SKIP ME NOW I AM LEAVING YOU FOREVER । God’s blessings forever । God’s Message ।




beloved don’t neglect God’s magical sign

he’s calling you to hear his hidden

message we can all sense God’s unseen

force and now he’s asking you to hear

it we should listen to his pleadings but

we are frequently to preoccupied with

our own Affairs to do

so no matter how far away God seems we

must never never forget that he is

always close at hand waiting to lead us

if we would just

listen the hidden word from God may be

an inspiring call to action for those

who hear and heed it God sends us

signals all the time and they’re not

always obvious but they’re always

designed to hit home and guide us

towards the choices that will bring us

closer to him and our actual

purpose to the extent that we give

Credence to this mystical indication it

will illuminate the way forward in our

life and help us avoid making any

mistakes by submitting our concerns to a

greater Authority we may free ourselves

from anxiety doubt and

tension type I’m gentle with myself to


God’s wonderful sign also gives us with

spiritual healing by turning to a higher

power for help when we feel overwhelmed

by adversity we may find the clarity and

W to go

on finally God’s hidden message should

serve as a reminder that we can’t keep

God’s love and blessings to ourselves we

have to share them

in order to have a genuine connection to

the Wellspring of all good things we

must open our hearts and offer freely of

the love we have been

given don’t miss God’s mystical sign

he’s urging us to reveal his hidden

message relax into his loving care and

presence so that he may direct our

steps accept the divine mind will for

change in your life and let the

spiritual force of his love to transform

you a belief in God is required to like


video for God the whole picture is clear

the eventual result of that setback is

not final the lesson here is that when

one or shuts another better one will

open those

setbacks and struggles are only

obstacles along the path to a better

future God has a purpose for your

success so take her

today he intends for you to emerge from

this situation more powerful than before

he intends to use every difficulty you

face as a stepping stone to the victory

he has already ranged for you enter amen

if you

agree what’s it like to feel that

there’s no way out of a predicament

after having exhausted all of your

options life’s difficulties may make

everyone feel helpless at

times to give you hope today the prophet

Isaiah said that God would answer your

prayers as soon as he hears

them if you feel exhausted or powerless

he will restore your energy and resolve

God Is Bigger than any problem or

struggle you’re having in your life


now type yes to claim

it it’s understandable to feel hopeless

about the future when you consider the

current state of affairs when the

promise doesn’t appear so good I know

it’s easy to give

up having trust when things aren’t

working out is difficult but the father

always has a way he still remembers the

blessing he pronounced upon you yes I

understand it is challenging but your

word will be

kept if you do believe in God please

respond with a

yes your moment of Triumph has here

decide that you will no longer identify

with your prior self you should concent

entrate on having a baby that is

you this is your chance to make a

positive change in your life health

happiness and prosperity are

predetermined for you your potential and

Prospects are

Limitless get serious about making your

life the best it can be and living up to

your potential ignore the past

maintain a forward Focus there’s

something unique about you it’s in you

to do great

things you’re at a pivotal point in your

development the new you has been facing

up against remnants of the old you you

are putting in the effort to improve

your life and your

performance that’s quite a departure

from your usual routine as you go to the

next level you’ll feel more encouraged

to relax and go with the flow secure in

the knowledge that the course you’ve

chosen is not only secure but also in

harmony with the dream you’ve nurtured

for so

long you bought some time for regaining

ground on the pack now that you’ve

settled down and taken a few deep

breaths it’s time to start living the

life you’ve always

wanted you saw yourself suffer now you

get to see yourself

Bloom type I am becoming aware to

confirm you have a premonition and the

cosmos is verifying it your suffering

will ultimately lead to your development

this was the twist in the story your

adversity would be rewarded with

plenty you you’d look back on your

worries and see them as quaint vestages

of a bygone era in other words even if

you’re in the midst of these changes you

may take heart in the fact that each new

day is a chance to inch closer to the

Fulfillment you deserve and the success


earned that you have them is more of a

right than a luxury the freedom to have

a happy fulfilling life despite whatever

comes your way is a fundamental human

right don’t lose faith in God’s blessing

because you’re facing adversity the

favor of God is frequently exhibited as

a hardship before revealing as a

gift the weight of the storm is what God

is using to make you into the person you

need to be spiritually

psychologically and emotionally to

receive the benefits of God that are

about to be revealed God bless you and

give you

hope those who agree please respond with


yes we couldn’t progress without

disclosing some unpleasant realities you

have officially begun progress towards

the next level the whole course of your

life is being altered by God

no matter how hard things have been for

you in the past God is offering you a

lasting source of pleasure life will be

full with Marvels for you soon he will

disprove prognosis and remove

curses both addiction and fear are being

