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The Prophetic Word & Money Prayer That Brings Unexpected Financial Blessing from God


if you’ve been feeling like you’re in a

financial rut or like you’ve been

lacking in the money Department this

video is for you

okay are you ready for some good news

God says that you are about to receive

some unexpected money so get ready to

fill your pockets this video will tell

you what to expect and how to prepare

for this blessing let’s get started

God says be ready to embrace the

possibilities that await you unforeseen

blessings are just around the corner you

will soon encounter an ideal match your

well-being will take an unexpected turn

for the better change is coming and it

is full of Promise

God says type Amen to receive it

God is calling on you to take action in

order to provide for your family and

create a better tomorrow through faith

you will have the resources to pay off

all your bills and give your children

something extra a new opportunity is

coming your way step forward with

confidence and watch blessings overflow

God says

buckle up great things are on the


be patient stay positive and trust that

something wonderful is coming your way

believe in yourself and have faith that

this season of waiting will soon be over

to those who feel weary and forgotten

take heart you are worthy of every

blessing and opportunity

God is saying to you today

if you are feeling troubled know that

God is by your side

send a sign of your presence to those in

need and restore their faith in his name

if you are reading this with tears in

your eyes

trust that God is sending his love

directly to your aching soul

this message was not found by chance you

were guided to it by the grace of God

type amen if you agree

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


God says believe in yourself he is

creating a path of success for you at

this very moment he is healing your

afflictions and providing you with a

Chance like never before he is he is

mending your broken relationships have

faith and trust that a great

transformation is coming your way


God says

strong and know that you are surrounded

by God’s protection no harm or illness

will come near you for his angels will

guard you on your journey have faith

that God will carry you through and

don’t let fear overtake you make a

commitment today to have peace in the

knowledge that he is in control

God says to you no matter what life

throws at you you can always rely on God

lean on him and Trust in his power and

Grace pray to him and give thanks for

his endless blessings he is the ultimate

source of strength and Hope let him take

the lead in your life

and you will never be disappointed

share this with someone who needs it


God says stop worrying and have faith in

God’s plan

he only wants what’s best for you a

strong prayer to pray is Lord not what I

want but what you want God can alter the

circumstances the pain and sleepless

nights you go through will make you



God says trust in the Lord for he works

all things for the good of those who

love him even when it feels like

everything is falling apart keep your

hand in the Lords and he will never

leave you I have faith that in six

months I will be even better in all

aspects of my life

God wants you to hear this today

I’m claiming it and believing it

Lord if I’m not where you want me to be

guide me there and help me along the way

trust in the Lord with all your heart

he’s always looking out for you and will

make sure your plans succeed don’t let

fear or doubt keep you from fulfilling

your destiny

comment amen if you agree

God says have faith be strong and never

give up for the Lord will never forsake

you with his help your dreams will

become a reality

God says be appreciative of the

opportunities life presents to begin

Anew and alter your trajectory if you

have faith in the cosmic order

as you profess why be skeptical of your

desires refrain from being overly Hasty

and demanding what you believe you are


God wants you to know this today you

have already taken the necessary steps

to ensure your success your love has

been properly adjusted to its rightful

place in your life

your wealth is already accumulating

your success has been predetermined

embrace the journey

it has already been decided

type yes to claim this

God says

you have access to an infinite supply of


you are full of love happiness and

abundance be a source of positivity and

watch your life transform

believe in the power of Miracles and be

open to the abundance of blessings that

will come your way

God says your positive attitude will be

Amplified and you will be able to make

incredible changes to your life if you

are striving for a lifestyle

transformation I have a wealth of

positive affirmations Available to You

covering a variety of topics such as

well-being Finance connections and


God has a message for you today select a

video to watch for days and listen to

it while sleeping if feasible you will

observe a beneficial transformation in

your life in the morning hence let us

start with the link in the description


God says this month will be your best

month of the year just believe in him

type I believe in God to affirm

God says it may seem difficult but do

not contemplate abandoning your goals

despite the current Financial Health and

familial challenges rest assured that I

am doing all I can to ensure your


God says today I bestow upon you a sense

of Peace healing and Triumph should you

not give up

I am confident that something beautiful

will come from this difficult experience

prepare to receive your blessings when

you enter a room you exude an undeniable

Aura of authority and confidence


God says you are not reading this by

accident you are special and have been

blessed with unique gifts that set you

apart from those around you don’t let

the misunderstandings and jealousies of

others bring you down you are meant to

stand out and make your mark in this

world Embrace who you are and use your

differences to make a positive impact

type Amen to catch these Vives

God says trust in yourself and know that

you will be successful in all that you

Endeavor your dreams are within your

reach and you are on the brink of

manifesting them

there is no limit to the possibilities

before you and you are ready to rise to

the challenge

God says healing abundance and Joy are

your Birthright and they will be yours

believe in yourself

and the universe will show you the way

God is saying to you today

believe in the Lord and his plan for you

he is always with you ready to lend a

hand even when times are tough you have

stayed strong and faithful

now take some time to appreciate all

that you have been given this weekend

may you be filled with the power of

God’s might and feel his reassuring


say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

God says prepare yourself for a

miraculous transformation

your faith has been rewarded and a new

season of abundance and joy awaits you

you are about to receive some amazing

news that will turn your situation

around for the better trust that

something wonderful is about to happen

and go forth with confidence and peace

God says you have been so brave and

admirable enduring the hardships with

Grace offering me your love and support

worshiping despite the worries and

always being kind to those who may not

deserve it keep pushing forward and know

that your strength will be rewarded

God says to you get ready for the best

that life has to offer

I’m ready to embark on something new and

exciting you can expect an abundance of

blessings success and divine favor the

Lord promises to restore what has been

taken away embrace the possibilities and

watch greatness unfold

God says are you ready to receive it

type Amen to receive it

God says

your endurance has paid off

your unwavering faith in difficult times

has been rewarded I am here to bestow

upon you my blessing favor and healing

and the rewards will be greater than you

could have ever imagined I am here to

guide you through this Challenge and to

return everything that has been lost to


finally after watching this video all

the way through I can confidently say

that God is telling us to get ready

because unexpected money is on its way

it’s absolutely amazing to think that

with a little bit of faith and

perseverance blessings can come in the

form of financial Rewards

now it’s your turn

we’ve all heard the saying that God

helps those who help themselves and I

believe it’s true so what have you been

doing to help yourself have you been

taking steps to put yourself in a better

financial position or have you been

waiting for something to come along

whatever your situation is take a moment

to comment on this video and tell me

what you have learned from it have you

learned to start budgeting and tracking

your spending or maybe you’ve discovered

the importance of having an emergency

fund whatever it is share it with us and

let’s all benefit from each other’s

knowledge and don’t forget unexpected

money is on the way so be prepared and

get ready

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


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