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Skipping this is a Victory to the Enemy । God’s Message today ।


the word from God for

today when you get to a higher level

than God that Satan is there to remind

you of your previous failings and all

the times you have screwed up but God

has not bothered about your

past he cares about what comes next for

you your future is not predetermined by

your history in

you will enter a brand new period

of your

life if you put your trust in God’s word

he will offer you aesh start in him

don’t let your past hold you

prisoner if you believe in God please

like this

video God is orchestrating the events of

your life and putting you in contact

with the people you need to help you

reach where you need to

go it’s not simply your life that he

rules over everything that happens to

use within his control there is no such

thing as

luck as a result you shouldn’t wallow in

loss if your plans don’t pen out raise

yourself back up to standing God

wouldn’t let it if it wasn’t in the

plan the problems you’re having now

aren’t going prevent you from

accomplishing your goals it’s the path

to fulfillment and everything that God

has in store for

you if you agree just type

amen those that stick around until the

conclusion of the film will soon hear

some fantastic news a new opportunity is

about to present itself and one once you

take advantage of it you will no longer

need to borrow beg or suffer in order to

meet your basic

needs the blessing will always be

associated with your name of God intends

for you to receive it there is nothing

you can do to alter it as long as you

stay on the path God has laid out for

you and that is why it is necessary to

not overthink think or Brew Over the way

things develop in your life everything

you go through and life has a certain

time and

function when you start depending on

faith rather than sight you’ll see that

things aren’t as bad as they

seem when life throws you a curv ball

shut your eyes take a deep breath and

tell God God I know that whatever is

going on is a part of your plan for my

life my faith is little but I trust in

you so please see me through

this click yes if you have faith in
Gods Will

God don’t be shocked that immediately

after when God sends you a promise dream

or Vision you may expect conflict the

opponent will attempt to make you think

that this is

impossible everything he can think of

will be used against you so that you

break the commitment wait a minute his

word hasn’t altered nor will it return

voy don’t give up and finish what you

started you know it’s God’s will wi you

get confirmation of your decision from

God via the Avenues through which he

communicates with you you not because

your parents insisted on him or his

likeness was included in your prophet’s

Bible if you are waiting for God’s best

and not rushing into a marriage with

someone less than ideal Doo pressure or

the fear of missing out then you are in


will simply reply yes to claim
Faith Not Sight

it faith not sight is what you need to

guide your steps keep your hopes up

don’t give up hope keep behaving as if

it has already occurred thinking and

talking as if it has already occurred

and doing actions as if it has already

occurred let your convictions out your

trust is going to lead you where you can

te go on your own God can do anything

he’s ready to act at any moment you just

need to have

trust God never fails to provide the

goods God never sends anything our way

without a reason he utilizes even the

biggest mistake and deepest grief to

shape us into a better

person remember that God notices your

efforts even if no one else does it is

he who raises up it is he who gives

Prestige respect him in all you do and

He will lead the

way if you’re in need of this please
Responding with Yes

respond with

yes while you wait God is working on

something beautiful for you and you

don’t even know it yet he still

remembers your word when you pray to him


listens if you agree just hit the Amen

key on your

keyboard when you’re feeling bad about

yourself because of your perceived lack

of success turn to me and let the

brightness of my love wash over you

driving away the shadows and drawing you

even closer to

me as you become closer to me you will

have a clearer view of my approbation

and as you soak in my unconditional love

you will find the power to overcome

your stage

fright if you ever find yourself falling

back into Old patterns know that you are

always welcome to return to me and be

restored by my unending

love type yes to confirm this to
Gods Promise

yourself never will I let you down my

kid you don’t have to be Flawless to

receive my promise all I ask is that you

accept my will and do your best to

follow it in every aspect of your

life but for your enjoyment I offer you

divine assurance that while you may fail


accomplishment if not in desire I cannot

plead human

imperfection thus my promises must be

fulfilled to help the fragile and weak

find strength and remember bring my love

and forgiveness as well as Peter’s

subsequent spiritual growth I picked

Peter this is because I recognized in

him not just one who after failure and

denial would become a power for me and


strength that which you are going to

learn today will alter your whole

existence one minute you’re having

trouble making ends meet over

overwhelmed by Financial

concerns and in the very next money is

being drawn to you as iron is drawn to a

magnet stay focused on me waves of

Misfortune are sweeping over you and you

feel inclined to give up the more you

focus on your problems the more you

forget about

me but I’m here holding your right hand

with whenever you need me I know what

you’re going through and I won’t put you

