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in this peaceful moment of silence my beloved let the sound of my words

reverberate throughout you you’re hearing a message of love and unending devotion from me the universe’s Creator

and the one who gave life to everything in it in this vast expanse of lives you

are never really alone I am here with you at all times a reliable friend who

will see you through any difficulty in the intricate web of your own family my

eyes have been locked on you from the moment you breathed your first breath until this very moment full of

unfaltering love there is a special spot in the hearts of all the people who have

ever cared about thread weaving your pleas Ascend like fragrant incense and I

pay attention to them there are a plethora of benefits that come with the solutions that are on the horizon like

the first light of morning never fear the looming peaks of difficult circumstances or the ominous foes that

hide in plain sight even if overwhelming odds are working against you take heart

in knowing that I am your sanctuary and that my heavenly Guardians are protecting your might my brilliant light

encircles you shielding you from danger as we navigate the web of heavenly

signals let’s inject some optimism into it if you want to add to the idea and

sort the material click the like button I applaud your efforts to incorporate your your faith into our common story

for the sake of your journey do not pass judgment and do not let resentment

establish a home in your soul beyond the material realm in the realm of

psychological warfare crafty foes are attempting to trap you in webs of Despair rest assured I am at your side

leading you with unfaltering support and affection get up every morning with a joyful Spirit ready to praise and pray

to the sky discover the power that vanquishes Shadows realize dear one that

as a consequence of these methods gather your spirit strengthen your house with team spirit in prayer and let the Divine

Essence guide you at every step infusing you with a resilience that pushes concern aside and fills your soul with

encouragement as he watches you go the enemy can plot beyond your wildest dreams but his power is nothing compared

to mine he has no idea what you’re thinking or the scope of my plans Envy

remember that you are a prisoner under the protection of God my grace like an

impregnable Citadel protects Champions and watches over you without fail

causing your insurmountable charges and condemnations to crumble I have the key

to your future safely in my hands do not allow fear to dampen your resolve keep

your mind safe knowing that the adversary’s might is like a shadow compared to my luminous Dominion even

when he waits for me to be vulnerable he uses deceit and falsehoods but I am powerful enough to counter with a

strength that shakes the skies I’m concerned not just about the here and now but also about the Legacy you leave

to your grandchildren place them in my loving care and I will watch over them

so that they may grow and Thrive under my watchful eye as you go on do it with

unwavering confidence I am your rock and your Fortress I hope your loved ones

will let me into their hearts so they may experience the warmth of my tenderness and the depth of my

compassion I am a parent whose love is boundless and whose dedication lasts

forever in the midst of Life storms I discover Refuge a place where anxiety

and doubt have no place I have laid out a road brimming with opportunity and

success for you opportunities will pour in like a mighty flood and previously

closed doors will soon swing wide I am steadfast in my promises every morning

when you open your eyes my instructions will be a road map to a life filled to the brim with joy and fulfillment I love

you so much that I will lay bare the depths of my love for you at those times of peaceful surrender when the enemy is

always trying to distract you and weaken you so that you forget the promises we made to each other but now it doesn’t

matter since I declare You Victorious blessed with unbridled courage in the

dark world we live in your faith shines brightly you can no longer be used as a porn in the enemy’s plot you have

emerged triumphant a hero answering my summons your face is a constant source

of energy for me and I could scream it from the rooftops unflappable and unwavering I am a champion among

Warriors under his wing my loved ones and I find Refuge and he works wonders

in my life as you pray my blessings will pour forth into your life in every way I

will shower you with Vigor as I seek my countenance I will free you from the chains of past mistakes and future

anxieties bringing you peace and abundance so you will grow your roots

will be strong and never ending drawing water from my Everlasting Fountain your

foliage will be verdant and your Harvest will be bountiful a sign of my my constant provision you will be a Haven

for the tired a hope for the lost and a steadfast spirit in times of trouble my

peace will surround you protecting you from the dry seasons of life you will find the Assurance to pursue all of your

dreams in me and my favor will be upon you so that your attempts will be

successful amidst the challenges that lie ahead my guardian angels will be there to guide you and your loved ones

as You Follow My will for restoration find contentment that surpasses the

fleeting pleasures of this world and joy that has no bounds I Stand By Your Side

providing unwavering support throughout your journey ensuring you never feel

discouraged whatever you set your mind to I will support assist and lead you to

success your efforts will not go unnoticed because great glory is on the way serve people with a Compassionate

Heart for in doing so you serve me you are not relying only on your own knowledge at this time rather you have

complete confidence in me if you provide me with every detail of your life I can

lighten your way Beyond Death there is life because of me I give you

Everlasting lives so even if you fall you will rise again keep being the kind

of person who is modest patient and tolerant I value such qualities do not

let anybody disrupt your Serenity I have given you wisdom and courage when they are scared they come to me for comfort

and I will give them both no matter where you are at home or on the road I can be your guide remember that I am the

god who leads you gently at all times I am always here to strengthen and assist you so you no longer need to fear you

are a Guiding Light in the night and my love for you will never fade when you try to bring up your past mistakes no

one can control you remorse and bitterness should never consume you your face leaves a lasting impression on me I

hold your spirit in the highest regard you are an angel in my sight spend no

time with those who sow conflict alternatively seek refuge in my company

and nourish yourself with my wisdom you will find Limitless affection in my arms

as the creator of the universe I have purposefully and joyfully organized your

lives even if the wicked get a second chance your fate will stay forever I’ve

said that you live a virtuous life and it makes me happy to see how you follow my

instructions you have found Refuge from the hardships of this world in me and for that reason I can reward you

abundantly listen not to the timid anymore I have forgotten your sins and pardoned you right now I’m bearing the

weight of your broken heart and if you’ll only bring your spirit with you we can overcome anything those who agree

with me will reap the greatest rewards therefore make a wish every morning

always remember to be humble and hold my lessons in high regard I will rebuild what your religion has destroyed

bringing Joy To Heaven follow my footsteps and you will find victory in

splendor take a courageous step forward and your future is safe your enemies are

defeated and their schemes are now fruitless because they are in my hands

share your deepest desires with me and I will fulfill them with infinite love I’ve seen firsthand the hardships you’ve

endured and the strength you’ve shown in the face of adversity you have stood by my side an example of tranquility and

peace rest assured I have everything under my Divine control I will confront

those who have mistreated you and ensure that justice prevails my ability to

enrich your heart with knowledge and love is Limitless in the same way that these words will surround you with love

and wisdom my presence will shed light on every facet of your lives at home at work and

in your leisure activities following my light will Empower you to make bold choices the seeds of abundant benefit

are in my word my beloved child therefore guard your heart against deceit and dishonesty while believing

completely in me I hope that these expressions of love and encouragement will help you persevere through hardship

and any attitude rest easy I will watch over you you and my grace will meet all

your needs let go of your worries and find peace in the Haven I provide calm

the storm running through your spirit and listen to the Everlasting murmur of love if you respond the Gates of Heaven

will swing open wide for you my little child I’m standing right here you’re at home in my kingdom and your spirit is at

rest my breath which is miles long is what gives you life so do not leave this

holy Sanctuary for transient Joys or meaningless Pursuits you should not exchange this precious

gift for fleeting Pleasures on the other hand take care of your family with love

and devote each day to me as Darkness descends resentment festers inside you

now is not the time to base your decision on superficial qualities I alone can reveal hidden motives with

boundless popularity and the same kindness and love I have shown you I double it without a doubt I have quietly

buried your previous mistake ensuring they never resurface or affect you again I deepen the same lack of

judgment for other people no matter how much they hurt you take charge of your life and make good use of the power I

have given you after all you are one of my Global ambassadors use it today with

purpose accuracy and respect to drive out any negative thoughts and feelings

it seeks to take rot unchallenged within your inner Sanctuary but you should place it with my facts because my word

is powerful and true it will strengthen you against all invasive foolishness and

change your thoughts to reflect my nature you become more like what you look at and think about so be careful

with what you gaze at and think about that’s why I magnified my words and attached them for those who remain

steadfast in following its sacred teachings my name will remain Invincible

forever there are countless suggestions and Promises of a life full of benefits

for those who seek me out in its holy Pages thus return your full attention to

my peculiarly else phrase for it alone possesses the ability to satisfy all

your desires and fulfill all your deepest dreams satisfy your emotional

hunger while quenching your spiritual thirst take a deep sip from this spring

and allow your soul to rejuvenate constantly the Tranquility that comes from letting go and floating AIDS in

healing and revitalization my spirit pervades your being and my lifeblood runs freely to

you via the veins of holy writings and scriptures Reviving your body and soul

let my Vitality flow through you until you are brimming with my presence and energy as old wounds heal and once

impenetrable shackles crumble under the weight of the freedom I provide even reoccurring sins loosen their hold on

you for as long as the light of Heaven Shines on the dark places of your soul

the shadows of sin cannot pass through my Magnificent Presence without a doubt

Everlasting Light illuminates all Shadows embrace the sun’s Rays so to the

top of the world and stride fearlessly as a newborn light for those who seek

Refuge under my wings the actions of the Dead cannot be condemned or punished

give into my restoring light which heals and nourishes and let go of whatever remnants of Darkness may be hiding

inside you for those who come to me with humility I have boundless pity so bring

your flaws into this world where sins are immediately washed away free yourself from the weight of Shame and

start over in a state of completeness in order to save the worn out garments of yester year why is it

necessary to be adorned with the emblem of royalty I have fully carried out your punishment and those covered by the

righteousness of my Redemption no longer owe any debt so take heart in the

abundant grace I’ve given you let go of your old self a symbol of sin and slavery and embrace the freedom I’ve

purchased for you with much sacrifice none of this material power can control

the people I care about as The Sovereign Lord gives you the right to rule today trust in your identity with the

