"THIS IS MY LAST ATTEMPT TO TALK TO YOU TODAY!" ????️ god message | god says, god message today - online calculators

“THIS IS MY LAST ATTEMPT TO TALK TO YOU TODAY!” ????️ god message | god says, god message today

message from God

today dear child today I want to speak

to you about the vigorous Seeds of Hope

and Faith that I am planting in each one

of you the hope I speak of is not just a

passing wish but a confident expectation

based on the certainty of my word and my

faithfulness this hope is like an anchor

for the soul secure and firm which

penetrates Beyond the Veil of the

sanctuary where I am God said faith is

is the means by which this hope is

strengthened it is through faith that

you connect with me trust in my

unconditional love and my

promises faith is not simply believing

that I exist but it is the Deep

conviction that I am actively present in

your lives working everything for your

good declare my faith is strengthened by

God’s constant presence remember Abraham

who against all hope believed in hope to

become the father of many nations

as he was told so shall your descendants

be he didn’t waver in his disbelief at

the promise of bearing a child even

though he was old but was strengthened

in his faith giving glory to me the

interaction between Hope and Faith in

your lives provides a solidity that

transcends temporary

adversity when you keep hope in your

heart together with the faith to believe

that my promises are true and certain

you begin to see the world and its

difficulties in In a Different Light you

realize that every challenge is an

opportunity to demonstrate the firmness

of the faith you profess and to

experience my faithfulness in new and

surprising ways comment God is the

anchor of my soul you my beloved are

called to live not only by what you see

but by what you believe it is faith that

allows you to see the invisible believe

in the impossible and receive the

unimaginable the the hope that rests on

this Faith does not disappoint because

God’s love has been poured into their

hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been

given to them it is important that you

cultivate both Hope and Faith on a daily

basis as a gardener tends to his plants

so too must you nurture your faith with

the word prayer and fellowship with me

and other

believers hope will grow as you continue

to witness my Works in and around your

lives reinforcing your confidence that I

am a God who never

fails Proclaim I see beyond the visible

Guided by faith in God God’s love

transcends human understanding it is a

love that involves infinite acceptance

and mercy to begin to understand this

love we must consider the very nature of

God which is described in John where

it is stated that God is love this is

not simply an attribute of God but the

essence of who he is

therefore when we talk about God’s love

we are talking about something

fundamental and Central to God’s

existence and

character God’s love is demonstrated

most explicitly through the sacrifice of

Jesus Christ Romans

igin tells us that God demonstrates

his love for us by the fact that Christ

died for us while we were still

Sinners this act not only reveals the

depth and seriousness of God’s love but

also assures us that there is nothing we

can do to earn this love it is a free

gift declare Lord your demonstration of

Love on the cross is the foundation of

my faith dear brothers and sisters these

words of Hope and Faith were a gift from

the Creator to our souls like this video

If it touched your heart share it with

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receive more of these Heavenly Treasures

in our daily lives God’s love manifests

itself in various ways it can be through

unexpected protection in times of danger

or that inexplicable peace in times of

turmoil every moment of Our Lives from

the smallest details to the biggest

events is filled with God’s loving

presence even if we sometimes don’t

realize it we all long to be loved

unconditionally what makes God’s love so

special is that it is exactly that

unconditional it doesn’t depend on who

we are or what we do in Ephesians Paul

talks about the great love with which

God loved us even when we were dead in

our trespasses and sins he gave us life

together with Christ affirm oh God your

unconditional Grace and love sustain me

day after day reflecting on your

personal life there may have been times

when you felt alone or

misunderstood at such times God’s love

is particularly comforting he knows

every detail of our lives every thought

and every pain we face in Matthew

it is mentioned that even the hairs on

our head are all numbered this not only

highlights God’s knowledge of us but

also his deep and detailed

Care Now Imagine This Love at work in

your life how would you respond if you

really understood and felt this love

every day it could be through an

increase in patience with others a

willingness to forgive or a desire to

serve those who are less fortunate write

Lord I ask for forgiveness for all my

bad actions and words this could be your

opportunity to change your life

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continuing our reflection on God’s love

