my beloved child I beg you to take a moment to reflect and accept my message

with an optimistic hopeful heart I must ask for a minute of your precious time because I’m sure that what

I’m about to tell you is really vital I pray that my words may brighten your

spirits and help you focus on the present moment there is tremendous importance to what I want to convey saw

through life with me and let me know how you really feel permit me to reach into

your own being and alleviate any anguish or sadness that may be weighing you down

I give you unmatched peace and Surround you with an endless love that draws you closer than anything else give your

heart to me and allow my love to embrace you my word is my bond I mean what I say

my purpose in being here is to cheer you on and bring a smile to your face each morning when you look for me I want you

to fully experience my boundless love for you so that you too can find joy in life keep in mind that I’m still deeply

involved with you and will never forget you I hold you close providing

unfaltering safety as I embrace you in my opinion this is true my hands are

always open for you and your path is comfortable follow it with all your heart at the start of each new day I pay

close attention to your supplications and prayers as you awaken and inhale deep deep L allow my presence to envelop

you it makes me happy when you come to me confidently and take me at my value

you know I’m listening and will do my best to fulfill your genuine Wishes the profound significance of your prayers

for your loved ones warms my heart you must maintain your focus on the path I

have outlined for you avoiding distraction from trivial matters keep in mind that you may come to me for

guidance and solutions when life’s issues seem insurmountable I do not want you to be a slave to worry

or immobilized by baseless anxieties you see that I am incapable of disappointing

you therefore you concur with me never let my words slip from your lips it’s an

excellent energy source just as I have performed miracles for your lives delivering you from danger and enemies

and reaching out my hand to protect you from harm even in your lowest moments so too must you replicate these Feats

despite the fact that everyone thought my wish was silly I made my strong word come true and worked

miracles you may expect many benefits put your unshakable faith in me and

entrust me with your heart give me permission to be your constant guide and

protector I am the parent who always watches over you don’t allow yourself to sink into despair you hold immense value

to me my deepest wish is that you may find the Tranquility I provide and

experience genuine Joy Jo your tears your prayers and your Readiness to care

for the ones you love are all visible to me kneel before me and beg for others

favors don’t forget to ask for what you want too even if you don’t ask for anything for yourself the pleasure you

express through worship and thankfulness is substantial I’m going to shower you with more blessings than you can ever

imagine keep your trust strong I will fulfill all my promises to you when you

encounter obstacles resist the urge to give up with my help you may achieve

your dreams and realize your destiny once you accept the truth about your deepest desires you may rest easy

knowing that no one or thing can take away your advantages embrace your faith

be faithful and be honest they are your constant companions like the dawn your

Dawning Grace may your mouth be filled to the brim with expressions of thankfulness and praise refrain from

letting negative comments dampen the radiance of your days and instead cultivate gratitude for the blessings

you’ve received I may provide you with the ability to see beyond this world and

understand the good things I have planned for you I am aware of the recent difficulties that have tested your faith

and left you feeling lost and hopeless you can be confident that no harm will

come your way you can now avoid embarrassment your destiny dictates that

you will triumph over enemies and overcome obstacles it may be time for you to realize that your true self a

beloved child of a tremendous God is already optimistic about everything

there is no power that can stop you celebrate your success and live it up

you will overcome obstacles by being steadfast in your faith say your prayers with confidence because you know I can

figure it out stride confidently and powerfully you have made the decision

that sadness and disappointment will no longer be welcome in your heart I know the pain you’re going through when it

comes to family matters quiet time and prayer will nurture your spirit my holy spirit so make the most of it whenever

you can no longer did the Healer and comforter come to see your suffering

rather they came to pull you up my love for you has not wavered through the ups and downs of our relationship you may

perhaps emerge victorious in its pristine form your coronary heart shines

like a star enter the gentlemen let Joy Shine from your face as you testify to my name

Jesus you are my cherished little one a reflection of my Limitless affection

Supernatural Miracles will continue to demonstrate how important you are to me

and I have already done Marvels for you I have prepared a country of benefits for you and you are breaking through the

winds like the point of a spear elevate your understanding of non-secular matters and embrace your responsibility

as a guardian for generations to come it is possible that many others could

benefit from your steadfast Faith modern supervision should not discourage you

don’t underestimate the blessings I bestow on you I have everything under control and everything serves a purpose

maintaining trust devotion and authenticity is at the Forefront of your thoughts despite your weakness rely on

my word when you feel as though you have no more to give get down on one knee before I do within your heart I am

present my benefits aren’t far away they’re there in front of you there is a way out of your predicament and it is

within your reach we have defeated your foes is your response the primary

determinant of your trust in and affection for me a wonderful Miracle is

about to unfold inside you let me show you three ways to ease your mind and spirit let go of all inhibitions and

give me your whole heart my goal is not to cause you pain but rather to provide

you with eternal life and pleasure a life rich in love and plenty of material

possessions is what I have in store for you embrace me as real bow down before

my Throne every day feed yourself my word and I will surround you my written

word is the rock upon which your faith rests providing strength to endure and

the option to to fully submit in the face of doubt and difficult circumstances there may be times when

you feel discouraged and doubtful because your coronary heart isn’t well anchored however if you keep your mind

focused on the promise of everlasting pleasure and prosperity you will be able to overcome these difficulties I speak

to you gently and I hope you’ll listen carefully think about what you eat since

that’s what forms your facts and without a throne you’re emotions could twirl between joy and sorrow having two sets

of priorities at once may be difficult for both of us suffering no longer Demands a constant companion my sincere

prayer is for the surrender of your heart and the place of unfaltering faith in my hands let your faith confront the

decision and your Allegiance remain steadfast I implore you to take the plunge and commit the rest of your lives

to me with you by my side seeing the wonders of the cosmos each day becomes

more precious not less everything that is waiting for you is grander and more

beautiful than you can imagine your life will be filled with many blessings and

you and your loved ones will be able to weather life storms in Perfect Harmony

those who want to cause you difficulty will run away from the favor that I will bestow upon you for those who follow me

the reward is an everlasting Triumph you must let go of your emotions your

convictions and your Allegiance right now in addition I would want you to take

a moment to sit quietly either by closing your eyes or by Carrying Your

Arms expressing genuine appreciation should be the first step even the little

things that give you energy and a sense of purpose may add up so make a note of all the advantages you anticipated

receiving yesterday even if you don’t believe you’re blessed Express your gratitude

wholeheartedly appreciation alone is a cause for Joy thankfulness removes the

blindfold that has been blocking your vision and brings healing to your spirit

as you look out into the Horizon you will see all the blessings that have come your way sustained your life and

given you the strength to face each new day every morning they give you the

strength to get out of bed and keep going even when things are tough your

faith will will Thrive even in the face of adversity if you look closely enough to see the lessons and strength you’ve

acquired it is now my turn to receive your thanks let me listen to your voice

as you describe the things that matter most to you life the air you breathe your family and your current

circumstances no matter how much you may want to be somewhere else at this moment it is important to practice thankfulness

in response to your prayers I will provide them thank goodness for a fresh start and the

direction you need to go to your destination give thanks when you’re happy and thanks when you’re sad right

now expressing sincere appreciation for challenging circumstances mistakes and

trying strategies gazing at the duplicate allows you to see yourself clearly today you will start to see

