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This Is For You | God Message Today | God message jesus |

my beloved brothers and

sisters today let us Gather in the light

of Truth embracing the profound words

that resonate from The Book of Romans

to these words pen by the Apostle

Paul encapsulate the essence of my

Ministry on earth and the transformative

power of

Grace I speak unto you today not as a

mere mortal but as the Son of God who

came to dwell among you to reveal the

heart of the father and to bring

Salvation to all who believe hear these

words for they are not just words on a

page but the Living Word of God spoken

to liberate your souls and ignite the

flame of righteousness within you there

is now no condemnation for those who are

in Christ

Jesus let these words penetrate your

hearts and Minds for they Herald a truth

that is eternal etal and

unchanging in me you find Freedom from

the shackles of guilt and shame for My

Sacrifice on the cross has paid the

price for your

sins you stand Justified before the

father clothed in the righteousness of

Christ through me the law of the spirit

which gives life has set you free from

the law of sin and death the law though

holy and just could not save you for it

was weakened by the flesh

but God in his infinite wisdom and love

intervened on your behalf he sent me his

only son in the likeness of sinful flesh

to be a sin offering for you in my death

sin itself was condemned in the flesh

fulfilling the righteous requirement of


law understand my dear ones that this

salvation is not of your own doing it is

a gift freely given by the father

received through faith in me your Works

cannot earn you this grace for it is by

grace alone that you are

saved Rejoice therefore in the unmar

favor bestowed upon you and let your

hearts overflow with gratitude and

praise but do not mistake this grace for

a license to continue in sin no my

beloved for I have called you to a


standard I have called you you to live

not according to the flesh but according

to the spirit those who live according

to the flesh are slaves to their Earthly

desires their minds consumed by the

pursuit of worldly

pleasures but those who live in

accordance with the spirit have their

minds set on what the spirit

desires let your minds be transformed by

the renewing power of the holy spirit

let go of the carnal desires that lead

to death and embrace the lifegiving

guidance of the

spirit for the Mind governed by the

flesh is enmity against God but the Mind

governed by the spirit is life and

peace my dear friends I offer you a

choice today a choice between life and

death between bondage and freedom choose

life that you may experience the

fullness of joy and peace that I offer

choose the path of righteousness Walking

In step with the spirit

and you will find rest for your

souls in

conclusion let these words resonate in

your hearts there is now no condemnation

for those who are in Christ Jesus

Embrace this truth my beloved and let it

be the Cornerstone of your faith for in

me you have found Freedom Redemption and


life May the grace and peace of God be

with you

always amen

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