broken by him you will no longer be

plagued by the memories of your

suffering but rather you will rejoice in

this Splendor of the new thing he will

perform because God heals and restores

Jesus gives you all your heart

wants simply typing I am ready to shine

is an

affirmation God says today I know you

have been doubting yourself recently

wondering whether you are truly strong

enough or good enough to accomplish what

I put in your heart to do

do not allow doubt or fear discourage

you instead take heart in the knowledge

that Christ is with you and your goal

will be

achieved today keep in mind that your

breakthrough is going to be much

Superior to whatever you had to go

through because I have opened a door for

you that no one can

shut it might be challenging too find

Hope in what God is going to do when

you’re dealing with the problems of the

here and

now the Bible says that Jesus suffered

the cross because of the joy that was

ahead of him so you shouldn’t let your

thoughts be dominated by problems from

the here and

now God has positioned Joy before you

too keeping that picture alive and your

thoughts will help you push through all

the way into your breakthrough be

blessed and be

encouraged to claim it just type on in

in the box

below trusting God’s time and

persevering in his will allow him to

provide far above our wildest dreams

even when we feel completely

overwhelmed whatever ever your situation

whether it is physical health Financial

Security emotional well-being or a

lifelong dream of marriage believe that

God is still able to cure your illness

provide for your needs and offer you

peace not only is he able to achieve

anything but God is able to do more than

you could have dreamed trust

him God says today I know you feel like

you’re on some sort of Blacklist you

can’t obtain that job you just can’t

seem to track down your soul

match something from your past seems to

be holding you back don’t let this

defeat you in this case silence is not

an act of rejection but rather of

guidance I’m allowing you to enter the

correct venues do not let your current

situation distract you from focusing on

me simply typing I am ready to shine as


affirmation look back on your life and

recall the times I provided a path when

you could see none you should always

remember the moments I strategically


you you should remember the times I

helped you get promoted solve

difficult situations and defended you

what I’m saying to you today is this

take your mind off of your troubles

concentrate on me your heavenly

father what you give your attention too

and Well on is what I will bring to

fruition in your life what I have in

store for you is larger better and more

rewarding than anything you have ever

seen in in the past what you ask in

prayer I will

do what God wants you to know on Friday

and for

points do not worry you are on the verge

of being blessed and God is giving you

this article as assurance that this is


case a new season is beginning in your

life and God is guiding you

there third you may expect a gift from

God as a constant reminder that he is on


side have trust God is able willing and

ready to act in your life today and

something you’ve been waiting for a long

time is going to happen

quickly if you’re set just typ I have

hope make the effort to keep going even

if you don’t feel like it and the world

will surprise you with what you

accomplish keep sending out positive

vibrations and working on your frequency

your faith and Unstoppable nature will

make your aura magnetic delivering your

prayers louder into the

universe if your thoughts and actions

are aligned with what you want the

universe will bring it to

you to indicate your agreement please

press the yes button

below you are hearing a message from

your authentic self today something

extraordinary is occurring inside you

you’re starting to feel better about the

change and more certain that it’s for


best the change in his subconscious is

this spk that ignites a new and fruitful

chapter full of exciting

experiences despite the hardships you

faced you should never give up on

achieving your

goals anxiety is the universe’s way of

notifying you that the conclusion of a

difficult period is near and that a

period of growth and development has

begun keep a positive

attitude be appreciative and keep your

mind on the task at hand don’t let any

gloomy thought or feelings distract

you there are two Roots You may follow

at this moment one that repeats the same

Cycles you’re now experiencing or one

that sweeps you into a world of fresh

possibilities whatever you chose let

your intuition lead to you and your

belief in yourself motivate

you you’re growing closer to Greatness


day if you’re prepared the door you’ve

been waiting for will open and you may

go on to the next stage of your

life you are in the home stretch of

another transforming chapter the joyful

in the knowledge that everything is

coming to a peaceful close the universe

is is anxious to show you the benefits

it has crafted for you and it won’t be


now the lessons you needed to learn or

now ET forever in your mind the habits

you needed to break or now A Memory of

your past the energy you needed to let

go of have been released from your mind

heart and

spirit be prepared to be astounded

your inner fighter has won a Celestial

Revelation to confirm your willingness

to accept please press y

below your life will never be the same

after today’s Revelations one moment

you’re drowning in debt and money

problems and to next you’re drawing cash

like a

magnet the instant your soul chooses

what it wants a new road will open up

for you signs will start to surface

making sure you continue in the

direction you’re intended to walk

in avoid those whose Vibe doesn’t seem

true and pure and let go of those who

are holding you back on your path you’re

