The Love You Search For | Gods message today | God’s message Now | God’s message for me today

my beloved child do you wonder why this

video has come into your life it’s

because of the immense love I have for

you right now I’m here holding you in my

arms letting you feel the Eternal sweet

and wonderful love that I have for

you I want you to release the pain that

weighs on your heart as you listen to my

words I’m healing your heart the sadness

is fading and joy and peace are taking

taking its place I watch over you every

second and this love between us keeps

growing I want to protect you care for

you and help you understand the messages

I send to you every day I’m willing to

do whatever it takes to change your mind

set and beliefs remember you can change

that is the

truth my Divine love has the power to

transform you but now it’s your turn to

believe in

it my words of love are of no use if you

reject them today make a choice to give

yourself a chance and declare with

strength that God has the power to

change your life to remove lone eless

and sadness and to ignite the flame of

My Love For Living stand up and declare

once more today I can

change hold on to the love of your

heavenly father declare it

again and feel how my Holy Spirit fills

every corner of of your mind and

body I’m uprooting bad habits and vices

erasing unhealthy thoughts and using my

divine power to eradicate the depression

that has been hurting you I’m cleansing

your emotions and renewing the beautiful

feelings that will fill your heart

today this is not a coincidence this is

the truth I love you and on this very

day you will feel it and see it every

everywhere you go you will experience a

Divine Touch and I will be there

welcoming you with open arms comforting

you with boundless

affection I want you to live and reclaim

the dreams that were once

lost I will give you the strength to


yourself I see the bonds that hold you

back and I’m giving you the confidence

to seek and find true

friends I will remove from your sight

those who seek to harm you those who

pretend to love you but only want your

money and return contempt and

confusion I am giving you a new life but

I ask once more for your belief don’t

seek the opinions of those who oppress

you seek the friends who uplift you and

help you grow my heavenly forces

surround and protect you but it’s also

your choice not to look back

if you have faith and believe in my

promises move

forward forget the past let go of those

memories that burden you with guilt I

have forgiven your sins and I ask you to

make an effort to forgive those who have


you it’s not easy but you have my

support if people refuse to forgive you

and keep reminding you of your past

distance yourself from them

March confidently toward your future

don’t dwell on the past I will touch the

hearts of those who have sinned against

you making them repent and acknowledge

the harm they caused you but you must

continue on your path new and better

times are ahead filled with great

opportunities and Abundant

Blessings look to the Horizon as far as

your eyes can see I will lead and bless

you don’t let your age limit you don’t

deny yourself New Opportunities just

because you feel you’re no longer

young remove those thoughts from your

mind and reject the notion that there’s

nothing good left for you to achieve

because your time has passed and you

lack the strength to move

forward this is the truth I am your

father I am God my power is Supernatural

beyond your

imagination if if you believe then

believe that I can rejuvenate your

strength and transform your way of

thinking only those who have faith in me

will receive this special blessing but

those who choose to follow the crowd and

seek acceptance among negative people

those who reject my word are also

rejecting this wonderful and eternal

life start today stand up with courage


determination even if the world has

taken many opportunities from you

I have come to give you life and restore

what the enemy has stolen from you I

will multiply your blessings as you feed

on this powerful word that takes root

and strengthens in your heart I will

nourish you with the sweet honey that

fills your body with Vigor and the

Divine wheat that nourishes your mind

filling it with beautiful

desires from now on wake up each morning

to seek this word let it fill you bring

your prayers to me spend time with me

and then go out to receive all the

opportunities blessings and open doors I

have prepared for you this is not a

coincidence receive this message

attentively inscribe it in your heart

this word has the power to transform you

I hear your thoughts I pay attention to

them your cries resonate here on my

Throne you are calling for a change in

life and direction

but let me tell you what you must do

without feeling

overwhelmed don’t make hasty decisions

today instead I want you to meditate

silently and carefully on everything I’m

about to tell

you if you were to leave your current

place where would you

go I brought you to where you are today

for a reason I have been by your side

guiding and helping

you sometimes you may feel desperate and

unsure but trust me my child there

there’s no need to worry I’ve taken you

by the hand and I will continue to lead

you at this very moment I’m pouring

Divine oil of comfort upon your head and

a fragrance of security tranquility and

Stillness that fills your room my

presence in your life is real it’s not a

product of your

imagination the same power that sustains

the universe is delivering these words

to you the Same Love that has cared for

you since your childhood guides the

voice that plants this word in your

heart a word that shapes your

destiny you don’t need to wander from

place to place from time to time or from

thought to thought there’s no reason for

you to throw in the towel and lose your

way if I brought you to where you are

today it’s for a powerful and


purpose even if you don’t fully

understand it now soon in the quiet of

the night my spirit will reveal to you

