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I beg you to investigate the depths of your being today open your hearts to receive my message as it reverberates

throughout you difficult times are passing and better days are on the

horizon difficult times are almost here rest assured your heavenly father will

always be there for you there will be challenging times in life that test your faith and put a damper on your optimism

as a token of my infinite love I pray that your faith will bestow upon you the virtues of empathy and patience it’s

time to return to the path of your heart’s desire where my assurances and truths will nourish your soul while you

Journey Through The Dark valleys have no fear I will always be by your side

pointing the way cheering you on as you overcome obstacles protecting your goals

and helping you realize them trust in me since I have overcome adversity this

world is full of challenges I have the keys to life in my hands hoping that you will remain by my side with boundless

happiness could triumphs and blessings Adorn your fate protecting you from setbacks as you Relish in the joy and

benefits keep those words close at hand Envy may I perhaps attempt to see your

decline as well it’s a rule book for the otherworldly even though I’m here to support the people I care about I also

anticipate that enemies will arise who hate them for their faith and happiness

put your fears to rest I will protect you from harm if you follow my will

neither is it difficult nor impossible Perfection is not what I asking I

understand that you are an individual I’m just seeking your unfaltering focus on this holy text and your heart

although I am aware of the possibility that you may ER my only option is

loyalty in times of Plenty you seek me out and love me but when Trouble Comes

you keep going on in prayer keep going even when it’s raining or storming I will still feel the winds and the waves

I have the power to solve your disputes and soothe your hardships but what I really want is your undying love and

devotion finding me in everything you do and always giving me the upper hand feel

the spiritual and Supernatural energy that this religion delivers as it becomes a mighty sword that defeats evil

overcomes weaknesses and empowers you to overcome Temptations worries

difficulties and any obstacles that come your way before you leave your home put your concerns in my hands pray for your

loved ones and bow your head for a while Express Yourself using religious and

peaceful language enjoy yourselves as your Shepherd I will provide for you my

beloved tiny flock my beloved small children with my help you will find a

place to settle down among Green Meadows and peaceful Lakes I will lift your heart’s burdens and ensure that there is

no more turmoil or upheaval folks I will drive out evil spirits that build love

and Destroy Tranquility in your home I will Expose and destroy all dormant

traces of wrongdoing waiting to poison your trust and enjoyment there may be

relief from your pain and enough for you at your table at the appropriate moment bread will be on your desk the heavens

will open wide and shower you with blessings including more jobs educational opportunities and Pathways

to new development I will extinguish from your home anything that threatens your moral

fiber and faith in God I will hold your hand with unfaltering Vigor and focus on

goodness as we walk hand in hand I want to provide you with Purity and great

things avoid horrible company and refrain from getting back together with those who are depressed I don’t need

anyone’s permission to shower you with benefit benefits since I am your issuer and can provide you with joy

consequently there’s no need to seek the approval or beauty of others you want to

love and serve me without worrying about what other people think your search for genuine unwavering love has ended I am

the one who can provide you with the Solace and healing you need salvation and eternal Bliss are mine because I am

the only living creature in this vast world who died and rose again for you the miracle you anticipate will come to

pass and the issue that has been weighing you down will find a solution if you ask me now my beloved for this

Everlasting Love I am listening to your prayer from my heavenly seat and I will

respond to you soon while you wait for my response please refrain from pursuing your Ambitions at the expense of the

donor I beg you let those ongoing experiences inject knowledge into your

heart as you see the end of of all things get yourself into the habit of praying and being grateful every day

gratitude to God is free and isn’t always a chore when you just open your eyes and say it unless they come from a

place of genuine gratitude and honesty I will not accept any of your services or

even consider purchasing any of your material possessions this is the most obvious way that your life’s advantages

will increase if you get a response to your prayer be careful however that your

benefits May gradually Wilt like a flower without water if you insist on finishing everything on your own power

and ignore the God who saved you in return for your prayers I ask that you give thanks to my altar price and honor

everything that you receive no matter how little even if I do not fulfill your exact specifications please know that I

will always provide something of far higher quality this is your father the author your family your your faith your

future and your heart are my top priorities and I know what’s best for you if you want to be wealthy I can

cancel your debts I appreciate the fact that you are now free even if the money

you owe doesn’t exist in physical form right now no one is going to knock on your door demanding payment in order to

help you find enough I will provide you and your family with respectable jobs so

that you can all put food on the table have no fear I will open doors and and show you the road to the place where I

lead you and there success will follow your integrity and

determination I want to shower you with many blessings so that you too might learn to prudently manage them when you

combine your magnificent spirit with the knowledge that has been given to you you will also get many miraculous things I

would also want to see Tranquility on your land let the Wonders you see inspire you to deepen your faith don’t

let my speech reduce Ates to Mere belongings cultivate a genuine attitude of thankfulness within yourself as far

as a supernatural existence is concerned this is the first stage those keys may

open the door to a time of Plenty your unfaltering faith worship

expressions of gratitude and commitment to blessing those around you bring great joy your hunger for my word your

tenacity in prayer and your eagerness to be a tool of my grace in building a better world all bring great joy listen

closely my love let what I’ve just said sink into your entire being you may have

to cling to these words While others who would discourage you say their nasty things never forget that I am the one

who rescues you from your troubles restores your lives and showers you with kindness and love with a massive swing I

unlock the portal to a Fantastical world I pray that I grant you the Miracles you so desperately want but I also order you

to hold them dear to your heart everything you do please I greatly appreciate your efforts to locate me

your prayers and statements of thankfulness are like music to my ears they make me happy to see your

courageous Spirit return to those words as if they were carved into the fabric of your being when you feel like despair

is about to overwhelm you it could help to recall those affirmations it is well known that I am

the one who brings healing wealth and salvation into your life life surrounding you with compassion and love

taking your breath from the depths of your heart and that your family is a Heavenly Testament to my Limitless love

count the ways times places and things that I have saved you from and consider

how much you have suffered even if you didn’t come from a wealthy family I’ve known you were one of my chosen ones

from the day you came into this world now I have a revelation I must tell you

the enemy tried to stifle your call but my he Heavenly Angelic Warriors swoop

down to protect you in the midst of vicious conflict you endured the unrelenting attacks of animosity which

threatened your very being nevertheless I came to you as a

loving father the one who supports and encourages you to complete your mission and goals my opinion is that you should

Smite the adversary and his Legions with the sword of my words the Divine

anointing I bestowed upon you has set you on the path to Healing I guided you

embellishing a map with the Limitless dreams within your heart and laying the path for you you are my Brave Warrior

because I bestowed upon you gifts and talents I ignited a spark that never goes out I prepared you for the purpose

of bringing Comfort to the country and giving people in distress Soul pills raise your hand to mine and know that I

am here to walk by your side while you pursue your aspirations guaranteeing that you will succeed it is my deepest

desire to see you happy so I am here to watch over you protect you and give you calm you should not fear because my love

for you is genuine and unwavering I will never leave you I am here for you as a

parent friend and counselor I’ve done all in my power to guarantee your Victory because I have already paid for

all of your transgressions I’d rather not see you fail right now is a perfect

opportunity to to let my forgiveness and Grace enter your heart even those who are hellbent on seeing you fail will

soon see how I can help you succeed and Achieve great things regardless of their

motives come with me now and we’ll go on an adventure together the place your

steadfast faith in me let me Empower and transform you I hold you in my warm

embrace leaving no room for sadness or concern be vigilant always dreading your

enemies is a thing of the past even when enemies take up arms against you I will

stand by your side and defend you with an outstretched hand I will raise you up

guaranteeing your Triumph the time has come for you to put your faith in me and take a stand for what is Right an

undeniable plan is my gift to you let me take care of your life whatever the terrain from lofty mountains to deep

valleys give me your whole self if you put in the effort show courage and walk

bravely I will clear your paths and Lead You I have given you the strength to overcome Despair and the ability to stop

blaming other people for everything that you have a purpose an assignment and a

dedication to me and no one else so that you can continue to pursue your goals

even in the darkest times or when you face the most turbulent Waters so fear

not and do not look for reasons to give up on them take responsibility when

difficulties arise don’t sit around and wait for other people to return your favor do not whine about how nobody is

trying to help you being by your side is sufficient it may not be necessary to seek approval and affection from those

who have deceived your enemies yet there are many who will criticize and reject you seeking methods to bring you down my

love has no bounds and my grace is strong enough to carry you through any obstacle I will shower blessings on your

home giving you success and favor you have a mission and an obstacle I am

standing firm by my word starting with plenty and provision for your lifestyle

and household I will engulf you in prosperity peace health and provision

you must fulfill half of our commitment and deal with me with honesty then you

will behold the windows of Heaven every day my love for you grows and I pray for

you to proclaim the end of your storm and trials today as I blow my heavenly breath over your

Sky I will chase away any clouds that may have been threatening you a new day

is upon you and my gentle touch ushers it in for your own good and so that you

may feel immense joy and contentment from now on you will walk carefully On Solid Ground to show my appreciation for

those who would rather hear your voice I keep quiet and listen carefully while you speak your prayers are a beautiful

hym of Praise transforming your sorrow into joy and replacing your suffering

with joy I will always be there in the midst of your thoughts infusing you with

beautiful Everlasting Delight so your ideas will be clear when I commit to a

promise I never falter I will fulfill it to the fullest extent of my Readiness

I’m utterly baffled by you no amount of space or time can contain my affection

every day I will shower you with kindness bless your home and send out my heavenly Dominion to provide sustenance

for your crops your unflinching stand against enemies will be a testament to

your self-confidence and you will be grateful for the outcome I will be by your side helping you triumph over them

and making them flee in fear as they feel the tremendous power I am channeling into you it is time to let go

of the past of the wrongs done to you and of the abuse you suffered stay

humble and don’t lose sight of the Marvels I still have to show you even while I hold

on to my unfaltering faith as your Creator and The Mastermind behind both the visible and invisible aspects of

your existence I as your writer have chosen to impart my astounding promises

to you I sincerely swear to stand by your side forever bestowing upon you my

most extraordinary blessings you have an eternal place in my heart I’m amazed by

your perseverance you went above and beyond what I asked for by being strong

I’m Overjoyed to see the lovely fruits that have grown from the seeds I sew in you because you are an example of

loyalty and Fidelity this is the reason you are embarking on an era of

unparalleled achievement where your aspirations are materializing and your dreams are becoming a reality keep going

until you reach the place where joy and prosperity are plentiful from time to time I am aware

that you have a different perspective feelings of rejection and jealousy might make you feel quite vulnerable even

those who claim to love you instead of appreciating your best qualities are plotting ways to undermine you these

days you are expected to be wounded and broken by the idea of going to the Hereafter to bring back memories you

will now adopt a winning attitude as You Follow My instructions this is in keeping with your unfaltering faith and

energy when facing adversity don’t let the weak will of certain people weaken

your resolve the place where you take my word for it fully follow the promises I

make to you of which you are a part I will surround you with my affection and

as far as I’m concerned face any adversary who dares to stand in your way

when difficulties emerge push away the negative thoughts that surround you whenever you feel overwhelmed by choices

discouraged or just plain worn out know that I am here to help and that no

matter how many challenges you’re facing my love will always be there to Shield you from harm please do not assume that

