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today Lord is communicating with you my

sweet child some of the things you have

requested me I shall not provide since I

am aware of what will cfy provide those

items to you Peter and his buddies

prayed to me for the fish throughout the

whole night they were

fishing however I did not grant their

wishes because in that morning I had

another plan for them they would not be

known as what they are currently known

as if I had granted then their request

in a similar vein you may not get

everything that you have prayed for it’s

not that your prayers are not being

heard by me I hear what you’re asking

for yet the reason is that I have a plan

for you a scheme to bring you Prosperity

a scheme to f

you one thing to keep in mind is that

you may not always need what you believe

to be the ideal things for you put your

trust in me I’ll bestow the finest item

onto you but the appropriate

moment like the video of assurance and


god heavenly father is saying

characteristics like goodness and Purity

ought to be be magnets that pull others

to Jesus Christ rather than drawing

attention to

themselves my Holiness is only an

influence that causes others to get

aroused and have bad Cravings taking

them away from the path of righteousness

if it isn’t attracting others to him

when a lovely Saint focuses entirely on

what Christ has accomplished for him

rather than presenting Jesus Christ

himself it might be detrimental to the

cause of bringing others to the Lord

this concept will remain with others

what a wonderful guy he is that’s not

what it means to be a real friend of the

bridegroom I am growing but he is not in

order to preserve our friendship and

Fidelity to the bridegroom we

must be extra cautious and prioritize

our moral and essential connection with

him above all other considerations


obedience at times there is nothing to

obey in these cases our sole

responsibility is to have a close

relationship with Jesus Christ and make

sure nothing gets in the way of it it is

only in rare instan is a question of

obedience when a crisis happens we need

to discern what God’s will

is instead of attempting to be

consciously obedient however we spend

the majority of Our Lives maintaining

this Bond becoming the friend of the

bridegroom it’s possible for Christian

labor to serve as a tool to take

someone’s attention away from Jesus

Christ rather than becoming allies of

the bridegroom we can turn into

unprofessional agents of God for someone

else opposing him even as we wield his

arms innocence is not synonymous with

Purity it goes much beyond that

sustaining spiritual peace with God

leads to

Purity we must develop our Purity even

though we may have a pure and proper

relationship with God there are times

when our external existence becomes

tarnished and

discolored God does not purposefully

Shield us from this danger as it is

through this that we come to understand

the need to uphold our spiritual vision

through personal

Chastity we must put everything else on

hold until we address any little

impairment at the external level of our

spiritual relationship with God type yes

to claim this

blessing recall that our character

determines our ability to perceive

spiritually he pure in heart is the one

who sees God by an act of his Sovereign

favor God purifies us yet we still need

to exercise

caution we tend to get tainted by the

individuals and perspectives we come

into contact with throughout our

physical lives it is not enough to

maintain our inner sanctuary in harmony

with God we also need to bring the outer

courts into perfect Accord with the

Purity that God grants us by his grace

stains on our outer Court quickly

distort our spiritual perception and

knowledge it will need us to refrain

from doing or even thinking certain

things if we want to preserve our close

relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

the greater development of personal

character is the only way to reach a

more expansive State of Mind and

spiritual perception God will always

encourage you to rise higher in life if

you live up to the highest standard you

are aware of on the

outside another constant in temptation

is that it backens you do better

standards but when you follow it all you

find are more Temptations and character

flaws God and Satan both use the

elevating technique that Satan applies

it to Temptation and the result is quite

different the devil forces you to hold

tight to a notion of Holiness that is

much above what Flesh and Blood could

ever carry or accomplish when he raises

you to a certain

position your existence becomes part of

a spiritual acrobatic show performed at

the top of a

steeple share this video to help us

spread the

message you hold to it daring not to

move while attempting to keep your

equilibrium however when God uses his

grace to raise you to Heavenly Realms

you find yourself on a large Plateau

that allows you to walk about

easily examine how God has elevated you

spiritually by comparing this week to

the same weekend the previous year all

of us have been given the opportunity to

perceive things from above never let God

reveal a reality to you that you are

unable to immediately accept and apply

to your own life always remain in its

brightness and work through it your

level of Grace development is determined

by your understanding and insight into

your spiritual State not by the fact

that you haven’t turned

back has God ever told you to come up

higher not outwardly but to the deepest

recesses of your being should I keep my

actions a secret from Abraham in this

text the angel did not do any


actions like showing Elijah a vision or

explaining the scriptures to

him he only instructed Elijah to get up

and need a pretty commonplace task only

material objects do not experience

depression if we had never experienced

