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Talk To God First – Strong Prayer | God message jesus |

hello and welcome in the hustle and

bustle of our daily lives amidst the

chaos and clamor of the world around us

there exists a sanctuary of peace and

Solace a place where the burdens of our

hearts are lifted and our Spirits find

rest this Sanctuary is found not in the

noise of the crowd nor in the

distractions of the material world but

in the quiet communion between our souls

and the Divine talk to God first strong

prayer invites us to enter into this

Sacred Space of prayer where words

spoken from the depths of our being are

met with the boundless love and

compassion of the Creator through the

power of prayer we are reminded of our

inherent connection to something greater

than ourselves and we are empowered to

face life’s challenges with courage and

resilience so let us embark on this

journey of Faith together as we open our

hearts and Minds to the transformative

power of prayer and allow its Guiding

Light to illuminate our path as

Believers in Christ Our perspective

evolves profoundly as we deepen our

relationship with the Lord initially

characterized by Earnest petitions for

guidance our prayers gradually shift

towards profound gratitude for the

transformative Journey we’ve experienced

this shift signifies a deeper alignment

with God’s Will and a willingness to

serve him join us as we explore this

transformative journey and commit

ourselves to a life of gratitude and

service in his kingdom as Believers in

Christ how do we perceive our journey

this question becomes increasingly

relevant as we deepen our relationship

with the Lord and expand our spiritual

understanding initially our prayers may

have revolved around seeking guidance

and direction from God however as we

grow in our faith our perspective

naturally shifts to towards one of

profound gratitude we transition from

merely asking for direction to

expressing heartfelt thankfulness for

the journey thus far this transformation

goes beyond a change in words it

reflects a profound change in our very

essence we begin to recognize the

profound changes within ourselves

wrought by God’s grace and guidance our

perspective evolves as we encounter the

boundless love of Jesus Christ and

immerse ourselves in a deeply

transformative Journey it moves from

focusing solely on our personal needs

and desires to asking Lord how can I

serve you this shift signifies a deeper

commitment and a desire to align our

lives with God’s will as Saints we grasp

the incomprehensible magnitude of Jesus

Christ’s sacrifices for us the weight of

his suffering the depth of his love and

the enormity of his grace are beyond

measure despite our inadequacy we are

compelled forward by the understanding

that the only fitting response to such

love is a life surrendered in service

our offering to the Lord is not measured

in material riches but in the

willingness to lay down our lives for

his cause this act of surrender brings

true Freedom not self-indulgence but

self-denial transcending worldly desire

we recognize that our strength comes

from the Lord not from ourselves

surrendering to him we find rest and

peace in our faith let’s pray together

surrendering control to the Lord and

finding peace in his provision Heavenly

Father your mercies are fresh every

morning and your faithfulness towards me

knows no bounds I am grateful for your

blessings and the chance to wake up to a

new day today may present challenges but

I trust in your strength to overcome

with unwavering faith I embrace this day

and acknowledge your presence in every

aspect of my life thank you for your

continuous provision and guidance I

commit to serving you wholeheartedly

trusting in your sovereignty guide my

steps Lord and Grant me discernment to

recognize your hand at at work in my

life may my words and actions reflect

your love and mercy bringing glory to

your name Empower me to be a beacon of

compassion and mercy in a world filled

with despair strengthen my resolve to

advance your kingdom of Love Justice and

Redemption as I Surrender my life to you

shape me into the vessel you desire me

to be fill me with a passion for your

word and draw me nearer to you through

prayer use me to spread your message and

demonstrate your healing power may I be

a witness for you spreading the gospel

far and wide give me boldness and

courage to share your love with others

regardless of the challenges I may face

thank you Lord for your transformative

work in my life I trust in your

provision and commit to testifying all

of your goodness in Jesus name I pray

amen perspective what is your outlook as

a believer in Christ I pose this

question because at a certain juncture

in your journey with the Lord as your

familiarity with him deepens and your

spiritual understanding expands you

inevitably undergo a profound shift in

perspective initially your prayers may

have been characterized by Earnest

petitions such as God guide me here or

Lord lead me there however as you

continue to delve deeper into your

relationship with him your perspective

naturally evolves into one of profound

gratitude this transformation is not

merely a change in words but a shift in

the very essence of your being it

transitions from a plea for direction to

an expression of profound thankfulness

for the journey thus far you Express

gratitude because you recognize the Prof

found changes within yourself changes

that have been wrought by his grace and

guidance you acknowledge that you are no

longer the same person you once were you

reflect on the milestones and growth

markers along the path realizing the

depth of transformation that has

