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THIS IS YOUR LAST DAY IF YOU SKIP | Gods Message Today | God Message For You | God Message

my beloved child I see the prayers that

you lift up to me each day and I want

you to know that I hear every word

spoken from the depths of your heart

your prayers are precious to me for they

are a reflection of your trust your

faith and your deep desire to connect

with me know that I am not distant or

indifferent to your cries on the

contrary I am intimately acquainted with

every detail of your life and I am moved

by your sincerity and vulnerability your

prayers do not fall on deaf

ears they resonate deeply within my

being and I am ever ready to respond

with Grace and compassion even when you

feel like your prayers go unanswered

rest assured that I am working behind

the scenes weaving together the

intricate threads of your life according

to my perfect plan trust in my timing

for I know what is best for you and I

will answer your prayers in ways that

surpass your understanding continue to

come before me with humility and

persistence laying your burdens at my

feet and entrusting your hopes and

dreams into my care whether your prayers

are whispered in

solitude or cried out in desperation I

am always listening ready to come forth

heal and guide you along the path of

righteousness remember my child that

prayor is not merely a means to an end

but a sacred communion between you and

me it is a powerful spiritual practice

that strengthens your relationship with

me and aligns your heart with my w so

keep praying keep seeking and keep

trusting for I am faithful to answer the

prayers of those to earnestly seek me my

child if this message resonated with

your heart I invite you to share it with

others by spreading these words you

multiply the blessings in your life

remember you are a beacon of light and

together we can illuminate the world

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let’s journey in faith



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