Miracles and significant changes in your life because of your attitude of thankfulness additionally

share those words with others though they put up a brave front many of those around you are carrying heavy emotional

loads that threaten to overwhelm them and they are unsure of what will give them the strength to keep going let them

in on The Wonder of love that is happening within your heart tell them how much joy I bring to your life and

how my presence May improve theirs in significant ways peace Harmony wealth

and benefits will surround you as my proportional love for you the dawn will come and with it the end of debt and

stress you must know that I listened to your prayer last night before you even went to sleep you conquered your fear

and begged me for courage strength Serenity and the Assurance to face life’s obstacles as tears hid in your

pillow take a look at yourself right now as you open your eyes to a new day at

this moment you’ve experienced strength and re vitalization A Renewed will

freedom from exposure and discouragement and the courage to confront any challenges that may arise religion has

taken the place of anxiety wherever you were previously afraid you are now the

embodiment of Courage you may have shivered the day before at the thought of the challenges that were ahead but

now you stand firm prepared to rise above push yourself forward and succeed

a burning ambition to achieve great greatness is what I am putting inside you just think about my Powers if we’ve

come this far it’s because I provide you with more than just a road map I give you the strength to overcome

insurmountable obstacles I have never abandoned you and nothing can compare to

the power I have given you so far so keep that in mind as you go on your path

I will always be by your side while you confront every battle difficulty and

strife that this world throws at you my love and power have made you stronger

than any enemy and now I’m inviting you to accept my gentle love and Limitless

blessings because you are more powerful than any enemy give up control of your

emotions cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and share the gospel of love with others by being faithful you

will succeed in anything you set your mind to you will always be able to defeat any ambitious Behemoth that rises

against you I give you the strength and will to overcome each obstacle that

comes your way conquer each challenge that comes your way and you will be able to live a life of Plenty and complete

peace right now it’s more important than ever that you look away from your concerns and onto me this whole thing is

just a stepping stone so that my love may consume every fear that dwells in your heart I will nourish your trust

with my words and fill your thoughts with my promises if you follow my advice

you will be able to overcome any challenge keep going because my love has strengthened your coronary heart please

get in touch with me again right now give me a moment to talk and I will shower you with a special blessing step

up and go for a stroll strike while my holy spirit is at work inside you you’ll

be unstoppable even if you have to fight everything is possible for those who think I like you and you may be just

great you are not feeble you are powerful you own my affection you are

faithful let me be considered I have perfect timing and if it is my will to

bless you I will prepare the way and set everything in order so that when the time comes you may accept it without any

difficulty I’m sending you strength and serenity use them for your payroll do

not respond hastily based on how you feel please do not make any major decisions without my input I want to

prevent you from becoming entangled in confusion and complexities dealing with phony friends is not a good idea by

sending you this letter I want to make it clear that I can definitely help you patiently wait avoid amassing larger

debts you have more than enough in the future I do not want you

to be a slave to anything my compassion and Grace will shine a light on your lives and you will love them for the

time being keep quiet about your activities and plans since not everyone will be aware of of our next move many

envious and dishonest individuals will be there to make fun of you because they have succeeded where you have failed and

to put you down by bringing up your failures of the past you disregarded my

strategy and threw yourself into projects that lacking a solid foundation in the afterlife were bound to fail from

the outset all those plans you had laid on Sand eventually broke under the

weight of problems disagreements and shortcomings you spent a lot of energy and time in vain and now you’re sad and

discouraged and don’t want to do it again that’s about to change now now that you rely on me you will succeed in

everything you do my heart has transformed by inviting me to spend time

with you you affirm my existence my profound affection for you and my role

as your guardian in this life I want your Assurance have unfaltering trust in me now and seize it the restoring and

trans transformational power of my holy spirit is at your fingertips and you are ready to wrap yourself in it you are now

in charge painful thoughts or the belief that you deserve the consequences of your past mistakes shouldn’t trouble you

you may be living in a world full of challenges but it is also a world that has been overcome with each stride you

take to conquer the obstacles in this life you should rely on the promise that you are a baby of a powerful God I

perceive the sobs and the times of anguish that defy explanation the desire

to be reunited with me runs deep you miss my presence with all your heart your whole being recognizes that you’re

apart from me and your soul Longs for my presence nothing you do will change the

fact that life continues to elude you and that the Fulfillment you’ve been seeking may never

materialize I am here by a spring of blessings ready to quench your existence and spirit throwing off all grief even

when loved ones appear far away you will never again be thirsty if you drink this

water and let go of those negative ideas these days your faith is producing

results we are both cured I wish to lift your spirits even if you may be feeling

down right now upon seeing your dejected expression I deduced that you were seeking a boost of energy and excitement

for the upcoming Excursion approach me confidently one may go about their days

devoid of drive and purpose if there is no need regardless you have me as your

father we are extremely close and my love is always here for you despite my

occasional forgetfulness you can always count on my unwavering Presence at your side please extend your hand to me and

we will rise together let us stroll down the roads of your mind and you may share

your anxieties tell me why you’re confused about your life’s Direction and thinking of running away from your fate

the world may be a cruel place but I remember the Wonder in your eyes when you were a kid looking forward to the

good things that would come your way my lies and betrayals may have dimmed

extinguished and blackened your desire laughter and love but I want you to once

again believe in me as the truth just as I know the name of every Star I also

know you well we have a Common Language and I know just what to say to ease your

suffering as we journey together no matter how great or tiny I will tell you

about a land where you are much beloved where you are dressed like a king and where everyone knows and loves your

name from that vantage point someone is watching you / there your spirit is strengthened

and nurtured and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are a divine child created in the image and likeness

of the one who created the world if you happen to come AC across this again disregard it no matter what happens you

will always have your own little area in the most breathtaking spot in the cosmos

and no one or object can ever rip you away from this gaze into my Beating

Heart it is here that you are safest and there you may exercise all your toddler

rights by visiting me first thing in the morning my blood and lies will not lead

you astray no matter how worthless you may feel your life has been purified by

my spirit you’re now informed assuming you hold me with a perceptive heart I

have given you the power to be completely optimistic my love is a constant Haven for you right now while

my words are reaching you know that even your mistakes may become possibilities for your success the days ahead may be

defined by progress and you will see your long cherished dreams come true as

well as the plans I have set out for you when you’re tired and the problems all around you make it hard to see clearly

finding your way might be challenging even if you do feel defeated that is not

the reality in the depths of Despair I’m leading you have no fear my darling in

no way will your doting father leave you put your faith in me and feel the safety that I can provide with only a touch I

am the miraculous and sacred remedy for all your diseases I now hold not only

your lives and your fate but also your family the warmth of My Affection is now

surrounding you you are aware of my presence in a profound and palpable way

you listen to my words with a contrite and grateful heart you take hold of them

and you let them dispel the fears that plagued you before you walked confidently and

religiously think of the Marvels and miracles I will do in your life and the

lives of your loved ones even if you can’t see me with your eyes lift up your hand and allow me to guide you gently

and patiently into the realm of Holy Love where I will accomplish my will

storms will pass and the waves will calm down upon my call wearing a cloak of

protection makes you feel more at ease and your inner calm is so strong that even the deepest night sounds don’t

disturb you you are aware that no matter how confusing or difficult this world becomes you are never really alone I

will never let you cross and I’m always here to guard your hand you may confront

life’s challenges with Vigor and determination since each day brings a new opportunity forget the weight of the

past embrace the gentleness of a fresh start and pay attention to the words you choose to use the power of your words is

great channel that power carefully to protect yourself and others around you from negativity avoid allowing your

adversary to influence you remember with me that nothing is impossible even even

if you think change is impossible or that your fate is sealed no matter what obstacles you encounter know that I am

here to provide you with unfaltering support Direction and strength Stay True

to this reality keep in mind that I have a profound fondness for the finest

things in life for you and that my affection is genuine even if life’s path

may not always be easy Miracles are possible have faith in my power and

affection I had a purpose once I persisted through the worst Agony imaginable I wanted to give you the

chance for a life that is abundant free joyful and eternal because I knew you

would have to overcome obstacles Embrace self-love and forgiveness my darling I

want you to follow my instructions with your whole heart since I have already forgiven your faults my blessing is your

destiny even if your trip may also include challenges these days when when

I follow my heart I feel a surge of energy and inspiration at every turn I

beg you with all my heart that you will return to me and when I do I will fill

you with pleasure and remove the troubles that have perplexed you as a farewell I may bestow upon you the

strength to conquer the obstacles that have plagued you since your teenage years I need to Showcase my love and

vitality through your lifestyle because you were picked for Success not loss grant me per permission and you will

experience a powerful metamorphosis inside your way of life and your family would have you testify to my strength

and affection you must include the success that is to come I am here to

cheerfully remind you that I can always be by your side providing the unfaltering energy you need to conquer

any challenge if you continue to think about me and hold tight to my promises

success will be a reliable companion on your journey you have lived as a

testament to your courage you have conquered what once seemed insurmountable with unwavering

determination since you entrusted me with control of your life and as a result you have not encountered