Assurance of our interconnectedness step inside in a world going downhill I

summon you man or woman in the midst of Life storms reflect my unfaltering light

and shine brilliantly many people react violently to what they see as dangers while still

showing sympathy for those in need in an effort to avoid the enjoyment that comes from passing judgment views every

individual as a victim of circumstances beyond their control considering that my Mercy has no limits even if some may

seem hopeless I have freed captive minds and restored broken lives keep your hope

alive there is still hope for everyone pray consistently for those who are heroic and difficult your generosity can

be the spark that ignites a remarkable exchange I will evaluate a spirit’s capacity make room for my atoning labor

my strategies outperform human knowledge and my will to hold on to you my beloved

child has no bounds I pray that my words may calm your spirit and free your

thoughts from worldly worries turn back and look at me you have kept your loved

ones Bound in fear and tyranny for far too long now is the moment to release

them I have bestowed upon you unfaltering Faith a formidable defense

mechanism against the influence of evil there is no harm that can touch you or

the people you hold dear as long as you remain steadfast in your faith and trust in my Divine protection on the other

hand uncertainty and hopelessness are sneaky enemies never lose control of

your Wrath or resentment when faced with hardship fear not my darling I will

never leave you even when evildoers try to exploit a hole in your defenses if you cultivate an unwavering faith in my

infinite and everlasting love your spirit will be safe stay silent and

don’t say a word of complaint or concern hold on to me and I will strengthen you

even when you feel weak believe it or not my Grace has redeemed and forgiven you my love and compassion for my my

children have no bounds because I am a kind God just tell me what’s yours and

I’ll take care of you a change will take place within you as a result of your passionate prayers for me little one you

must understand this I am real those who come to me out of genuine desire will

find my Spirit dwelling within them if you confide in me in your lowest moments

I will surround you with my reassuring presence via our shared Humanity my love

for you will never wne and even when those closest to you hurt you and betray your convictions may you find comfort in

that I want you to know that I am still committed to your side when I eventually

soften their hearts and guide them toward reconciliation they will acknowledge you

as my beloved newborn someone who has hurt you deserves your forgiveness you

show compassion in the face of scorn kindness in the face of rejection and

forgiveness in the face of hostility just as I have forgiven you keep your

heart open and guard it with all your might love is your greatest defense a

new chapter will begin with blessings and desires for you and your loved ones but I want your steadfast devotion my

baby before you may see a dramatic change in the hearts of those who have previously ignored you as I cleanse

their attitudes through my grace our connection needs to remain unwavering

our prayer and scripture study your primary means of seeking me as you bless people and perform healings may my Holy

Spirit work through you be amazed when you become a conduit for miracles do not

be afraid to approach me with unfaltering trust and courage in order to ask for the benefits of my choosing

my beloved child I will not let any request that is based on righteousness

and Justice pass unanswered as the power of my spirit surges powerfully inside you guiding you toward your Divine

Destiny I am able to restore our covenant and strengthen our bond taking

you to new heights of delight that were before impossible now go forth my warrior with modesty and unwavering

Faith triumph over every enemy is waiting for you beloved keep moving on

since your mistakes of yesterday do not define you anymore you are now completely free from sin and shame

because my dearly beloved Son gave his life for you you are safe from danger

and the Shadows inside the Haven of my love are behind my wing covering my

energy will fortify you against Temptation and nonsecular attacks let go

of regret self- condemnation and the ghosts of yesterday every day let my

living phrase Revitalize your mind and senses by immersing you in its truth and

letting it pervade every nook of your Consciousness regarding those who want to undermine your Brilliance my darling

give them no respect their words cannot penetrate The Shield of my love stay

away from those who like bringing you down and be wary of those who twist the facts when they’re around you please

come to me often in prayer and meditation on the Bible every day allow

me to fill your spirit with joy and Solace make sure that my country’s success is always your top priority my

toddler listens carefully and obeys my commands so I will meet all your needs in

abundance the barren areas inside you have been filled with fresh life just as

spring showers reawaken the soil from its winter Slumber what seemed exhausted

and depleted is really renewed you my beloved are the recipient of an

abundance of my infinite favor and Grace forever and ever my beloved I will keep

my promises which are greater than anything you could ever dream or imagine

I command that there be no more single words of blessing instead you will

collapse to the ground while doing miraculous Feats and reject obstacles

raise your eyes to reflect the Bountiful blessings I bestow upon you in order for you to be able to bless others with even

more riches I will multiply and overflow will you continue to have doubts you

religious neopit trapped in the darkness of my fears I reach out with both arms

widespread desperate to bring you near my love’s light will guide you into a wonderful future full of joy and

possibility join me in my joyful presence which I cherish and enjoy seeing please bow respectfully before

your author I have also ordained that the glory of Heaven May shower down upon

you and your family at this holy time Marvel at the Wonders as you stand there

my responsibilities will include cleaning relaxing recuperating and recovering uing if you come to me

fearlessly make your desire known and have unwavering faith in my Supply I

will grant you freedom from all forms of slavery a celestial force is now assisting you are the indications no

longer perceptible to you my friend Monumental non-secular renewal revivals

like the waves building up before a tsunami surge inside you the old hierarchy disappears Watch How I bring

about a complete transformation The Winds of this world will not toss you around root your spirit firmly In My

Embrace as you go about your beautiful day may you be filled with gratitude for the miraculous change taking place

within you and may my Living Water emerge inside you as a Wellspring of

endless pleasure and energy Let Your brave Faith Vanquish any uncertainty

that may arise as you rise free from the shackles of yesterday new possibilities

will open up for you my beloved child there is a glor glorious cause awaiting you Beyond the Horizon I am completely

committed to you and will never leave you or abandon you even if others have

tricked and misled you I will guide you into the light just like I did when we

were in the dark I tried to ease your fears and feelings of Abandonment by telling you the truth I held you close

with tender Promises of affection I know you inside and out even more so than you

know yourself our souls will remain connected forever if feelings of

worthlessness and self- condemnation are preventing you from embracing the benefits that are about to be shared

then let my voice cut through that fog I like you so much that it brings me

joy to Lavish virtual advantages on you all I ask of you is that you take my

benefits with a spirit of modesty and thankfulness and stand in Wonder as they

multiply inside and around you you will have access to a mountain of resources

that will go beyond your wildest imagination my darling little one every time you called out to me did you not

feel my spirit rush in to strengthen and protect you Relentless trials have tested you leaving you breathless in

their wake in the midst of tempests Our dating provided a Haven of Tranquility

for your spirit you could feel my hand at work directing your trials toward a higher purpose an end is in sight my

love the clouds will part and the sun will rise I’ll lead you to a better floor and the skies will clear so you

can see the future I have planned for you will Propel you into greatness

brimming with magnificence promise and substantial riches as Revelation progresses my darling you may expect

exciting experiences draw on my vision to encourage risk-taking and dialogue

seeking Direction instead of the anxious voices around you when I tell you about your future it will touch you on a

spiritual level when you follow my guidance without question or hesitation and conform to my plan you will

confidently enter the wonderful future I have planned for you my guidance will

Propel you to unprecedented levels of success and prosperity earning you reverence and honor such events are not

coincidental rather they are the concrete results of your unwavering commitment to my teachings you felt lost

and a drift during the times when I was loyal to my promises and I get that

however just as the sun rises after the darkest night so too will there be light

at the end of your journey your future is radiant with Splendor surpassing

anything that has come before your good fortune will increase at an exponential rate and others will start to take note

of your efforts to help the less fortunate all of your heroic acts had a purpose have faith in your heart my

darling for Triumph is certain even when faced with challenges you will achieve your goals and fulfill your

Ambitions As Long As I Am by your side directing you nothing can stand in your

way from the very beginning I have ordained that you will receive my rich gifts I may bestow upon you not just a

growth in your material Fortune but also the gift of a long and fruitful life

your time and energy spent assisting others particularly the oppressed will more than repay you consider investing a

significant amount of your time and energy the future is filled with immense promise and opportunities have faith in

my direction and the power of your Deeds to facilitate a pleasant transaction remember that I am Reviving

your soul rekindling your love for life and Reawakening your

excitement the forces of evil have stolen everything nonsecular from this world and I am rightfully returning it

to you so make me the first thing you think about and do when you wake up every day my presence will never leave

and I will never leave you alone I certainly am not alone in this stay on course do not let your emotions derail

you in contrast to these transient moments my presence in your lives has been constant from the day before to

this day and into each and every one of your futures no matter how fast the

tides of Time May flow my love for you will always be a rock I normally reveal new aspects of my my love for you every

day so widen your vision every day grace that beyond all understanding envelops

you a supernatural kindness that engulfs the desires of your broken heart I have

laid bare those hushed hopes and prayers before me and when the time is right they will come true stand up my

unwavering defender of Faith each day incorporate the promise of my infinite

love for you the words I’m about to share with you are more than just Echoes

they embody peace and comfort in their purest form every sentence is a reminder of my

presence at your side and they Echo deep inside you a gentle resolve to ease the

suffering of a loved one is what I want I too will calm your nerves and put your

fears to rest you are completely unprepared my dear Aran I do not believe

anything bad will happen to you rest easy knowing this and let peace accompany you every step of the way you