in a position to give into

temptation your biggest threat to

stressing about the future trying to

shoulder tomorrow’s responsibilities

today leave you stumbling and unable to

keep your balance you need self-control

to confine your actions to the

present right now I’m here walking next

to you shouldering some of your load

Focus your attention on the here and now

where I

am simply respond with amen if you

agree when we pray we typically look to

God to unleash blessing onto our life if

we ask God for guidance he may also

remove barriers from our path

realizing that God’s hand and his

ability to make things possible have

brought us this far as

crucial but Jesus saw them and replied

with men this is impossible but With God

all things are possible this verse

reassures us that everything is possible

if we put our faith in

God prayed this prayer if you ready to

witness God’s power at action in your

life Jesus bless me with the faith to

always believe to confirm the power of

your miracles to make all things

possible in my life please help me to

recognize you immediately as the answer

to all my prayers

amen it’s going to be harder and harder

to reach your goal the route becomes

more difficult as God raises you in rank

if you’re facing that difficulty it

means you’re on the right

track God will help you complete what he

has given you Grace to begin he can see

where your correct course will take

you there are times when you need to

tread carefully or share your struggles

with others God’s will for you too

impart wisdom to others

varies they may not always comprehend

since the trip was planned only for you

if you’re not cautious those who same

individuals might make you walk out of

the location that God intends to deliver

you your greatest blessing and miracle

in the affirmation I embrace my power

may be

typed you can start to see your time

alone as a kind of punishment rather

than an opportunity if you’re not

cautious it’s simple to start dating

anybody but that’s against God’s will


you staying in God’s will is Paramount

therefore you shouldn’t give anybody the

time of day who could pull you away from

fulfilling God’s purpose for your life

God wants you to know that this

particular moment that you are not

forgotten you’ve decided to respect him

in the waiting therefore he will honor

that I implore God to bring the

separation because I cannot do it God’s

power is made all the more evident to me

in my weakness when you call out to God

he will save you from all of your

worries put a halt to your hasty

progress God will answer your prayers at

the exact right moment keep looking for

him if you find yourself in a similar


period delight yourself in him and

observe how you will no longer be only

waiting but also go in by faith knowing

that he can and will perform the

impossible for

you even if you don’t understand how you

choose to let go and let God work his

perfect will in your

life even if you can’t see it God is

working so don’t give up praying don’t

stop trying keep believing him his

faithfulness will be shown he always

follows through on his

commitments he’s the one who pays the

bills he won’t forget what he has begun

in you he will complete there is light

at the end of the tunnel and God will

lead you there he will hold you together

no matter what challenges you

face just hit the I’m optimistic button

if you’re all

set what should you do with a promise

from God basically you just have to hang

on even if and when it doesn’t make

sense you keep going even if others mock

question or or do

you God never intended for them to

receive it he just handed it to you

trust that what God has given you will

come to pass it is not your

responsibility to persuade

others if you agree please respond with


yes the quality of faith is what God

values most in his children there are

moments when you must take a leap of

faith but there are other occasions when

you must remain

steadfast if God is urging you to lay

down Roots it’s because there’s

significance in your current location

that you can’t perceive with the naked

eye something enormous the unleashing of

which depends on your choice to

remain God says today I know you have

been doubting yourself recently

wondering whether you are truly

sufficiently powerful or good enough to

accomplish what I put in your heart to

do never give up or allow fear talk you

out of your goal I am with you and you

will succeed you can accomplish this

because this message is here to remind

you that you can do all things through

Christ God isn’t concerned with

whether or not you read the Bible cover

to cover in one sitting or how often you

go to church all he wants his quality

time with

you you may do this in a variety of ways

such as by reading the Bible listening

to praise music keeping a journal

talking to God as you would a friend or

any number of other

suggestions trust the process trust the

transition and know that God has got

you sometimes God shuts doors because

it’s time to move

onward Warfare is to be expected once

God has given you a word promise dream

or Vision despite the devil’s best

efforts to persuade you

otherwise stay the path as word is not

altered and will not return void just

because you’re facing difficulties with

your money your health

Etc just by typing I’m gentle with

myself you’re sending yourself a


message leaving a location God has

commanded you to remain in his Risky

Business conversing with people and

considering their opinions are not

guarantees of hearing from

God be careful who you trust for it only

takes one person to lead you to abandon

your greatest

Miracle trust that God is working all

things together for your good no matter

what the rest of the weak

brings if you’re feeling