occurred within your heart and soul as

you encounter the boundless love of

Jesus Christ and immerse yourself in a

deeply transformative and fulfilling

Journey your perspective under goes a

profound transformation it evolves from

a place of personal needs and desires

expressed through petitions like Lord I

need and Lord I want to a heartfelt

inquiry Lord how can I serve you this

shift in Focus signifies a deepening

commitment and a desire to align your

life with God’s will it’s a transition

from self-centeredness to selflessness

from seeking fulfillment to seeking ways

is to be a vessel for the Lord’s

purposes as Saints we come to understand

the incomprehensible magnitude of the

sacrifices Jesus Christ made for us on

the cross the weight of his suffering

the depth of his love and the enormity

of his grace are beyond measure we find

ourselves humbled by the realization

that no matter how hard we try we can

never repay him for what he has done

words no matter how eloquent

fall short in expressing the depth of

our gratitude for his boundless Grace

his unfailing mercy and his unwavering

Providence we stand in awe of his love

knowing that we are unworthy recipients

of such Divine favor yet amidst our

inadequacy there remains a conviction a

belief that compels us forward it is the

understanding that the only response

worthy of such love is a life

surrendered in service our offering to

the Lord is not measured in material

riches or Earthly Treasures but in the

willingness to lay down our lives for

his cause in this act of surrender we

find true Freedom it is a freedom born

not of self-indulgence but of

self-denial a freedom that transcends

the constraints of worldly desires and

temporal Pleasures it is a freedom that

comes from knowing that our our lives

are no longer our own but are dedicated

to a higher purpose so as we reflect on

the immeasurable gift of Salvation

bestowed upon us by Jesus Christ let us

not be consumed by feelings of

inadequacy or guilt instead let us

embrace the call to live lives of

gratitude and service knowing that our

greatest offering to the Lord is the

gift of ourselves we are unable to repay

the Lord or offer anything that equals

his sacrifice but it’s crucial to

understand that the least we can do is

serve him becoming a servant of the Lord

is the smallest gesture we can make

instead of just being recipients of His

blessings we should shift our mindset we

receive so much from God Divine

protection undeserved favor and

Supernatural peace therefore our

perspective should move Beyond mere

reception of these blessings to asking

ourselves Lord how can I serve you how

can I be of service in your kingdom how

can I bring glory to your name these

Earnest inquiries resonate deeply within

us as we meditate on the wisdom found in

Timothy this profound verse

invites us to engage in introspection


self-examination encouraging us to

purify ourselves from anything that

dishonors our faith and commitment to

God moreover as we delve into the depth

of this scripture we are reminded of the

importance of our personal

responsibility in upholding the values

and principles of our faith it

challenges us to actively seek ways to

align our thoughts words and actions

with the will of God striving for

righteousness and Holiness in all

aspects of Our Lives cleanse me Lord I

humbly ask to purify me to remove

anything from within me that hinders me

from being a vessel for your kingdom God

please take away any selfishness

jealousy deceit gossiping unkindness or

unforgiving spirit that may reside

Within Me rid me of all sinful thoughts

and tendencies that lead me astray I

pray that you would not turn away from

my sins but instead cleanse me

thoroughly wash away all impurities so

that I may become a vessel of Purity and

openness with a heart ready to serve

Transform Me Lord I Surrender my life to

you allowing you to shape and change me

sanctify me for your purpose fill me

with a deep passion for your word and

draw me nearer to you through prayer may

I decrease so that you may increase in

my life I Surrender my desires Ambitions

and all my plans to you Lord so that you

can shape me into the vessel you desire

me to be work on me heavenly father so

that I may be used for your glory and

the advancement of your Kingdom Holy

Spirit please ignite a fire within me to

worship God and bring him glory Empower

me to do the works of the one who

created me Father help me to be an

example to my family my friends and to

all those around me I am available for

service utilize me to spread your

message to demonstrate how you can heal

someone who is broken and make them

whole I desire for your light to shine

Through Me Lord please assist me in

showcasing the fruits of the spirit love

joy peace patience kindness goodness

faithfulness gentleness and self-control

through my thoughts words and actions in

doing so others will witness these

qualities in me and be drawn to glorify

you surrendering their lives to your

will Mighty God I aspire to be a

powerful witness for you you stir within

me so that I cannot remain silent but am

compelled to spread the gospel far and

wide fill me with your holy spirit so

that I may go forth and fulfill the

Great Commission as stated in Matthew

which commands us to go therefore

and Make Disciples of all Nations

baptizing them in the name of the father

and of the son and of the Holy Spirit I

pray that your Holy Spirit would Empower

me work within me where I am lacking and

equip me to spread the gospel strengthen

me where I am weak and Grant me boldness

as a Christian provide me with

opportunities to witness and then give

me the courage to share without fearing