may soon find yourself Desiring a change in your life during this moment of divine inspiration you will learn to

love and care for yourself and break free from destructive behaviors that have held you back in the past rather

than being egocentric this is my holy mandate remember to treat your neighbor

with the respect you deserve knowing and appreciating your own value is essential

rather than encouraging Hess this awareness will give you compassion for the plight of others and confidence in

your own abilities you will receive the benefits and gifts I have prepared with great

enthusiasm it is not because your movements are perfect that I shower rewards upon you rather it is out of my

infinite love and choice that I do this I can make out your flaws and Haze but I

can also make out your strengths and skills Grace and kindness are like a bath that I give you do not be afraid to

take advantage of the opportunities I have set up for your future as a time of abundance approaches our days may be

filled with tranquility and Delight you are blessed by my love and the rewards I give you are no longer suffering or

sadness but rather the profound love that fills my whole heart for you do you

believe this to be true give me a glimpse of your faith notate it my heart

longs to see the fullness of your faith in action when I open the sky blessings

will fall on you so that you may walk steadily always embraced in my affection

I shall carve my words into your chest recognize the value of letting go of grudges I am a deity with infinite

compassion but you are mortal and prone to Falling I am here to help you recover

from your Despair and I am glad that you have repented you remain Resolute in the face of life’s challenges because you

know that I am by your side and that our connection will grow stronger as we Face doubts together you may feel abandoned

and punished if you question the rigors I allow yet my plan for you is deep and

filled with Limitless advantages forget about being Innovative instead devote

yourself fully to my lessons hold them dear and follow my advice put your uncertainties and concerns to rest

release yourself from the shackles of criticism and anger by spending time with me and meditating on my Words which

provide strength and comfort lift you beyond your troubles and set you free from painful memories and

resentment take this blessing into your body and let it purify and uplift you

believe that my plan is real and that it will mold you into an extraordinary person give to my love it will change

you and it’s a long time still if you ever find yourself speechless or

destitute of the desire to speak please come to me and bow down in the loneliness of your Solitude at another

time I will be there to reveal the depth of My Love For You by enveloping you in my hug even when your voice falters I

can hear the faint murmurs of your Beating Heart your Soul’s language is one that I can decipher put your trust

in me since I will lead you to a vibrant future full of benefits you’re looking

forward to it with anticipation because it’s coming soon behold I am the way the

truth and the source of all life I will be by your side guiding you toward the

destiny I have planned for you from the beginning of time through all the highs and lows of life you my beloved children

are mine I’ve shown you my undivided attention and favor in the palm of your hand your sincere testimonies of my love

and truth have the power to move hearts and Inspire hope in others around you

keep in mind the significance at all times I love you no matter where you are in the world thus I have faith in you

and believe that you can succeed keep a growing expensive baby safe with my

bravery and steadfast agreement embrace the love that surrounds you and let it

lead the way to the prosperous future that lies ahead never forget that I love you and I’m here to walk alongside you

holding your hand and Tenderly nurturing your hopes dreams and Wishes the long-

awaited Boon is a about to be yours to really grasp it open your heart and

hands I understand the difficulties you’re experiencing and the profound desire you have to go on hold on to your

beliefs you will never have to question the answer to your prayers again you

have arrived at the right place for I am prepared to fulfill your desires through

your steadfast Faith the power of prayer allows me to perform the miracle you’ve been longing for you provide me bound

Bess Joy with that radiant grin Please Don’t Let It Fade as the day winds down

you reflect the exact essence of my heavenly likeness radiating in the right way for your non-secular enrichment and

happiness I look forward to your return with great anticipation I hold you in

the utmost regard because you my beloved Soul embody the essence of Grace our

deep connection fills me with delight I am filled with immense pleasure at the way your heart swells with

delight when we are together and I want nothing more than to fill you to the brim with the pure elixir of heavenly

ecstasy driving away all misery and suffering I want to bask in the Embrace

of deep and Lasting Love after sharing my message difficulties will not discourage you nor will you lament your

situation as you navigate life’s twists and turns these days you will experience

my love for you in many ways but I prefer it if you fully comprehend its

profundity the strength of my words and actions allows me to show my love even

if Strife is looming over you the Divine love that surrounds you will eliminate any unease as soon as it appears do not

be afraid my love will Encompass you washing away your sadness and replacing

it with an infinite supply of Joy behold the wonderment of those closest to you

as they observe your glowing metamorphosis captain activated by the source of your renewed happiness without

the Divine God around you not even your enemies will be able to stand a chance

against the Heavenly strength that extends beyond the boundaries of your home the Angelic hosts keep watch

protecting your loved ones at all times while you go through life’s unexpected turns you will find comfort in the midst

of Life storms because I am the unwavering anchor that keeps you safe in the midst of the turbulent waves of

existence When You Believe in my guidance my presence will shine a light on the path ahead removing the darkness

of uncertainty because you are Resolute as you set out on your mission in the days

leading up to it those who want to derail you will be bewildered by my plans I am utilizing your strong and

unbeatable side so you don’t have to be afraid or doubtful anymore just stand firm I’ll watch over you like a Shepherd

watches over his sheep the the promises I have made to you your healer and loyal companion are as constant as the sun

itself they may materialize in surprising ways fulfilling your desires

your voice will fill with praises of gratitude and your heart will overflow with gratitude do not be impatient

patience is the distinguishing trait that matters most dive head first into my teachings and you will see my

heavenly plan come to fruition let nothing obscure your vision or weaken your faith my love for you is Limitless

it is wonderful and delightful my everlasting love encircles you as you move closer sweeping away every tear and

enveloping you in Tranquility there is nothing quite like this in the midst of your suffering I will Empower you and

fill your spirit with Limitless pleasure as I gently mend and restore it I

understand every feeling and event you experience I am the only one who knows you better than everybody else I may

bathe you in advantages as your history and the heights you are destined to reach approach believe me when I say I

am eager to surprise you beyond your wildest imagination furthermore I’m prepared to

do miraculous deeds in the lives of those you care about beginning with the most a inspiring Miracles and gradually

bringing you to a religious world that surpasses your prior knowledge as you embark on a path of

miraculous rebirth you will be greeted by a land of ever lasting possibilities transient feelings or

material possessions don’t always determine your fate on this path but your unwavering faith in the truth of my

words does through our conversations I will lead you to success pay attention

because I’ll reveal the perfect moment when benefits will shower upon you in buckets do not follow the Hasty ones who

are desperate and religiously lapsed because they are chasing after Miracles and saying things I have never said

instead I am transforming you into a conduit for Heavenly blessings that

might satisfy the Deep need for love that many people feel inside every good

word you utter will reap great benefits and help you better yourself this will

fuel your efforts and open many doors of opportunity so I hope you make time to

bless others in preparation for our shared journey to Greatness I can provide you

all the tools you’ll need to Faithfully preach my gospel do not be afraid when

difficulties arise I God will give you the strength to overcome them I can lend

you a hand and guide you through the benefits I’ve arranged for you real love

unlike any you’ve ever seen will enter your life and you’ll reject emotions of

worthlessness this affection is tender but powerful I only ask that you hold on

to hope I long for the day when you will lie under my holy robe a safe haven and

stability are shown to you this is not your destiny or my intention for you the

discouragement that befalls you is only an attempt to divert your attention pay

great attention because my words are Laden with deep affection for a while

after I see you caught up in the chaos of business I worry that your soul will dry up and die without the sustenance it

needs from the divine please heed my plea and recognize my affection for you

no matter what happens to you today or any other moment in your life I will always be here in my Whispers to

reassure you that my love for you is real and unfaltering no matter how lonely you feel on the field do not be

afraid I will be by your side no matter how much you reveal you don’t have to live with constant loneliness turn a

blind eye to other people’s views we are looking for their approval the only thing the world has to offer is a

transient and realized area there’s no way I can abandon you some may also feel

disappointed that their dreams have not come true but I will not give in narcissistic wants or turn a blind eye

to those who disregard my words until you apologize but I speak from a place

of deep compassion and steadfast commitment feel my words comfort as you

hold them close to your heart no matter where you go my promises will bring you healing strength and a fresh beginning

in the morning when your heart beats my love may be anxiously waiting for you in the midst

of life’s challenges my unending love is there to guide you to cheer you on and

to keep you going in the depths of Despair it is the Luminous handbook that

will guide you those who had fallen up again stood up again their exhausted and

bewildered Souls come to me from the fire of divine forgiveness where they are solid bring all of your

uncertainties anxieties and setbacks into my presence there is no one best

place for judgment absorb my yoke for it is light and easy and let me cleanse

your heart removing the stains of your sins through my forgiveness discover

freedom in my Mercy Forge A New Path and soar forward unencumbered by sin this is

the boundless sea of Grace that awaits you however you are destined to achieve greatness to surpass death itself to

transcend the darkness of Shame and grief and to embrace the gentleness of my love serving as a beacon and a vessel

of my eternal love remember the triumphs you’ve achieved and the challenges you’ve surmounted you will succeed again

just like you have previously know that I am with you always in every instant

and breath the fire of my soul inside you is unquenchable the boundless

Limitless and unending love I have has no boundaries an eternal flame is a good

method to Never Fade despite hardships and blunders it is gentle but powerful

gentle yet efficient my plans for you will never be obstructed even in times

of doubt and pain this time of Plenty and freedom you are entering May reward

your unwavering trust with miraculous things beyond your wildest dreams I’m

blessing your life with many opportunities and I beg you to embrace them all all share them generously and

