasting my love for you

unchangable even if today you ask me to leave I’ll continue to whisper of love

to you until it resonates within your very Soul which I sense you’re beginning to feel

now come closer let me envelop you in Divine love and guide you through your

current trials here I am ready to lend a hand grasp it and let it fill you with

peace your days of grief are ending the time of Despair is behind us I aim to

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