Stop Worrying My Child God Message Today God Message For You Gods Message Now

NeverEnding Mercy when you find yourself in the depths of Despair I am the hand

that reaches out to lift you up in times of pain I am your Solace your Refuge

your unwavering strength Just Like an Eagle I strengthen you and my eternal words soothes the

wounds of your heart I have flung wide the doors to a supernatural realm where

you hold the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and nothing

absolutely nothing can harm you these words I send to you today are

a bomb of Peace a Beacon of Hope dispelling your doubts and filling your

spirit with Tranquility I am your ever watchful Guardian watching over your very Soul

especially in these times when the world’s challenges besiege you

daily Temptations lurk and enemies seek to undermine you from every

corner there are moments when you feel lost not knowing whom to trust

anymore friends may turn into foes and even your own family may turn away when

you need them most but I am here always here my love for you swells with each

passing day you must not anchor all your hopes infallible human beings or

fleeting material possessions today I come to reaffirm my

eternal commitment to you as you Journey Through This World I am by your side

shouldering your burdens pardoning your transgressions and pouring out my Holy Spirit upon

you anyone who dares to harm you will face defeat and those who lead you

astray shall be held to to account many may attempt to bring you down to cast a shadow of Shame upon you

driven by the poison of Envy in their hearts but hear this no one can snatch

you from My Embrace Lean on Me trust in the promises I have written for you

receive these words as a Herald of my unfathomable Mercy open your ears and

allow my Divine breath to transform your thoughts you have many years ahead many

important missions to fulfill there exists a sacred and marvelous purpose that beckons you but

your sustenance and strength do not reside in this world or in the people around you if you seek profound and enduring

blessings if you yearn for a transformative life for you and your family then look no further I am your

only option you are on the right path keep forging

ahead love me with unwavering devotion let me take the foremost place in your

heart I desire to be your priority and I ask for no more than a few moments each

day you have been chosen and accepted through my sacrifice and Resurrection I know you’re not without

flaws but I have covered you with my grace you are not a wretched sinner

wallowing in the mire of iniquity turn to my word when guidance is sought consult your Bible when wisdom

is needed seek counsel from my servants who guide you for I will speak to you in many ways

be attentive and you shall find success you are well aware that I have

never promised an effortless existence but responsibilities and trials shall

always be part of life however there’s a marked difference when someone like you places unwavering

trust in me I breathe life and joy into your soul

I bestow upon you a crown of Victory I have seen you adorned in Robes of white I grant you Authority skill and

courage to surmount a thousand obstacles to cross a thousand borders to journey

to distant lands and display my Miracles I Empower you to trm and stand

unshaken a beon of unwavering Faith Like a Rock that stands firm an example for

the those who falter those who cling to their past and underestimate the profound blessings I am pouring upon

them my delight is to clear your path to unlock doors to heed your prayers to

provide answers to fortify you and to navigate you through the storms of life I want you to grow to possess the

humility to learn from adversity when it knocks on your door if you open your heart to me I will unveil A New Path

path suffused with my glory where the impossible becomes

possible people transform hardened Hearts soften and the Fountain of your

provision flows abundantly debts dissipate sorrow flees

and joy unfolds you in its warm embrace my love and mercy shall forever

accompany you even when you cannot perceive my presence I am intertwined with your life

witness to every tear that moistens your cheeks and every smile that Graces your

face in your darkest moments I am your Guiding Light in times of

Frailty I am your Fortress in moments of confusion I am your unwavering guide

trust in me you have sought a message that stirs your heart I must speak to you about what you

Harbor in the deepest recesses the secrets you believe no one else can see

but rest assured we both know if you feel this message isn’t solely for you

and sense the name of someone who needs to hear these words then extend it to them act now be a savior of

souls I bless those who serve me with unwavering dedication those who bear no

shame in sharing these words you and I must converse that’s why I insist every

time you rise from your Slumber compel your thoughts to refrain from straying into distraction or drowning in

worry each day your foremost act should be an expression of gratitude for your

family your life for still having time and a soul in need of

restoration I love you deeply and I have been merciful for an eternity I have not chastised you in

accordance with your faults nor have I forsaken you due to past

transgressions Thou shalt not kill Thou shalt not bear false witness Thou

shalt not lie Thou shalt not slander Thou shalt not demean another nor shalt

thou dwell constantly on betrayal there are countless facets we could explore none more significant than

the other each sin carries its own weighty consequences adultery and fornication

can shatter your body in life yet slander and falsehood pride and discrimin ation also so