I sent those terms to you I promise that my efficient hand will bring you Victory no matter where you stand I am an expert

rescuer never before have I required an effective means of suffering beyond your

capabilities I will relieve you of the weight that you are carrying living a life of loneliness and misery isn’t

always my goal your adversaries are actively working to undermine your advantages in this conflict because your

destiny is so incredible your faith is a weapon that breaks down obstacles in

your path and you are the only one who has the key when you let your adversaries weak

emotions and thoughts in you greatly increase the likelihood that you will fail if my holy spirit is more important

than your life and heart however you will succeed my element has been

satisfied I’ve made arrangements for your Redemption keep being as consistent

as you have been the message I want to share with you is this you are on the cusp of achieving a religious degree

where while you go about your daily Journey Miracles will begin to happen

stop going backwards you’ve traveled a lot of ground we no longer disregard your sacrifices and the tears you shed

regardless of whether your family recognizes your efforts focus on the goal steal can’t compare to the power of

your faith and choices push yourself to your limits and show bravery my presence

is with you my spirit is in your house and the windows of heaven will open over

you showering you with blessings and gifts so that your property is filled with joy many have abandoned reason and

regretted their circumstances but there is hope for a bright future even those who left will have their regrets

returned we are entering a season of reconciliation and forgiveness quiet down I will be right there with you you

shouldn’t let discouragement deter you because I am your God my goal is to use

my successful right hand to strengthen assist and Elevate you so that my glory

May shine through your family I have blessed you with plenty of benefits in the Heavenly Realms sharing this Grace

with those you know may have a lasting impact on their lives and homes and in doing so you can help heal many familiar

faces let this magnificent work begin here inviting you to join me every

morning in listening and remembering the Wonders I have already performed on your lives and the way this word has

materialized in seemingly impossible circumstances that after causing you to

stumble up to this point I have been your greatest friend Embrace this

sentence with warmth and gratitude every morning there will be huge rewards in

the future so there’s no need to turn back now let go of what you’ve accomplished stay calm in the face of

problems do not exert dominance even though the dangers in the arena will

attempt to lead you astray by showing you a path that leads nowhere I have come to instill new ways of life in you

strengthen your faith and shed light on your spiritual vision take a look at the price I pay for you and the legendary

love I have for you none of these things will ever fade because of your flaws or

problems I will save you from your misery and lift you to a higher spiritual plane by strengthening my hand

I should tell you this because you are so precious to me and as the sun rises

so too will I someday you will think about me I will shine my light into your

home and you will be able to feel my compassion as it is new I will encourage

you to pray to tell me how you really feel what you have planned and what you are afraid of and I will listen to your

requests in particular know that my love-filled body can meet your every second of offered trust giving you the

Assurance you need to face each day I’ve devoured the pages marked with your tears Crimson ink forever I will not

remember your wrongdoings and you will never again have to deal with the burden of your grief you are really free and

independent write down your thoughts and feelings to back up your assessment This Love love has untied me forever you have

neither earned nor attained your freedom through Excellence I know full well that

there is no way out of Eternal damnation we have paid off all of your debts and released you you will win without a

doubt an immense deep and exceptional love has unbreakablevowprince

your soul the universe’s Creator who has fallen in love with several people is

now on a mission to find you so that I can tell you how much I love you you won’t have to go to far away places or

climb mountains to hear me Express these deep feelings I’ll do it using unexpected means I would give everything

I have now to reach out and touch your heart even if you initially resisted the

immense love I have for you is already present you will never be able to escape

my love since it is so deep my love Embrace this new chapter as you sail on

the vast ocean of bliss free from the burdens of loneliness and anxiety

transform your life by directing yourself towards the port where you will receive the crown of Victory bestowed

with eternal pleasure wealth and precious Treasures give up trying to explain it to prevent you from having a

deeper understanding of me and seeing my promises fulfilled the adversary bombards your mind with doubts each

morning as you begin to lay your plans before me I pray that you will discover

the Simplicity humility and confidence in me that characterize your heart

rather than depending on your own good judgment accept me as your guide and I will lead you to the Lush verdant

Meadows you desire here my presence will perfectly rule eclipsing your emotions

in this Haven where stress has no place and your heart heart may live in peace

you are unaffected by bad days or sad news you long for the day when you’ll get to know me better when you’ll

embrace my loving forgiveness and accept me just as you are my kind tenderness

will transform you and I love you unconditionally your partner will be sensitive and you will be able to start

each day WorryFree I have bestowed upon you a spirit of compassion and energy so

you are not weak but strong you are not afraid but courageous and you are not a prisoner of Despair but rather a free

spirit replace anxiety and Dread with my energizing presence and those fluttering

unsteady emotions will submit to my power you have finally received your Independence and have faith in yourself

as of today Grace envelopes you and you are a beacon of My reality Serenity and

blessings I humbly offer Words of Love to You strengthening and soothing your spirit and heart every day you you feel

like you have to weather The Tempest of your thoughts doing what other people tell you not to do serves no purpose

when I say that your soul is at peace you may cure yourself by agreeing with those strong words people who are

jealous of you may also try to bring up your past mistakes making you feel guilty and envious their efforts will go

unnoticed resentment and sadness should not consume you take comfort in knowing

that no matter how much the world World Turns its back on you I will never leave your side you have my steadfast presence

and you will always have mine the lovely kind and genuine spirit that I hold in

the highest regard use your time wisely gossipers who know nothing about the

people they talk about are a waste of time seeking my company longing for my

words and finding comfort in my Limitless love so that you too may find

Eternal residency in my land I painstakingly created the Seas the heavens the mountains and your soul

while the wicked’s days are brief yours will last forever the fact that I’ve given everyone the choice between living

their best life and living their reality struck Accord with me in the future

there will be more rewards and we will continue to walk together in faith and overcome fear people who hold grudges

against you should stop wasting their time because I have forgiven you and erased all memory of your

transgressions as you release your transgressions into the vastness of the ocean you free yourself from their

weight it is possible to change the hidden misery in your heart your outlook will change and I want to witness your

Ascent with great excitement as you confront new ways of living only those who really agree with

me in keeping my promise in a modest Manner and not allowing this power to go to their heads will be eligible for the

maximum exceptional rewards your decision to incorporate my teachings into your life and follow me has made

Heaven happy I will restore what I’ve have stolen from you I will hold your fate in my hands so you may walk tall

every enemy is vanquished please come to me now in a religious state of mind and

I will provide for all your good wishes I have a good grasp on your heart you may not be able to hide anything from me

confess anything is on my mind mind whenever you want let your current situation and feelings dictate the

percentage as is my regular pattern of caring for you I’m sensitive to your feelings and requirements the gift of a

new life as well as the rescue itself are manifestations of your unwavering

commitment you can’t take my love and wisdom for granted but when you’re with me you’ll have all you need to feel at

peace my affection enveloping your life and the profound feeling that comes comes from being truly loved even when

faced with challenges my love for you remains steadfast I am unwavering in my

affection I could hug you if I wanted to you should stop putting your trust in

those who betray and disregard your devotion set no priorities people who

can’t help but break your heart aren’t worthy of your affection I am entitled to that area find me and capture me

please continue to treat my lifestyle with the respect it deserves you should submit to me as your ruler

God and Lord not a soul one possible explanation for your current illness may

be that someone else has taken over my territory if you reject my love an

unexplainable emptiness will grow inside of you you have been looking in the wrong places for love and that is why

you are miserable and crying at night I can love you more than anyone else in our Global community in my presence you

will find Solace affection and Tranquility what are you waiting for why should you continue to give your life

and love to those who bring you so much pain before more tears fall turn back to

me my love is stronger than your poor choices and errors putting up with pain in the hopes that it may bring you back

to me as pointless if you come to me right now I will be able to give you a tender hug that will show you how much I

love you your future and stateof the-art will I believe improve as we work

together you will be able to see The Simple Solution to your problems and I will be able to supernaturally intervene

in your life shortly stay away from those who want to dwell on religious sadness or Embrace negativity if you

happen to come across these words or phrases while studying it’s because I’ve given you intellect you’ve matured

you’re ready and soon the door will open you know who I am yet you give into

questioning my word when things get tough I am not an Illusion by always extending

my holy hand to save you I have embraced you in love and bestowed lifestyles on

you despite a troubled past your present has consistently improved with each

rescue give your heart permission to burn the dream I planted will grow into a tree blessing you and your loved ones

with plenty of shade sustenance and wealth hold on to the life I gave you

indulge in even more happiness many life old in events will transpire in a Flash

regardless of your setbacks I have stayed by your side changing your attitude and showing you my intricate

plans I have forgiven you lifted you up and never left you dejected or abandoned

we are approaching a new day I can immediately perform a miracle replacing your disappointment with endless Bliss

chances are you may see it with your own eyes Proclaim your commitment and Faith right now saying that I accept them as

true true I like you as I’ve already said hold on to your faith stay afloat

in order to shower you with extraordinary benefits I am putting you in some frustrating circumstances in the

depths of your despair I feel your anguish and grief my soul brings Solace to your spirit deep down you know that

something wonderful is about to come your way and you’re also anticipating a tremendous gift I wish you peace but I

beg you to soften your heart with my conditions and shield your trust from the dwindling

uncertainty remain unwavering I am the one who retains ultimate power and I

will heal you of all your diseases assume a courageous stance and you will

be free from any debt curse or excruciating Spector from the Hereafter

in recent times you’ve had the opportunity to be free when the bonds break joy and satisfaction flow freely a

powerful Miracle is about to unfold within you your your heart will overflow with joy as you speak with utmost

reverence you will experience personal abundance even while you help others Thrive help those in need pray fervently

and let my power penetrate your body soul and heart opening your Soul’s doors

and filling every crack with my serenity Resolute perseverance has marked your

path overcoming setbacks and criticism with Grace now is the time to celebrate

the beginning of your victory the afternoon of abundance and success if you put your trust in me I will be there

for you no matter what in my company you will experience the realization of your

deepest desires Call My Name relax and I will do my best to find the solution

instead of just trusting me I want you to put that idea into action aim high

and maintain Focus to prevent negative outcomes from distracting you when you’re up against tough challenges they

may not be there you may get fabric items for free take my assurances at

their value if you think trust is misplaced join me in prayer every moment of the day and night and before you go

to sleep at night lay your requests before me in the hopes that I will provide for your development and