depression we would not be here now

humans would not be able to experience

happiness or exaltation if we were

incapable of experiencing

sadness certain occurrences in life such

as those connected to death are meant to

make us feel down consider your

propensity for depression at all times

when you assess yourself when the spirit

of God Appears to us he does not show us


sights instead he gives us instructions

to carry out the most mundane tasks

depression has a way of drawing our

attention away from God’s ordinary

Creations however God always inspires us

to do the most obvious and natural

things things we never would have

thought God would be involved in and

when we do them we discover he is an

endeavor to combat sadness serves as our

source of motivation in this

manner however we have to start with the

first step and follow God’s

inspiration however we will only make

our depression worse if we take action

to get over

it however the instant we follow the

spirit of God’s intuition and accomplish


our sadness vanishes we Ascend to a

higher realm of light as soon as we

comply and get up Lord says typ pal and

if you looking for my guidance dear

child I come to you today with a

heartfelt message filled with love

guidance and hope I ask you to open your

heart and listen carefully to the words

I am about to share to day your task is

simple but deeply meaningful just listen

tune into your heart because that’s

where you’ll hear my voice calling you

stay focused and don’t get

distracted this message is especially

for you trust in me my dear Child by

trusting you will find peace and

complete fulfillment so please don’t

don’t look away or let doubt and fear

claur thinking welcome my words with an

open heart and let them change your life

over the next few

minutes I promise to answer all your

questions come your worries and light up

your path but you must listen intently

that’s where you’ll find the answers you

seek as a new day begins I invite you

you to stop for a moment stop all the

hustle take a breath and embrace a

little peace let the soothing calmness

refresh your tired Soul I’m here to

offer you comfort and support through


challenges you face many obstacles and

enemies but I don’t want them to

overcome you let me be your Guiding

Light in the dark providing rest and

renewal reignite your faith with passion

and dedication there’s no shame in

finding comfort in me in fact it shows

your true faith in this quiet moment let

my love wrap around you like a warm hug

giving you strength and

courage we will face the Rough Waters

together with me always by your side

guiding and protecting you ReDiscover

the Zeal with which you once sought me

for in that fiz your power to rise above


challenges do not fear you are not

defeated your dreams are still alive and

vibrant focus on embracing my teachings

spend time alone with me and make our

communion your priority this will help

resolve any doubts and strengthen your

faith in these Quiet Moments recognize

the support around you even when the

world seems indifferent know that there

are people who care about you quietly

supporting you from afar they might not

always show it but their thoughts and

good wishes are with you so take this

truth whole

it clothes like a cozy blanket on a cold

night and let it comfort you amidst

life’s chaos and challenges Joe is still

there subtle but always present it’s in

the Small Things A Gentle Wind of

friends laughter a beautiful scene

Embrace This Joy let it fill you up and

shine out of you brightening the world


share this Joy without holding back it

will help ease others burdens and create

connections so smile not just outwardly

but with your entire being be a Beacon

of Hope and warmth and a sometimes cold

world as you do you’ll see how you can

impact others providing comfort and

friendship just when they need it most

as you walk through life remember that I

am with you offering a new start every

day you can leave behind past burdens

and look forward to endless

possibilities let my presence cleanse

and refresh you propelling you into a


future I share these insights with you

as precious gifts use them wisely to

spread goodness all round you have the

power to make a real difference to be a

light in the darkness Embrace this

journey with courage and an open heart

for together we are destined to do great

things stay strong in your faith and

committed to the well-being of your

family and love ones in difficult times

turn to me and together we will overcome


obstacle thank you for listening to my

message if it has touched you consider

supporting our work to share more

messages like this one your support

means a lot and helps us continue our

efforts write alen if you accept God

blessings the almighty God declares this

passage is a subtle reminder of the need

of respecting our parents in a society

that often promotes Independence and

Disobedience it is a call to obedience

humility and respect because we know

that these things satisfy both our

heavenly father and our Earthly parents

whatever our age are status and life

there is a deep lesson for everyone of

us in this

poem it serves as a helpful reminder of

how important it is to respect and

follow our parents not only out of D

but also because it makes us happy do

Father in

Heaven our parents are very important in

helping too m o l d our

personalities impart important life

lessons and educate us how to overcome

obstacles do it is vital that we follow

their advice and show respect for their

Authority as a

result being a parent or a follower is

not always simple particularly when our

ideas perspectives or wishes

diverge in what way when we decide to

follow their lead we should learn to

show humility

trust and Readiness to we may get

Knowledge from people who have gone

before us on the Way It Is by this

obedience that we build a solid