defeat my beloved you may rest easy knowing that you will always be in my

corner when things seem to be going well and then problems emerge I recall how

difficult it can be to maintain trust pay no attention to those who would discourage you instead keep moving

forward with hope Guided by the Luminous light of my promises you mean the world to me and my commitment to you will

never wne before you were born I had already devised a wonderful scheme for your life and since then I have been

closely monitoring every detail keep your spirit filled with Limitless joy

and the capacity to walk in trust knowing that Triumph isn’t just a possibility it’s a guaranteed truth

refus refuse to let disappointment take root in your heart more than you can ever imagine I have planned something

special for you I want you to know my darling that I am here speaking to your

soul do not be concerned about the seemingly insurmountable tasks I will

face them head on just as the winds and storms follow my every command so will

the storms of uncertainty in your heart find calm if you desire rest I can

provide it to you if you come to me right now when you let me help you your anxious thoughts and anxieties will

begin to subside for you I pray that each day brings calm and each night a

sense of Tranquility you’re really fortunate but sometimes you overlook those advantages in favor of worrying

about things you can’t control or people who don’t have any real influence over you even if hordes of people are

gathering to harm you I beg you to keep your cool and ignore the rumors slander

and threats from outside sourc your fate is in my hands you should not be scared to deal with the Fallout from

your own faults you’re my favorite little kid and I can protect you from danger no matter how chaotic Things

become I will never leave you so be strong and courageous even when many

around you lose heart this profoundly demonstrates the depth of my affection for you currently I’m speaking with you

reaching down to your core and resolving the uncertainties that have plagued your thoughts for an extended period right

now I’m covering over the wounds that other people have inflicted on you and the pain that you’ve gone through

because of them but know that all that you’ve been through up to this point has

not been in vain listen to the people you care about and stand up for them

because you have the maturity knowledge and strength to do so a new age of Freedom has dawned you

are now ready to carry my love and shine my light into the world’s darkest places however your adversaries are well

aware of your abilities and they will stop at nothing to disrupt your sleep

Take Your Serenity and drive you farther away from your faith and spirituality remember this my love for

you is Limitless my compassion is boundless and my holy spirit will not allow you to suffer harm think of it

this way I can help you get back up after a fall please don’t think for a

second that I’ve become distant from you I can save you from your adversary’s traps if you happen to fall into one I

will keep fighting for you washing your spirit with my word in the event that your faith wavers and your heart is full

of negativity no longer will I let anything swords or knives shortages or

contamination disputes or dangers disturb my love for you you have already

triumphed over all of these things you have publicly professed your faith in me as your Redeemer and guardian and you

have turned away from Evil when confronted with difficult conditions you remain faithful unlike many who

carelessly Express their displeasure by whining and denying me I refuse to let

go of my affection for them no matter how much they reject it stay away from the wicked and keep praying for them I

tell you so for the time being do not allow their contempt for my remarks to affect you continue on go on get out of

the situation you’re in right now extraordinary electricity will bless you despite the dangers and obstacles you

may face you must go on with optimism my how have you matured you display a range

of Bravery an absolute Champion my word will Kindle a fire in your heart every

Dawn place your faith and wishes before me as a gift recall that I am capable of

doing anything in any situation you can count on me to be there for you you are

entering a magical lifestyle so try to be calm and enjoy my Tranquility I am

beckoning you to come here here in my presence you will find your place I will

send my soldiers to help you as you bow down and pray with trust respect and awe

these days I want you to maintain your composure your coronary heart can’t afford to be worried find comfort in the

loving Embrace that surrounds you please let me know where you got it since I have decided to bless you I will respond

to your call and figure out a way to help you I am ready to exchange your life yes I do think so I beg you to take

my word for it I pledge to shower you with my grace and guide you towards the correct path with unwavering Trust You

are not alone or tormented in any way my presence is close at hand be patient and

trust that the benefits you were hoping for will eventually come your way keep in mind that you may actually use

them as arm covers we will include my term and reach an agreement shortly

scream out to me from the depths of your soul yes I am able to respond so that

the tempests of life no longer have the power to influence you I may strengthen your soul you will stand firm Fearless

in the face of falsehoods slander insults and threats that promise you will trust in your strength Break Free

from the chains that others have placed around you and release the shame that comes from transgressions that have been

forgiven refrain from letting bad feelings take hold and rid your mind of pointless arguments give yourself

permission to forgive people who have wronged you and let go of grudges keep your focus on the here and now your fate

is entirely up to me I will ensure that the outcome you want occurs your life

will be filled with Miracles and my love will radiate to your loved ones as well

by way of the powerful blood that atoned for your transgressions your home is

safe trust me with your faith let your lips loose and I will provide I can

provide you with food that tastes like rock honey and fills you up with the best wheat my word floats to you on a

daily basis and I am always prepared to give you more take comfort in these

words which bring a new day and Tranquility let your own family take advantage of my assurances which protect

you against evil and may they feel the beauty of Grace surrounding their hearts and giving them everyday

Serenity even if it seems impossible to you I can pull off astonishing achievements nobody else understands you

or your true desires better than me and I can grant your loved ones Health Liberty and wealth no one else can give

you this miraculous Joy if this soothing affection and gentle calm can envelop

you who else could it be am I not the one who sacrificed my life for your salvation by rising from the dead would

you say that I am the one who writes your days and shapes your future and Destiny I can do anything I speak of my

love but many focus on the lies of the world thinking I hate them and am trying

to punish them but I also speak of my love and when they have doubts they

choose false notifications that keep them trapped in disappointment but you my precious

toddler are listening to me now and that means wonderful things are going to happen for you and your family trust in

this miraculous love gentle and compassionate patience and knowhow never

Problem free great and magnificent benefits are ahead staying joyful in the

truth and Never Keeping score of wrongs clings to this eternal love that believes hopes and bears everything this

unfailing love crowns the three miraculous blessings I’ve already bestowed upon you love desire and

religion so make sure to cling to it this love is the greatest of the three

and I will give it to you without ceasing give in and use your own handwriting each morning I accept

delivery of it it makes my heart Happy therefore I’m going to push myself forward with faith and determination you

aren’t the kind to give up quickly so don’t let life’s obstacles deter you to welcome each day with my blessings at

the first light of Daybreak and to live with a passionate desire to do what is right to Aid and serve to keep your own

family unified and harmonious you represent me so deeply in your heart persist in this manner hold on to that

trust your character serves as both a sacrifice and an offering your movements speak to me and you have a wonderful

spirit I want more people to see you a person of unfaltering faith Faith who loves me so I’m praising my call you are

very much admired by me life storms haven’t beaten you you haven’t responded with animosity or bitterness against

those pretend friends who hurt you and took your clothes clothes that you had no right to take away from you your

unfaltering resolve to do my will along with your trust is the most valuable quality no matter what happens I’m

giving you a new heart that will astonish and unexpectedly help those who know you

take heart in the fact that I can open many doors of blessing and opportunity for you adhere to those statements and

spread the message Hope should never be forgotten a simple prayer like Lord I

desire you and that I may be by your side will bring us into conversation believe me when I say that my love and

care for you will never leave your side do not let your heart be swayed by false teachings do not let hate take root in

your heart and do not participate in cursing those who have done you no harm

and are not your enemies until you turn away from my favor or refuse the advantages I give you when you are

confused you should not believe everything you see hear or touch to be real do not take someone at their word

when they talk evily of another the adversary has established an enticement

resist it those who love me and respect my rules of conduct must have hearts

that are honest unwavering and devoted by refusing to partake in the

transgressions of others I’m raising you and urging you to raise your family and

spread these Heavenly sayings please if you are having trouble understanding me please try again to focus on all of my

messages your heart must understand this indication I have sent you often it is my desire in the midst of the enemy’s

roaring lionlike pursuit of you and your faith remember my words and hold them close to your heart I will provide you

with the Serenity and calm you have longed for your soul understands my voice as it leads the way my message

shows you the way and gives you the power to overcome any obstacle if you keep my word in your heart and mind no

one can hurt you if you remain attentive ignore the evildoers when they rise up

against you I can summon boundless Force using these religiously charged

Expressions driving the wicked of the earth distress shortage and infection

will no longer be present in your home in your family my word will protect you

so no one will stand against you your eyes are wide open and your intellect is awake I want to see into your heart many

thoughts and blessings will be coming your way so be ready to accept them your

hard work and sacrifice have paid off and now is the moment to expand your

kingdom everything you’ve done up to this point has been for nothing nothing your home and family are flourishing

according to your wishes and you will see incredible Miracles and understand the plan I have for you no matter their

age reputation or mistakes I implore you to Value every individual and refrain

from demeaning anybody make no decision Those whom I have pardoned lend a hand

to those you hold dear as you mature I will be able to shower my blessings on

you more abundantly and I want to accomplish this through you so that others may also experience my favor the

water that flows from your heart will bless the people you meet on your journey with healing wonders and

miracles they will find what they’ve been seeking in you and even those who don’t see me will realize that I am real

and authentic I am able to show compassion to everyone who turns away from

wickedness and approaches me sincerely just as I have shown kindness to you

step out of your home look to the sky improve your fingers and claim to the

sector that I am your Shepherd your company and that you believe in me wholeheartedly following my words

