THERE IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE. | Gods message today | God blessings message - online calculators

THERE IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE. | Gods message today | God blessings message

my beloved child I have much to share with you this day there is an anointing of

increase wisdom and Excellence that I desire you to walk in as you draw near to me embracing the

relationship I offer you will find this anointing growing within

you I know the religious traps many fall into thinking they must work their way to me but true relationship is built on

my love and grace alone true freedom is found in knowing me intimately as both

Savior and Lord as Savior I came to rescue you from sin’s grip to break

every chain and set the captive Heart free I came to deliver you from Darkness

unveiling truth to guide your steps as Lord I desire to lead you gently as a

Shepherd guides his sheep as you yield your life fully to my lordship you will discover riches and

honor coming coming your way this does not mean worldly wealth and fame but the

true Riches of knowing me as your portion and inheritance people will honor you as

they see my nature formed in you but even greater you will become a person of

Honor living to glorify my name the way of honor is my way the pathway of the

upright and good as you choose to walk in integrity and righteousness you will allow my very

character to Blossom through your life and this fragrant fruit attracts Heavenly blessing for you see as you

honor me I will honor you I will cause increase and promotion to overtake your

life I will open doors of opportunity that no man can shut I will cause you to

walk in my perfect will fulfilling Your Divine Destiny with joy this is my

promise to those who seek my face I will rescue those who love me protecting them

under my Mighty Wings I will deliver you from every trap and watch over you

wherever you go as you make me your habitation no evil shall conquer you you

will tread upon the lion and Adder trampling every weapon formed against

you my angels shall bear you up in their hands lest you strike your foot against

a stone you shall call upon me and I will answer I will be with you in trouble delivering

you and rewarding you with a long life I will satisfy you and show you my

salvation this is my way of Escape that I have provided through relationship with me as you abide in me I abide in

you forming a shield of protection walking in communion daily my very

presence goes with you as a hedge of fire to keep Darkness at Bay the Corruptions of this Fallen World

need not taint your garments as you cling to Me Together We Will Walk Through This Life

Victorious for you have not just a savior but a Shepherd one who gave everything to secure your Eternal future

I know the plans I have for you beloved plans to prosper you and give you hope I hold Adventure purpose and blessing in

my hands to unfold throughout your life these plans cannot be stopped for I

Am Lord over all no matter what you have walked through through in the past I will

redeem the years the Locust has eaten and restore what was taken do not worry that time has slipped

away or opportunities lost with me it is never too late my mercies are new every

morning and my faithfulness endless AG is old take hold of my hand and watch

what I will do for the moments ahead as you walk with me will be greater than all those left

behind this is my promise for those who call me both Savior and Lord let me

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