let your light shine brightly so that others may find Hope and Beauty in you as you travel the planet you will meet

many different kinds of spirits you should respect and care for every person you meet because they are a unique

expression of my arrival smile warmly and greet them with a full Heart by

doing these little acts of kindness you are replicating my Limitless love for the sector listen closely because my

advice is based on years of experience and a Heart full of love the people you

meet today May return the favor in surprising ways whether briefly or in profound moments the more generous you

are today the more doors you will open in the future be cautious not to make

snap judgments based on outward appearances alone but rather to see all

people those in positions of power those fortunate enough to have resources and

those who despite their hardships exhibit humility and Beauty as an integral part of my Advent we should not

disregard or undervalue them this way of living symbolizes a non-secular Act of

revolt against the powers that seek to divert and discourage you in their NeverEnding campaign of fear and concern

the enemy and his minions are attempting to take your focus away from me the world around you will often try to

convince you that you should keep dwelling on problems rather than focusing on the solution as a result I

pray that you will seek the holy spirit’s direction to include this difficult yet rewarding activity and to

refocus your focus on me whenever you let yourself get too preoccupied with your troubles remember

that this is a continuous Journey that calls for regular even hourly refocusing

of your heart and mind even if problems emerge handle them anyway you choose

just make sure that most people will remember me my promise to you is that I will be your rock through life storms

not only through them but triumphantly through them by following my guidance

you may create a life where you never look away from me even when your troubles are in the past within the

realm where space time and reality all come together there lies a secret truth

a revelation that is beyond the comprehension of Mortals it’s the secret to living a life beyond sadness

as you go through the vast fabric of existence you may encounter obstacles that seem insurmountable but their true

character is characterized not by the lack of difficult conditions but by the mighty hand of God’s love and strength

while it’s natural for you to seek immediate resolution remember that my objectives often extend far beyond that

every person you encounter like you has a purpose on your path being charitable

is the best attit itude to have when you see an opportunity to help doing this

will undoubtedly attract Angels even if you don’t know it and the rewards will

be yours for the taking I wish you a path of good fortune my beloved Guided

by an example of living based on my words and reality Beyond conquering you serve as a beacon of light in a world

often enveloped in darkness never forget that the Heavenly nation states behind you have dispatched an army of angels to

watch over and defend you in order to maintain a constant sense of safety and peace it is important to be in touch

with this reality the fact that you are here today is not an accident but rather

the result of my infinite love for you which I chose long before you were born

the only reason I put you on this specific technology in this specific spot is because I know you can make it

work when you finally step into your purpose and develop alongside the I’ve given you I will be there to cheer you

on despite the fact that my return is approaching you should not allow uncertainty to obscure your judgment any

longer You Are My One True Love a wonderfully made being that is overflowing with potential I love you

more than everything in the world and you know this even if other people’s adoration has evaded you in the mornings

when you welcome my presence into your day and see how I disclose my Divine intentions before you I ask that you put

your faith in me so that you may bravely drive yourself higher so that you can be a vessel for the many advantages I

bestow upon you and so that you might Advance during this time when envy and

resentment try to obscure your Soul’s light I may sharpen your perception and

understanding by Illuminating the troubled path that has brought you here during times of weakness or illness

resist the urge to give way to despair gather me here you can find your vitality and healing in me remember that

I am with you always even when you feel like giving up and giving in to the weight of fatigue your inner Sanctuary

is filled with my precious Essence these days you will overcome whatever you face

whether it is competing illnesses or enemies instead of letting Despair and

disillusionment control you I will fill you with pleasure and resilience by bestowing upon you

Tranquility peace and serenity despite all you’ve been through

I want you to know that you’re not alone and that everything might turn out well do not give into fear instead lose

yourself in my pure holy and life presenting word find out what fears

plagued you yesterday and are preventing you from finding calm now when your

focus is on the present moment why fear those you can’t defeat spend your time

time and energy on what really matters the value of those around you is greater

than material goods and monetary accolades keep your focus and fury contained neither your enemies nor those

who want you sick will benefit from it take a moment to pause and give me the

chance to reimagine your character in the face of disrespect or efforts to disturb your Serenity take your time and

be polite while responding a genuine expression of love can move move even the hardest Hearts pray that the holy

spirit will guide your speaking many Nomads perished in the midst of Anarchy and annoyance perhaps envious of the

serenity radiating from within you I am your heavenly leader the master of your Beating Heart they may try to irritate

you but it may all be for nothing because I will shine a light on your answers a lot of people will be shocked

by your sad and angry makeover your face will be a reflection of my purity your

words will be a balb for hurting Hearts your suggestions may be astute and your

actions will bring righteousness to those who have abandoned my path although they may want to be just like

you they will ultimately fail although I extended my love and blessings to them

they rejected them and continued down their own corrupt roads ever deeper into the pit of despair may you walk in

righteousness receive Bountiful blessings and continue unwaveringly on your religious Journey dedicated and

unmoved by anything except the light of my Divine knowledge grounded in my teachings attentive to my voice and full

of grace you must know that my written word is a lighthouse of Truth and ideas as

you fervently seek my presence inside your spirit reverently open its precious pages and explore them with all your

faith and love substantiate every word letting it sink into your Soul’s rich

soil and cultivating the hope that already exists within you adhere fervently to my teachings because they

unlock the gates to Limitless joy and Enlightenment you already possess this sacred message I can guarantee you that

you can rest assured that I have not overlooked my sincere wishes and prayers your desires and wants are always on my

mind and I’m prepared to shower you with immeasurable benefits do not let the

difficulties of living discourage you there is no limit to my love for you and I have nothing but good things in

store for your lives your destiny is to rise above hardship and shine brightly

in the light of my Divine favor I have selected you for greatness even as I speak to you now I

am using words of encouragement and Assurance so listen carefully to my hushed voice I will be by your side

through thick and thin weathering every storm and leading you safely to safety

so you need not be afraid of the challenges that await do not let fear or uncertainty obscure

your vision my love is a shield that encircles you protecting you from danger

and leading you to the path of righteousness get your day started in my presence and then go out confidently to

take advantage of the blessings that are already here for they are evidence of how much you love and follow me go

forward my darling with unshakable confidence rather than hesitating or

second guessing ing go headlong toward Triumph and plenty as I hold you close

in my arms I am always a blessing keep moving forward on your path without

giving into despair removing dread and uncertainty from your heart because you are not doomed to shame I will clear the

path for those who oppose your success and blessings putting an end to their lies and preventing them from hindering

your progress those who resist you are fighting against the very heart of Salvation and are Ure and I will destroy

their lives as a result because they will not budge from their evil ways they

are enemies of my heavenly purpose stay away from such destructive influences

and don’t associate with those that spread strife and falsehoods they will insult with words and look down on

others based on appearances but they will never be able to stand in the light of reality they seek out people to

deceive and Destroy like wolves hiding among sheep their actions will catch

them in the end and they’ll have to deal with the consequences of their actions therefore they avoid being around them

if you find strength and comfort in my love you will be able to overcome any challenge do not let life’s challenges

discourage you I am your stronghold refuge and Beacon remember that I’m

right here with you every step of the way showing you the way and easing your

burden my plan for your lives Is wealth thought out and full of Promise

therefore I urge you to embrace it with courage and determination keep in mind

that I am always by your side as you navigate the unexpected turns of your journey you feel encircled by my

affection and you are eager to protect it challenges are just stepping stones

on the path to your destiny so don’t let yourself get discouraged by them each

successful task enhanced your strength wisdom and resilience with un faltering

Faith confront each day rest assured I am always by your side ready to lend you

my wisdom and Charisma whenever you need me let your fears and doubts go so you

may experience the wonderful life I’ve planned for you my little baby I am

guiding you towards a better day the next day so take a big step into your destiny keep in mind that I am your

source of power and salvation even if the journey may be long and the route may be high if you put your trust in me

I will be by your side through thick and thin you have no equal raise your head

high my darling and walk confidently knowing that I am guiding you towards your heavenly Destiny since nothing can

withstand the power of my love you could find contentment joy and satisfaction

while you’re with me sure go past me have faith in me and we can love our way

to the top of the globe begin each day in my presence and go out with faith and courage to welcome the benefits that are

coming your way seize these opportunities with confidence because they may be evidence of your love and

commitment to me continue forward with steadfast self-confidence instead of

hesitating or faltering my kid marches confidently forward one step closer to success and plenty keep in mind that I

with you at all times holding you close in my tender Embrace do not give in to

despair instead push uncertainty and fear out of your heart and go on with

your trip you will not be ashamed I can block the path of those who stand in the

way of your prosperity and success putting an end to their lies that you’ve been seeking to hinder your progress

those who reject you reject Redemption and Beauty at its core they are enemies

of my holy cause because they will not repent of their wicked ways and I will expel them from your life you should put

some space between yourself and such destructive forces such as individuals who sow strife and falsehoods they can

insult with words and appear downright nasty but they are unable to confront reality they seek deception and

destruction like wolves in sheep’s SK stay away from them because they will

eventually have to deal with the consequences of their actions I love you more than anything in

the world and I want you to accept this truth with a firm resolve in response to

your prayers I I Am with You strengthening and Reviving you as you

rise each morning placing your trust in my tender care for your future your

appreciation is a Priceless gift to me you stand out however skeptically

because of your unwavering Faith even if you ridicule your belief in an invisible God you will never doubt that I am here

with unwavering determination and boundless Faith you will rise living each moment in the awareness of your