Faithfully may my love dispel the dark clouds of melancholy and protect you with the coloration of my grace before

it’s too late do it now you will no longer be afraid or exhausted after

receiving this healing anointing and experiencing the strength strength I am giving you keep moving forward spreading

my word and keeping thankfulness in your heart for all the benefits I provide you

convey to me that you embrace them with affection I can feel your pain as you lie here unable to sleep because your

mind is racing let go of the weight of your misdeeds heal the wounds that

remain and see clearly what you want I Am with You casting out the darkness of

your afterlife the shackles that are After all you’ve broken for good trust

in the future knowing that I will always be by your side give yourself over to my

reality because my love for you is so great that I died on the cross and rose again giving you everlasting life you

charm me my darling I want to free you from your shackles and destroy the Spells and curses that have entangled

you leading you to believe that there is another being in this world with more power than me all the falsehoods are

being told here when I speak the very foundations of the universe quiver the

powers of Darkness crumbled before I did you are not alone and no one on this

planet secular or otherwise can stand in your way hurt you or do anything bad to

you my holy presence Embraces you my hands surround you and the Vitality of

my blood protects you day and night it is the deepest sorrow imaginable there

will be no more pain no No More Tears of sadness receive the joy and contentment

I’m bestowing upon you at this moment and enjoy it to the fullest please let me know that you have received it and

affirm your faith in me kneel down and thank the one who is going to show you

the love and miracles you will never forget you’ve been anticipating this fantastic news with great anticipation

and I’ve got it for you there are problems that are weighing you down and I will fix them all may you experience

Abundant Blessings in all aspects of your life including your family health

and finances a time of rest and restoration is upon you I will guide you

and provide the necessary instructions to ensure everything runs smoothly so please pay close attention please decide

to go down on one knee go back on your promise and give me some time put your

confidence in me Let Me ease your worries let my presence strengthen your spirit and let your love-filled heart

hear my voice I am committed to guiding you towards healing enabling you to

reclaim all the losses you’ve endured I want to be by your side as you embark on

the path of Serenity and relaxation leading you back to the Joy you’ve been seeking and away from the problems that

seemed intractable before I want to free you from the chains of worry that you’ve

been carrying around do not hold on to or hide your anxiety ities if you want

them to go from your mind I can stop trying to convince you to make bad choices today however you will no longer

receive generous compensation for your errors I absolve you of any harm my

spirit purifies you you have carried the weight of unbearable shame and doubt my

heart’s aim is to bring joy to your way of life my beloved child your precision

and safety are the foundation of my strategies and operations I I will be there for you supporting you and lifting

your spirits till the end even if it may no longer be easy and you may want to

fight say so if you feel strongly about it make it known if you’re inviting me

into your heart as long as you let me control your lifestyle I can let you into my heart name it oh my God a

monarch and Lord you are to me always remember to include a guarantee in your request to me demonstrate your trust in

me my little one the most beautiful present you can give during this holy time we share as a group is your

appreciation come to me without fear I will never turn you away my Priceless

blood has purchased the Forgiveness of your sins when we are together there’s no need for you to dishonor yourself you

were nevertheless given my kindness notwithstanding your absence from me my

goal is to alleviate your suffering by rescuing you from all forms of negativity my darling listen up whom are

you going to put your your faith in me or the individuals that stand in your way annoyingly Flawless yet also

tarnished by sin and erroneous ideas about this world in my presence no one

can claim to be Flawless people who shut their doors in your face should not cause you to question your faith in this

very moment you are loved deeply and there may be only one way to go a door

that leads to a life of everlasting Delight complete happiness and eternal life

without a shadow of a doubt you are my cherished baby many benefits and gifts are still on the way to you but the word

I planted in you has yielded plentiful fruit there is a fantastic future ahead

have faith and may a plethora of blessings and presence be waiting for you there is a fantastic future waiting

for you have faith in my assistance no matter what you may come to me

confidently and surrender your whole being to my altar if you are in need I

remain faithful even when uncertainty or mistakes entice you no way am I going to

abandon you I surround you wherever you are with my Angelic soldiers ready to assist you in defeating any wicked

enemies who dare to stand in your way and I will also drive out all your ailments and restore you to full health

if you Empower yourself to shout my words the powers of evil will shatter your life your family your health and

your finances everyone living under your Ro roof will be free and Victorious

every day miraculous occurrences may take place in your home as a result of my enchanting presence you will live in

homes filled with people who are kind and they will be lucky to have you as a neighbor stay true to who you are I beg

you keep from falling back into skepticism your quest for me is sincere

evaluate and develop in order to discern my love for you every day I want you to

immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit your love for me is unending on this another day of your life you thanked me

in that case what did you hope for parting your lips and thanking yourself with your own words doesn’t cost

anything even before you say a word I can tell you what you want just take my

word for it join me and enjoy some peace and quiet get away from the hustle and

bustle of everyday life and think about all the things you have to be grateful for your health your loved ones the air

you breathe the food on your table the roof over your head and the supernatural protection of my warrior Angel’s camp

and standard guarding your home ready to help you achieve your goals there are a lot of reasons to be

grateful you are filled with optimism and joy as you reflect on the many

delightful things that happen to you every day you are also open to my

kindness which will accompany you on your voyage and give you the assurance that I am holding your destiny in my

hands the thankful coronary heart I inhabit knows how much it depends on me

so it seeks me out in Hope and confidence content in its knowledge of its numerous blessings occasionally you appear to

experience anxiety over trivial matters but this is merely herbal refrain from

becoming too afraid you bear the brunt of your responsibilities on good days you want

enough to fill your home and your family’s health and on bad days you wish nobody would disrupt the tranquility and

stability you seek however bad days come and go and you forget to be grateful to

the adversary an impure mind May infiltrate your thoughts via Whispers

turning events into sources of concern enveloping you in falsehoods and turning dread into anxiety and depression I’m

patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to hear you yell out orders that will make your enemies Run for

Cover be thankful for everything in your life your loved ones your health your

existence itself and your faith a thankful heart protects you from harm

and keeps you going when circumstances are tough as you bravely face the trials ahead I will be by your side patiently

waiting for you to wake up your daily opening Words which emerge from the recesses of your grateful spirit and

express your gratitude for life are something I must hear nowadays even if

you’re sick you should still come to me let go of the things that weigh you down

I will Embrace each emotion and work to change it in its own unique way sadness

into Joy regret into calm guilt into desire and that gloomy despair that

follows you around and makes you listen to voices who mislead you that sadness will never again exist because I’m

banishing it here I am the powerful God and you are my beloved child who at this

very moment follows me with unwavering trust and obedience my shed blood is like lightning it will set you free from

all mental pain hearing my voice will bring healing and good fortune complete

health is yours no matter where you stand stand up pick up your dreams from the floor and go forth join me as we go

to the peak of Victory The Mountaintop of Victory through the power of my Holy

Spirit I am binding my emotions to your heart the benefit I offered you before is real it will be yours if you accept

me and my Everlasting word when your heart is open to your heavenly father

who loves you with an infinite love you are not inappropriate what you are seeing is real amazing and Powerful