Enlightenment listen carefully there will soon be a tremendous shift that is

both forceful and magnificent by the way I really dig you

assert your conviction as your Shepherd you will see signs of Miracles and the distribution of rewards

beginning in recent times you are complete abounding love thanks to your

prayers my assistance is Within Reach if you seek my serenity on a daily basis I

will show you the way you may feel the desire to remain to resist growth and to

pursue your desires pulsating inside you right now like dwelling Waters floating in

pastures put my words in your heart and mind and believe that you can overcome any

challenge in spite of all the hardship you will be Victorious and peace will

prevail strength integrity and unfaltering Trust are the gifts I bestow

upon you keep an eye out for the Fulfillment of my sentence in your life when you feel an overwhelming sense of

pleasure and contentment inside in most cases you may count on me to be by your

side and my angels to be your Guardians directing you away from harm each

morning you seek me out say a prayer and reflect on the blessings that have come

your way I will envelop you in my gentle affection making sure that nothing can

annoy you if you run into any unforeseen problems just get in touch with me and

I’ll clear the path for you so you can achieve your goal you may rely on me to

provide you with the key data and symptoms to guide you you deserve the best so rest in easy knowing that I have

consistently looked out for you if you ask with a heart devoted to me and

filled with good intentions I will consistently provide it to you I have

taken away your pain and given you my word that all you do will be successful

please take a moment to write these words with your own hand expressing your confidence that the combined efforts of

everyone will not destroy what I have planned for you keep in mind that this

is our agreement keep your bravery and strength keep in mind that there will be

plenty of benefits in the future for you there is no lack or anguish like Chris’s

remain steadfast I can take it easy on you now for I am the Good Shepherd the

ruler and The Rescuer so you should lay down in peace and leave your worries

behind hold those words dear in your heart as a precious Jewel I send them to

you from my holy Throne if you ever feel overwhelmed by fatigue I can provide you

with a sense of calm and abundant affection put an end to your self efforts bow down and I will bring the

nonsecular energy you want into your life if you are burdened by many problems then as a united front take up

your swords and stand against the powers of Darkness you will perceive and feel my all pervasive presence as I signal my

arrival from the first light to the last Light and Eerie occurrences will envelop

you refrain from sinning or going back to places that have embarrassed you

never again will you give in to those who would rush to crush you continue on

the road to your dreams because I will bear the burdens they have I am declaring blessings from you today as

your soul and your heart seek me and grow in my love when you visit my house

I give you a new heart that should only be filled with joy optimis ISM and

bravery are required every single day I’m assisting you in developing into

stronger smarter and more courtious people as you enjoy my rewards avoid

letting other people’s problems weigh you down stay away from individuals who spread rumors with the intent to hurt

others I am a target for those who engage in such Behavior trust me with

all your feelings I’m your dad and I’ll gladly pay the interest without taking offense my love for you has no bounds it

is Limitless unlimited and unmatched and it is This Love that will enable you to

overcome any obstacle on your path to true happiness my love is a tranquil Sanctuary where you can unwind and

recharge as your guide Confidant and guardian I am here for you I understand

that negative feelings and self-doubt might Cloud your judgment at times but I’m here to assist you in overcoming

whatever emotional challenge you may be facing problems no matter how big they seem

should not lull you into a complacent existence this is especially true if you

believe what I have said in the event that an issue arises you should do the

following confront it directly publicly declare my assurances and then contact

me so that I can respond these days I Proclaim you can address problems and

circumstances they will flee from you if you keep your faith go ahead gracefully

and resist them with all your might still you can’t let anything jeopardize

your security there’s a chance may the words of my gospel sink deep into your

soul therefore do not believe your enemy falsehoods or follow his flaming darts I

stand by my promise and the Miracles I’ve witnessed made possible by your guidance I’ve helped you out in my

opinion because you’ve been so valuable to me you are invaluable and I agree

with you wholeheartedly even if some people can’t see it your heart will ache

and you will cry because you will remember the occasions when my voice cried out to you telling you how much I

have cared for embraced and loved you no matter what happens I will always be

there to support advise and assist you I hope my love for you lasts forever keep

trying whatever you’re going through I’m here to support you and Empower you to

overcome it carry on with an unwavering will you will no longer have to endure humiliation or failure pay heed to my

conditions be courageous because you will need it in the coming days your intense religious devotion will reveal a

miraculous event to you with my word you can benefit your body your loved ones

and your needs all at once you may have true wealth and your house will be a Haven of Pride acquire my benefits with

a modest spirit and think of others going through tough circumstances I wish I could see you

flirting because I have a strong crush on you permit me to attend to your complete healing Revitalize your soul

and Lead You towards a more promising tomorrow in honor of this special day

which marks one year of our friendship I think of your unfaltering devotion and how I’m always here for you I’m writing

to you right now from the bottom of my heart your desire to help others with your wealth is obvious and I encourage

you to keep going as you provide a helping hand to those in need I promise that heaven’s Gates will open wider in

response to your embodiment of the spirit of love may your home be filled to the brim with joy contentment and

plenty in a stable and harmonious family you can be sure that your loved ones will provide you with good health wisdom

and the gift of faith joy and Fresh Starts keep in mind that my loved ones

have a better future ahead of them from the very beginning everyone knows that I am the everpresent all powerful God I

will continuously monitor you protect you from harm and provide unwavering support both now and in the future I am

here to lift you up out of your Despair and give you the courage to face the world headon Feel My Love enveloping You

urging you to feel the rare and wonderful sensation of love and protection rather than merely agreeing

with me Me Together We Shall celebrate your victories and the crown of your

lives I the creator of the universe can unite you for the journey that lies

ahead the moment you feel like you’ve made it to the peak I will be there no matter where you are to share in your

joy and celebrate with you never forget that my love for you has no bounds and

that I am here for you no matter what infinite advantages await you from me

and I can discover fresh ways to motivate you to persevere disregard the actions of pessimists they are

ill-informed and think things are getting worse in the arena but I will protect you and your loved ones beneath

my cloak of love enveloping you in plenty and providing for your health and

safety do not be afraid if you encounter brief fabric losses or constraints that

prevent you from experiencing complete Joy everything happens for a reason my

heart goes out to those I love and no matter how bad things go they can always turn out better in the end if there are

people in your life who are trying to harm you in the future I can take them out those people don’t know what’s

coming they’ll think they’re stronger than your loving Heavenly Father remain unwavering in your faith unmoved by the

power of threats or litigation pay attention because I’m about to give you authority over all the rewards yes I am

your biological father when the when the light comes up I’ll meet you because I like you to you I am the supreme god

those words speak directly to your soul feel free to encounter me recently lower

your head to show me the utmost respect keep silent and patient in close proximity to your own eyes my affection

touches every part of your being let your tears flow freely because my love

has touched your heart let them go with the flow and let the sadness and disappointment wash away you no longer

view me as an abstract friend to me you are invaluable and Paramount take a

moment to appreciate the sun’s Illuminating rays and the clouds cooling effect as you venture Outdoors the fact

that you are very important to me is the driving force behind their creation if

you ever feel like you’re stuck or helpless in the face of seemingly impossible or frustrating circumstances

or if you have doubts about whether or not the promised benefits will will materialize remember that you are loved

beyond measure and take comfort in the fact that the Universe and all its celestial bodies are here to support you

tell me everything you still don’t understand it melted into my shoulder my

love has the power to alleviate your pain and stress lay the groundwork for a future of tranquility and serenity with

my love’s purifying power which will open your nonsecular imagination rather than seeing the the

difficulties you encounter as obstacles I see them as Opportunities For Learning

and Development they serve as reminders that I am a genuine and Almighty deity

my death on the cross and subsequent Resurrection have provided you with eternal salvation sitting at my right

hand in the non-secular world you have the inheritance and the means for a good

existence there is nothing that can prevent you from realizing the future and plan that I have already laid out

for you at this very moment I am calling on you to consent and show up Faithfully

in advance remember that you have brought your sins before me and my powerful blood has cleaned you with my

word grace and the power of my resurrection your enemy may try to

exploit your guilt and regret as an excuse to hang out with you for past misdeeds just in case you make the same

mistake I’ve forgiven you put your fears to rest I am here to assist and defend

you against any and all accusations get ready for an incredible

Discovery you may be able to see it for yourself realizing that I am really on

your side will cause many people around you to be both shocked and terrified by lending a helping hand you

will get those encouraging words out to those who need them in spite of all your

going through bless others and when you see my mighty Splendor Rising you’ll be

ready for a supernatural life full of Marvels you have never heard of or seen before your private house will be filled

to the brim with sustenance and abundance and miracles will befall you and your family rest certain my little

one that you will never again have to worry about shortages pollution or

disasters as a rule I’ll remind you that the acts of kindness that matter the most are the commitment Allegiance and

resolve that come from your heart to embrace me as real and follow me to the

end like you’ve been doing recently you’re seeking Justice and willing to be humble enough to come before me if you

return let us talk again every day pray to me and I will show you wonders and

Marvels you haven’t seen before those statements you hear validate a great deal for your heart it is a miraculous

development in modern times I’ve expressed my emotions in writing to ensure you feel valued and supported

have another go at it truly I am fond of you in my absence you will always play a

crucial and worthwhile supporting role have faith in what I say your past is a

thing of the past and the sorrow you’re experiencing right now will go away and

never come back neither belittlement nor abandonment have been proclaimed in my written belief re-experience it this is

why I like you you to this day you remain one of my most important and

crucial Confidant get it just as I said if you can embrace it for what it is and

hold on to the energy the sadness you’ve been feeling recently will go away and

never come back and your history can stay in the past ask and I will

transform your hopes dreams and plans into Supernatural Marvels grounded in this faith I able to assist you because

I listen when you call out to me while anxiety consumes you seek solace in my

shade I will lift your burdens and calm your broken heart right now hold fast to

the message I’m planting in your heart and the sword of my Holy Spirit fear has

never been an issue for you permit me to reach out to your Beating Heart lifting

your spirits and illuminating your vision it feels like a fire in your heart that won’t go out until you

achieve your dreams and protect the people you care about you should know that I’m not alone we cherish and adore

you throw out the hurtful ideas that try to tell you that no one is concerned about you or that I’ve abandoned you in

my heart I know this isn’t always true please accept the delivery of my words

of consolation it is now correctly included despite the hardships you may

be facing you must not lose hope or give up no matter what happens have faith let

go of your pain and let me be there for you when you need to cry I intend to listen attentively

let your heart open and tell me what you think get rid of all the negative emotions associated with recent setbacks

as quickly as possible whenever you need comfort or assistance I am here for you

day and night to Stand By Your Side and tell you how much you mean to me right

now my strong hand will shield you from harm and my love will surround You by

faith in this statement which gives you amazing energy at the end of the day you surge upward from Triumph to Victory

through enemy armies conquering battle barriers and destroying the powers of evil bow down before me again put your

confidence in me despite your anxieties and inadequacies my heavenly love is

ready to cure you you may raise your arms in Triumph because I will heal all the wounds caused by the region when you

feel vulnerable like When You Weep I am here to hold you in my arms let out The

Grieving emotions share your feelings in relation to mine oh I am paying

attention keep in mind that it is now after my Declaration of eternal love for

you I am the conduit through which you can draw power to rise from the depths

of misery and fill your heart with joy if you are now facing the Gloom of

battle Center your awareness on me and Let My Words shed light on your foes in

your way I may also anticipate failure yet my speech brings you solace and my

lips Proclaim that Triumph is not conquered by dread or despair I am alone with you I fortify your heart releasing

anxiety and panic enhancing your emotions and bestowing upon you calm

tranquility and superhuman power in agreement with me do not give up if you

pray believe persevere and endure I will bestow upon you an unbreakable faith and

power so that you may see Marvels and miracles I am always there to keep you motivated

and spiritually strong but when you feel like giving up or are ready to quit I

will be the first to cheer you on these days my pity and Grace endure forever my

love and forgiveness for you have had no limits from the beginning of your lives and I say this to you in a private and

personal way as I speak to your heart I have raised you and understand the

hardships that shape your journey I can feel your love for me your unwavering

support for my way of life and your determination to find me no matter how much negativity is around

you no amount of Deceit or threats from the opposition can shake your unwavering

resolve get yourself together for a great gift is on the way if you keep my

love and my constant presence in your heart firmly in your memory immerse

yourself in the Everlasting reality that I am constant the immutable and truthful

my my Declaration of love for you resounds like a thousand Bells status is right no matter how frightening Things

become for you my undying Devotion to you remains unwavering despite others

struggling to understand my unwavering love and choosing to believe falsehoods you remain steadfast refuse to surrender

or appear to falter in your faith and I will honor my promises every day just as much now as when I aided you in the