overwhelmed give it to him his hands are

big enough to hold all of your anxiety

fears obstacles and reservations and

exchange for his

peace what God sends your way will

always be yours so there’s no need to go

looking for it what’s meant for you

won’t go anywhere and not even Satan

himself can change

that God is the father of all that is

good and pure and he is able to do a

measure ably more than all that you ask

Hope Peace

think knowing that God will provide for

you in all circumstances should offer

you hope and peace When you

pray you may not have the resume the

money the position the backing from

loved ones the connections the resources

the space the time nor the drive to even

think that what you have been pleading

for will even happen

however you have to remember that God is

so much stronger than anything that you

are facing right

now dare to believe again if he says it

is yours God wants you to have all you

desire that is in accordance with his

plan for your life and he doesn’t want

you to settle for less than you deserve

because you couldn’t bring yourself s to


again the affirmation I am evolving

might be type to read as

such knowing God’s word and keeping your

faith even when everything around you

shakes is the finest approach to beat

the adversary at his own

game walk into your destiny fearlessly

and with a burning desire we can te that

we whether we have support or not to

distract us from where Jesus wants

us if you put God first in your life and

do what he wants you to do he will bless

you you can never be let down by God

since he utilizes everything even the

worst mistakes and hurts to make you

into a better

person God is the one who promotes and

exalts so remember that he sees your

hard work and effort even if no one else

does honor him in everything that you do

and He will show you the

way to indicate agreement please press
Keep Going Forward

the yes

button having no idea what is going on

or why every door seems to be shutting

this time in my life is really a walk of

Faith even though I’m really discouraged

and disappointed that none of this seems

to be working out for my benefit I keep


forward the only reason I am continuing

in this race is because of the strength

I get from God through praise and

song just because you feel the need to

put someone in their place or say

anything to them doesn’t mean you have


to sometimes the adversary will send the

individuals to try to divert you from

your mission and if you let them they

will succeed in taking you away from who

you are and what you were created to

do sometimes the adversary will send

individuals to try to divert you from

your mission and if you let them them

they will succeed in taking you away

from who you are and what you were

created to

do hold your tongue in let God take care
Hold Your Tongue In

of it there’s no

point simply enter the words I am

Sovereign to make your

claim if God has given you a promise

what do you do with it you hang on to it

even when it doesn’t make sense even

even when others mock question or


you you are not responsible for

convincing anybody else of the truth of

the promise God made to you rather you

should just have faith that it will be

fulfilled some of us don’t appreciate

how wonderful God is until we receive

what we badly wanted but will destroy us

why others don’t appreciate how good God

is until we don’t get what we

passionately wanted yet will destroy

us God grants our hearts desires when we

take pleasure in him but when we Wander

from his plan we start to want for

things we don’t really

need if you get this

Proclamation type I claim it to claim

it God has encouraged you to place all

your anxiety in his hands promising that

he would take care of it and make things

right on your

behalf in exchange for your anxiety he

will offer you Tranquility Beyond Your


Dreams use the phrase I’m abundant to

stake your

claim don’t be shocked to be put to the

test as you go forward in the direction

God has shown you in your dreams and

Visions when circumstances become tough

your natural reaction is to want to run

away what instead you should cling even

more tightly to your faith and the

promise people will label you based on

your failures and faults but God will

always see you as he describes you

he says you are more than a Victor

because you are cherished fortunate

preferred chosen forgiven and restored

he says you are the head and never the

tail affirm Yourself by typing I believe


myself even though the process of

achieving your goals may be fraught with

difficulties such as pain exhaustion for

frustration and disappointment you

should never give up on your

Ambitions remind yourself of your

whhy stay concentration keep going it

will all be worth it in the

end God the Father I thank you for the

Incredible Gift of knowing an loving

your son Jesus Christ he is the way the

truth and The Giver of eternal

life your greatest wish is that I

treasure the gift of eternal life with

you that Jesus has given me and that

humbles me beyond

measure in the name of Jesus Christ I

pray that you by your grace will assist

me to see my life and light of Eternity

even as I entrust it to

you just tap out I love you Lord to
Tap Out

confirm your

feelings prayer is not to modify God’s

plan but to become align with his will

instead of attempting make God accept

all of your ideas Surrender Your Will to

his some things that we consider

blessings may be diversions to God and

if you follow God’s plan instead of what

appears nice you won’t wind yourself

angry anxious or confused toward

sinning keep oneself in good

health if you are prepared please hit

the yes button and forward this video to


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