Discord they can Rend families aunder if these words resonate deep

within your soul and you sense that my holy spirit is speaking to you today then you must strive doubly hard to seek

me daily to receive my word and to heed it do so without delay I am forever near

to you seeking me signifies approaching with faith trusting that I will answer

and patiently awaiting the blessings that I shall bestow in my perfect timing enter my presence today and seek

someone you trust with whom you can pour out your heart your shackles shall be shattered

your guilt and anguish Left Behind from this day forward nothing shall hinder

the blessings and the future of goodness and peace that I have Reed for you today

you have affirmed your love for me there is someone in your life who also craves

these words extend them I love you with all the depths of my

heart good morning thank you for heeding these words for they bring you

Solace listen to them once more letter by letter you shall feel my presence

right beside you caressing your heart and soothing your troubled soul you are

never alone and as long as you remain with me no harm shall befall you be

still close your eyes shed No More Tears lest you run out of breath each time you

waiver you utter so much your tears laying bare your needs but my voice

heals and comforts you easing your turmoil my mantle dries your tears and

unfolds you in Serenity it is not yet time for your

departure Terry a while longer I desire for your soul to emerge from this place

fortified unafraid to confront the world to stride forth with unwavering Assurance through valleys of Shadows and

across Aid deserts feel cocooned shielded Day and

Night by my eternal love embrace it believe in it my Holy Spirit envelops

you with affection and Wards off danger sense it embrace it believe in

it my spirit shall fill you with Zeal inundate your thoughts with Divine peace

fill your lips with laughter endow you with fresh visions and gift you with dreams that shall foretell many things

soon to come immerse yourself in my word come to

listen daily open your Bible and nourish your spirit with its wisdom pay no heed

to those who surprise you with what appears as Grand Revelations seeking to dictate your life with false prophecies

or manipulate your will with threats if ever doubt assails you my Holy Spirit

shall come to your Aid once more offering Solace at any hour he shall open your

eyes and whisper in your ear that your heavenly father Shields you and no adversary can Prevail against you speak

it aloud declare my heavenly father is with me no foe has dominion over me

guard your tongue speak no ill of others spread no slander or false TI Tings harm

not those who remain loyal to you nor lie to those who employ your trust should you have faltered in this

regard come before my presence I forgive your shortcomings purify your heart seek me

in prayer every morning I yearn to unburden your soul of guilt and

remorse I offered my life upon the cross and arose a new that you might be free

from all mental and spiritual suffering you are human and in this world your

body your soul and your mind can grow weary even my devout servants who led

holy lives experienced fatigue and committed errors they acknowledged their

sins with humility returned to this altar of forgiveness and arose to

confront challenges without wavering come to me now if you are weary

if you believe you have faltered if your words have exceeded their bounds if if

you have wounded a loved one thoughtlessly or if you find yourself ens snared by a detrimental physical or

mental habit if you truly love me and believe that I am here to Aid you then come to

me I touch your lips cleanse your heart and pardon

you return not to the same transgressions I am renewing your spirit

and your resolve you shall rise as a champion shed the weight of guilt and

sorrow moments if you must recollect something reflect on the joyous times on your past

triumphs just as you have shown faith and triumphed before you shall do so

again with the warm embrace I offer I urge you to confront life with unwavering faith and unwavering

determination I am with you I love you my Champion you require pence in the

face of all that unfolds in your life you need to stey yourself remember I stand at your side read to

honor your faith everything transpiring now serves a purpose even if the reasons

elude you in this moment when it is all said and done and

you reap the blessings I have prepared you shall understand why it was vital to believe to trust to exercise patience

and to wait you have received much because you held fast and much more is

on its way I know how you feel I know your heart intimately and there is not you

can conceal from me even if you were to try you understand that you can come to

me without hesitation at any time any hour you may confide your situation your

feelings for I am always attuned to your emotions and your needs it has always been this way how

could you ever think you are insignificant to me when I saved you and bestowed upon you a fresh life you know

that love and understanding are scarce Commodities in this world yet here with

me you have all that and more to saate your thirst for peace to fill your days

with my love and to warm your heart with the potent emotion born of the knowledge

that you are cherished beyond measure because I love you and that love

has been unwavering even in your moments of doubt and adversity my love for you has never

waned I loved you love you and shall continue to love

you desist from placing your trust in those who betray you from lavishing

affection on those who fail to appreciate it and from prioritizing those who have caused your

tears they are undeserving relegate not those who have inflicted pain to the Forefront of your

existence no matter what occurs for you know full well that I shall will not

permit your downfall or your disgrace choose your companions wisely

and heed not those who seek to dishearten you who would steal away your

faith you shall not linger in this trying season forever I shall arrive at

the perfect moment to set you free I know your spirit is wearied that

sometimes these trials shake your faith but stand firm remain Resolute soon I shall reaffirm your step