mockery or

persecution remind me oh God that I am

blessed in times of persecution and

criticism for doing what is right may

you guide my words so that I can bear WI

to your goodness Lord you have appointed

me for this task and I am willing to be

your instrument I pray that the holy

spirit will work powerfully within me

preparing and empowering me to serve as

a strong witness for your kingdom thank

you in advance for the transformative

work you will do in my life I lift my

praises to you Lord for your promise

that all things will ultimately come

together for my benefit I I commit to

testifying of your Everlasting goodness

toward me in Jesus name I pray amen the

Bible teaches us in James that the

sincere and passionate prayers of a

righteous individual hold great power

this implies that when you reach out to

the Lord he listens responds and offers

Solace enveloping you with his peace

furthermore reflecting on Nehemiah

we are reminded not to dwell in sorrow

for it is the joy found in the Lord that

gives us strength our strength lies in

the immense joy we find in Jesus Christ

regardless of the circumstances or how

Bleak things may appear we hold on to an

eternal hope in him we have the firm

assurance that even in uncertainty he is

always working for our good Isaiah

reminds us that those who trust in the

Lord will find renewed strength

they will soar on wings like eagles they

will run and not grow weary in the pages

of the Bible we encounter these

Exquisite assurances from the Lord he

promises to fortify us in our moments of

weakness patiently relying on him will

Elevate us akin to Soaring with wings

like eagles waiting on the Lord empowers

us to persist in our journey without

succumbing to weariness time and time

again we are reminded that our strength

isn’t dependent on us it comes from the

lord it’s not about our efforts or

fighting abilities it’s about

surrendering to the Lord giving him

control and finding rest in him with

that in mind let’s pray and agree

together that today we surrender control

to the Lord we will opt to find peace in

our faith confident that he is a God who

is fully capable of providing for and

meeting all our needs therefore let us

pray Heavenly Father your mercies are

fresh every morning and your

faithfulness towards me knows no bounds

I am grateful for your blessings and for

the chance to wake up to a new day a day

briming with opportunities and

possibilities I acknowledge that today

will present its challenges and

limitations but I firmly believe that

each day is a precious gift from you

Lord with sincere gratitude I embrace

this gift and appro today with

unwavering faith in you I trust that you

will provide me with the strength

necessary to overcome every obstacle I

encounter Lord I am immensely thankful

for life and for the Assurance found in

your word that I serve a living God a

God who deeply cares for me considers me

and loves me I place my unwavering Trust

In Your Divine Providence believing

wholeheartedly that you will equip me

with the re iance and fortitude needed

to navigate through every challenge that

crosses my path my gratitude knows no

bounds oh lord for the precious gift of

Life bestowed upon me and for the

unwavering certainty I find within the

sacred pages of your word it is there

that I am reminded that I’m not alone in

this journey for I serve a God who is

not only alive and present but also

intimately acquainted with every detail

of my existence your boundless love and

care for me are evident in every breath

I take in every moment of joy and sorrow

experienced therefore I offer up my

heartfelt thanks for your continuous

provision your unyielding guidance and

your unfailing love that sustains me

through it all I Express gratitude for

the breath I take for meeting my basic

needs and for caring for my family thank

you for granting me the capacity to love

and the opportunity to assist and serve

others to the best of my ability thus

being a witness to your Good Will and

mercy father I am thankful for the peace

of mind and Indescribable joy that only

comes from you as I prepare to walk in

the path you have set for me today help

me to fully realize my potential to

seize the day and to be productive

making every moment count guide my steps

Lord so that the enemy cannot confuse or

distract me from your calling the wisdom

imparted in Proverbs serves as a

beacon of guidance reminding me of the

profound truth that by acknowledging

your presence and seeking your direction

in every facet of my existence I invite

your Divine guidance to illuminate my

path thus I humbly implore You O Lord to

grant me the discernment and awareness

necessary to recognize your hand at work

not so only in isolated instances but in

the entirety of my being my Earnest

desire is to cultivate a lifestyle

characterized by unwavering

acknowledgement of your sovereignty in

trusting every decision every step into

your capable hands Jesus in every moment

whether in turmoil or abundance I vow to

turn to God as my unwavering support

recognizing his presence in every aspect

of my life with each breath

I seek his guidance knowing he walks

beside me through every circumstance I

commit to acknowledging him

wholeheartedly relying on his love and

wisdom I ask the Holy Spirit to help me

surrender to God’s Will and trust him to

Lead Me each day guiding my actions and

words to bring him joy in my Earnest

prayers I beseech you oh Lord to infuse

every facet of my being my actions my

speech and my very words with the

unmistakable essence of my identity as

your beloved child May the radiance of

Your Love Shine forth from me

Illuminating the lives of those I

