SERIOUS ALERT !! IT'S A TRAP WAIT ON ME | Don't skip this video | God Message For You - online calculators

SERIOUS ALERT !! IT’S A TRAP WAIT ON ME | Don’t skip this video | God Message For You

my beloved child you possess my steadfast support and armed with your

faith and the Heart of a champion you will prevail in all your

endeavors nevertheless it is crucial to strengthen your connection with

me I am ready to support you in victories assist you in struggles and

shield you from harsh attacks therefore you will continue your journey

in life equipped with the shield of truth and the sword of my

words move forward son do not be afraid you will overcome illnesses and

death break free from chains and constraints while permanently

demolishing the prisons of your past I am prepared to cleanse you from

from the mud that has Stained you my desire is for you to move forward

fearlessly and resolutely the power of my blood envelops you and your

being I will bring about a transformation I will cleanse your feet

with the pure Waters of a Heavenly River and offer you divine honey to revitalize

your weary spirit I take joy in witnessing your

steadfastness in my promises as you navigate through tumultuous rivers and

challenging marshes across mountains and valleys even if you stumble or soil your

garments you recognize the trust you have placed in me your ultimate goal and

the blessing that awaits beyond the formidable Mountain you are on the verge of conquering

I advise you to avoid repeating these mistakes be cautious when investing your

love and those who show little regard steer clear of associating or

transacting with foolish individuals who care little about life or your

family they may strip you of your possessions and entangle you in debts or

unfulfilled promises pay ATT attention to the warnings you sense reflect on your past

errors and assess their consequences I can rescue you from any

situation but it’s best not to find yourself in such situations in the first

place therefore carefully weigh your

decisions place your trust in me even when the path ahead appears

unclear disregarding my guidance is akin to Playing with

Fire no matter how far you may have descended my powerful hand is there to

lift you up though I may seem silent at times I am always present my strong arm will

uphold you until you achieve victory in a world troubled by scarcity

and Whispers of conflict you dwell under my my protection your family receives ongoing

blessings from me if I guide you to move

move if I command you to stand stand if I declare victory over you

clame it embrace my words and release past mistakes and

sins leave the past behind behold your life has undergone a complete

transformation and reshaping your future is secure in my

hands in my presence I will watch over and guard

you my dear child right here you’ll find

strength and your dreams will grow the new you is on the way to

success what used to hold you back I’ve changed to lift you

up the tough challenges today will turn into strong stories of your faith

determination dedication patience toughness and love

tomorrow a new year is approaching and I hope it brings abundant encouragement

joy and Liberation a time of wonderful family happiness

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