in the path you must tread the path that shall lead you to my blessings I know that waiting is

challenging and at times it may feel interminable with numerous reasons to relinquish

hope yet I beseech you to persevere the situation confronting you

today is The Crucible that forges your inner strength and no one shall steal

away the blessings that are imminent the gifts I bestow upon you today you have

affirmed your love for me there is someone in your life who yearns for these words as well extend them I love

you with all the depths of my heart good morning I thank you for heeding these

words for they bring you peace listen to them once more letter by

letter you shall feel my presence right beside you caressing your heart and

soothing your troubled soul my beloved in the depths of your

heart know that I claim the foremost Place give it to me willingly

acknowledge and honor me with the reverence I rightfully deserve in your life understand that I must be your God

your lord your king and no other have you allowed another to occupy

my rightful Throne that my dear may be one of the reasons behind your recent turmoil those

lingering feelings deep within that defi explanation allow me to shed light on your inner

turmoil there’s a void in your heart and it will grow vast if you continue to shun my

love it’s why you feel melancholic why you awaken in the night with tears

staining your cheeks you yearn to be loved but you seek it in the wrong places know this no one in this world

can love you as profoundly as I do come to me and I shall Grant you

peace love and rest what are you waiting for do you prefer to persist in giving

your life and affection to those who cause you such suffering will you endure pain once more

before returning to me in tears even then I shall receive you for my love

transcends your mistakes and poor decisions but you need not wait for suffering to draw near before seeking My

Embrace you can come to me now I shall hold you tenderly demonstrating my love

come today I await you with open arms do not despair today I am here to assist you

even before you utter a plea for help my ears were attentive long before your lips parted to beseech me remember

I love you and I desire to rescue you from the trials you face I am truly

pleased by your courageous stance in the face of adversity I implore you to keep

believing to keep trusting that you have a real faithful and mighty God by your

side please avoid those who Mock You Who utter words that steal your

joy they are not your friends but individuals who have forsaken faith and envy your

destiny they know you are deeply loved and blessed even if they cannot bring themselves to

accepted do not waste your time trying to convince them or begging for their

approval I will clear your path of those who harm you and bring people who genuinely love you into your life so

Cast Away despair do not entertain worry in your mind do not permit thoughts that

Rob your peace to settle in your soul refuse entry to anything negative in your spirit guard your mind with the

helmet of Faith your heart with the breastplate of righteousness and wield

the sword of my holy word in your hands prepare for a battle in which Victory

shall be yours you shall not be defeated and even if you falter and fall

at some point know that I shall raise you up once more accept the challenge do

not allow your future to be enslaved by anxy prepare to fight with all your might against despondency and fear tell

me that you believe in me and that you are prepared to Triumph I shall bless

your home heal your body your soul your emotions and your family situation you

will witness with your own eyes my Supernatural power listen closely I love

you and I want you to believe this with Simplicity and sincerity I also ask that you come to me

each morning nourishing yourself with my word let your faith be ignited and let

that flame consume all the fears that hinder your progress you canot enter your Promised

Land If you still fear the false Giants that terrorize you with lies you cannot reap the fruits of

Victory if you dare not take a step of faith and entrust all your abilities

struggles and failures into my hands during this stage of your life you need

not waste time doubting all the blessings I am about to bestow upon you remember that on that cross your

enemies were put to shame and I I bore the punishment for all your

sins your debt has been paid there are no more burdens for you to Bear you now

sit beside me in the Supernatural realm and I have already blessed you with Heavenly oil and honey know this you are

not a feeble insignificant being destined for failure resigned to a Life marred by emotions that Rob your right

to succeed I speak of a true and genuine Triumph of freedom from deaths healed

finances forgiveness and Harmony in your home I speak of wisdom and Prudence in

your soul and mind a supernatural peace that allows you to move

forward why continue your journey always depending on what others tell

you I command you to no longer be a slave to the opinions of negative people who Envy you and seek opportunities to

snatch away what I want to give you believe in me and my word distance

yourself from those who wish you ill for it is in my presence that Victory lies and in my presence you will

find Triumph I shall Grant you strength joy and peace every morning I am here

waiting to whisper tender words of love and affection in your ear infusing you with great strength and

happiness I am blessing your life and your home believe receive and love me

more each day come my child for today is a new day a

day when you will receive great blessings and never forget that I am

your Shepherd and you shall not want I am your provider everything

lacking in your life shall soon arrive I am your healer I envelop you in my love

and I grant you healing I am your protector I shall cover you with my

wings and under the shelter of my shadow Shadow you shall be secure my word is truth my promises are