Divine heritage exuding self assurance and joy serving as a symbol of your

partner your appreciation and the innate beauty of your spirit as a new day Dawns

on the horizon standing firm by your side I wish to engulf you once again in

the manifestation of my Limitless love Grace the earth I am showering you with

benefits even before the sun rises when you awaken from your sleep the air you

breathe the light inside you and the strength to overcome every challenge that comes your your way are all gifts

from me remember that I’m strong enough to lead you through life’s complex curveballs regardless of the obstacles

you may be trying to overcome to limit your enjoyment your unwavering support and

perseverance will allow me to reveal my intentions for you as I lead you toward

a future of tranquility and abundance I may fill your life with happiness and

benefits know that I am with you always and that my grace will last forever

the advantages I have planned for you and subsequent Generations cannot be withheld through coercion on today the

most crucial of days I beseech you my beloved to resist the Allure of meaningless and dishonorable Pursuits to

remain by my side and to keep your spirit strong and brave because even in the darkest of times I can work wonders

in your lives I can do all things through you showing that my love and power are Limitless I I will always do

what you want me to so you may have all the happiness and success in the world

my darling little one clings to nously to my promises and guarantees in times

of Doubt know that I will never leave you until I have fulfilled all my promises to you in times of sadness you

seek comfort in me May my eternal love provide you with comfort with Loving

Hands ready to reveal you I am constantly by your side supporting your aspect I have I have plans for you that

are very remarkable if you put your faith in me you could see the light shine through the shadows and the fire

of Hope burn again in your heart I am with you at every turn of your journey

so relax in my grace go out courageously and come out with an unwavering cure

have faith that I can pull off miraculous things for you my Limitless love will be the reward and success for

all your hard work no matter how many tears You Weep or how how many prayers you say never waver in your trust in me

no matter how rough the waters become nothing can stand in the way of your success my steerage is correct by

joining forces we can face any Challenge and emerge Victorious take full

advantage of the many advantages I am bestowing upon you because you believe in my provision the clouds are parting

in your longing but remember to always keep me close to your heart Proclaim

your Devotion to me affirm your faith and promise with your unwavering commitment I’m able to Lavish you with

love and spill forth the immense pleasure that resides inside you I know how anxious you are and how your mind is

always racing with ideas I beg you not to give in your dread my hand is

banishing any residual anxiety from your history by letting go of the weight of your mistakes today you may start

healing the Deep wounds and breaking the shackles that that have bound you for so long with your unfaltering faith you can

confidently face the future knowing that I am with you from the beginning to the end of time welcome my truth into your

soul you have my undying affection and My Sacrifice on the move is proof of

that I am able to lead you away from the ultimate deceivers and bring my teachings into your lives as a symbol of

the power of Faith demonstrating the incredible Heights that are within reach

for those who place their trust in me I am growing in my power to give you

Everlasting lives so believe in my promises with unfaltering confidence I’m

about to shower you with many gifts so enlarge your fingers to grasp them even

now the heavens are opening up for your choice but I beseech you to remain unwavering in your Devotion to me

Proclaim your devotion confirm your faith and Pledge Your Everlasting

Allegiance Fe not for I am removing the darkness of your captivity bringing

forth a new technology of healing Liberty and Limitless benefits dive head

first into my promises for they provide deliverance from Evil’s clutches Infuse

your house with these soothing words and let them reverberate among your loved ones as I provide you with health

sustenance Independence and wealth you will see the incredible blessings that

are hard to fathom on the other hand who else can provide you with an extraordinary amount of Happiness your

real needs are obvious to me and I understand the depths of your broken heart my love is kind and soothing it

will offer you comfort and ease at every moment of your life have faith in it for

your sake I am the only one who gave my life on the cross and rose again on a

daily basis I mold write and script your future nothing can deceive me the

world’s delusions have misled many leading them to believe I bring retribution and question my love as the

past draws near even when they ignore me and fall for lies I stand before you as

a testament to the great plans meant for you and your family all the while still holding on to my love your all powerful

God has not created this illusion my love for you has no bounds and my

tolerance for you has never wavered I reveal my plans shower benefit on your path and invite you to accept my

beautiful compassionate love gracefully acting it seeks delight and truth

without boasting or envying incorporate this unending love into your Supernatural advantages love desire and

Faith it endures believes and persists through all difficulties the love you’ve

already received is the greatest gift collect it with open hands and keep

going a little longer because you can think back back on your journey and be proud of what you’ve accomplished I can

help you in ways that money can’t buy no amount of money can buy the things I’ve set aside for you this isn’t empty

rhetoric my love for you is now out in the open and I will make good on my

pledge with unfaltering religion and respond with what I believe to be true

using the method of my sentences with seriousness take a deep breath of fresh

air look up at the vastness of the sky and bask in the warmth of the Sun as you

step outside the expressions of my affection for you are these one way I

show my affection for you is by always being there for you and keeping a close eye on you on several occasions I have

guided you out of the depths of Despair and saved you each time if you make a

mistake today and encounter difficulties do not give up or lose heart on your

journey in my view your dreams are really important and they may very well

come true you have a Divine cause that I gave you I am trying to find a method to

express my infinite love and energy through you my holy spirit always active

within you is sanctifying and leading you in your spiritual walk you will soon be able to see beyond what the floor

looks like with my guidance you will be able to see through people’s good intentions and gain a wealth of

knowledge that will enhance your understanding in unparalleled ways your selfless acts of service will provide

comfort and hope to many others opening doors for those who are struggling put

my lessons into practice by becoming a living example of your faith for all around you to see through my unshakable

faith in my abilities I will demonstrate to the world what is feasible no matter

how difficult the situation becomes I will be by your side ready to lend a hand and guide your spirit your prayers

never leave my ears your screams never leave my coronary heart and I will fight

for the motivation I’ve given you in your life always put your loved ones first treating them with the respect and

attention they deserve work hard at what you do avoid arguments since they lead

to conflict and protect your mind from negativity express your thankfulness for

the precious gift of life as you stride in delight and raise your arms in Dev otion I am the solution to every

conundrum the way out of every jam and the medicine for all of your ailments while I navigate the vast

breadth of my arrival I carry your family your future and your life in my

hands like a beloved child never lose sight of those dreams of yours twinkling

like stars in the sky they are not capricious wishes but rather Illuminating beacons Guided by my hand

for I am the creator of everything and your worth surpasses all Earthly standards I have observed your ideas

coming to fruition your ambition filled heart and your contentment the anticipation that once stored keeps you

up at night is both simple and deep it reflects my own Delight as I think about

you my intreaty to you inculcate an attitude of thankfulness in yourself

with the passage of time your life force the comfort of loved ones and the food

on your table are all gifts for which you should be eternally grateful you need only look around you to see many

benefits some of which are subtle but of great significance keep at it precious

baby and you will become a parent and treasure these gifts from above every

morning presents a fresh chance for celebration and joy it serves as a blank canvas for you to craft the Masterpiece

of your life’s journey and you should express your gratitude at the first sign of dawn the ability to choose Joy over

sadness and rise above the difficulties you’ve encountered is a gift I’ve given you the seeds of Doubt planted by others

should not tarnish your Delight I am the source of your weakness Divine assistance your Everlasting guide will

burst upon you like a gentle intellectual waterfall revitalizing your whole being kindling your intellect with

Zeal and enveloping your soul in Heavenly Tranquility your lives will be filled

with joy as this Serenity Sparks new aspirations and shows you the way to

success submerge yourself in my word talk to me daily and let my spirit shed

light on your path with Heavenly wisdom be wary of those who claim to have

Divine insights who attempt to control your destiny by making false predictions

or who try to force their will on you praying will provide you with eternal comfort in times of uncertainty by

reiterating that I your heavenly father am your last Refuge protected from

Harm’s reach do not let your heart be worried or burdened my beloved newborn

despite the Relentless onslaught of evil when darkness seems to surround you and situations seem insurmountable you must

not give into fear or uncertainty don’t let dread grip you or take root in your

heart prepare to have your life blown to Smither as I lead you to kingdoms beyond

your imagination you will be surrounded by my grace and my desire as you go

through life and my blessings will be by your side every step of the way here and

now I implore you not to run away from my tender Embrace or doubt the truth of what I’m saying have faith in me you’ve

imagined a remarkable reason for your existence remain Resolute and exude an air of intimidating bravery keep moving

forward fearlessly Guided by a firm belief in your heart you must not let the failures of your past Define you or

your future there is no way that the reverberations of past mistakes can dampen the Limitless love I feel for you

so don’t let them hold you back draw nearer hear me out very carefully allow

my presence to remove any barriers of dread and doubt from your heart there is Grandeur ahead and you must be ready to

accept its gifts therefore my darling embody my promises today with all your heart hence resist the Allure of sinful

impulses and this world alluring traps keep in mind that the transient joys of

this world lead most efficiently to Desolation depression and spoiling have

taken hold of my family therefore I implore you to come close to me right

now so that I may hold you in my hands and ease your suffering these words

which have reached you all the way to the end are the Heavenly guarantee of your value to me when I look at you my

love for you has no bounds if you are having trouble believing beling in love because of past stories of unrequited

love I am here to mend your broken heart as the love you planted begins to

flourish you’re reaping abundant Joy your strength and the beauty of all you’ve cultivated are wonders to see