Hereafter your life is important to me and I will be there for you no matter what showing my love in a myriad of ways

get back on track with my Everlasting purpose and ReDiscover my ambitions feel

the emergence of many doors as they transform your family’s fate into a realistic reality nevertheless I will

continue to mold due to the current challenging circumstances in your house most people you meet today may have

their fear turned into faith and confidence in only a few short months

your private residence will undergo remarkable Transformations leaving everyone in your vicinity in awe receive

acknowledge and Factor it in your lifestyle and your house are about to

undergo a transformation I have the power to alter your perspective and

convictions those who a today have the opportunity to change tomorrow you will

undergo a complete transformation into a new person in appearance Behavior speech

vision and future into a nonsecular adult dream of a courageous me when you

wake up of the Winds I have bestowed upon you and put the past with its screw

United States and failures behind you show compassion and tolerance to others

around you speak gently don’t raise your voice or hurt someone’s feelings by

belittling or insulting them joy and Harmony are once again blessing your house bringing forth an abundance of

enjoyment as you wait for healing I am giving you the faith and strength to endure the symptoms of contamination and

even thrive in their presence the Physicians I’ve placed in your path are quite astute if you listen

to their counsel you’ll see your health improve in my perfect timing the miracle

you are seeking will be revealed do everything you can and fully immerse yourself in those assurances until then

always keep your trust in me and listen to my words despite how tired your faith feels devote it to me today get on your

knees and place all your problems worries and annoyances at my feet I have

shared with you the depths of my soul and my most intimate thoughts and feelings you’ve made the decision to

listen follow orders and confidently go toward your fate feel free to

acknowledge and embrace this as a fact regardless of the times or the limit

ations you have the potential to succeed I will be able to Vanquish your foes

before you all come around so you may strengthen your weapons getting what you

want is the way to go join your loved ones in thinking that what your heavenly

father says is really worth listening to trusting and following just plain old

like you make money from your Pastime your heart needs to receive this message

immediately I really do care about you my heart aches for you my love for you

has no end no matter how far apart we are no matter where you are I will find

you and bring you out of your personal hole I want you to feel my love this sacred breathtaking Everlasting feeling

I have for you defies effective description by any known language you are essential to me and reality forbids

me from leaving you in any way I will not let go of my unbreakable resolve to

keep you safe In My Embrace every day in my presence I keep an eye out for you you are on the right track

to obtaining the power and Solace you need to confront terrifying

circumstances I will be by your side to help you climb that mountain no matter

how magnificent it may seem by bolstering your spirit I can take you to

a superior nonsecular level today you must realize this my desires are not to

be measured against those of others and you must not let the difficulties you endure make you question your inherent

value my phrase is no longer disposable due to your misfortunes you must now see

the magnitude of my favors at the moment my forgiveness is not specific now I

want to know whether you’re going to think about me or not my darling if you put your confidence in me I will Empower

you to rise up fight the good fight do your job and stay the course you have

endured this situation in silence and I know it has been hard for you but now I

will envelop you in my love dry your tears and give you living water energy

will flood your body energize your mind and quench your spirit despite the

difficulties you may have had recently you have reason to be firm in the knowledge that my grace will strengthen

you even if the adversary strives to pit you against you daily and find methods

to bring you down you may feel calm because this problem will eventually go

away keep in mind that I like you virtually at all times and that my love will fill you up to the brim washing

away Whatever anxiety you may have whatever turmoil you may be experiencing

I am able to ease it you will not perish because I will lift my hand and my

kindness will allow you to ride off the storms of uncertainty as you swim against mity I

send my angels to watch over you strengthening your fingers and keeping you from drowning when you go into

combat a Heavenly Army will be at your side with my might I will Vanquish your

anxieties and adversaries and I have already bestowed extraordinary blessings on you I have likely rejuvenated your

strength and the moment of your Triumph is almost here lift yourself up stomp

off the ground and reach for the stars your win is yours through unfaltering

faith therefore Let The Echoes of Victory ring forth with delight when you give up your lives and submit to my will

your previous achievements will always mean something but now they are the beginning of far greater things to come

I deeply love and treasure you and I will never overcome you Empower yourself

with courage stand firm in your convictions and go off on this path of

self-discovery I don’t care about your achievements or failures from the past to you the most important thing is your

heart’s Health these days you approach me with the firm belief that you need me

to alleviate the weight that has depressed your spirit I am seeking your Contrition pleading with you to swap

directions and go on right now I will lend you my support hold your hand and

lead you along the path of Liberation that lies ahead the truth of my statements illuminates the situation and

I am prepared to welcome you with open arms showering you with mercy and forgiveness while offering you a fresh

start immerse yourself in my love and live a life that is full of Vitality and

health determined to remain firmly planted in this phrase achieving emotional stability that will last for

years to come I vow to multiply the blessings in your life the moment you

receive this message which marks the beginning of a new chapter today you

step into a life of Miracles and wonders scripted with the power of My Blood and

sealed through my resurrection bask in the profound peace that each word

contains these words are designed to erase your past and pain unveiling The

Splendid charge inside you and the stunning destiny that awaits you agree

with me in my love as you face today with courage and determination I can’t let you fall I

will assist you I feel your exhaustion and overwhelming sadness I have heard

your Silent Cries for help when you felt you could not go on I have heard your shouts when you felt like giving up on

life and you have asked for help secretly not wanting anyone else to know

about your plight coming to me with the faith that remains in your coronary heart is a wonderful thing and I will do

many things for you while we are together learn about my energy as well

as my affection fear cannot harm you and the arena can no longer hurt you there

therefore I say find safety Safe Haven forgiveness protection release and

healing are my choices I believe the extraordinary plans I have set out for

you are within your capabilities it is your right to be happy have dreams and

have more money as you focus on or study those uplifting statements I give you

the strength to overcome any obstacle and my calm will surround your spirit

remember me except my affection and include my assistance since it is always

your Top Choice my vision goes beyond what your senses can see and I am

preparing wonderful surprises for you that your heart cannot fathom I need to give you a good look no matter what

challenges life throws at you you are cheerful strong and ready to conquer them while you should let your mind

wander to Notions of success and Triumph you should ignore the negative thoughts and fears that attempt to derail you

Don’t Be Afraid any longer I the enemy might also launch a barrage of arrows at

you to divert your attention from my intended course I am a force greater than your attacker despite their

potential for aggressive upward thrusts I would also be looking for a means to borrow your passion but I want to help

you overcome the family issues that have depressed and upset you when I paint

incredible wonders you’ll be trading with me in no time are you going to let me keep leading you

my power May return to you what is rightfully yours despite the many attacks it has suffered I am really

pleased with your endurance you have been through unjust suffering yet I can bless you personally people who want to

make you nervous should be ignored you are fortunate to hear expressions and insights that no one else has brought up

in any way continue to be unwavering in your determination to stay focused some

people have attempted to bring you down and exploit you because they are envious of your success you have stood firm in

your faith even though they have talked ill of you it makes me happy that you have figured out how to rush into some

topics while ignoring the lingo and Intrigue your Rivals use to attack you

envy prevents people from seeing the kindness you radiate they are so agitated by my involvement in your life

and the decisions I make at home they can’t even sleep at night night rest assured that you may find solace in

self-perception and peace even if these inexperienced eyed individuals struggle

to get any sleep I will protect your way of life your loved ones your home and

your Pastime when I deal with them I can make them feel at ease and redirect

their attention to something else the fact that they are helpless in the face

of even the smallest issue is something they have finally come to terms with

their homes are in shambles because they disregarded my love and my word I tried

to help them by offering advice but they ignored me and were worse off as a result but you chose to study me because

you knew I had the key to solving all your problems give your all to my will trusting my word without reservation

tell your loved ones that I am pleased to bless them as well pray for them and in the middle of all the interest

generating activity ask them to remember me after I speak those who really

understand me hear my voice they listen carefully and comprehend what I say I

want these words to reverberate throughout your private residence keep going even if some members of your

family start to doubt or ridicule you keep at it interact with them with Grace and power pray for them love them and do

your part one by one I can reach their souls and they’ll let me into their

lives as they seek Redemption pay attention to the infants without Direction and protection the enemy wants

to snare their vulnerable Hearts your loved ones even your children might fall

prey to the traps set by this world right in your own backyard a new breed of reliable Fighters is emerging

courageous individuals who will declare their future Marvels with confidence it

is not my intention to lavishly reward them while simultaneously encouraging them to give their religion and

education their full attention I will anoint you all with my Holy Spirit some of you will have visions and

dreams and they will go on to edify future Generations by sharing the gospel

I have the power to give them strength and they will be instruments of healing and comfort for the weak let them know

how much you care by telling them that everyone who follows the dark path and finds themselves in a labyrinth touches

your heart right now I want to have a heart-to- heart with you in a way that really bonds us the frightening things

you’re trying to avoid should not discourage you realizing that I am God

and Lord is a crucial First Step pray to me before you launch your endeavors even

if the devil may also oppose them just put your faith in me and I will protect you and bring success to whatever you

do once upon a time in a place beyond this world you were too afraid to pursue

your passions and desires but now I give you wisdom and the ability to set goals

and arrange your life according to them with the ability to achieve your objectives you may benefit not only

yourself but also your loved ones in order to prevent you from making the

same mistakes again I am here to lead cleanse and impart knowledge my love is

unfaltering so you may relax I want to change your life make you rich and

healthy and always be by your side with you by your side every step of the way

way I will guarantee a life filled with outstanding triumphs your value to me is

incalculable I am able to shower you with greater benefits as long as you continue to walk with me obey me and

love me I am here reaching out to save you from the bottomless Abyss that your

troubles in life have dug for you it is time to end the pain and give up on the

path of misery recently I poured my love into you providing the Deep Tranquility

you need to keep pushing forward and enjoying your journey let your faith lead you to a place where miraculous

changes may happen in your life Embrace A New Beginning free of Shame and remorse feel my love and support pouring

into your heart please forgive it your my Essence let us begin to live

Innovative lives together in this very second I will come to your rescue I know

that the love I have for you and the happiness I provide you as a child are valuable gifts you are deserving of a

life full of kindness knowledge and plenty even if you are going through personal hardships I promise to be there

for you often and to provide for you even when times are tough and resources are scarce worry is not a thing

currently I am embracing your way of life and the way your family lives as well for you I magnify the most genuine

love that ever was do you plan to send it with tender care I hold you in my

hands and watch over you you will be unharmed listen up what appeared to be an eternity will now pass in a Flash Joy

will overwhelm you instead of grief in the midst of your worst moments I’m here to help you rethink the ways you think

about the things that bring you down when you’re stressed out don’t belittle yourself or hold on to negative feelings

toward other people instead choose forgiveness and avoid spreading slander

no matter what I would rather have your free and open heart filled to the brim with my love so that your soul may bask

in my company whenever it wants this may enhance your strength and resistance to

negative consequences you have a fresh heart and my holy word is written on

your soul stay away from those who live in emotional Darkness cleanse your

thoughts with the holy water that flows from my Throne you must remember that

the choice is ultimately yours yet it is my desire to be totally free you will

unlock a world of benefits if you listen to my words and do what I say this is

not a myth so think about it and hold on to the helpful resource it is your

family is experiencing miraculous changes and your way of life is also evolving if you keep those sentences

close my blessing is yours no matter how down you feel how unsure you are about

fighting or how your adversaries seem to have the upper hand you should always keep your arms up as a symbol of Triumph

right now raise your hands in Triumph and remember that your faith has brought you Victory with kindness and compassion

you are embraced as a beloved child of a powerful God think back on all the incredible victories you’ve had in the

past when you fac difficult challenges given it your best and come out on top

war exhaustion falling and finding strength are all within your reach while I am here how can one push themselves

higher and succeed once again with an even stronger rationale you will triumph

over every obstacle refrain from giving into enemies or those who want to disturb the peace inside your family in

response to my holy command fight them to death get out of your own way when you’re feeling down put some distance

between yourself and those whose words or actions hurt you they have no right to ruin your future or undermine your

dignity particularly after your unwavering commitment to their support keep your head high your are very

valuable worthy and esteemed protect your loved ones and stay away from evildoers those who belittle you will

not be by your side in the fight for your freedom so pay attention to these words and the struggle for your

