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THE MIRACLE IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN | Daily God Message Today |

Hello and welcome beloved child as we

embark on this journey together I bring

you Tidings of Hope and encouragement

for this year as the New Year Dawns

anticipate a shift towards monetary

Independence improved health and the

fortuitous connection with someone who

will fulfill your emotional and

spiritual needs to a great extent this

forthcoming development will shape the

trajectory of your life Paving the way

for bound Bess Financial Resources

enhanced well-being and professional

success the time until you start reaping

these benefits is brief and the path to

accumulating wealth will be clear and

unobstructed amidst the anticipation

it’s essential to remember the

importance of faith and trust in the

divine plan our journey together is

Guided by a higher power whose presence

ensures our protection and blessings

along the way as we navigate the ups and

downs of life may we find solace in the

knowledge that we are never alone and

that every experience whether joyful or

challenging serves a greater purpose

join me in embracing the possibilities

of the future with unwavering faith and

gratitude together let us walk this path

illuminated by the Divine Light knowing

that we are guided and supported every

step of the way so my dear child as we

embark on this journey together let us

proceed with hope courage and Trust in

the boundless love of our creator amen

my beloved child as soon as New Year

comes you will have reached monetary

Independence made strides towards Better

Health and connected with the person who

will meet all of your emotional and

mystical requirements to a large extent

this development will determine the

course your life will follow from this

point on after you have done all the

essential stages you’ll soon be reaping

the rewards of your boundless Financial

Resources along with your improved

health and professional success the time

till you start receiving benefits is

really short accumulating riches won’t

be difficult for you and once you do

you’ll just amass more of it when you

have it you won’t have any problem even

imagining what it would be like to have

it whenever you want it in light of my

connection to God I try to picture what

it would be like to have that kind of

money at my disposal at that moment I

can’t deny that there are times when I

don’t know what to think or how to act

and I’m plagued with self-doubt and

confusion my relationship with God is

something I consider often specifically

there are occasions when I can’t help

but accept in the matter this is

something that I have a hard time

reconciling with my religion since I

often struggle with the thought that

certain as aspects of my life may be

unjust or uneven if the problematic sign

is researched carefully enough one might

come to the conclusion that it delivers

the information it contains in a manner

that cannot be misconstrued and can be

grasped with little effort get Miracles

by watching this video all the way

through when your vacation is complete

there is a significant probability that

you will have observed some form of

Supernatural activity during the course

of the week you you will be shocked and

Amazed by this a supernatural occurrence

is likely to occur this week and you may

be a witness to it and Revelation a

chance meeting with the love of one’s

life or a stroke of Good Fortune may all

serve as catalysts for this kind of Life

altering experience there is a chance

that any of these three outcomes might

occur any one or perhaps more than one

of these scenarios is possible something

you’ve been waiting for will finally

start to take shape in front FR of your

eyes if you keep concentrating on the

result you want and working towards it

you’ll eventually get it if you maintain

this course of action you will reach

your destination the realization of an

Endeavor that has been in the works for

quite some time the chance to

materialize into existence at this time

your unwavering self assurance and

positive demeanor have made this

possibility a real possibility you may

express your faith in God by sharing and

enjoying this video trust in the

boundless possibilities of space and

everything it contains in this way you

can be certain that you will be well

prepared for everything that lies ahead

it is essential to keep in mind that

there are situations in which a delay

may serve as a kind of protection

bestowed by a higher power this is very

important to remember at all times

remember always that the door once

closed should stay in the closed

position without being readjusted in any

way leaving it in the closed position

when the door is closed is expected to

be the final state of the mechanism

therefore this might be why we are being

protected from any potential hazards or

issues another theory is that when the

door was closed it was because of a

threat everything is set up to stay that

way forever so you don’t have anything

to worry about this makes absolutely no

sense and yet the there is no need to

worry when someone you care about

decides to leave their career or an

important relationship the person may

still choose to do so on their own

accord it’s crucial to have in mind that

everyone’s life journey is unique and

may sometimes lead them in a different

route it is also vital to bear in mind

that these courses might alter at any