encounter on my journey grant me oh Lord

the grace to wield my words as

instruments of edification and

encouragement uplifting the spirits of

others and sewing Seeds of Hope and

positivity wherever I tread as I

navigate the in rate tapestry of life I

humbly implore you to orchestrate Divine

encounters and provide abundant

opportunities for me to extend a helping

hand to those who stand in need may I be

ever attuned to the cries of the

marginalized and the downtrodden eagerly

seizing every chance to alleviate their

burdens and offer solace in the midst of

their trials Empower me oh Lord to be a

beacon of your compassion and mercy in a

world of fra with Despair and suffering

even as I pursue my own aspirations and

dreams I do so with a heart inclined

towards service in your kingdom for I

understand that true fulfillment lies

not in the pursuit of personal gain but

in the selfless dedication to advancing

Your Divine purposes here on Earth

strengthen my resolve O Lord and instill

within me a fervent passion to be your

hands and feet in a broken World

tirelessly laboring to bring about your

kingdom of Love Justice and redemption

in my fervent prayers I humbly beseech

you oh Lord to bestow upon me not only

the tools and resources but also the

unwavering compassion and wisdom needed

to extend a helping hand to all those in

need who cross my path may your

boundless love and mercy flow through me

enabling me to offer Solace and support

to the downtrodden and the marginalized

thereby embodying Your Divine mandate to

love and serve one another as I embark

upon the Journey of this new day I

entreat you oh Lord to go before me as a

Guiding Light Illuminating the path

ahead with your infinite wisdom and

Grace may your divine presence pave the

way for success in every Endeavor

thwarting the schemes of the adversary

and ensuring that your purposes Prevail

in all things Shield me oh Lord from the

machinations of evil forces and

Safeguard me from harm and danger

enveloping me in the protective Embrace

of your loving care grant me O Lord a

spirit imbued with courage and

resilience capable of overcoming every

obstacle and adversity that dares to

stand in my way may I be empowered by

your strength to confront and dispel

every doubt fear and uncertainty

instigated by the enemy standing firm in

the assurance of your unfailing promises

with unwavering faith and steadfast

resolve may I press forward undeterred

by the challenges that lie ahead knowing

that you oh Lord are ever present by my

side guiding and sustaining me through

it all I pray that the Holy Spirit Will

Empower me and enable me to overcome the

challenges ahead Lord please keep me

alert and sober minded so that I do not

fall into the enemy staps as he prowls

around seeking whom he may devour Holy

Spirit I ask for your protection from

his schemes today Lord I pray for a

shift in my perspective although I may

see only the Giants of impossibilities

around me I Turn to You almighty God in

faith I place my trust in you Jehovah

believing that your word is true and

that the one who is in me is greater

than the one who is in the world world

as your word declares I am the head and

not the tail through Christ who

strengthens me I can accomplish all

things remind me oh God that I am no

longer a slave to fear but a child of

God and therefore I can already claim

victory over today’s trials and

temptations guide me in my decision

making process and help me to make the

right choices I rely on you ABA father

because you are always faithful I trust

you to grant me a spirit of discernment

so that I can accurately distinguish

between good and evil and discern your

will for my life versus my own selfish

desires as I begin this day I pray that

you will fill every Gap and meet every

need in my life make me complete and

provide for me wherever I lack just as

David proclaimed in Psalm

I have been Young and now I am old

yet I have never seen the righteous

forsaken or their children begging bread

though I am advanced in years I have

never witnessed the righteous abandoned

nor their descendants begging for

sustenance father I affirm This Promise

over every need in my life today Lord I

trust that you will not forsake me or

leave me as I seek peace and guidance in

you I praise your holy name and thank

thank you for hearing this prayer in

Jesus’s name I pray amen as we conclude

this prayerful reflection may we carry

with us the assurance that our strength

and guidance come from the Lord let us

hold fast to the promises found in his

word trusting in his unfailing love and

provision for our lives as we go forth

into this new day may we surrender

control to the Lord finding peace in our

faith and confidence in his ability to

meet all our needs let us walk in

gratitude acknowledging his presence in

every aspect of our lives and may we be

empowered by his Spirit to serve others

and bring glory to his name Amen in the

hush of prayer we find our strength

renewed our burdens lifted and our

Spirits uplifted as we conclude this

journey of conversation with the Divine

Let Us carry forth the assurance that

our words have been heard our hearts

understood and our our souls embraced by

the everpresent love of the Divine May

The Echoes of our prayers resonate

within us guiding our steps with wisdom

courage and Grace let us emerge from

this sacred communion with a deepened

faith a heightened sense of purpose and

a steadfast resolve to walk in alignment

with the will of the Divine for in every

moment of surrender we find ourselves

drawn closer to the source of all light

and love amen

thank you for watching have a nice day

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