THIS IS YOUR LAST LIFELINE IF YOU IGNORE | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

every time I thought I took a loss God

blessed me with something better God Is

Bigger Than all your anxieties and fears

he’s got you rejoice always pray

continually give thanks in all

circumstances for this is God’s will for

you in Christ

Jesus today’s prayer father when I feel

overwhelmed by what’s going on around me

please help me to come to you please by

my strength today and thank you that you

are my hope for


I know that you Empower me to endure

whatever comes my way leave it in God’s

hands and wait God is my provider he

will never let me down just keep praying

God will show you what to do next stop

stressing you have God to the girl who

is mentally struggling fix your mind on

positive edifying and uplifting thoughts

surrender to God and put your trust in

him always let Christ be the source of

your joy strength and hope pray always

and remind yourself of the truth in

God’s word take necessary rest reflect

and soak in God’s presence practice

forgiveness contentment and be grateful

at all times lean on a community of

Believers and people you love comment

amen if God has blessed you

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