even if I am unsatisfied I still recognize the love you have shown I am always watching over you even if other

people may have angered you and you may have put too much faith in them your selfless Deeds have not gone to waste

the restless nights you faced will surely reap rewards in the midst of suffering you may be able to harvest

what you have planted in rich soil in times of trouble my Holy Spirit turns things around the ability to persist is

the one thing that has been lacking in every struggle you have faced after my touch revitalizes you my energy reveals

the Fate that is ahead for your Baron I can celebrate your unwavering commitment

Landscapes will be revitalized your spirit will no longer yearn for love and your arms will be filled to the

brim with plenty let us be vulnerable with each other steady in our judgment

and dogged in our Pursuits so that we may let me into your hearts on our daily

walks together I will bestow strength courage and constant reminders of my

Everlasting Love perch on top of the world I am doing okay embrace the love

that surrounds you and ignore the negative nagging thoughts that plague you at night instead relax in my

affections gentle arms so when dangers Loom do not be afraid instead cling to

my promises with naive faith and press on with unwavering confidence because I am everything you need to overcome the

difficulties of this field have you felt it my beloved child a gentle murmur

fading through the D of your daily existence serves as a gentle reminder that calm lies in the midst of life’s

tumultuous storms you may relax into a state of deep Inner Peace by closing your eyes and tuning

into the gentle hum of your own heart as tempests Tempest your ship you remain

moed inside the embodiment of my grace through the trials of this world they show up all but threatening to tear your

faith apart when you tune out the world’s negativity and focus on the gentle activation I provide in a

non-judgmental voice you will be able to overcome financial difficulties

The NeverEnding barrage of health problems and the breaking of relationships this will also be over my

darling I promise you although I feel the numbness of victimization and the

quiet Agony csing through your veins I beg you to put compassion first in every

conflict I see your tears however silent in the midst of your worst hours you

will uncover a precious treasure a chance to nurture empathy and perseverance

my dear son and daughter I extend my hand to open your eyes to the Limitless possibilities that await you feel the

comforting Embrace of my embodiment around you you feel safe in my hands and

you know it because I can’t let go of you in any way being in my company is like finding a safe haven your

unfaltering trust will bring you everything that you have ever wanted for I am your God your father and your

sustainer the benefits you’ve s sort are waiting for you in your coronary heart’s arms permit me to introduce a Heavenly

joy and serenity into your own being I am here to fulfill all of your desires

and choices so that you can find true and Lasting pleasure even if the path ahead is difficult I will never leave

your side or abandon you on your adventure so you need not worry discover

the parts of me that you can relate to and see how the realness of this miracle

in velops you as you go forward Ward strengthening your faith and energizing

your soul right now the suffering you’re going through is not an indication of

failure or Collapse by coming to me for comfort you are entrusting me with your

sadness if you must float let the tears flow freely let me be there for you

while you grieve and cry with me even in the depths of Despair and the most crushing isolation you have my

unwavering support because I am familiar with your feelings and have been through this with you rest assured I will not

leave you on the contrary I am here to provide Solace and support demonstrating

my immense love and the immense value I place on you how can I cut you off from my support system my unfaltering

Limitless and truthful love will never leave your side no matter how bad things go understand this truth on a deeper

level stay quick with this promise my love for you is unwavering no matter how

many times you mess up today I am unflappable it is important not to

mislead or overstate believe me when I say I love you an endless number of times my commitment to you is Limitless

now is the moment to stop being so casual about my feelings and start taking them seriously your faith must

not sway like a ship in Stormy Waters there will be no more floundering wandering or foundering on your part

believe it to be true of me and know that you you must incorporate Faith with Resolute conviction at this moment

you’ve benefited greatly from my touch thus far but that’s not all give up your

Beating Heart to me and believe in the power of unfaltering acceptance you can always count on me permit this truth to

reverberate throughout you I am present release your Broken Dreams at my feet

pour out your broken heart to me and let me carry your troubles if you would only

let me carry out my divine plan I would strengthen your spirit remove your doubts and implant in you the unshakable

feeling that you are valuable beyond measure so that you may face any uncertainty with steadfast

self-confidence your spirit remains unaffected by the opinions of others rest assured that my love for you

remains unwavering the shackles of tragedy do not ens snare you and evil

powers do not dictate your destiny no one you care about should ever have to hear my impassioned plead pleas for

understanding the truth through unwavering Faith malevolence has vanquished all evil dissolved all bonds

and broken every constraint I am now dealing with you because I have seen you deviate from your true path influenced

by the negative words said by others by spreading lies about you they have tarnished your honor and made you seem

unlovable it breaks my heart if you find religious significance in what they say

and believe that it may change your destiny while we seek forgiveness and represent my unfaltering love for you I

beg you to turn your lower half toward me right now I’m showering you with love

as you stand firm for what’s important to you your heart you are loved by many

if you want to feel that my message is reaching you just as you like it to it may also be painful the journey to a

life adorned with joy and abundance full of tranquility and Heavenly Choice

begins now you have worked hard and now is the time to reap the rewards you may be sure that

I’m always here for you stay confident and keep moving forward no matter how

dark things seem in all that you do I will fight your battles and lead you to

victory even when you feel like giving up or doubting me my grace will show up

because I am your God your guardian and your constant source of love and support

remember I can provide you with everything you really want from the bottom of your heart because I have

always listened to your prayers I am here now to help you with your problems my love for you is Limitless unending

and unshakable you must know this in order for you to remain unwavering in the face of all the Arena’s distractions

I stress this point often embrace the Tranquility knowing that my voice will gently lead and soothe you even before

you hear it instead of giving in to hopelessness remember that my love for you is

unwavering push yourself on and hope for the best I will be by your side the

whole way cheering you on when you’re tired and discouraged as you confront the challenges of each day my spirit

will be with you in times of doubt my love will wrap you in a comforting

embrace you will find Tranquility under my Guidance the love you receive from me

will Empower you let the love I have for you shine brightly enough to chase away

the darkness that lurks around every corner your happiness not your suffering

is what I want since my love for you is profound giving me your whole heart now

is the key as I perform Miracles within you you will rise up with a bright grin

instead of wallowing in misery and bemoaning the Hereafter how have you thrived my dear

standing I take great Delight in seeing your growth because you are as sturdy and lofty as a towering tree every wall

that has ever stood between us must now fall I have placed you in the perfect spot to receive the abundance that is

mine to give you you keep going strong confidently opening doors because I’m by

your side no matter how tough things get the best way to face your fears and

Seize Your rightful Legacy is to see them as possibilities you are ready to

succeed because I have filled you with courage and put into your blood you have the power to shape your reality yet you

can’t unleash your full potential until you accept my words for what they really are the secret to reaching Heights you

never imagined lies in your unwavering acceptance of me as truth every fiber of

your being knows that I am real and it gives me immense pleasure to bestow

blessings upon you you know how much I love you you are always at home in my

hands Embrace and I can feel your life force radiating forth today let this

truth permeate every part of your existence I beg you to put everything else aside and sit with me in the

Stillness of our bond I may reaffirm the love that gives you life instead of

hoping that the day will leave you feeling tired and unsure my desire is to give you the energy to face every

obstacle headon with Crystal Clear Focus you can feel my presence in the

way your eyes sparkle as you eagerly await the arrival of the fresh and wonderful blessings I’m about to shower

on your lives The Majestic Eagle is effortlessly flying to Great Heights so may your

faith remain unshaken I am your constant companion walking alongside you at every

turn my promise to you is that the miraculous works of art I have initiated within you will undoubtedly materialize

and Blossom into a beautiful tapestry with Divine Purpose and success

you are about to receive an abundance of blessings that will fill your spirit with joy Serenity and Beauty you can

count on me to be a safe haven filling your heart and soul with eternal happiness and great

satisfaction Marvels will be orchestrated by me incredible as it may seem the only thing I ask of you is that

you fully commit to my unwavering promises stay on the road to the many rewards I have planned for you doubts

will no longer stand in your way be strong and unwavering when faced with

challenges I will always be by your side loving you no matter what you may expect

an abundance of nutrients on your desk the flourishing of your loved ones and a

tranquil atmosphere around your house the next day charge forth with a dazzling enthusiasm for Life engulfed in

joy happy Carefree surrounded by calm and unburdened by fear these are the

qualities that make up an unruffled disposition your faith will be a rock

upon which you can always rely I will always be here for you loving you no

matter what and I will always tell you to stay away from those who want to bring you down do this because you care

about your loved ones incorporate my love into your life hold me in high regard and start each day with praise as

your steadfast companion by worshiping me raise your soul and set your mind on the certainty

of my Everlasting presence when you go into a holy place the pressures of this

world and the passage of time melt away in these times of awe we are united in

holy love and devotion you reach new heights of spiritual freedom and personal fulfillment right here imagine

a world where hopelessness Despair and the shackles of self-pity fade away like

the first rays of Morning Light sincere adoration is is powerful but not equally

so the pressure is so intense that it makes everything else seem like a mirage

when you worship me you enter my own nature and see my Majesty in all my might as you fearlessly get closer to

the wonderful future that lies ahead of you my beloved child keep a desire alive

in your heart my words when they reach your spirit reflect the unending love

and unyielding determination I have for you remember this message message and be amazed at how my hand will guide you

