my beloved child are you all right I’m sorry to bother you at this time I am

Jesus Christ don’t skip this video see what I have to tell you from the very

first day of your life until now I’ve been watching over you I’ve bestowed

gifts upon you and protected you from many potential adversities that could have altered your

life I want you to understand that no matter what happens I am in

control I I won’t let anything destroy you because I’m always by your side protecting you your breakthrough is

coming soon don’t lose Faith take this message to those who

need God help me spread the gospel I love you very much my dear

child hey there my dear one time speeding up so you can grab that awesome blessing real soon I see you’ve been

super eager for the answer you’re after just know the stuff happening around you it’s all for your own good trust me on

that I comprehend your needs and I have been aware of them even before you were

nevertheless I crave Clarity in your thoughts and desires ensure what you seek comprehend

your aspirations and recognize that if you pursue Victory it demands genuine Faith fervent prayers diligent effort

and personal sacrifices I am present to Grant you a blessing of everlasting significance for both you and your loved

ones prepare your heart clear your thoughts and allow the gates of your Abode to embrace my presence as I

address you at this moment I earnestly assure you that a significant change is approaching in your

life my Everlasting yearning is for your utmost well-being genuine peace steadfast Faith a Serene existence and

Detachment from worldly possessions the treasures of this realm are transient you entered this world with nothing and

you will depart with nothing be assured I will not bestow upon you

anything that brings sorrow or distances you from me my intention is not for your family to endure hardship in your

absence I desire for you to radiate in the world yet May Darkness never Eclipse your

home keep in mind those you cherish for I do not wish for Discord to entangle your bonds or for you to jeopardize your

well-being nevertheless the love and affection you seow in the hearts of those who hold you dear the faith you

impart the assistance you offer to those in distress your steadfast devotion and loyalty these are the elements that will

grant you authentic spiritual contentment today I have bestowed upon you a great blessing and in time I will

personally Crown you with my own hands I possess the authority to alter seasons and epochs to metamorphose Hearts I am

orchestrating everything in alignment I have observed your unwavering Faith your prayers resonate

with me your demeanor brings me delight and your sincerity deeply moves me your your faith is vibrant and you diligently

approach my presence every day you hold your spiritual journey in high esteem

unlike others who come sporadically and fail to entrust their paths and plans into my

care I will position you at the Forefront so that many May witness how I bestow blessings upon those who heed my

commands those with Humble Hearts who patiently await my guidance no longer shall you be consumed by distress and

impatience when events deviate from your plans so that you May bask in my

blessings and leave your suffering behind I stand at your doorstep beckoning you open your heart to me at

this moment I yearn to take residence in your home infusing my magnificent peace into every crevice of your family’s

Hearts I desire for you to serve as an example to your family and all those you cherish let them observe the fruits

flourishing within you as your faith continuously fortifies your spirit mind and

soul additional blessings are on their way to you yet they come with sign significant

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