moment instead of dwelling on the loss

of a loved one we should give our

attention to the people who remain in

our lives and the good things that have

come out of this situation for those of

us who put our trust in a force greater

than ourselves it is best not to wallow

in the sadness that comes with losing a

loved one every single thing in our

lives no matter how good or bad it may

seem at the time is related to

everything else and has meaning because

of our deep and Abiding Love for God we

are conscious of this truth and are

inspired to act by it the eventual

result will be to our advantage so we

may have trust in this plan and take

comfort in the weight because of this we

know this method is reliable you just

had a chat with the who gave you

everything you need words of comfort and

encouragement were sent to you my dearly

loved kid click yes if you have faith as

you continue your journey through life

know that you have received a message

that encourages es you to do so if there

is a God then he has assured you of his

constant presence and his benefits in

spite of the ups and downs of life you

may take solace in the fact that this is

the case the almighty deity has taught

you that His blessings are always

present with you and that you should

take comfort in knowing that this is the

case therefore you should contact us

with the knowledge that the all powerful

deity has made it clear to you that his

His blessings are always present with

you as I bow down in prayer almighty God

please protect my family from harm if

you bless them with your divine presence

it may surround them like a shield

protecting them from any harm that may

come their way that might protect them

from harm in the future and secure their

safety in any precarious situation that

may arise because of your infinite

wisdom and unflinching love I know you

will never leave us or forget about us

your love and knowledge are unflinching

and I know I can always count on them

you have my complete trust since I know

you are whole wise and kind I am

inquiring because I care about their

happiness and their ability to follow

the course they have set for themselves

because of your unending mercy and

compassion I pray they will be strong

and resilient because of this I humbly

ask you Lord to keep an eye on and Bless

the people in my life who mean the most

to me and to provide them the strength

to overcome any obstacles that may come

their way I pray that they will be

receptive to your lessons which will

lead them to a greater understanding of

who you are and a stronger bond with you

as we near the end of our prayer and

they continue to grow in love for you as

we gen afflect and pronounce the Holy

Name of Jesus we are filled with

gratitude I know that we can always rely

on your infinite knowledge and unending

love to guide us please give me your

complete attention as I am about to

share I’ll be praying an angel is set to

watch after you as you go it is my firm

belief that an angel will accompany you

on your travels protecting and guiding

you the whole time I the all powerful

have ordered them to take every

precaution to secure your safety and

well-being until you reach the

destination I have chosen for you you

must have trust in this Angel and have

faith in the talents that they possess

as they are a strong force that will

watch over you at every Bend in the

journey believe what they say about

themselves and put your confidence in

them enter yes if you believe in God the

fact that you seek out love and joy

exemplifies who you are as a person if

you’ll let me I’d want to extend my hand

and show you the way to self-discovery

and development I’m excited to help you

on your way I am through will to join

you on this experience and be of help to

you we bow before you today with

overflowing hearts of appreciation and

affection and we trust that the journey

ahead will bring you closer to my

heavenly father’s tender Embrace with

each step we take together to accept

this present just reply with a yes on

your keyboard humans however do not have

access to all the information in the

universe this is a fact that is

generally accepted the term information

Gap was used to describe this phenomenon

this may be an extremely isolating and

hard experience for the individual going

through it therefore it’s important to

recognize that it’s acceptable to feel

as though no one else understands what

you’re going through remembering this is

crucial regardless of whether or not

other people share your point of view

since God is always there for you there

is always someone who does because of

his extensive knowledge and acquaintance

with every facet of the problem he is

able to provide Constant Comfort and

support despite his complete

understanding of all your difficulties

it’s possible that the magnitude and

gravity of the difficulties and

obstacles we Face May at times leave us

feeling depleted and weighted down

however it is essential to remember that

even in the darkest of situations there

is always the possibility of finding a

ray of light and a glimmer of hope

keeping this in mind is of the utmost

importance please share the words by

sharing this video putting our trust in

the Lord and asking for his assistance

might lead to the discovery of the inner

strength and fortitude we’ve been

seeking say thank to God for everything

he gives you type amen if you truly

believe in God thanks for watching

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