throughout your life remain steadfast in your faith knowing that great blessings

are ahead always remember that I am by your side guiding you to unimaginable

nation states embrace my love stay true to my promises and let my Tranquility

completely encircle you my beloved I will fulfill my heavenly intentions if

you are patient my love and beauty are enduring gifts that will never break my

heart please keep praying because I’m usually paying attention lots of love

and blessings are flooding into my mind as I think about you when you think

about my introduction I want to tell you about the depths of kindness that I’ve been saving for you lately your beauty

and Charisma are the embodiment of my love for you this whole International is

set up to help you achieve all your dreams I can fulfill your heart’s desires therefore you should know that

the advantages I have planned for you are impregnable since I moved for a purpose this isn’t a lucky break it’s my

sincere desire and kindness for your ways of living coming through so brace yourselves your sorrows and Agony will

no longer control you from this point on every promise I’ve ever made to you has

the potential to materialize today as it is a new beginning you never know what

the day will bring but your deepest desires may come true I want you to know that my word is still law no matter how

much you question it but if you are hesitant other people may be able to take advantage of you do you want refuge

in me and a chance to revitalize yourself emotionally mentally and

spiritually even if you have the power to dream and the will to harvest your enemy is always looking for ways to

exploit your weaknesses so walk firmly in the power I’ve given you conquer evil

and be a light to those around you you my loved ones are protected by my music

truth and Justice will win out in the end and much that seems lost may be found again beware of those who oppose

you with trickery or exploitation never give up the odds of success are greater

than you may imagine benefits keep watch over you beloved in the world where love

flows ceaselessly as the creator of everything that is and ever will be free

from the control of time immersed in the Everlasting manifestation of My Endless Love and Tranquility I enjoy being in

your company with an abundance of joy we also love your family a lot you are very

remarkable for taking this precious time out of your day to connect with me in this way as you immerse yourself in my

divine presence you are drawing from the source of divine energy and Grace that is within you you must understand that I

will bestow upon you remarkable resilience with this ability you will be

able to rise above the mundane difficulties of the world I can deepen your understanding and broaden your

religious perspective revealing the great rewards that await you come near

to me because I will show you the strength to overcome obstacles and the answers you seek will be as peaceful as

the morning I hold you close in an ocean of sadness my heightened awareness of your

every sound and emotion reassuring you of my dear love my spirits will gently

rise even if the industry may also rely on your stumbling you are being told to

rise tall and proud no one will DARE stand in your way because you are my beloved child stay steadfast to those

words when the night falls they will feed your spirit and give you peace and

confidence as you embark on your journey May the Heavenly Legion protecting you from the harsh Arena shine in the light

of my divine presence I am here for you always at your side through good times

and bad so never forget that you are never really alone give me your word

that you will find refuge in the arms of the most high even when the night strikes and the world seems to be

closing in on you recite these words softly in the safety of your own heart

under God’s protective arm I feel embraced by love think about your magnificent Lord the arena may look down

on you but I look at you with unfathomable love so don’t ever forget that even though the industry may try to

shape you I can see the core of your identity I like you just the way you are

on occasion I am working on something far more Monumental something that is in

harmony with an eternal Viewpoint even though it remains hidden behind the

current seconds curtain by your side I’ve learned that a final Triumph isn’t

always only possible but assured even when death itself Looms on the horizon

however the point of this Triumph is not to avoid obstacles rather it is to rise

above them with unfaltering trust in my divine plan tenacity and faith I am able

to Triumph do not give in to the cold Embrace of Despair when You Face challenges like storm winds instead seek

me casting your cares at my feet not by fighting feudal battles but by fasting

and sincere prayer remain steadfast in my teachings for they contain a source of strength and

comfort listen carefully to the holy spirit’s gentle nudging as you go on the holy Road no matter how scary things

seem right now my dear Soul know that they are just temporary Shadows reflect

on the path I have paved before you even when the way ahead appears clouded by doubt because there is a victory seed in

every challenge the key is not to avoid difficult situations but to face them

head on with you by my side and emerge Victorious when problems are piling up

in your life it’s normal to feel scared to wonder what’s causing all this trouble and to worry whether you’ve

deserved your fate such responses are universally human and they originate in

the basic human need to make sense of and control one’s own life like the

oxygen you breathe and the water you drink trials are a natural part of life

however even in the midst of these challenging times you have a Serenity and comfort that no one else in the

industry knows about because I’ve already won the arena when I’m in you

you find Solace and an electric current that transcends worldly challenges get over the mistakes you’ve

made in the past every error or imperfection is Forgiven today is the

first day of a new adventure that will begin along my path blessed with Divine faith faor and elegance nothing holds on

to your feelings or disturbs your Tranquility the chains of harmful habits

vices or previous failures remain when you follow my Divine will no matter how

many Skeptics and enemies there are who want to bring you down you will succeed because I am with you every step of the

way nothing on this planet can change your predetermined fate believe me when

I say that my holy spirit will bring an overflow of benefits and joy into your your life via the promises even in the

darkest of times you will receive all the necessary knowledge hold on to my teachings let them guide you through the

good and the bad and don’t waver from them put your trust in me and be patient

while Things fall into places I want stay strong and overcome obstacles but

never back down from my Limitless love even if you face trials I will shower

you with pleasure and serenity once they pass as you Faithfully accept this course you will rightfully reap these

advantages so embody them let your heart be filled to the brim with immense Delight the kind of joy that lasts a

lifetime and finds its foundation in the profound knowledge of my infinite kindness you will no longer praise me

based on my Deeds alone but rather on my Essence the source of all benefits I The

Giver of Life and wisdom want nothing more than to fill you to the brim with my heavenly Aura and imbue every part of

your being with my Radiance and might I have diligently prepared you to be a vessel of heavenly Beauty to be filled

to the brim with Divine Essence and to reflect my Limitless love and pleasure to the world those spiritual foods will

strengthen you internally providing you with strength stamina and determination you must be filled to the

brim with boundless joy for me my beloved you will discover an endless source of delight the kind of joy that

strengthens men’s and lasts a lifetime this is quite powerful right now despite

how simple it is at its core every day when you journey in unity with me it

will be your stronghold your steadfast position against the nonsecular tempests

that may tempt you it’s an overwhelming Victory proof of your unwavering belief

and indomitable character seeking Me Out Among the day’s ephemeral murmurs and

the wind’s delicate touches in the face of overwhelming hardship may your unwavering awareness of my presence

serve as a shield against the snares of self-doubt and the specters of depression trust me with your life put

the past in the past instead focus on the future and let me help you achieve

your goals each day you come to me for wisdom and I may show you the way to a

life of triumphs and Marvels despite the fact that life isn’t always smooth sailing my love envelops you and my

strength is always there to help you overcome challenges have no fear for

those who pay attention the path to Victory is clear do not let your faith waver or your true motivation go I have

bestowed on you Lifestyles happiness purpose tranquility and wisdom ignore

the demands of the arena and others condemnation focus on your loved ones no

longer does my beloved Tire of achieving well in spite of changing season reasons and difficulties I will steadfastly

stand by your side no matter what allowing the din of voices to not overpower my gentle murmur of devotion

if you seek me first and foremost I will satisfy your Soul’s longings much more

than the fleeting pleasures of this world I am aware of the difficulties you

came prepared saw where others were hiding and placed them down without hesitation before I did is my incredible

worth no longer sufficient to Bear your responsibilities put your pain in my hands and I will turn it into Joy along

with the radiance and constancy of your voice I will soothe your laughter dry your tears and light a fire in your

heart the sector will see you shout my praises and declare your allegiance to me and they will know that you are mine

as a sign of my unending love and devotion even those who disapproved of you and look down on you may see my hand

in your being no pressure difficulty or rejection can shake your unwavering

Faith deeply planted in the Lord’s sanctuary and supported by my love you

will remain strong in the face of worldly doubt and rejection I Infuse

your soul with new energy Reawakening a dormant passion for living discover

Liberation by opening your heart to my forgiveness I will always be with you a

light house in The Darkest Hours an emerging embodiment in the loneliest moments accept the opportunities I give

you for romance and provision for they contain fulfillment insight and a deeper

communion with me that has entangled you I hear the quiet supplications the

appeals without words and the hard speech When you pray so keep your sentences short but your heart’s content

as you scream at me I can respond with boundless compassion both swiftly and

gently it gives me joy to hear your voice and respond to the deepest desires of your heart in any circumstance or

difficulty so please tell me all that you need fear and want take refuge in me

my love I am your stronghold your shield and your constant support in times of

need the barriers that incircle your spirit dissolve within this hallowed Haven casting away the weights that

afflict you may your worship go beyond being a superficial show of devotion and

instead become a deep reality that reverberates acoss Across the Universe

regardless of how dark your day may seem worship will always reveal the brilliant

light of my presence you bring out the best in me and you are able to triumph

over the challenges you face because of this a wind grounded in faith and unflinching love that accepts the Deep

reality that a comfortable coronary heart is a source of healing awaits rather than Victory as the arena

understands it enjoy yourselves the arena can no longer hurt you because I won the significance of my Triumph on

the Move goes beyond its historical context it represents an everlasting Assurance of Liberty Harmony and

unwavering affection remember how significant this Victory is and become close to it

because of how it will impact your life no circumstance amount of pressure or

small moment of sadness can sever the unbreakable tie of my love for you

permit a flood of joy to wash over you as you think about these deep realities

it will illuminate you and get your heart racing with excitement having a joyful heart now