love it is impossible to disassociate it

from forgiveness and Redemption

qualities intrinsic to this Sublime and

transforming love God’s initiative in

offering us forgiveness exemplifies the

deepest expression of Love which seeks

restoration and renewal This Love Not

only covers our mistakes and faults but

also actively Works to restore us to the

fullness of life that he has planned for

each of

us declare God your willingness to

forgive reflects your generous and


nature when we talk about Redemption we

are talking about a Divine process by

which God restores and transforms Our

Lives bringing us out of a state of

Brokenness and separation close to God’s

heart forgiveness is the door through

which this transformation is

possible Redemption then is not only

about removing the weight of our past

but also about enabling us to live a new

life guided and inspired by God’s love

comment Lord your Redemption gives me a

new identity and

purpose this process is not only

spiritual in nature it has practical and


implications redemption and forgiveness

must be reflected in how we treat others

ask yourself am I willing to offer the

same forgiveness I received from God

this is a concrete way of applying God’s

love in our daily lives promoting

healthy relationship ships and

restorative communities in the context

of forgiveness and Redemption it is

important to face and recognize our

failings the ability to admit mistakes

and seek forgiveness is crucial in the

Journey of redemption just as God

forgives us we are called to practice

this same forgiveness not only by

passively receiving it but also by

actively forgiving those who have hurt

or harmed us say oh God guide me to

recog recognize and confess my faults as

well as to forgive others the practice

of forgiveness although challenging

carries immense Freedom letting go of

bitterness and resentment makes room in

our hearts for more of God’s love and

for the presence of healthy enriching

relationships consider how forgiveness

can transform your life and the lives of

those around you Redemption brings with

it a promise of a new beginning God is

always ready to offer us a new chance a

blank page this challenges us to live

differently with more compassion more

kindness and more love these

characteristics are direct reflections

of God’s character in US write Lord help

me to live according to the new

beginning you have given me if you feel

that Faith and Hope are weakening this

video is a Divine call to rekindle them

in your heart like it share it with your

loved ones and subs subscribe to the

channel so that the flame never goes

out as we continue on the Journey of

God’s love we realize that forgiveness

and Redemption are essential but God’s

love also leads us to discover a deeper

purpose and meaning in our

lives Understanding God’s love helps us

to recognize that each of us was created

for a Divine Purpose this love is the

key that unlocks our true identity and

calls us to live according to God’s

original design for us declare God

revealed to me the purpose for which I

was created and help me to live in line


it when we live aware of God’s love and

our Divine Purpose Our Lives take on a

new quality of meaning we are no longer

a drift following the world’s patterns

or responding to other people’s

expectations but navigating according to

a map that has been defined by the


himself this purpose guides us and

offers a perspective that transforms

every area of our existence comment Lord

guide me on the path you have prepared

for me so that I can bring light where

there is Darkness it is relevant then to

consider how this Divine Purpose can be

lived out on a daily basis it can

manifest itself in our workplace where

we seek to carry out our activities not

only with confidence but also with

integrity and love it can influence the

way we treat our family and friends

always prioritizing love and service to

others in all

interactions this sense of purpose is

also integrated into our personal and

Spiritual Development when we know what

we have been called to we seek to grow

in the areas that strengthen our ability

to fulfill that calling this can involve

honing skills cultivating spiritual

gifts and seeking constant communion

with God through prayer and bible study

airm term oh God enable me to grow

according to your purpose and to use my

gifts to glorify your name think about

how this awareness of purpose impacts

your resilience and persistence knowing

that every action can have eternal

significance we become more motivated to

persevere despite adversity and

challenges this understanding gives us

the strength to overcome obstacles that

might otherwise derail Us in practice

being aligned with Divine Purpose means

being attentive to daily opportunities

to make a difference every encounter

every conversation every decision can be

an expression of God’s love if we are

aware and willing to be used by him

write Lord help me to recognize the

daily opportunities to manifest Your

Love through my actions as my child

guides you through the purpose and

meaning that emanates from God’s love I

challenge you to consider how you can

begin to apply these Concepts in in your

life what changes are needed to align

yourself more closely with God’s purpose

how can you be a reflection of God’s

love to the people around you what

practical actions can you take to live

according to this Divine call as our

understanding of God’s love deepens we

naturally find ways to express our

gratitude and reverence through praise

and worship these practices are not just

ritualistic acts but authentic

expressions of our recognition of God’s

character and all that he has done for

us praising and worshiping God is a

natural response to realizing the

magnitude of his love forgiveness and

purpose in our

lives declare God I praise you for your

greatness and goodness you deserve to

live the life you’ve always dreamed of

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wealth DNA and manifest the abundance