the great things I have in store for you

my blessings incompass healing spiritual

growth abundant provision and those who

have departed from your life will return

bearing great gifts and abundant

Joy what do you desire the most I

already know but I want to see the depth

of your

faith I want you to speak it out loud

and ask me for it I will demonstrate to

you that this word is alive today you

needed to hear it feel it and bask in

this Divine love that fills you with


emotions I love you ask me and I will

grant it to you I repeat it once more so

that you can truly feel it and every

fiber of your being can resonate with it

I love you

eternally I am the only holy and

Supernatural remedy for all your

afflictions I am your God your healer

the one who opens doors and clears your

paths I am your provider your protector

in my hands I hold your life your future

your family and you are enveloped in the

mantle of my

love today you are experiencing my

presence in a tangible and Powerful way

and you have been eagerly awaiting my

words coming with a humble and grateful

heart ready to listen

accept these words with love and cherish

them allow them to fill your mind

dispelling the worries that have weighed

on you leave behind the problems the

discouragement and the complaints of the

past erase them from your mind there’s

no need for you to carry a burden that

hinders your ability to renew your way


thinking begin with your words don’t

harm yourself with what you say sew

seeds of wisdom that promote growth and

edification don’t let the enemy convince

you that you cannot change that your

future is filled with defeat and

challenges that your destiny is one of

depression and

obscurity but for me there are no

impossibilities hold fast to this truth

no matter what happens don’t forget

it your life your future your character

your finances your marital situation

your family conflicts though they may

appear daunting I can transform them if

you ask me I Can Begin right

now I’m not saying it will be effortless

I’m promising you that you will have my

help my support and my

power I love you and I want the best for

you always the miracle you seek I desire

it as well and I have the ability to

perform it believe in me carry your

cross with determination it serves a

purpose suffering the most profound

torment on a cross was not in vain I

knew that one day you would be born and

would Traverse a path of Trials and

hardships you have endured so much at

the hands of others but today I am

removing all discouragement and

frustration from your heart I have

already suffered given my life and risen

again for you so that you may have the


for an abundant free and joyful

Life Believe in my word and your mind

will undergo a true transformation with

a river of pure thoughts flowing where

confusion once

rained where there was sadness there

will be joy and where there was

depression there will be a fervent

desire to embrace

life love yourself and forgive yourself

I have long forgiven your

sins Surrender Your Heart to me and let

your eyes perceive my

ways you will face challenges and seow

seeds in this world where you are but a

pilgrim but my blessing is your

destiny I want your feet to walk the

path of my love I ask you once more with

utmost seriousness to give me your heart

today and I will fill you with joy I

will remove the burdens that have made

your face weary I will grant you the

strength to overcome those things that

have haunted you since

childhood you know what I mean you know

what they are I have loved you as you

are but I chose you for victory to

conquer to guide others on their journey

toward their Destinies so that many can

witness how my will is fulfilled in

someone like you with a humble

heart accepting such spiritual abundance

may be challenging for you but receive

it hum L and with courage for I will

also bring many changes in your

surroundings I am your life give me the

opportunity to demonstrate that I can

completely transform you to the extent

that many won’t recognize you they will

be astounded to see in you a newfound

tenacity strength and happiness embrace


invitation offer me your heart today I

am initiating a profound transformation

with Within You harmony peace and

blessings will envelop your family and

you my mighty hand is touching your

heart accept this message and hold it

dear with

love let it light up your face with a

smile because your soul knows and senses

that I your God your Almighty father am

holding your hand wherever you are I am

determined to make you even braver than

you already are clear your mind of the

fears and worries that occasionally

paralyze you and make you feel

timid in the Heavenly realm there is a

supernatural battle for your life and

your family that’s why I’m strengthening

you shaping you into a courageous

individual you are much stronger than

you realize when you hold my hand i’m

granting you the power and the ability

to stand up for the innocent I am

anointing you with holy oil that will

fill you with Valor

you possess the faith to combat diseases

with my word on your lips the armies of

the enemy will flee from you rise up my

child Embrace this blessed

love remember that I am always with you

my love and guidance are constant a

reassuring presence in every step you

take in the Stillness of your heart you

can find me offering comfort and


consider the world around you a

magnificent creation filled with

wonders each Sunrise is a new

opportunity I give you to experience joy

and make a difference look at the birds

soaring in the sky the flowers blooming

with vibrant colors and the endless

expanse of the sea these are all

Reflections of My Love For You in

moments of Doubt or fear turn to me I am

your Refuge your rock

trust in my plan for you even when the

path seems unclear my wisdom is infinite

and I guide you towards what is best

even in the midst of life’s

challenges I have blessed you with

unique talents and

abilities use them to spread kindness

and love in the world each Act of

compassion each word of encouragement is