Independence do not put your faith in those who may let you down the majority

of those who make promises of everlasting love end up running away if you are seeking Clarity when the storms

approach and take your joy and wants you should avoid violence for the sake of your children I can provide whatever you

need so let go of evil and fear stay away from individuals who intentionally

trim your wings making it harder for you to so to ease your future I have saved

you my love abounds in your spirit and I’m able to calm your troubled heart and

bless you with extra sensory Joy even while you’re hurting stay close to safety while the Winds of Despair bring

gloom and horrible ideas my words Inspire dread remain steadfast dare to

dream big and take risks stay strong join me as the sun rises come and be

with me as you catch the first rays of dawn the light you see is my love a portent of the Fantastical things I want

and am capable of achieving for your lives have faith I can unleash First Rate power on your whole existence

feelings of Shame will dissipate as your sense of Pride returns to your home and way of life

please help me spread the word so that more people can benefit from this message today it is my pleasure that

your religion has given you a heart that is both natural and simple to love you will inevitably immerse yourself in

exceptional and delightful themes I eagerly anticipate your arrival the next day please come and tell me about

yourself and your aspirations I promise that with enough blessings I will be

able to lift the heavy burdens you carry so to bring your ideas to my Throne

release your grip on them learning to trust someone who loves you keeps their word and never lets you down is an

incredible journey as you make your way I will be here to lend a helping hand

and a sympathetic ear in the valley of Shadows and tears remember that I

accompanied you while you traversed the desolate Wasteland where Terror seized your soul on several occasions I saved

you from certain death by adding water from dry locations things that seem

insurmountable should not discourage you put away your worries and speak with passion work hard and Express gratitude

because it is my love and care that have kept you standing firm deals with painful memories and sometimes reaching

a consensus becomes difficult you could start to question everything and

everyone around you if you start to believe that love and The Sensation that it has departed from you are

non-existent several of them might have given the impression that they were merely attempting to extract something

from you but I assure you that deep down you are not that terrible no one’s

coronary heart gave birth to anger and bitterness you feel the weight of the wounds you feel disheartened and worn

out when you get up and you can’t seem to notice any good things happening around you despite any initial

reluctance I I am eager to incorporate Rehabilitation into your lives since I

greatly appreciate you to find the hidden scars remember to look at your soul and heart through religious eyes

your coronary heart is waiting for a fresh start and a Rejuvenation of your

character I change the way you inquire in order to infuse calm and Tranquility

into your soul healing the whole body from the scalp to the toes is what I

like to me they are crucial words for you and your loved ones I have prepared

a miraculous event I can use my heavenly electricity to touch your lips stifling

words that kill your soul and ruin your fate even if you’ve encountered enemies

keep in mind that I have chosen you you have high standards now that you’ve seen

Miracles and heard love declarations you should realize how valuable you are I

will not be frightened of those who challenge my authority anymore I have the power to halt your pursuers as they

cast accusations from outside your realm in an effort to drag you down into despair my words will silence slanderers

do not listen to the words of others or participate in Godless gossip that causes Strife among families if you want

to tarnish your destiny never hold back the truth insult someone or talk badly

of them stay away from those that bring negativity into your life it will only

harm your spirit healing and wonders following my advice

could lead you to a place of inner calm where you can face life’s difficulties with Grace my teachings will boost your

spirit and give you the strength to overcome adversity those things may be deadly blades as we continue together

stand by my side through the good and the bad and I will give you the fortitude to keep going your courage and

determination in the face of adversity are inspiring your unw wavering resolve

inspires those around you unexpected challenges and obstacles haven’t been able to break your unwavering belief in

me and your connection to my soul so to new heights on a non-secular plane you

won’t believe is happening this is a time to fill oneself with calm and

relaxation while embodying faith and courage every day the holy spirit is a

sword and the holy word is a seed in your heart hold on to these things you

you have certainly not been timid give me permission to touch your heart clearing your mind of Despair and

obscuring your eyesight a fire flickers in your heart compelling you to hold on to your dreams and the ones you care

about you deserve love and appreciation and you should understand that you are not alone put to rest the hurtful ideas

that I’ve abandoned you or that no one really cares about you you keep in mind

that this is all in your head please listen to to my words in genuine Comfort

put it in its right place immediately in the face of adversity

keep your courage and keep going whatever happens just agree with me let go of your pain and let me Comfort you

know that I am here to provide my support come to me now and let me hear your story launch without delay and I

will stand by your factors resource in the face of all the current feelings of loss and failure I surround you with my

love guard you with my remarkable hand these days and provide you with comfort and helpful resources every morning

afternoon and night letting you know how much I value you when you have faith in

this word that gives you delicious energy you drive forward and upward triumphing over enemy armies conquering

battle partitions and vanquishing the powers of evil at the end of your day

come to me genuflecting and trust me with your flaws and anxieties another time I’m prepared to use my sacred love

to cure you I will help you paint your palms as a symbol of Victory and heal

all the scars caused by using them you are cognizant of the fact that not everyone shares your world view if you

look around you’ll notice that many people have hardened their hearts and are now enjoying my affection things

haven’t worked out the way they wanted and now they’re pointing the finger at me you on the other hand are unique in

that you you understand that your fate and happiness depend solely on me and not on anyone else with each passing day

maintain your progress in this way if you end up being more powerful than expected your foes will likely become

quite meticulous you seem to be searching for the right words to describe me

additional perks are just around the corner be steadfast in your devotion and Faith all day long I will remain by your

side do not quit at this point instead keep stopping bye my dear this is

something I really believe in please don’t feel the need to endure any more pain my love for you is

unconditional I get that you’re going through a tough time and feel like you’ve exhausted all your resources no

matter how good you seem on the outside you should no longer let others see your pain or hold your situation close you

don’t know yourself as well as I do regardless of your bravery I can feel

your soul and see your broken heart so please come talk to me let your true self shine through can you tell me what

you’re after in order to share in your pain I will gather all of your tears

raise you up from the ground put an end to your doubts and carry your burdens as

my own little child you have my blessing and I have many miracles and Gifts

planned for you as a newborn the blessing is upon you and I am about to shower you and your loved ones with a

pleth of gifts and miracles have faith I use your component often I ask that my

prayers and words be heard always and that my ministering Angels act in your

favor I’m watching over you protecting and caring for you and what you want the

way you fulfill your desires and the religious Deeds you do provide you with joy some may suggest that you should

only seek me out in times of Crisis but I assure you that you are seeking me out with all your heart and I will take care

of the rest when you realize that I know exactly what you want before you say a

word the second will arrive your wishes are not in vain and I’ve really enjoyed

moving to the beat of your faith I want you to know that I care about you and am

willing to lend you a hand your perseverance in the face of my delayed reply touches my heart more than

anything else because you figured out how to pay attention and keep in mind that I can provide you with what’s real

and beneficial to your life I admire your perseverance accompany me huddle

near my extended hand and call upon me for a Heavenly Intervention when difficulties arise I promise to get back

to you whenever you on your journey I can be there to support and accompany you without fail in a methodical

sequential and detail oriented manner you may see boundless Marvels with your own eyes you may be able to make amends

for wrongdoings committ committed against you and those you’ve wronged may be more forgiving your fortunes will

align and your enemies will crumble you will feel Joy and freedom as the

shackles are broken for every second that you wallow in humiliation you will

reap peace and plenty I am here to protect you from harm keep you from

falling into sin and death and keep you close to me my light shines brightly in your life dispelling darkness and

stopping the de in his tracks even when faced with obscurity and uncertainty I

remain steadfast never again will I let you down this Covenant is already in writing

and I have the authority to create it with you you are an heir to benefits that give you power to love peace and

endurance and I save you while you cling to the immense magnitude of your

fantastic Destiny I will reveal a Visionary mind that surpasses contempt

and you may repay me right now here is where your journey to happiness begins

you recently received a surge of Unstoppable vitality and formidable strength in your soul I Kindle a desire

to live a brilliant light to guide your path the will to keep going even when

things get tough and the fire to serve and bless those in your life let me show

you the route and explain everything along the way you must know that I am completely dependent on you you

typically I’ll reach out through your side to grab your hand and lift you up while your weak spot pulls you down no

longer will I limit my Deliverance to storms and seas I will also Grant you control over scorpions and serpents so

that nothing can hurt you as you watch your enemies humiliated and vanquished always remember how important you are if

you claim to be loving and faithful you must not reject This Magnificent blessing demonstrate your love and

faithfulness by attentively considering and implementing the guidance you receive to tackle the issues you’re

currently tackling I surround you with my love and charge you with my energy

this is the day that I vow to always be by your side the fact that I like you so

much makes it impossible for me to leave you take a risk and say those three words in your own words it is true that