that is rightfully yours praise is a

powerful Declaration of faith and trust

in God’s love by praising him we focus

our attention on his sovereignty and

power which strengthens our faith and

prepares us to face life’s

adversities at the same time praise has

a purifying and renewing effect on our

hearts displacing our worries and

filling us with hope and peace comment

Lord my soul rejoices and finds peace in

proclaiming your name worship on the

other hand is a deeper immersion In

God’s Presence it involves a heart that

is totally surrendered and open to

receiving from God worship is

recognizing God as the center of the

universe and of Our

Lives it is a moment of intimate

communion where we express not only our

gratitude but also our dependence and

deep love for him within worship we also

find the opportunity to meditate on

Divine truths in this Sacred Space we

allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us and

shape our understanding and behavior

worship therefore is not just about what

we can express but about what we can

receive and how we can be transformed by

God’s presence affirm oh God may my life

be transformed by your presence it is

essential to cultivate an attitude of

praise and worship not only at

designated times such as during services

but as a constant attitude in life

imagine turning every moment of the day

into an opportunity for praise from

thanking God in the morning to

reflecting on God’s providences and

protections at the end of the day this

practice of constant praise and worship

strengthens our connection with God

rooting us even more firmly in his love

and keep keeping us focused on his

purpose for our

lives as we get used to seeing every

situation through the lens of praise our

perspective on life changes

significantly write Lord May every

moment of my day be one of praise and

worship to you to conclude praise and

worship are much more than religious

activities they are vital expressions of

a living and dynamic relationship with

God they help us to keep our hearts

aligned with God ‘s heart facilitating a

life of true love purpose and meaning

these Eternal truths about God’s love

are endless sources of consolation and

strength show your appreciation by

liking this video sharing it with those

who need this encouragement and signing

up for more of this heavenly care he

child it is essential to recognize the

role of faithfulness in our walk with

him faithfulness is more than

perseverance it is a constant deep

personal communion with God which

culminates in a life that reflects his

love and his principles faithfulness in

God is Not only manifested in grand

gestures or Monumental decisions but in

the daily choices and Silent moments of


existence it is in everyday life that

true faithfulness is tested and

demonstrated every decision to trust in

God to follow his ways and to turn away

from Evil is an affirmation of our

faithfulness to him

comment Lord I want to choose the path

that leads me closer to you this

faithfulness is strengthened through our

surrender when we give our plans hopes

and dreams into God’s hands we

demonstrate full trust in his

sovereignty and love total surrender is

an act of faith that strengthens our

relationship with God and allows us to

fully experience his purpose for our

lives faithfulness in God also implies a

constant quest to know him better

this happens through prayer the study of

scripture and fellowship with other

believers these spiritual practices are

not just religious disciplines but

opportunities to nourish and strengthen

our faith and our connection with the

Divine affirm oh God may my life be a

constant testimony of my faithfulness to

you it’s also important to understand

that God’s faithfulness to us is the

basis of our faithfulness to him the

Bible describes God as faithful even

when we are Unfaithful because he cannot

deny himself this Divine faithfulness is

a model and source of inspiration for us

as we reflect on the constancy of God’s

love and presence in our lives we are

moved to respond with a reciprocal

dedication true faithfulness manifests

itself in times of difficulty when we

Face trials our faithfulness is refined

and becomes more authentic remaining

faithful in challenging circumstances

demonstrates a deep love and trust in

God and it is often at these times that

we most clearly see him at work in our

lives in conclusion faithfulness in God

is a journey of love trust and

continuous surrender it is a daily

choice that shapes and transforms us

bringing us ever closer to the heart of

God and to a full understanding of his

love declare God help me to be faithful

in every thought word and deed as we

reflect on God’s love love faithfulness

and meaningful purpose in our lives it

becomes essential to cultivate a

response of gratitude and

generosity these are not just ephemeral

feelings but daily choices that confirm

our commitment to God and demonstrate

our appreciation for his ongoing

presence and unconditional love declare

God my gratitude for your infinite

blessings gratitude leads us to

recognize all things from the smallest

to the most significant as gifts of

divine benevolence every moment of peace

every Encounter of love and every small

victory are reasons to turn our hearts

in gratitude to God in doing so we not

only honor God but reinforce in our

hearts a perspective on life that values

and does not take for granted the gifts

we receive so is not just about giving

of our resources but also about being

generous with our time our attention and

our love

by choosing to live generously we are

mirroring the very Heart Of God who gave

his child out of love for us and who

constantly gives us more than we ask or

think if you trust declare I am precious

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forever the way we practice generosity

can also be a strong testimony to the

faith we profess in a world that often

values accumulation and self-interest

choosing the path of generosity stands

out as a clear sign of a life

transformed by God’s love and dedicated

to reflecting that love to others these

practices of gratitude and generosity

are essential for maintaining a dynamic

and growing relationship with God

they have the power to transform our

hearts and Minds adjusting our Focus

from personal concerns and desires to

the needs and well-being of others by

practicing a life of gratitude and

generosity we find a deep and Lasting

joy that can only come from fulfilling

God’s purpose comment I am grateful for

the life and family God has given me the

forgiveness and Redemption offered by

God’s love are the greatest gifts we can

receive honor the this gift by liking

sharing with those in need and

subscribing to continue being blessed by


messages living gratefully and

generously also prepares us to face

life’s challenges with a positive

outlook facing difficulties with a

grateful heart can completely change our

experience of these moments as it

reminds us of God’s faithfulness and how

he has blessed us in the past let’s turn

to a call to action how about each of us

making gratitude a reality that we

practice every moment of our

lives in doing so we will not only be

honoring God but we will also be shining

lights in a world that so desperately

needs Christ’s love declare God is

father and the only

savior a life of gratitude begins with a

firm commitment to acknowledge and thank

God on a daily basis you can start small

begin each day by listing three things

you are grateful for for this simple

practice can transform your outlook on

life and intensify your awareness of the

many blessings that God pours out on you


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