a way of serving me and bringing light

into the lives of

others remember remember you are never

alone in your

struggles I am always here listening to

your prayers and ready to offer my

support Lean on Me in times of need and

I will give you the strength to overcome


obstacle cherish the relationships you

have for they are gifts from me love and

care for your family and friends as

these bonds are sources of great joy and

comfort in loving others you are

expressing your love for me I call you

to be a Beacon of Hope and a vessel of

Peace in a world often filled with

turmoil your faith and trust in me can

Inspire others to seek the same Serenity

and Grace that you find in my

presence take time each day to connect

with me through prayer and

reflection this quiet time is essential

for your spiritual growth and

well-being in these moments I speak to

your heart offering guidance and

reassurance as you face life’s decisions

big and small seek my

wisdom I will guide your steps and lead

you on the path of

righteousness my love is a lamp unto

your feet Illuminating The Way

Forward remember that your journey on

Earth is a temporary one but your soul


eternal live each day with the knowledge

that you are destined for a glorious

future with

me in my kingdom you will find

Everlasting peace and joy beyond

anything you can

imagine go forth with confidence knowing

that my love surrounds you always you

are my beloved child and in me you will

find everything you

need as you journey through life you may

sometimes feel overwhelmed by its

complexities and the seemingly in

rootable nature of the world around

you in these moments when your heart is

heavy and your spirit is burdened

remember that I am always with you my

ways though mysterious and often Beyond

human understanding are rooted in a love

that is as boundless as it is

unfathomable you look upon the world and

see a tapestry of events and experiences

many of which are tinged with pain

sorrow and

Injustice it is natural to question

question to wonder why such things are

allowed to happen this questioning is a

part of your Human Experience a testate

to the depth of your compassion and your

inherent desire for a world that

reflects the goodness and love that I

have placed within each of you but

remember my child I am infinite and my

perspective is vast extending far beyond

the limits of human

understanding in this vastness there

lies a plan a purpose that transcends

the immediate and the





in the face of things you cannot

comprehend I ask you to trust in me

trust not as a passive acceptance but as

an active Living Faith that guides your

steps and fills your heart with

hope when you find yourself asking why

pause for a moment and instead ask how

can I see this situation Through Your

Eyes Lord and what would you have me do

in this moment these questions will lead

you not into a spiral of Despair but

towards a path of action compassion and

understanding you cannot undo the past

but you can shape the present and

influence the future by choosing to

trust in me and follow my guidance one

step at a

time consider the blessings that have

been bestowed upon you blessings that

flow from the Wellspring of my grace the

greatest of these is the gift of

Salvation a gift that is yours not

through your own doing but through faith

and the infinite love I have for you

this gift is unearned and unending a

testament to my grace that knows no

bounds from this grace flows a multitude

of blessings in the light of my

forgiveness your guilt and fears

dissolve leaving in their place a sense

of peace and renewal as a child of God

you are endowed with a purpose and a

meaning that transcends the material

world your relationships with others

take on a new dimension as you learn to

love and forgive mirroring the love and

forgiveness that I have shown

you in response to these blessings let

your heart be filled with

gratitude make it a daily practice to

reflect upon and give thanks for the

blessings in your

life this practice of gratitude is more

than a mere ritual it is a shield that

protects your heart from the seeds of

discontent and

ingratitude that can so easily take

root so my beloved walk forward in faith

and trust knowing that I am with you

always guiding you loving you and

holding you in in the palm of my hand

fear not for I am your strength and your

Shield your everpresent help in times of

need stand tall and accept your gifts

and blessings the Victor’s Crown that I

will place upon your

head I am here once again infolding you

In My Embrace revealing This Love that

awakens you and allows you to perceive

your life in a new

light I’m insist on loving you I want

you to know to comprehend to ponder and

to remember that within my holy heart

resides an immense love for you my

faithfulness is unwavering my Mercy is

boundless my grace Knows No Limits and I

do not react negatively or with anger

when you

stumble I offer you the opportunity to

recognize your mistakes and amend them

in due time you don’t need to hide from

me you don’t need




a seek refuge in the mountains you don’t

need to change your name relocate to a

different city or Fain ignorance of me

and my

words I am not seeking to confine you in


prison I am here knocking at the door of

your heart at this very moment simply

because I love you have loved you and

will continue to love

you don’t attempt to comprehend or

compare me to any human

being people judge you love you or

reject you based on your outward

appearance your beauty your intelligence

your wealth or your

imperfections but I am different every

morning when you begin your day Proclaim

these words with your lips words that

will heal your

soul Jesus I trust in you I receive your

love and come what may I will continue

to trust in your faithfulness I accept

your love and your blessings with faith

open your Bible with Faith and Hope

accept this tender and holy love that

never wains tell me that you believe

shout a resounding


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