Miracles are about to happen for those who listen to what I have to say and are willing to agree with me in a simple and

humble way seeing their shortcomings and putting evil behind them then they will

be able to move forward unw waveringly because the joy that lies ahead is

greater than anything in your afterlife I hope that my values will leave an impression on you and that you will be

able to explore the world and all its wonders without remorse your family is

priceless your future is more important than material wealth and you are really precious houses careers employment

reputation and popularity don’t be afraid of or upset over the loss of intangible things focus on what is

really important I am reaching out to you from a place of deep affection and concern I want to be at your side

guiding you and listening to your desires in this moment I am your provider therefore please seek me out

with all your might if I am to provide you with the blessings you want I will also shower your life with genuine

plenty I will find the right opportunities and open numerous doors for you success will be yours in Spades

like a gentle bra that nourishes the soil be very aware of everything that is

happening around you despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges remember that I can turn even the most

challenging circumstances into opportunities for prosperity and personal growth you are seeking

Direction in my words as you accept my products and competences with the intention of improving your life and the

lives of people around you however you shouldn’t succumb to the Allure of material possessions or the

promises of celebrities put an end to carrying around needless debts for petty things instead let your spiritual life

reach New Heights by concentrating on matters of truth I invite you to acquire

wisdom from my research and fortify our relationship if you are willing to let me in I can bring many miraculous

changes into your life prioritize your health and the health of your loved ones

I have bestowed upon you the ability and wisdom to resolve a great number of problems that have Arisen recently hence

you should not delay your last second collapse or frustrated breakdown is no

longer necessary for me even if you encounter opposition or resistance from others while you strive to better your

condition and make good choices you will not lose anything if you follow my advice so rise up be brave and act

determined confine them to my grasp pray for them but resist the influence of

their criticisms or suggestions those who go for The Road Less Traveled will be unable to provide

you with genuine support I am always here for you but I beg you to prioritize

me in your life if you accomplish this I will not only assist you but I will also

shower you with riches beyond measure and prosperity whenever you feel like

giving up I will give you the strength you need to keep going even when you’re exhausted and depressed my blessings

upon you are many and those who live in the years to come will see them my honor will envelop you as I purify your ways

and my Splendor will abound in your house trust me when I say these things will happen my child my heart aches for

the day I can visit your house and make a profound difference in your life because of how much I love you I’m

beckoning to you from the doorway would you kindly grant me permission to bring about an extraordinary

extraordinary and extraordinary change in your life I understand your

predicament and I will ensure that a shortage never reaches your house a

reign of blessings will be bestowed on your family via my touch nourishing your

house for many years to come you have stuck by my side for quite some time you have prioritized Me Above everything

else in your life and you have prayed fasted and cried over me the day when

you can enjoy the reward WS of your loyalty is Drawing Near I will bring prosperity joy bravery and good health

to your house keep the faith there is no mountain that I cannot move no evil that

I cannot destroy and no Vice or harmful habit that I cannot break free from

whenever you feel like you’re facing an impossible obstacle ask me for everything that is positive encouraging

Pleasant and kind in my perfect time with infinite love ask me whether it

will help you develop eternally and prosper materially yes I will reply I

understand all your struggles worries and aspirations the pain Despair and isolation you felt are all too real to

me for that reason I shall hold onto your hand forever I got it you’re going

to need me again today so that you know I am paying close attention to what you need I’m giving you this sign I’m

listening to what you have to say that day will come even if I cannot express myself more clearly just now keep

praying every day feel my hand on you and ask me to reveal myself to you I am

your father and my love for you is steadfast because you know that I will not lie to you I hope that you are well

strong and able to take pleasure in each day because I love you very much may you

find strength determination and Readiness for this journey that is why I

will keep planting the seeds of encouragement M and love in your heart each morning with words of wisdom and

encouragement here is your chance now is the time for you to shine your purpose

in life is to achieve Triumph having you feel hopeless and defeated was never my

goal some individuals in your life have criticized you and I know that this has

made you feel like a loser an inferior human being and that you will never

amount to anything however their feudal rhetoric has no effect and will not change your course my hand is poised to

seize Victory today I am the one who can give you hope every negative thought

every self-doubt and every feeling of inadequateness will go away heal Revitalize Inspire and rekindle your

Delight with my holy word it will give you new aspirations this is my ideal

vision of you beaming with happiness and wearing the radiant grin you now sport

there is still hope for you there will there will be many wonderful surprises during your lengthy trip people with

good intentions reply to me acknowledge your value grab my hand and Proclaim

your confidence in me I will cherish and care for you no matter what and I will

adore you without condition today my holy love for you is unbreakable I will

come to your house and change your fate I came to save you because you really and Faithfully prayed to me I am ready

to use the power that is inside me faith is the key that unlocks Miracles but I

also love you and will be there for you no matter what you need my help because

you’re hurting and my love can heal you without passing judgment and my kind presence can hold you quietly While You

Mend my undivided attention which listens to you calmly and without

judgment is what you need right now my darling speak the truth the fact that

you miss me so much is obvious you are no longer capable of handling this on your own recognize your need today I

know that you and your loved ones are walking through a Barren Wasteland where being alone kills all possibility of

finding relief and where love is desperately needed but is often ignored

the trip is hot and tiring feel the pain as a stone strikes you your emotions are

real and I get it I have come to protect you from enemies who would attack and

hurt you yet it is hard hard to keep going while trusting that my hand is holding you even in this Agony all that

you go through today is a cleansing procedure you will radiate after you are

purified of any remaining bad qualities much as gold only becomes shiny after being heated forgive yourself and your

enemies set aside your pride fears doubts and lack of faith leave this

place behind forever love acceptance and unadulterated sacred devotion shall

forever be yours no matter the hour come fearlessly whether you are sick think

you have failed or perceive the same Frailty that tempted you to sin wrongdoing or vice in the past no matter

where you’re from or what you’re going through you’re welcome here if you want to start again submit your heart and

accept my pardon I will listen to your prayer of repentance and give you another opportunity it doesn’t need any

explanation I am here to love you because I know how much you need it my darling good morning is everything

well with you today give me the rundown we will not disclose the nature of our discussion share your emotions ever

since you heard my strong word what has been bothering you when my mending fingers touch your spirit I will console

your weary eyes and free you from your bonds only my strength can subdue the feelings that have stabbed you in the

heart my deepest wish is for you to find inner peace rekindle your faith and find

the unquenchable fire that once carried you far may you be well soon join me in

my presence every day and I will erase the worst parts of your story and start again imagine yourself as a Victorious

Spirit who finds a new purpose in life with the dawn of each new day realizing

that you are a tremendous help to many others and that your Edge isn’t an obstacle to finding Joy again is a huge

relief you sleep in a rich field holding many seeds that are about to be planted

get up and take a look be there for your family you are an inspiration to many people both large and small you have

been relentlessly tortured by the adversary inflicting seemingly little wounds that progressively wounded your

heart it almost persuaded you that you were useless as it attempted to clip your wings and lock You Inside the Cage

of bitterness you listen to my warning were compassionate admitted fault and

sought forgiveness yet you still almost went astray the Heavenly Realms rejoiced at

your heartfelt prayer of repentance you continue to fight for your life as you

make your way back home today driven by your strong faith your self assurance and openness to sharing your deepest

feelings and experiences are very inspiring you experience the exhilaration of Life once more yet your

spirit still Harbors unexplored realms you will gain strength strengthen your

faith and be acutely aware of how I am relieving your difficulties if you speak with me every day Joy will envelop you

and your spirit will so I’ve spoken to you get down to business I value you so

much that I won’t stop you from being completely honest with me about how you feel it brings me immense Delight to

have you here what a joy it is that you have come to accept my love and that my

words may heal your soul you are aware of the changes occurring inside yourself

yet certain worries remain I have come for that purpose indeed there are times

when you may feel overwhelmed by worries and thoughts that prevent you from finding calm however keep in mind that

prayer is a daily opportunity to find resolution allowing you to face the day with joy and freedom from the burdens

you no longer need to Bear think about how good it feels to be free of the things that were weighing you down take

some time to think about what’s really important my kid concerning matters that will never come to pass you should not