I have blessed you and that is far from the end I have acknowledged your wish for your loved one’s well-being and aim

to bring you prosperity in all areas consider this have you thought that our journey together has been pointless

there may be times when you are distant unwilling to speak or even angry do you

believe you have studied the blessings I’ve given you the entire thing I’ve provided you with is extremely charged

your advantages are like seeds and my phrases are like diamonds while some may

seem to die and fall to the ground doing nothing others may actually grow into magnificent trees that provide an

abundance of fruit for your family and friends consequently I encourage you to

unwind immerse yourself in my tranquility and train yourself to be

resilient what you hold in your fingers will grow and flourish in my presence

and the sorrow you feel will transform into Joy allowing you to find Solace within my lawn the method will

materialize after your deficiency is filled and all all of your domestic needs are lavishly met let your tears be

joyful even though they are shed over a seed that is supposedly

dead your prayers will soon bear fruit in the form of Abundant Blessings which

will bring prosperity to you and your loved ones this will happen quickly because of

my divine power have no fear I will be by your side rest easy for I am your God

I will lend you a helping hand and I will raise you up up with my miraculous hand feeling scared is unnecessary keep

evil at Bay I will protect you factors other than your past determine your

future whatever needs doing I can take care of it after all you’ve been through

I don’t know how you’ve managed to keep going there should be no repetition of your hardship story now is the time for

the wounds that have opened up inside your heart to heal get off the ground on your lower back remembering nothing but

what you’ve learned remember remember you can’t turn around please give me complete control of your life from now

on I can point you in the right direction I have the capacity to be a

blessing at all times in my presence you are free to express yourself share your

thoughts vent and even cry if you want to become more knowledgeable about me

and actively seek out my presence my darling then you should immerse yourself in my words even though strength eludes

you keep going because I’ve chosen you for a specific reason along with your aspect

my presence will remain bringing you comfort and a new age of joy that is devoid of sadness and disappointment we

are waiting for you as you see all my guarantees come true validate your notion of me and put your trust in my

fingers you may experience happy tears you’re feeling much better now no one

can hurt you and even those who are blind will be able to deal with me praise be to you in this precious moment

my heart fills with Limitless love for you my beloved child I know how much you

want more power success and wealth and I am here and ready to provide you all of

those things your decision to demonstrate unfaltering confidence right now warms and delights my beautiful

coronary heart I extend my deepest congratulations to you my dear for embarking on this non-secular path take

note of this costly one throughout your whole existence I have been a watchful protector never leaving your side I have

been your constant companion ensuring your safety from numerous dangers and illnesses some of which you may not even

be aware of your unwavering faith in me as you continue to honor my promises is

a Guiding Light that shows us the way forward in our relationship I hope for a future when

blessings pour down from on high and doors open only for you the vast

Storehouse of my heavenly benefits may be accessed through your faith I can

feel your heart’s desire to achieve its aims and hear the sincere prayers rising from your soul let this promise be a

spiritual bomb along the way you’ll meet a kind author who has been there and

understands All Too Well the ins and outs of your life’s challenges I wholeheartedly believe that

my Divine Design for your life is purposeful and that every challenge you encounter is a chance for growth and

change even in the midst of chaos when you look inside you will find a wealth

of inner power waiting for you my love for you is above human understanding

remember that my love is a constant unfaltering pressure that will carry you over life’s waves in times of difficulty

lean on the source of trust that is inside you the path you are on will not always be easy you can move mountains

and oceanic components with the force of your faith which is a catalyst for miracles as your faith in me grows

stronger you will witness unspeakable Heavenly wonders this is a pivotal time

since it marks the meeting point of the Heavenly and the mundane your Soul’s

need has awakened the cosmic forces and I’m prepared to respond to your earnest

please you are standing on the path of opportunity and the benefits are I’m going to give you are as many as the

stars in the sky dancing with you in this dance of Life do you remember that

I am the one directing the dance each movement with Heavenly accuracy your

path is not an individual one but rather a graceful Walts of shared Adventure between your free will and my heavenly

guidance when we are together we will see wonders that transcend National

boundaries keep your word that all you sow in faith in me will flourish when

you put in the work and believe in what you’re doing you lay the groundwork for happiness success and plenty to grow

Divine reason is like a tapestry every experience whether happy or sad adds a

thread to the Masterpiece that is your life live this life to the fullest keep the strength of thankfulness in mind as

you go along the path of Faith extra special thanks for all the good things

that have come your way no matter how little they may seem being grateful is like a magnet it brings more benefits

your way and the circle of Plenty continues forever the heavens are wide

open ready to bestow upon you immeasurable blessings as you Delight in the Heavenly guarantee of my love have

faith in your dreams and know that they are well within your grasp rather than being irrational your wants may be the

voice of your spirit pleading for acceptance and fulfillment you are one with the divine therefore go confidently

at all times I am the north star that points you toward fulfilling your holy Destiny as you embark on this sacred

Voyage whenever you feel doubt creeping in remember that my love for you is like

an unquenchable flame a light that can shine through the darkest of times at the end of the day my favorite

little kid let this lesson sink in your life is a symphony of gambling with me

as the Director playing every note you are a cherished child of the cosmos and

my love for you is Limitless hence you should go on with the assurance that great things are yet to come May the

gentle murmur of my words Echo inside the depths of your Beating Heart as you stand here at this holy moment my

beloved please Don’t Close Your Heart only for the transient pleasure of this second instead let it be wide open to

the bond that will last forever and never end keep in mind that I am not

confined to any one month rather I am by your side through every phase of your

lives and every month to come time has paved your path but so has the religious

Symphony that resonates within you a Guiding Light Of unfaltering Trust has Shone along your path leading you to the

safety of my love not only does my love for you put you under my grace but your heart has also accepted the

life-changing power of Faith so you stand now under my shadow protect the pure of your religion with all your

might Noble one the Allure of Disobedience must end take you away from the light and make sure that you don’t

let your mind become a breeding ground for erroneous ideas your progress to this point is proof of how seriously you

took my promises you have been led to the beaches of divine grace as you have

navigated the terrain of your everyday life by your unfaltering faith which has

also served as a compass through the storms of life listen carefully to my guidance’ hushed

murmur every day during our quiet commune you will hear The Whispers of my message crafted with care and logic

specifically for you during this holy month I will reveal the special purpose

I have reserved for you you must open your heart to receive the Revelation

because it is the key that will lead you to a better comprehension of your part in my heavenly scheme in the grand

scheme of things you you my beloved infant are a precious gem not only do I

cherish you but you also play a crucial role in the intricate design of my Creations making your value

incalculable as a family member you bring joy and support to your children and friends in the midst of your

spiritual exploration take stock of how your actions affect the people in your life remember that believing isn’t

always a passing feeling but an unwavering resolve I draw you to me via

your religion and I gradually reveal the secrets of my Divine Purpose to you through your religion thus let your

faith be a flame that burns brightly even in the darkest moments in the next

few months you will face arrows of uncertainty and despair yet your faith is a Priceless treasure that will

protect you from these threats let your faith be a constant companion permission

is granted to deepen your appreciation in times of Happ happiness and to ground you in the certainty of my love in times

of Sorrow every step you take on the Journey of Faith brings you closer to the Divine even if the journey isn’t

always easy recognize the difficult times for what they are opportunities

for Spiritual Development your religion isn’t something you keep bottled up in a church it’s a living breathing power

that flows through your whole being dear one give your faith room to influence how you think what you say and what you

do you become a lighthouse guiding others who seek refuge in the shadows of your inner being as you carry the

religious flame listen closely to the nudges I give you I’m always here ready

to guide you toward the goal I’ve set for you as you tune your heart to the Divine Symphony you’ll hear the notes

that connect with your Soul’s Mission and you’ll realize that your lifestyle has its own unique Melody allow this

month’s discovery of your unique purpose to serve as a Wellspring of inspiration

and guidance you add a special shade to the painting that is your life by

Faithfully obeying your motivation which is itself a thread in the vast fabric of

Advent let the knowledge of your mission shine like a mega star while you navigate the ups and downs of your

Earthly path my beloved child May the beckoning of unwavering faith and

obedience reverberate inside the depths of your being as you continue you to live your faith has gotten you this far

and it will get you through whatever the future holds have faith in the higher purpose shaping your lives from the

sanctuary of your heart you receive love guidance and profound cherishes a

guiding message a soft murmur that begs you to proceed with caution on the path of your one-of a-kind journey is my gift

to you there is a unique Endeavor burdening your heart an innate Drive

inside you and I have chosen to guide you as you face the crossroads of choices and

responsibilities do not proceed hastily without consulting me I beg you although

you have good intentions and a Pure Heart It won’t always be enough to unravel the intricate web of my divine

plan if you consult with me before starting any project and ask for my advice I will be able to bestow my

blessings on your Endeavor disconnect yourself from your emotions and let them guide you instead despite the fact that

a lovely aspect of your Humanity may be transient and deceptive at times you should make your decisions before I do

my gentle knowledge May guide you toward decisions that will further the larger fabric of your cause if you only let it

shine on your choices put up a fight when you feel the pull to Envy other people’s good fortune

or want to fit in with their ways every individual spirit is a special arrival

often bearing a Divine Mission and a bounty of blessings I have crafted a unique collection of blessings for your

skills and possessions which are now ready for Discovery put a stop to the temptation to follow the road others

have already taken and start on the one that will lead you to your unique set of skills your benefits are on their way to

you like a river from the mountain of my love but they will only arrive if you

remain faithful to my word and are present in my Divine embodiment at all times maintain an unwavering commitment

to the path of righteousness it is the rich soil where your blessings will grow

never fall into the Trap of comparing yourself to other people after all every

person’s journey is filled with its own set of ups and downs experiences that are perfectly suited to their

development you are a one-of-a-kind arrival and the cosmos dances to the beat of your drum imagine stepping into

this magnificent Symphony and discovering that your wildest dreams The Echoes of your heart’s greatest desires

will manifest in ways you never thought possible as you fully embrace my love

and understanding your deepest desires will come true in harmony with your sincere heart and my teachings no matter

whether you’re leading a family business or a network you’ll be successful your acts of kindness will grow into a

Bountiful Harvest benefiting not just just you but also others you come into contact with the most important thing my

love is endurance your benefits will pour into your life at the perfect time

as the river of time runs according to my Divine Design this area on your boom

is Holy Ground not empty space approximately how long will it take for

the promises I made to you before to materialize in the Stillness of the

reflected image you may find the strength to carry and the knowledge to parent so be at peace with the

universe’s timetable listen for the still little voice that is guiding you I am here at

all times ready to provide the knowledge that will shed light on the next stages

of your journey concentrate on the quiet inside your soul if you are seeking to

reach me in prayer I will gently guide you towards the success of your cause do

not deviate from my teachings great name feel free to let the principles of Love

kindness and Justice guide your decisions whenever you encounter difficulties trust that I am with you

while you weather these trials I promise that you will come out the other side more powerful smarter and in sync with

your life’s true calling please keep in mind that I am not traveling this path alone with you my dear my love envelops

you like a shield and my wisdom illuminates your path I love you so much that I have showered you with special

blessings and I want you to know that when you join your will with mine miraculous

things may start to happen in your life on the other hand hold those words close to your heart and let them guide you you

are embarking on a holy Mission with divinely directed benefits that are unique to you believe that your life’s

events will develop according to plan if you remain steady you will be able to

see the abundance of benefits I have planned for you like the soft touch of a gentle wind on your

soul the words I offer you carry the weight of heavenly purpose into the hallowed depths of your Beating Heart I

will ignite a desire a flame that will fill every breath with life fuel every

battle with determination to fight and illuminate every attempt with the light of meaningful work get ready for the

Great Adventure that lies ahead of you the conquest of the areas I have laid out for you it may be difficult to

navigate Uncharted Territory and face seemingly insurmountable problems but I

can promise you that I am not alone may my words and the courage csing through

your veins Adorn your heart as you fight for what you believe in as you go out on

this Conquest may my teaching serve as a compass pointing you in the right direction with wisdom and divine Insight

never go on a solo Adventure without first talking to me in the Stillness of contemplation and prayer you seek my

guidance and I will show you the way that lies ahead whether you are in the middle of a

bustling City or secluded in solitude you will be able to complete your part

in this vast tapestry of Creation with the courage and strength that come from trusting in my Limitless love and

guidance be kind with others and show them the love and simplicity that are inside you by doing so you will reflect

the Divine Light that is already within you affection has the power to change

lives let your words soothe and your actions demonstrate that power stand

firm in your convictions in the face of the sector’s enticing but transient reputation stand firm in your

convictions much of the Arena’s Acclaim is becoming monotonous embrace the fleeting nature of worldly praise true