certain everything I have spoken to you will come to pass for I am God and I do

not lie I shall do as I have said I will walk with you hand in hand on the path I

have chosen for you in every season in every circumstance I am with you no matter how

daunting the situation may appear even when you believe a miracle is impossible

place your trust in me with all your heart entrust your plans to me every day

make me the first in your projects I shall always be with you helping you I

have demonstrated my love for you even in your darkest days when you believed

your sins had driven you away from me when everyone else abandoned you when

some criticized you hurt you belittled you and spoke words of failure over you

I I drew near to you with understanding Grace love forgiveness and

tenderness once again I lifted you from the abyss of Despair so do not doubt do

not falter say with your lips that you will trust me come what may come what

will you will be victorious in all your ways forever I love you if I did not abandon

you yesterday I will not abandon you today I have always been with you in your good

days and your bad in times of joy and of Sorrow I never forsook you never forgot

you stand strong and if you feel your faith waver speak aloud the promises I

have given you announce to those who trouble you that I am with you every day until the

end you depend on me look to my grace do not dwell on doubts about about whether

you deserve the blessings you seek if you believe me accept this

blessing I offer when it rests in your hands it will multiply into great

gifts you will finally have all you need to bless your family and share with those in need abundance of bread health

strength and peace shall be yours but you must use your faith and come to receive these

blessings no more doubt do not back to track do not hide from my presence in

the darkness I speak to you because I want you to come and I desire to answer your

prayer to remove Every curse and illness from you and your family I’m not seeking to take anything

away from you but I promise that I will give you even better things you are entering a crucial and decisive moment

you are no longer the same as yesterday you are ready you will make decisions

with confidence do do not seek the opinions of those who dwell in

negativity do not try to please those who do not want you to be blessed when

you inform them of your plans they will attempt to discourage you and make you

return to the place from which you came defeated and Fallen but it shall not be so for I am

with you you will walk without ceasing and when the time comes for the doors to

open you will use your faith and and I shall enter with [Music]

you they shall hear of the problems that once caused you to falter I shall Place

marvelous blessings in your hands but I implore you to cherish them to use them

wisely so they may multiply and become the foundation for even greater

blessings when the time comes your family and you shall take giant strides toward a better land and a brighter

future encourage your children to pursue education Inspire them to dream big for

they too can serve me in many ways with their talents and intelligence in your own home Heroes and

Leaders of Tomorrow are growing before my second coming they

shall be instruments of my word used mightily however this can only happen if

you honor me in your home if your behavior and character bear witness to your faith never cling to a bad temper

thinking that it’s who you are and that no one can change you for with me all things are possible

I can transform rocks and stones into Tender Hearts those who once spoke only in

shouts shall laugh like children I shall ignite burning coals on

their lips and their words shall be as sweet as honey thus I can change you so that your

family may see that my power is real and even when the world attacks them because of their faith even when

they are told that I do not exist and that I can do nothing for them believe now that my glory shall manifest in your

home your neighbors shall see my Radiance at night and Angels shall illuminate every corner of your house

people will be astounded by the Supernatural and miraculous events occurring in your home many will come

and you shall lay your hands upon them in response to your prayer I shall personally raise the sick mend their

problems and heal their wounds a spiritual Revival is beginning

in your family heralding the last days and many are eager to know the mysteries of my coming however in their hearts

they do not seek me I shall only reveal my love to those who believe in me with

sincerity and integrity who are unafraid to surrender their souls bear my word

and give their lives for this message and for the sake of others this is the powerful message I am

planting within you now pay close attention to where you hear it and keep

the day and hour in your heart stand tall and gaze toward the Horizon as far

as your eyes can see I shall use your life to bring my glory to Those Distant lands foreign

soils where you will hear languages you do not speak but I shall tou you and my Holy

Spirit shall manifest through your family and you a spiritual Revolution is commencing

and I have held your hand throughout your journey through the valleys of Shadows do not fear for I am with you

regardless of the conflicts your eyes behold and the turmoil you currently

face have unwavering faith in my written word for this year here you shall be

blessed prospered recognized and respected if you act fight and do not

falter in your faith in the one who gave his life for your Victory even if you feel unworthy or

believe you do not deserve such Abundant Blessings cling to me cast aside

thoughts of condemnation and accept my love and forgiveness I have chosen you to be a

blessing to your family clear your mind of thoughts of defeat for this is the

time to Triumph and elevate your life higher than ever before leave behind the old battles and

enter a new stage of Triumph and renewal this is where I transform your

life where a new story Begins for you allow me to guide you along A New

Path of blessings and wisdom I bestow upon you my love and peace that your

soul and mind may find Tranquility


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