fret you need not be afraid so long as I am on my watch you have my unwavering

support you are loved by me and I will keep an eye on you to make sure you have

all you need whether you’re on your knees sitting or lying in bed come to me

to strengthen your faith and boost your soul take a moment to close your eyes

and feel the abundance of blessings in your life thank God for your family your career and your good health asking isn’t

always necessary but I love it when you do and I want you to ask with complete Assurance my angels here your please and

are ready and waiting I created them to obey all my commands and serve you you are my beloved child and I will bless

you abundantly and show you Mercy because you are mine ask of me and I

will grant you the best wheat honey from The Rock the opening of Heaven’s windows and an abundance of benefits you may

have faith that I will keep all of my promises to you get ready for a major shift you can’t hold on to the

depressing habits of yester Year may you be blessed with Insight strength and the

capacity to discern right from wrong as you tend to the things I have entrusted to you trust that I am changing your

life for the better and be thankful chance an es will present themselves to you shortly even though you have been

through a lot you have planted the seeds of trust in your heart you always knew I

was here for you and you never questioned my strength I was able to lend you a hand today since that is the

reason you were able to Triumph the seeds you seow will grow into a Bountiful Harvest both for you and the

people around you what I’m about to deliver to your house is more than you can ever fathom and the benefit of your

loyalty are drawing near all the best to you and beyond your faith is priceless

and you will go far in life if you keep your attitude simple and modest prepare

yourselves because I shall usher in a period of unprecedented growth and exploration luck will smile upon your

little Abode you are loved by me my darling hey how’s it going keep your

faith strong because I am the one who will secure your future trust that all your needs will be met through me it is

my hand that bestows blessings on you I remain where I am in times of trouble

you may take refuge in my kind Embrace and discover relief your difficulties are not insurmountable no matter how

much the opponent tries to convince you otherwise when your trust is coupled with mine my power becomes great have

faith in me not in worldly wisdom only I can give you the strength you need keep

you from falling apart broaden your perspective perspective and make you happier even when your faith falters do

you remember the times when you cried out to me feeling overwhelmed with anguish and a sense of

Abandonment I’ve never stopped showing you my love for you and I came to you to encourage you be certain now do not

pause or allow uncertainty to appear when you are on the verge of understanding several things permeate

your mind problems in the past usually occurred because you rushed into things

without giving them enough thought reflection or prayer you sought to put some space between us but I’ve never put

any distance between us either so I’ve taken it upon myself to carry all your

responsibilities may your spirit rest in peace today I give you the strength to face your fears communicate with the

people you need to and defend your principles your wildest aspirations will

be realized because I will be by your side you have everything in me for I am

the Lord God Almighty I am present and I adore you in your time of need you have

sought my help and I am here to console you and Grant your requests thank you

for your steadfast faith and sincere prayers I will shower you with blessings because of them your prayers are like a

fragrant incense that reaches the sky and touches my heart I know your needs

even before you say them yet I still find pleasure in hearing them you should

find comfort in your unwavering trust and the awareness that my love for you

has no bounds your prayers will be heard and these troubles will be lifted from you and your family you will gain

insight and sharpen your judgment as a result of my blessings keep going trust

in me and I will bring you the rewards you want the names of those you need to contact will be written on your heart by

me I’m sending you to them even though you haven’t seen or talked to them for a

long time because I will bless you through them and you will also be the answer to their prayers my kid that is

how I operate those who trust in me and seek me sincerely will get my benefits

you must maintain your humility to avoid being proud when a wonderful door opens in your life to strengthen your faith I

invite you to open your Bible and spend time in my holy word increase your self assurance by listening to me first thing

in the morning pay careful attention value what I say and keep my promises

near you if you pray honestly your prayers will be heard and answered you

are definitely contacting the skies with your wonderful attitude when you feel grounded so keep praying like that my

darling as I tenderly touch your head you will feel my love and your sincere

prayers will be answered by the heavens themselves my darling I tell you to

bravely continue on with with your day there are angels in my wings and my love is all around you we are inseparable

think about all the times you overcame almost impossible odds my love these successes did not occur by accident but

rather as a direct consequence of my strong leadership in spite of all that has

happened you should not be concerned I will call down the winds and storms even

if the world attempts to erase the memories of my assistance from your life there is no limit to the depth of my

love for you you it will never waver right now I can reach out and save you

while you face what may be overwhelming challenges entrust me with your burdens more than I do your hardships your

endeavors and your low points are all visible to me trust me even in the

darkest hours I am loyal you have made a strong move by seeking my presence

trusting in me and coming to me today reflect on your life and be proud of all

the obstacles you overcame your courage is inspiring and I admire your strength

I can say with certainty that I have always been on your side your successes may have seemed to be the result of pure

chance for others around you but in reality it was always my guiding hand at

work do not allow fear to prevent you from pursuing your aspirations I am here

to cheerfully reassure you that you need not be worried let your imagination go wild for I can make your wildest desires

come true my darling I want you to pause and think throughout your life bravery

has never left your side reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome even when they were overwhelming at the time so

take comfort in that if the optimistic messages and rewrites have brought you Joy know that my love for you is immense

and you can continue to trust me in addition to being there to watch your tears fall my beloved child I have been

by your side weeping with you as you have drank from the depths of your anguish your suffering hits me deeply

and I can only find comfort and the strength to keep going if I can hear your cries my unwavering love and

guidance provide constant shelter for you I implore you not to succumb to discouragement or fear when confronted

with challenges I kindly ask that you never forget the faith you placed in me

and the commitment you made at the time to not allow the hurtful words of others to manipulate you the safe haven of your

spirit is impregnable by any human-made deception or Menace I have put you at

the highest levels of faith and skill where you are living unshaken you will not let arguments defamation disputes or

provocations disrupt your Serenity recognize them for what they really are forces attempting to provoke

responses in order to lead you astray and do damage Dage to the people you care about I beseech you therefore to

not only be my peace but also to cultivate moments of peaceful silence wherever you speak my words even if they

are freely allowed in your mind because my promises are a Celestial bomb that will break the bonds that those trying

to ens snare you are trying to find I promise to free you from the clutches of anxxiety and Terror no

matter how vicious the enemy is keep your quiet and let your companion and stand by stand firm in the face of

misinformation and other forms of hardship let the promise I made to your spirit repeat inside you the names of

those who attack you you may wallow in the delusion that you are defenseless and their comments can be hurtful but

you must ignore their story your mind and emotions are holy places do not give

them Sanctuary to lies and slander in times of weakness and rest I am sure

that I can listen compassionately to the supplications of your soul and I can give you strength to overcome these

enemies take a step back from the traps of error and the company of those who are harboring infection to contemplate

this Limitless truth along with your good intentions you will find not just

Joy but a multitude of advantages it all comes down to your belief system your intrinsic humanity is

the reason I ask this question often not because I’m doubtful anymore no now I

reveal the secret I am God in times of weakness I draw on the mighty strength

that you provide and you provide the source of trust knowing that I am here for you now always gives you peace of

mind I enjoy myself and you have faith in me to share your deepest desires as

you find the joy of living and face the long buried feelings inside it warms my Divine Essence to see you enjoy life’s

adventures by communicating with me on a daily basis you have have the opportunity to find strength strengthen

your faith and experience a great sense of empowerment here I am freeing you from

all your troubles illuminating your spirit and filling you with joy you have

heard my voice let your Fearless Heart speak to me now there is nothing this

world can do to stop the blessings I am giving you my sacred garment encircles

you and my defense rests on your fingertips my guardian angels are

standing by ready to protect you from danger my love for you is eternal

patient and compassionate and as your God I have a firm grip on your destiny

that is both Mighty and Sovereign I will bring you to fruition according to my Almighty desire could you stop grieving

when rumors of mistrust and slander reach your ears will you agree with my unfaltering love the wind may have been

a little too enthusiastic with those terrible comments I promise you my love

will surround you as you pass into Oblivion in grief relieving you of Anguish let me enire the open door in

your heart as you shut off the voices you’ve been listening to that you believe will control your future I

innumerable methods exist for me to express my love for you you need to find strength and security inside yourself

before you can let the opinions of others affect how you feel remember that I know you well and can see the goodness

in you before you give Credence to those poisonous words words a cause of Love forgiveness and support via your

movements a mission that is entirely unique and made especially for you with

your fingertips you will dispel the Shadows that have enveloped my love allowing us to see clearly at this very

moment you will touch the lives of both the Great and the little I am taking

your faith to a level you’ve never known before if it is necessary I will tell you every day to keep your eyes on me

for there is no end to the ways in which I may make my will and my word known to you have no fear I am here to help you

always remember how much I love you give up hope now keep going because I am by your side put your faith in me stay