Pride which lasts forever and is the basis of my love and the cause of your being is rooted in something deeper than

that do not brag about your wealth or seek temporary Fame at the expense of your character just the physical riches

that beautify your life is just a temporary appearance instead Adorn

yourself with the gems of your soul the richness of your character the intensity of your compassion and the authenticity

of your love those riches unlike other assets are Eternal and everlasting while

some may find satisfaction in material goods and praise they may also be aware of the holess that often comes with such

Pursuits around you people’s hearts will be full of loneliness and treachery as

they chase fleeting Pleasures that never satisfy upon reflection may your spirit

serve as a conduit for my Limitless love may this love permeate every fiber of

your being as you pursue your dreams may they be in harmony with the higher purpose that I have established before

you the Renown of of your unique role within the overarching plan of introduction should fuel your desire to

remain battle and paint rather than fleeting pleasure or selfish gain keep

moving forward with a goal that transcends your romantic partner lives

seek ways to help others support those who have fallen and shine a light on those who are in despair the lives of

those around you intricately weave into the fabric of life and right now each

thread plays a crucial role in The Struggle not only for individual success but also for the ultimate victory of

Justice Warfare your conflicts with love and wisdom in addition to achieving outward successes you must now conquer

your own internal weaknesses uncertainties and anxieties if you are to conquer the country that lies ahead

of you as you persevere through hardship you are laying the groundwork for a better future inspiring others with your

unfaltering commitment to high principles and the reverberations of your

battles works of art created with a purpose beyond the pursuit of material

gain let your efforts serve a higher purpose a reflection of your commitment

to the Arena’s welfare your work in whatever shape it may take creativity

service or innovation represents your commitment to leave the world a better

place than you found it pass on the wisdom I have imparted may love drive

your actions and may Simplicity Define you while there are many allures and

diversions in this world you may discover a depth inside the practicality of a life well- lived that goes beyond

the superficial Allure of material Pursuits know that I am by your side the

whole way while you pursue your realistic desires may my love ignite The

Light Within you guide you through the darkness and Grant all your heart’s desires in alignment with my my divine

plan trust in everything that unfolds during your journey it transcends mere

pursuit of Justice Guided by The Guiding Light of divine love I can see right

through your heart’s darkest recesses the secret places where you’ve kept your secrets are secure but remember we both

have access to the same holy places and I can see right through you by sharing

this message with someone in need you have the power to rescue a soul even if you feel that it’s not always for you

those who shamelessly disseminate these words get my deepest blessing as you open your eyes let’s have a conversation

make appreciation a daily habit rather than letting your attention wander to food and worries start each day by

appreciating your family your presence the time you have left and the desire inside you to put things right you have

my undying affection and I have shown you that compassion endures no matter how many times you have

disobeyed my commands I have never forsaken you or punished you for it now

you must not murder you are not to testify under false pretenses do not deceive you can no longer defame degrade

or maintain a dishonorable position there are several topics we should discuss regarding the ongoing treachery

and no sin is more serious than any other the consequences of any infraction may be severe while infidelity and

adultery are obviously harmful to your health and well-being so are defamation

satisfaction and Prejudice all of these things have the potential to harm people

and create a wedge between families seek me out daily so that you may hear my

message and do what it says if you are experiencing A Spiritual Awakening and believe my holy spirit is speaking to

you via these words get it done right away since I am usually around my

perfect life would involve religious practices faith in my ability to solve problems and waiting patiently for the

rewards I can give at the time that is most convenient for me visit me today

and confide in someone you trust release your Beating Heart perhaps your loads

will be reduced I may banish your pain and shame from your life the benefits

and future of peace and good will that I have planned for you today will not be limited by anything from this day

forward you have experienced my life love and someone else in your life longs

to listen to those words with all your heart please divide them up my heart

overflows with love for you I appreciate you taking the time to listen to those expressions this morning they provide

Tranquility for you you will feel my presence by your side soothing your spirit and caring for your coronary

heart if you pay attention to them again word by word no harm will come to you I

am not alone my speech soothes and cures you reducing your worries nonetheless

you should remain close to your eyes and cry no more because each tear carries a message and your requirements my arms

Will Comfort you while soothing your sorrow however it’s not too late to move forward prolong your life I want your

spirit to leave this place strengthened Fearless to face the world and confidently Traverse dark valleys and

deserts knowing that my Everlasting Love surrounds and protects you at all times

embrace it feel it and have faith in it the protective Embrace of my Holy Spirit

Shields you from harm while you face the challenges of the Arena say it out loud

my heavenly father is with me no foe can stand a chance against me if only you

could share your situation with me I am sensitive to your needs and emotions so

feel free to share them with me in this form it has always existed without me

how are you supposed to watch you were saved by me and I gave you a new life

you are well aware that this International will not provide you with the love and wisdom you want

nevertheless when you are with me your wants and needs will be met and your need for tranquility will be satisfied

even more overflow your heart with the tremendous Sensation that comes from

being really loved for I love you and that has always been the truth let my

love fill your existence I will always love you no matter how much you

questioned me when things got tough you are precious to me and my affection for

you has never faded and never will people who betray you deserve your trust

if someone does not appreciate your love do not give it to them where on every

single person directly above me I am the main location in your heart here it is

treat me with the utmost respect respect honor and regard I am worthy of your life on my own I will have to fulfill

the roles of God lord and King over you nobody else is required to live on my property something you can’t put your

finger on is likely contributing to your current health problems allow me to inform you of the current situation

rejecting my love might leave a gaping hole in your heart that could eventually burst because of this you experience

both Sadness and Sorrow when you arve in the middle of the night if you’re

seeking love you’re wasting your time and energy there is no one on this planet who loves you more than I do

relax find love and discover serenity with me why are you observing this do

you want to keep allowing the people who hurt you into your life and showing them how much you care are you prepared to

return to me in tears the next time you experience pain alternatively I may

embrace you with open arms because my love is greater than your mistakes and bad choices please come to me now and

let me hold you close with tenderness a display of my infinite love so you don’t have to wait for that pain to return

before drawing closer to me I am here waiting for your signal let not sadness

consume you I’m here to help you the moment your lips meet mine my attention

is always ready to focus know that you are very precious to me and that my heart’s desire is to rescue you from the

burdens and suffering that you are now experiencing you sought me out recently

because you believe I can heal your wounds remove the marks of death and return the blessings you once had to

their original extent please know how much I appreciate and admire you I am

filled with excitement at your courage when faced with challenges you can continue to have confidence and trust in

me because I am a powerful and loyal God every morning you seek me out in pray

prayer but I pardon your misdeeds and cleanse your coronary heart I want to

wash away all the shame and regret from your spirit in order to set you free from intellectual and nonsecular

problems I laid down my life and rose again all three of your beings Body Soul

and mind are susceptible to weariness in this world my Faithful Servants who

lived holy lives were human too and they became weary and made errors but they

returned to this altar of forgiveness with humility admitting their guilt and seeking pardon without flinching they

sprang to fight and emerged Victorious please seek my help immediately if you are exhausted feel like you failed have

talked carelessly unintentionally hurt someone you care about or are trapped by a harmful habit whether it’s mental or

physical if your affection for me is genuine and your desires align with mine

you will be of assistance with the touch of your lips and the washing of your heart forgiveness is mine avoid

repeating the same mistakes at all costs I am revitalizing your soul and driving

force you will Ascend with the grace of a champion escaping times of Shame and

regret you have likely already done this but if you really want to remember anything keep in mind all the good

moments and all the times you won if you remain steadfast in your faith I will

offer you the loving embodiment you need to Triumph again stand firm in your

faith and determination because I am telling you to do so yes I’m standing by

your side I like you my Ally whatever happens to you in life you must be

patient amidst the hurricane you want to find Solace just so you know I respect

your faith everything happening right now even if it seems confusing is

leading up to something even though you can’t see it coming right now in the end

you’ll be able to reap the benefits I’ve planned for you because you’ve understood agreed with and been patient

with me because you persisted and even waited longer you have gotten numerous

specific things even if you feel discouraged by the trials that put your faith to the test you refuse to give in

alternately maintain companionship in the near future I will be able to

confirm that you are on the correct path which will lead to my benefit it when it seems like everything is taking forever

I know it may be exhausting even if you feel that giving up is the best option

please don’t lose sight of the fact that the victory you’re enjoying right now is really strengthening you the rewards

that you may soon receive as well as the gifts that I provide are safe from theft

you must not give up anymore my kid I am your God so be patient and think about

me while you wait I am crafting a future filled with blessings and Brilliance just for you I am able to rescue you

from those dangers and deposit you in a sanctuary of Glory pleasure and serenity

hold on a little longer please tell me that you intend to do so we are inseparable your sense of smell is

commendable I am intimately familiar with your heart and regardless of your efforts to conceal it I will uncover it

I promise to pick you up again and again when you fall or show signs of weakness be sure to include this task your future

should not be confined to worry gather your strength and fight fear and discouragement with all you’ve got raise

your hands if you are religious and ready to win no matter what’s wrong with your family I can bless your house cure

your body calm your spirit and put things right as you look on you will

feel the extraordinary energy I possess pay close attention your unequivocal and

complete agreement with me is essential to my love for you to further feed your

spirit and Kindle your faith I ask that you visit me first thing in the morning

if you let that fire consume your worries and stop you from growing you can’t enter your Promised Land if you

continue to fear deceitful Genies you will never achieve success in life until

you have the courage to trust me with all your power problems and

setbacks never again will you have to wonder if if the benefits I am about to

bestow upon you are real recall that I defeated your enemies on the cross and

bore the consequences of all your transgressions I have expiated all your misdeeds and you owe no one more you’re

sitting next to me in an otherworldly Dimension Holy Spirit anointed and honey sweet hear this you are not a weak

insignificant person doomed to fail and a life Afflicted with emotions that deny you the chance to succeed what I mean is

that being free from debt is a real and palpable Victory Financial restoration

and forgiveness domestic Harmony spiritual wisdom and insight and an

otherworldly calmness of mind you don’t need the genuine approval of other people to keep going in the same

direction I give you this command the criticisms of others who envy your abilities and want to take what I intend

to give you will no longer bind you have complete faith in me believe in my word

and keep your distance from those who aren’t good stay away from those who make fun of you and want to take away

your joy they’re no longer your friends they’re F deserters envious of your good

fortune they grasp the depth of my love for you but they refuse to acknowledge it I am the most important thing in your

heart here it is honor me hold me in high esteem and always remember to treat

me with the respect that I am due if I were your only God lord and King you

would submit to me it is not right for anybody else to fill my shoes this is

one of the reasons you’ve been sick recently something is tugging at your heartstrings that you just can’t put

your finger on permit me to inform you of the current situation in the event

that you turn down my affection it’s possible that you’ll feel empty within it is the root of your

unhappiness this is reflected in your sobbing upon waking love is something you seek but you’re

looking in the wrong place there is no one on this planet who loves you more than I do come to me relax love and find