foundation of appreciation and respect

for God and our parents furthermore we

honor the Lord when we obey our parents

our parents are not the only ones who

profit from how OB obedience dot but

also for the development of our


selves by doing what our parents have

instructed we align ourselves with God’s

plan for our life and make room for his

gifts to come in

abundance thus let us Endeavor to be

obedient children while appreciating the

knowledge and affection our parents have

given us may we pay them Respect by

paying attention paying close attention

to appreciating and following their

directions by doing this we not only

build our bonds with our parents but

also our bonds with God we give Delight

to the Lord and go on a journey of

Spiritual Development and

rewards in addition ition to being

obligated children are required to

follow their parents out of respect for

God everybody has experienced Envy at

some time in there life when they see

the success belongings or relationships


others and feeling that may take over

our hearts and brains and deprive us of

happiness and pleasure is Envy enter

if you believe in the

Archangel it often results from feelings

of inadequacy or a fear of not having

what other people have it becomes feeble

as a result but in order to be followers

of God we must put our faith in his

Flawless plan for our life and give up

our jealousy of him although it’s a

normal emotion Envy doesn’t have to

Define who we are the cure to jealousy

is contentment it entails embracing who

we are our situation and the fact that

genuine happiness originates inside

rather than from Material Goods or

accomplishments on the

outside we must learn to be satisfied

finding happiness in the road and

feeling thankful for our advancements

are what it means means to embrace

contentment not to settle for

mediocrity let’s also be aware of our

emotions when we experience jealously or

Envy while acknowledging that it’s a

typical human emotion it’s nevertheless

important to deal with and resolve in a

healthy manner determine the precise

circumstances or triggers that cause you

to feel envious

is it fear of being replaced or

comparing yourself to others or can you

understand the situation and deal with

it more skillfully it takes work to get


Envy have compassion for oneself and

exercise self-care while giving it to

God holding on to it might be

detrimental to our general well-being do

feeling uneasy because has the power to

bring you healing and

serenity this text exhorts us to reject

ideas and behaviors that are at odds

with God’s word and to focus our

attention on considering God’s truth it

is our duty as Christians to actively

seek out and consider Deeds that are

just Noble and

commendable because our IDE ideas deeds

and general character would be greatly

impacted by such a deliberate emphasis

so that we can emulate God’s

qualities we are constantly exposed to a

wide range of ideas and influences in

our everyday lives which may easily

cause us to lose sight of what is right

and Noble on the other hand it is our

duty as CHR Christians to actively seek

out and consider things that are noble

excellent and

praiseworthy our behaviors and general

character are directly influenced by our

thinking God’s truth when continuously

ingested into our thoughts will mold our

attitudes and actions to resemble God’s

nature this may have a significant

effect on those around us as well as on

our own life do us for instance if a

disagreement arises with someone this

text exhorts us to tackle the issue with

an attitude centered on what is noble

and commendable rather than holding on

to grudges or seeking

retribution by doing this we show the

forgiveness and love of God which have

eventually brings about healing and

Reconciliation we often find ourselves

making requests in our day-to-day lives

whether it be for

ourselves our loved ones or something

that would fulfill our goals and

aspirations but have you ever given our

demands any thought as to why they are

being made how do we go about inquiring

about our character and

values important insights from a

Timeless lesson contained in James for

to v were gain when investigating this

subject the poem serves as a reminder

that there’s a lot to asking entails

providing a more thorough explanation of

our goals and reasons than just

expressing our

once it implies that whether or not our

wishes are an line with God’s Will and

the well-being of others may have an

impact on how our requests are

fulfilled one typy Keller demands are

motivated by the desire for

self-interest he can make requests for

material possessions that would improve

our position or Comfort such as

Prosperity or success although it is

normal to want these things James

cautions us from requesting them out of

self-interest we lose sight of the

significance of selflessness when our

main concern is just ourselves.

exhibiting empathy and serving the

larger good the poem also emphasizes the

risk of associated with pursuing our

hobbies anything that fuels our

aspirations whether it be power monetary

Goods or even harmful obsessions may be

referred to be our passions. when these

goals guide our requests we put our

fleeting ones ahead of what really

counts this might result and a warped

perception of satisfaction and

fulfillment which eventually leaves us

unsatisfied even when our demands are

met James challenges us to consider if

our demands are in line with God’s

desire seeking Heavenly Direction and

keeping others needs in mind are calls

to action rather than just following our

own selfish

desires our prayers are more likely to

be answered when they are in line with

God’s perfect plan our wishes need to

coincide with his timing. seeking

knowledge insight and a deeper

connection with him we may build a

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