not just some simple person you’re


keep moving in the direction of your

dreams and soon you will see them come

true just by typing I am open to life

you are affirming that you

are the spiritual nature of what is

unfolding for you requires you to put

your confidence in Divine timing just

because you don’t have it all figured

out yet doesn’t mean you’re falling

behind trust the timing of your life you

are being prepared for it and the pieces

are falling into place even if they

don’t make sense right

now you will be presented with chances

to expand your horizons and advance in

Uncharted ways seize

them your refreshed spirit will lead to

Opportunities and and changes in

direction that will get you closer to

your goals so don’t let the old you talk

you out of pursuing

them it will attempt to hold you in your

current state and location but we accept

it give thanks for its service and then

let it

go moving with it and not fighting it

will allow you to experience the

enhancements the newness the clarity the

confidence and the divine

nature a simple I love you

God you’re not too old too late or

slipping behind instead you’re just

laser focused on achieving your

objectives and bringing more Serenity

into your

life your energy is being directed


towards restoring the equilibrium that

enables you to experience prosperity and

peace you’re on a mission to discover

why you were put on Earth and you know

that the effort is worthwhile since

you’re doing the same thing for which

you were

created among the many benefits of a

surrendered lifestyle is the elimination

of feelings of hopeless


despair to trust and believe that God

has things figured out there is a reason

and a purpose even amid the darkness and

to let him do his job is to do just

that for the most part we are able to

maintain our composure and sense of

well-being even when our hopes and plans

for the future be they related to

employment health or personal

relationships have not yet come to

fruition discover meaning while you wait

be an inspiration to the disheartened

and concerned God uses us while we wait

he utilizes us while he works things

out throw your hands in the air lift

your gaze to the heavens

and have faith in God there is a reason

for everything we are

experiencing and we should turn to it


inspiration c c men if you believe in

god father God I praise you for another

day of life and I give thanks for your

goodness grace mercy and Provisions as I

look back on the past year and

anticipate ipate the next I am grateful

for every blessing and every lesson and

I ask that you be with me and my loved

ones as I go forth

today please keep us safe at all times I

know it’s easy to let worries about

money Health family and relationships

overwhelm us so I pray that today is one

filled with calm and

Restoration in the face of adversity may

we find encouragement in knowing that

you are greater than our worries and the

problems we think we cannot

solve please let the doors that lead to

Blessings open for us and the ones that

don’t benefit us

shut in order to come out on the other

side of this stronger people we need

your support keeping an optimistic

Outlook and trusting in The Amazing way

things will work

out God may we be able to hear your

voice clearly today so that we may

follow your guidance and obey your

commands for our actions and jesus’ name

I ask that you bless us with a day full

of important convers Sation and happy

events if you agree please respond with


yes counting our good fortune and giving

thanks to God for them is in my opinion

among the most significant things he can

do with our

life many of us go through life feeling

down and dejected because we dwell to

much from the things it don’t have are

the things we wish were

different to the contrary when we pause

to count our good fortune and Express

Thanks to God for everything he has

provided our minds are refreshed our

attitudes are altered and our pleasure


overflowing if you get this Proclamation

please type I claim it to assert your

right to

it if you believe in God you should

definitely subscribe to our

Channel if you want to live your

greatest life you have to keep listening

to the new self the one that is

confident in their abilities and

understands they are

valuable that’s the real you when you

take action on your innovative ideas

listen to that version of you that

provided you with that creative idea and

that kindled within you the enthusiasm

to take

action in order to make it happen you

need to listen to and Trust in the new

you rather than the old you who will

attempt to talk you out of

it enter I taking my power back to

confirm have you been paying attention

to your gut instinct your intuition is

like a private tutor who teaches you

from the inside out and has all the

answers you’ve been looking

for intuition is the voice of your

higher self and it is discovered by

turning inside and seeking for

answers your intuition will speak to you

clearly when you are at tranquil and

leave you feeling confident it will not

speak to you when you are evaluating

things and it will not speak to you and

fearful wh

ifs if you agree please respond with the


below this message is meant to serve as

a gentle reminder that it is worth

giving anything else ago even if the

last one didn’t work out as

planned you failed not because you

weren’t adequate enough but because you

and your objectives needed time to

mature how things went previously isn’t

an indicator of how they’ll go

again you’ve matured and changed in

wonderful ways now is the time to give

it another goal and give it your all

since you really are a new

person to confirm your Readiness please

type yes and then forward this video to


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Bell notifications to help us


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