Tranquility do you have any expectations would you rather continue being there for the people who put you through it or

would you rather end it do you plan to return to me in tears After experiencing

further harm however my love is greater than your mistakes and bad decisions so

I can embrace you with open arms but you shouldn’t hold off on painting until that struggle subsides to show you how

much I love you right now come to me and I will hold you close with care I am

waiting for you I am right here refrain from giving into despair I’m available

to help you even before you speak a word my ears are generally prepared to focus

realize how much I care about you and how much I want to relieve the burdens you’re carrying you have sought me out

out recently in the hopes that I will lend you a helping hand heal your wounds remove the marks of your past and

restore the advantages you have gained swiftly never forget how much I respect and love you your bravery in challenging

times makes my heart sing I am the true faithful and Powerful God so keep

believing and trusting for the rest of time I implore you with your help to

keep your distance from people who taunt you and want to deprive you of your Joy

even if they aren’t your friends anymore they are still people who have abandoned you and are envious of your promising

future they understand how much I love you but they can’t accept it attempting

to convince them or win their favor is a waste of time I have the power to OU

those who harm you and replace them with those who truly care about you get away

from Despair and don’t let anxiety and pessimism take over your life put a

religious Shield over your ideas put on the breastplate of righteousness seize

the scepter of my holy term and be ready for an epic battle that you will win hands down you will no longer face

defeat and it will never happen again an essential and pivotal event is about to

unfold you have undergone a significant transformation you are different from the past impressively you’re well

organized you have the freedom to trust your own judgment refrain from seeking affirmation from others who have

animosity toward you do not waste your time trying to win over those who do not care about your success when you share

your goals with them they may try to discourage you and lure you back to a place of Despair and Melancholy but that

will no longer happen I am with you so you can walk steadily when doors open

you can step forward in religion and I will input all your concerns so that

when harassed your voice will be heard and I can shower you with wonderful blessings but I ask that you guard them

carefully use them correctly so that they may multiply and lay the groundwork

for even more benefits as the moment comes you and your loved ones will make

tremendous progress toward a more promising future motivate your children

to pursue higher education encourage them to have ambitious goals their

intellect and abilities may also benit benit me in a variety of ways they have

the ability to transform whole homes and even entire countries without ever leaving your house a great number will

appear and in response to your prayers you will place your hands on them I will

personally heal the sick solve their problems and mend their wounds within

your own family a remarkable religious Renaissance is taking place in the

coming days you will dwell and many will announce it in in an effort to unravel

the secrets of my return but deep down they do not seek me I can only show my

admiration to those who honestly and fully Share My Views to those who are

willing to sacrifice themselves to spread my message and win the hearts of others you have everything it takes to

succeed and success is just around the corner a new day may bring you the same

power joy and Tranquility I’m standing by ready to fill you with boundless joy

and power through Whispers of love and care being at home with you is a gift

can we both agree that you will get it are you going to grow to love me more with each passing day my darling as

these days are still young you will reap amazing benefits I am the shepherd you

seek follow me and you will never be in need your issuer is me everything you

need might be supplied I am here to help you my love may embrace you you are given

healing by me I will watch out for you you could find refuge in the sanctuary of my Tranquility my statement is the

reality you can rely on my promises will that be the end of anything I’ve discussed with you today is a fresh day

my darling and you deserve high quality benefits you will never be in need again

because I am your shepher Keep Me In Your Heart at all times your issuer is me everything you need may be supplied

replied I am here to protect you my love may embrace you you are granted healing

I will watch out for you under my calm Wings a Haven of safety awaits you my

statement is the reality you can rely on my promises will what I’ve said to you

come to pass you will receive Abundant Blessings today my darling remember I am

the one who will Shepherd you and you will never be in need I am your provider

we have everything you may possibly need need feel safe with me I can surround you with my affection you are given

healing by me I will watch out for you you will find solace in my Serenity’s

protection you can trust my word I will not change my mind everything I have

told you will happen I am unwavering because I am God what I’ve said can be fulfilled no matter what challenges you

face I will walk with you as we follow the path I have planned for you rest

assured I am here to help you even when you feel that a miracle is Out Of Reach

every day tell me what you intend to do Place me at the Forefront of your efforts whenever you need me I will be

here for you despite your worst fears that I would reject you because of your transgressions I have shown you my love

I rescued you from the depths of Despair by approaching you with compassion

understanding forgiveness love and gentleness even if others may have also

abandoned you ridiculed you hurt you or put you down put your wholehearted faith

in me and declare with your mouth that I will be an option for you no matter what challenges life throws at you no matter

how difficult the challenge is you have the potential to succeed we are inseparable I cannot bear to leave you

hanging today just as I refrain from doing so yesterday you can count on me

to stay by your side during the good times and the bad I have stopped ignoring you when I am happy or sad you

are still on my mind if you feel your faith slipping Proclaim to those who tempt you the assurances I have given

you until you gave up I was by your side every step of the way and now they can

see that depend on me I continue to rely on my grace never again will you have to

wonder whether you are deserving of these benefits if you have faith in me please

accept this blessing it will multiply into plenty of stuff when you get it in your hands God will provide all you need

to bless your own family and share Faith with those in need come and get those rewards have no more doubts and do not

hide in the shadows I like to respond to your prayers and I need you to come so I

can interact with you for you or your loved ones no more curses or illnesses I

will remove them all if it appears like I’m trying to take advantage of you know that it’s only because I have even

better things in in store for you I’m sewing that tremendous seed inside you

mark the time and date in Your Heart by paying close attention to how you are hearing it keep your head up high and

look out as far as you can you see I can use your life to bring my glory to far

away places and people who don’t speak my language but I can also use you and

your family to receive my Holy Spirit since our experience began a spiritual

revolution has started regardless of the difficulties you face or the agony you

endure you have nothing to worry about since I have guided you by the hand through the darkness you will experience

blessings Prosperity recognition and respect this year if you act and remain

steadfast in your confidence in the one who gave his life for your success accept this written word as truth hold

on to me tight even if you know you don’t deserve it or if you feel undeserving let go of any judgmental

ideas other than my forgiveness you will bring joy to your own family because I

have chosen you to do so never lose hope I am always here to support you take

advantage of this chance to win and start again Embrace a new era of Triumph

and rebirth by putting the old conflicts in the past right now is my chance to

reimagine your life and write a fresh chapter in our journey take the first step I will pour out my love love and

serenity over you so that your spirit and mind May remain at rest while I lead

you down a path of blessing and wisdom you have been bestowed with Heavenly strength and a sense of authority and it

permeates every fiber of your existence you are not a spectator in the Symphony

of Lifestyles you are an active participant with the power to walk through conflict overcome major

obstacles and emerge Victorious strengthening your faith in yourself and knowing that you have already

won as you face the trials ahead remember that the power to overcome and

the fortitude to persevere are within your grasp and the authority I give you

is not a passing Vigor but an incredible Force based on Divine favor my

unwavering affection for you is based on the Bedrock upon which your power rests

not external circumstances with the knowledge that you are not fighting this battle alone I

will be a rock of of strength and support for you as you get closer to Victory draw strength from the rich well

of religion and rely on the authority that is within you achieving greatness is not some abstract notion it is your

imminent reality continue along dear one Guided by faith and boasted by

unfaltering self assurance stay away from hurtful remarks that go against the

spirit of love and let go of emotions that don’t belong in your sacred Soul sanctuary embark on a life-altering

quest by letting go of past hurts and replacing them with future goals and

dreams spending money on you is within my financial means thanks to my recovery

forgiveness let it wash away any trace of the past purifying your soul in preparation for a bright future the

grace of atonement will soften your way into the unknown and the path ahead offers fertile ground for growth and

Rejuvenation when you light a fire in your heart it brings a light that goes beyond your physical form anointing you

with my Holy Spirit a gift of Grace and love in light of this radiation observe

the changes in the faces of those around you you have the ability to provide comfort and insight to others because

you are a conduit for the Divine Light bask in the light of your enlightened

spirit and cherish this Holy Gift as not everyone receives it remember that this

Supernatural anointing comes with a great deal of responsibility your radiant eyes may be a beacon that draws

people into the comforting Embrace of heavenly love as far as this vast Mosaic

of ways of living is concerned you occupy the space of nonsecular devotion

dive deep into my words seeking me out in prayer as you remain receptive to the still little voice of God I will

disclose my intentions to you as you explore the non secular universe and develop a stronger desire to seek me out

in dreams this is a valuable gift that requires careful consideration and

judgment when you devote yourself spiritually you are dancing a holy dance merging the limited with the infinite

listen to the Dan’s beat as it leads you into the Sacred Space of spiritual devotion where you will find the deep

bond that binds your spirit to God rather than out of ostentation I offer

you a glimpse of Paradise because of the subtle beauty of modesty always keep

your head down and your dignity up you never know who you may meet along the way the Golden Rule should guide your

behavior toward other people treat others as you would like to receive treatment be a genuine and true friend

in Every Act of love and generosity your soul contains a supernatural seed called

SWS in the nurturing environment of modesty and family those seeds will grow into beautiful expressions of love and

kindness the harmony of your own family friends and brothers seeking me as a reflection of the Divine Concord I want

to impart to everyone so rejoice in the Splendor that results from their Union

see how the seeds of love and compassion grow into abundant thriving the lives of

your loved ones friends and brothers intricately linked to yours are all striving to discover a way to live in

harmony with me witness the dazzling miracles healing and power that blossom

in your life’s Garden your actions of compassion and love aren’t in vain

rather they sew the seeds that will eventually grow into a bountiful Garden far beyond your own

backyard allow your good deeds to have an impact on the lives of those you meet weaving a web of blessings adorned with

Heavenly Grace rejection and constant Strife are too much for my Holy Spirit

to Bear seeing people pretend to like me but really Trash Talk others breaks my

heart any good that tries to float within a negative environment will sink to the bottom and the soul will become

as dry as a parched desert please my dear be an example of unity and compassion let your words be a calm bomb

and your actions be a light that brings people together when you choose Harmony over conflict you create space for the

Holy Spirit to flourish and move in you let me construct a picture of your life

that works miracles and in response be humble compassionate patient and

religious keep a positive outlook on people and the desire to share your talents with the world in your heart so

that you might reap greater rewards in times of difficulty your response serves

as a song that harmonizes with the Heavenly Symphony just as your consent serves as a key that opens the door to

Heavenly interventions live as if your life were a canvas painted with the colors of

divine empowerment respond with religion and kindness embody the role of a

co-author in the manifestation of Miracles and never forget the empowerment that has been bestowed upon

you the good is already yours therefore you’re rightfully entitled to the fee as

you weave your way through life know that my love for you is unbridled and unwavering come to understand that you

are an integral part of the Divine and the abundance that is yet to come is a

reflection of my Limitless love deservingness is not based on material

success or wealth but on a unique aspect of your life that you were born with

remind yourself of the reality that you are deserving of love joy and success

use this information as a springboard to build a life that embodies the indisputable reality of my eternal love

for you the fact that you are worthy of the best that the Universe has to offer

in the form of eternal love and guidance as well as The Bravery to go after your dreams despite obstacles and the wisdom

to appreciate the benefits that come with Good Fortune is proof of this undeniable truth in the name of Jesus


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