Brave no matter what I am your refuge and my love gives you the will to live

refrain from giving into temptation I give you the wisdom and strength to go

through this difficult time under the protection of my wings you will be shielded from harm I can

comfort you and show you an inexhaustible supply of my love while you are weak I am rekindling your

interest with my infectious energy and sincere desire I wish there was a way to

LEAP so I could fulfill your dreams Optimal Health is something I want you to celebrate your daily presence in my

life is of the utmost importance let us work together to eliminate the negative

parts of your life and create a new triumphant story my sincere wish is that

it helps you understand who you are I really value you as an accomplished

individual who faces each day with a purpose know that I have chosen you

despite your flaws and even if you temporarily lose sight of the fact that I’m always with you I will be right here

to hold you up you are the one I have chosen to bring glory to yourself and

others through your accomplishment ments and good fortune lift your spirit up

believe more and I will see your grin again think back on the times you

thought you couldn’t make it through yet here you are stronger wiser and more

informed than before you are the one I have selected my beloved child there is

no need to worry I will be by your side no matter what I am the answer to your

heart’s desire your blessing and your very being please tell me which abilities you have faith in me for

Faithfully express it verbally mentally and in writing I can open doors quell

storms and shower Triumph and rewards on you believe me now and agree with me you

may stop questioning me now that I’ve given you the power and knowledge to defeat this endeavor so that the

adversary cannot harm you I will hide you behind my protective Wings carrying you up and lavishing you with my love is

within my capabilities even if you’re exal usted I’m rekindling your will to

leap and pursue your Ambitions by providing you with excitement and

motivation having you in my presence daily is crucial for your actual well-being let us work together to

remove the negative parts of your life and replace them with a fresh good

story what I really want is for you to be able to accept and love yourself just

the way you are I have a powerful spirit and a purposeful reason to get out of

bed every morning I have protected your family in the past and will continue to do so in the future but I implore you

and your family to seek me out believe what I say live out my holy promises and

inform them that I know their lives inside and out and have a special plan

that must be fulfilled encourage them to keep going even if they feel like

they’ve lost something important to them whether it’s a friend a hobby a fabric

will only break if I use all my might I want to restore your inner calm and

Faith while inspiring you to ReDiscover the decision you made long ago that

allowed you to saw high and achieve your dreams if you want to be healthy you must be in my presence every day let us

write a new story together erasing the bad chapters of your life your

perception of my virtual liking for you is entirely my choice anyone may be

happy even a good person if they get up every day with a strong desire to enjoy

their life to the fullest you have the potential to provide great comfort to those around you and you are a wonderful

gift to many there are many seeds to sew in the rich soil before you stand up and

lo and behold your loved ones depend on you you are known by many hearts both

great and Tiny even as the adversary has plagued you from the beginning it was an

effort to stifle your your growth and trap you in the harsh Forest inflicting

seemingly little wounds that slowly drained your coronary heart almost made you believe you had been nugatory you

however listened to my words reflected on your transgressions and sought

forgiveness we rejoiced with you in the Heavenly realm today as you returned home filled with the faith that blazes

inside you for your plea for repentance blossomed into something lovely in the

struggle for survival you are Paving the way forward your courage in confiding in

me and seeking medical attention for your heart condition is quite inspiring

you should now address long buried emotions while rediscovering the pleasure of living speaking to me daily

will greatly enhance your faith your senses and your strength I am removing

the weight from your shoulders you will feel a gentle caress in your spirit and

joy will envelop you now you hear me give me a call tell the world what’s on

your heart without shame you have my complete attention and nothing can stop my good fortune from flowing to you I

have placed my sacred robe over you and I will protect you with it your hands are my shield defend yourself against

Satan with the help of my warrior angels I have the key to your future I The God

Who is supremely strong am at your command you have my undying devotion

compassion passion and love my plan for your life will come to fruition and I will see it through as soon as you hear

tales and gossip would you cease to grieve also tell me what you believe to

be true the wind may carry the sentences away and your grief may cause you to forget the sorrow they once expressed

you won’t have to wallow in hopelessness anymore my love will guide you toward a life of devotion and bring you closer to

the voices of those who want me to be king over your destiny there is no no end to the ways in which I may express

how much I like you stay strong and protected so that you may let go of the opinions of others and let your emotions

guide you instead beloved before you give weight to those poisonous words

know that I know you I know the goodness in you and I have a unique purpose to love forgive and assist others through

your actions that display my love for them your influence extends to many

people both large and small and I have taken your faith to a level you have

never achieved before so be it if I have to keep coming back to tell you to look

back at me every day there are a lot of ways I can make my intentions clear to you rest assured I am here to assist you

get over your sadness I adore you have trust in me keep moving ahead because I

am by your side be strong and courageous because I am your refuge and my love

gives you the will to succeed refrain from giving up and keep your your determination strong I will give you the

wisdom and strength to get through this difficult time so that the adversary cannot harm you I will hide you behind

my wings my love will be a source of strength and Solace for you despite your

exhaustion I am rekindling your desire to leap and achieve your goals by providing you with optimism and energy

it is my wish that you feel well your regular presence in my presence is really crucial working together we you

can write a fresh chapter in your life story and remove the sad ones my deepest

wish is that you realize that you are my beloved thriving soul that rises each

morning with a formidable Mission despite your flaws I still chose you and

I will be here to Aid you whenever you forget that I am always with you you are

the one I chose to be a person of accomplishment reverence and blessing to yourself and to everyone around you

raise your head deepen your faith and I will see your grin again think back on

the times you thought you couldn’t handle yet today you’re stronger smarter and more capable than before I have

selected you my kid I will be by your side no matter how many times you fall

to you I am both a way of life and a gift the truth that you know to be true

inside of me is the response that your heart really wants to share with me

Express Yourself accept the role and put pen to paper with all your faith put

your confidence in me and let me guide you today opportunities will present

themselves difficulties will pass and success and benefits will be yours put

your doubts aside I am here to provide you with the strength and insight you need to overcome this challenging time I

will shield you from harm by extending my wings over you I will lift you up and

give you Solace through my my affection when you’re tired I invigorate your spirit and refuel your Zeal enabling you

to ReDiscover joy and achieve all your goals I hope this makes you feel good

you must be in my presence every single day let us write a new chapter in your life together one that is free of the

sad chapters you are a successful soul and I adore you for it I want to know

you and understand you so that I may love you more there are many methods to find joy in life regardless of your age

you have the potential to be a great mentor to others and you are a wonderful gift to many before you push yourself to

your limits you seow an endless supply of seeds in the fertile field lo and

behold your family needs you even though the adversary has plagued you from the beginning many hearts both large and

Tiny know you in its bitterness it sought to bind you to the forest and cut

your wings you almost felt pleased with your life as a sinner causing seemingly

little wounds that slowly drained your coronary heart but you listen to my counsel and repented of your

transgressions here in the Heavenly world we rejoiced with you as you returned home today Your Heart full of

confidence your prayer of repentance blossomed into a beautiful thing in the

struggle for ways of existence you are forging forward refrain from letting your age hinder your pursuit of pleasure

you have the power to provide immense wisdom to others via your hands and you

are a wonderful gift to many keep this in mind in a fruitful field you save a

multitude of seeds for later sewing then you rise and pay attention your family

group holds you in high regard even though the adversary has Afflicted you from your earliest days many hearts

Great and Small recognize you its intention was to stifle your growth and

trap you in its harsh Forest it almost made you feel useless causing seemingly

little wounds that slowly drained your heart of its blood here in the Heavenly world we Rejoice at your return home

today with the faith that fire has lit within you since you repented of your sins and your prayer of repentance

became magnificent you’re forging forward in the struggle for ways of

existence I Overjoyed that you trust me enough to share your deep deepest secrets with me which means a lot to me

at the same time as you’re facing long buried emotions you are finding the joy of

living having a conversation with me every day will strengthen you increase your faith and give you tremendous power

I am taking the weight off your shoulders you will feel Joy and serenity wash over your spirit now you hear me

tell me something having your coronary heart exposed is nothing to be embarrassed about

my love for you has no bounds and I will shower you with blessings that no one else can match I have placed my guard on

your arms and I’m protecting you with my sacred garment defend yourself against Satan with the help of my warrior angels

I am the only one who can determine your fate as your God I am omnipotent and

Sovereign you have my undying devotion compassion and love I will see to it

that your way of life reflects my desires what are your thoughts on this will you continue to mourn even when you

hear rumors and gossip the wind will sweep those words away and by mourning

you might not even recall their initial misery When You Feel My Love let me into

your heart and refuse to listen to the words of those who want to control your fate you will no longer be depressed my

feelings for you are Limitless and I just wanted you to know that keep your emotions strong and unaffected by the

criticisms of others by being courageous and protecting yourself from the inside out before you believe those poisonous

words keep in mind that I know precisely who you are your inherent goodness is known to me today I deliver a message to

you imbued with the power of my unwavering love and flowing from the depths of my heart it’s a message that

may heal your spirit offer you hope and unlock the door to forgiveness this

message is a sign the one you’ve been waiting for written deep into my soul my

blood’s pink ink symbolizes the infinite sacrifice I made to atone for your

misdeeds and it is here that you will find my forgiveness as you delve into

those sentences remember that they are filled with the grace of God and the love of my eternal devotion seize this

message with all your might because it is more than just a token of infinite love these sentences offer forgiveness

an embrace you should embrace with an open heart you may finally let go of the weight you’ve carried for so long

because there is tremendous reconciliation and encouragement available now those seemingly

uncrackable doors that you have banged on with such tenacity now seem to be

openings I want you to know that those doors have opened wide for you recently

the limits of my Limitless divine power have broken the Bindings that tied you

broken the shackles that chained you and reinforced every obstacle that stood in your way get out of that abyss of

Despair you’re free to push yourself forward battle and Escape you are free

from the chains of struggle today and everyone knows how much anguish you have been through here is my word to you let

go of the weight of previous tragedies you have asked for a sign your hardships

will soon be overshadowed by the joy you provide to others who see them I will

continue to support you unwaveringly as you finish the formalities of your trial

and resolve the difficulties that have troubled your heart I am with you every

step of the way come back to your humble religious bow before me I am waiting I

beg you not to put all your faith in human knowledge decisions made in cooperation with me will have good

consequences do not ignore my commands any longer they are a lamp post leading

you to safety as you pray let the Holy Spirit inspire you to let your spirit

connect with every word of the Bible your nonsecular imagination and

pressence will open as you read showing the supernatural safety I have woven

about your house and you may sense my voice speaking without delay in your

heart within the sacred pages of my phrase you will find promises meant to

support your faith giving you the courage and peace to remain resilient in times of depression

I understand the challenges you face in the community and that life is far from Easy where you stand in good times and

bad know that I am always here for you stay positive even if everything seems

Bleak right now despite the dangers around you you shouldn’t cower or follow the group as it runs away protect the

Integrity of your home by remaining steadfast in your position and not swaying to the left or right these days

it is not not done embrace the power of my word as you climb the ladder of Triumph face the Hostile armies that may

rise up overcome the barriers of conflict and defeat the powers of evil

come to me once again genuflect in shame and cast all your anxieties and shortcomings on me because the day is

coming perhaps I’m am already here prepared to restore the wounds the world has inflicted upon you with the Divine

love that I have for you furthermore I will end ow you with the fortitude to

exclaim Triumph loudly and we will jointly rejoice in your accomplishments then to get you ready

for the journey ahead I will put a Crown of Life and strength on your head no

matter what path your life takes I will be by your side to enjoy it to the fullest sharing in your happiness as you

reach New Heights my love for you will remain forever and you must know that no

matter what you need I will always be here to help you are about to get an abundance of gifts and I will find fresh

ways to motivate you to keep going ignore the whining and complaining of people who have lost what they hoped for

hundreds of people are afraid to stay put as the country in the area continues to

decline you and your loved ones find protection in the shelter of my love and

I stand as your God even when the market tempt you with easy wealth I will

envelop you in plenty provision health and security at this point I implore you

not to surrender to their constraints be wary of their empty promises raise your

spirits and be brave seek opportunities work hard with steadfast determination

and unfaltering honesty pray to me and I will heal your situation and shower you

with blessings so plentiful that you may share what you have with others listen

carefully to my words and keep this signal my word to you in your heart with

an upward push and the will to conquer the country that spreads before you I send you off it doesn’t matter how

little or modest an option seems you should never dismiss it behold marvelous

things await you when you remain devoted and work tirelessly if you follow my commands I will reward you abundantly

and make your efforts fruitful the moment has come for you to accomplish the mission for which I have chosen you

my dear costly baby it was my intention to reignite the passion and enthusiasm

that had once blazed inside you do not waste time worrying about things that have already happened or obsessing over

mistakes you have made in the past a fire is about to burst into flames right this second devouring your flaws and

soothing your Sorrows raise your spirits and keep moving on my little one don’t

wallow in self-pity over the mistakes you’ve made on your journey I will suggest people who will both pave the

road for you and befriend you I will take away the lives of those who strive to crush your spirit the winds I promise

you in my call will come to pass when I release the weights you’re carrying you

are never really alone in my thoughts you are cherished and invaluable perch

on top of the world put away the hurtful thoughts that might trick you into thinking you’re deeply unwanted and

abandoned you know this isn’t the case take my words to heart as they are

soothing and reassuring in this very moment know that you will not stutter and that you will

not be discouraged by difficulties or disputes no matter what the future holds

give up your suffering let me Comfort you if you cry and let your faith in me be a victim feel free to reach out I am

here and ready to listen release your feelings and let your heart beat freely

finally get over your feelings of helplessness and defeat and let them go in my

direction my kid you can rely on my constant presence I stood there in the

morning staring into your eyes amidst the bustle of the day and the quiet of the night I am here to provide you with

Solace and a steadfast path to express my profound affection for you my

affection envelops you and my strong hand keeps an eye on you refrain from betraying the confidence of someone you

hold dear please come to me me in a state of dishonest kneeling unfaltering faith and humility bring all your

desires to me and I will provide for all your needs by opening the Heaven’s doors

and windows I will bestow upon you an abundance of blessings pay attention to the fruits of

your effort however they are a well-deserved barrier against the temptation to borrow or fall into

corrupt and harmful debt I would rather avoid becoming involved with individuals who seek to exploit your goals for their

purpose personal gain fear not because the things that used to hold you back from achieving your happiness are now

nothing more than passing clouds bear in mind that there is a purpose behind every event I am very

careful with the people I care about and any Chala that comes your way will be a

gift in and of itself those who are plotting to ruin your fate and undermine my Celestial scheme are the kind of

individuals I will cut ties with their naive has led them astray they think

they are more powerful than your heavenly father who loves you no matter what as a result they will meet their

inevitable end stand firm in your faith Skeptics and enemies will inevitably

cross your path prepare to handle the abundance of benefits I have in store for you by directing your heart and mind

toward this task every morning as the sun rises I am the one who loves you no

matter what I am your your biological father your arrival is much anticipated

listen closely my little one these words will touch your very core studying them

today I want you to feel my presence please be quiet for a moment as I beckon

you to Bow your head in respect I surrender to the embodiment of my love as I get near your gaze let your tears

flow freely they will purify your soul from negativity and self-doubt lift

yourself up my darling breing break off the shackles of the past and reach for the stars letting your triumphant cry

Echo throughout the ages keep in mind the victories of your past as you go forward the tale belongs to you since

you have put your faith in me and bowed to my will I will grant you even greater exploits from this day on I want you to

know how much I care by enveloping you in an Embrace of love and warmth you will not give in to fear or to defeat

Let The Echoes of your Resolute religion Spark the core of our deep connection as I seek to mend your inner peace

Revitalize your religion and reawaken the desire you once had to LEAP high and

achieve your dreams with courage


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