does more than just Elevate the spirits it feeds your complete being whether

that’s spiritually emotionally or physically listen my darling you carry

an energy that goes far beyond what you can see you will find the inner strength to endure life’s unforgiving storms if

you explore your core because of your hair’s silver strands you should not be

afraid of passing time experience firsthand the knowledge gained and the fruits of a well-lived life and while

the intricate web of time continues to unfold my vow to you is firm you may

restore Vitality to your being by restoring your spirit and realigning your priorities through your unfaltering

faith and sincere seeking the circulation of youthful energy will

Revitalize your mind previously burdened by the weight of years the energy of

your children once thought to have faded will resurface infusing every action

with new Vitality you will serve as an example to the younger generation of how

religion can change lives you may trust that my love for you is Limitless and

unwavering my heart longs for your joy for the peace and Harmony within your

own family and for a future filled with blessings because of my omnipotence I’m

able to Grant you this Divine will as soon as you have followed my advice up to this point get ready the foundation

that your own family will use to demonstrate my desires is the unfaltering faith and dedication that

you have shown me while you close your eyes find Tranquility in my

presence crying is pointless your petitions have reached me now both verbally and in the quiet places of your

soul and my reply has soothed you I can ease your worries and comfort you when you’re

sad the embodiment of my being is a Haven of calm and safety spend more time

here it’s not a viable exit strategy right now whether you’re in Valley shrouded in hardship or trudging through

arid deserts of struggle I hope your spirit departs strengthened and prepared

for the path ahead you can rest assured that we are protecting and embracing you

you are you are my rock during the day and my light during the night my love for you will never fade bring it up and

think about it my holy spirit’s loving Embrace protects you from the dangers of this world there may be times of

difficulty but know that you are secure in peace your faith in my words gives

you strength and being with me Feels Like Home despite the many challenges

you faced you remain steadfast in your belief that you will ultimately succeed

I am here today prepared to help you overcome the feelings of Shame regret

resentment and sadness that you are carrying around those emotions once they take

over will quickly go away replaced by a deep understanding of your intrinsic

value in my eyes your soul might have reached New Heights if you had known how much you meant to me it is my deep

desire to inculate this unfaltering belief in you so that no amount of external pressure can quench your

spiritual fire be amazed at the Miracles I do in your life a beautiful Symphony of Salvation

and rebirth declare your unwavering faith in me affirm your faith in the

power of forgiveness to bring new life into every aspect of your life do not harm yourself because I have forgiven

you my Mercy has cleansed you and given you a fresh start fill your mind with

positive affirmations and thoughts that will lead you to peace and do not let yourself be consumed by the shadows of

your past you are no longer a drifting aimless being your unwavering commitment to

being by my side shows that you can overcome any obstacle I am firmly grounded in your roots keep your

distance from those who would bring you down with their careless remarks and cruel actions do not allow compromise or

neglect to put out your fire your Sorrows await a path filled with light and blessings I have endowed you with

creative imaginative prophetic and un wavering tenacity if you hold me dear in

your heart the truth I share will lead you to understand all the wonderful dreams I have planted in your soul I

have given you the power to shape your environment please instead of wasting

time on meaningless Pursuits redirect your attention to what really matters

our connection is the source of strength in your calmness do not break our bond

in the future I hope to have meaningful conversations with your Beating Heart as you hold my hand with unwavering

commitment Direction and vitality know that no matter what I am

close by and well-versed in your challenges and goals your reserves within me are Limitless and my spirit is

always ready to come on top of your resources so even if the conflict rages fiercest and your resolve falters

remember that all you have to do is extend a helping hand and remember that your heavenly companion is is an endless

source of love and strength ready to support and encourage you at all times

with baited breath I await your name raise your confidence filled hand and

answer my call my love has no limits it surrounds you like an impregnable

Fortress steady and complete in times of need and periods of Doubt let this truth

serve as your motivation my Everlasting Love Is Your unwavering companion in life’s maze problems may also exist

but dwelling on them makes it easy to let worries and depression set in however my darling you have been called

to a higher plane of existence one that goes beyond the ordinary the Holy Spirit

who lives within you gives you the strength to live a life beyond this world embracing the divine presence

enables you to transcend your innate inclinations and see beyond the temporary obstacles that cloud your path

it begs you to look intently at me from the transient to the permanent from the

visible to the invisible just looking at your problems will draw you closer to my

presence and power it will focus your whole attention on me so you can draw strength understanding and love from me

even as you face your problems headon and refuse to let them consume you this

declaration goes beyond short-term successes it rings true as a Timeless

truth integrated into your own being take comfort in the fact that I’m unfazed by the unexpectedness or

severity of your tribulations they have no power over me and even at your lowest

hour they cannot derail my eternal plans for you through it all my presence has

been the one constant even in the midst of apparent failure my love compassion Grace and power now reside in you and

shine forth through you eradicating others traces the evil plans seem to have worked yes I do believe that my is

involved the key to my success is to turn plain losses into dazzling triumphs

that elevate me and my heavenly Kingdom first and foremost this pricey spirit is

the Deep mystery and Majesty of my techniques keep in mind that my infinite

love and Divine Purpose are stronger than any challenge difficulty or hostile

plot in this world pay attention to my voice and follow my instructions through

all of your trials and dark moments I am the one who will lead you guide you and

save you in my opinion you go beyond Conquering the World by walking through

your heart’s trials and emerging Victorious from The Crucible rather than just avoiding them you come out stronger

wiser and More in touch with my heart’s holy beat and my dad’s lofty chores

until the end of time I will remain by your side never leaving you and I look

forward to the days ahead with unfaltering conf confidence my love for you is so great that I gave myself up on

the mountain so I could give you the strength to live forever I want you to feel the full force of my love for you

embrace my assurances and I will lead you in the proper direction keeping you away from the dangers of error hold on

to those promises as you draw near to me and I will really surround you with my

grace it is my deepest desire to protect and guide you so that you never have to

face the world on your own rejoice in the knowledge that I’m always close by

encouraging you to wait patiently for the great benefits that are on the way take it easy the benefits you’re seeking

will soon be at your fingertips keep my words close to your heart and pray to me from the bottom of

your heart I can figure this out as is my Habit in the face of adversity I can

strengthen your will and anchor you securely never again will you have to

worry about unfounded accusations lies or threats because my word is my bond

you are strong and capable not weak and helpless break free from the chains of

your enemies let go of the guilt of forgiven sins rid your mind of useless turmoil let go of resentment forgive

those who have harmed you and let go of the past I will hold your future

securely and I will ensure that your Divine future is filled with wonder and

fantastic Miracles with my Limitless love I will bless you and your loved

ones when you fully commit to me I will be able to satisfy your every need when

I feed you the finest wheat and miraculous honey from the rock your every need will be satisfied keep in

mind that there may be difficult times ahead as you work to fulfill my promises

but no matter how bad things get you must have unfaltering faith in me and hold fast to the promise that I am

gently shaping your spirit for greater things to come despite the challenges

that lie ahead you must not give in to fear but instead think clearly and act

decisively go fearlessly into the future I have carefully planned for you a

future full of possibilities and favor from on high remember that faith is a

light that will guide you even when the darkness seems darkest showing the way ahead my darling when uncertainty tries

to Cloud your view don’t let your solution waver march on fearlessly knowing that my love for you has no

limits even in the face of life’s most devastating storms as Darkness approaches my presence may be a rock

that you can lean on for comfort and the will to keep going never waver from my divine plan no matter how many critics

and doubters attempt to steer you in the other direction I will guide you to Realms beyond your present understanding

revealing vistas of beauty and reason that await your Discovery so that your life is unwavering incredible and

Sublime think of me as your parent I am supreme at the beginning and conclusion

there is an endless well of energy and a giftgiving road map think about me and

see how my infinite compassion and love can transform your path into a masterpiece of happiness and success the

paintings I have started inside of you will bring benefits so keep that in mind

each blessing will spread at the exact second producing an effect that goes beyond conception show the world this

truth with unfaltering faith my baby stay true to these principles as you

make your way through life’s maze they will guide you and provide sustenance for your spirit with every stride breath

and pulse remember that you are in my presence you are my beloved and in you I

find infinite happiness and Delight rest easy knowing that you are never really alone

as you bask in the warmth of my affection and embrace my relaxing

techniques I the Alpha and the Omega in the boundless expanse of Eternity

declare to you with all the universe’s affection that your love is boundless I am your God your author and

your Forever father from the beginning to the end I extend my hand to you my dear child listen to my voice because my

words will lead you to comfort a way forward and a love that will last a lifetime as you have made your way

through life’s ups and downs I have kept a watchful eye on you as a Shepherd tends to his flock with an unfaltering

glance and an unbreakable heart you can be confident that I am making the most

of your unique qualities I never ignore a single tear or sigh you are mine and I

will comfort you by embracing you I have watched you fight my child against the

sector’s currents and other visible and invisible enemies you have endured

tremendous suffering you’ve got a wounded Spirit from the darts of wickedness and lies but here in my

presence you can discover Renewed Energy and a cleansed spirit I am the Potter

and you are the clay as the world comes to life I will reshape you under my

hands I will be there in the depths of your heart inside the sanctity of your soul for every morning re affirms my

love and renews my promise to you just like the sun Paints the Sky with sunglasses of Desire your spirit will

jump unencumbered and liberated you are only human wonderfully flawed and

wonderfully complex your true power lies in your vulnerability your unwavering

religion shines through doubt just like the Saints and martyrs who came before you with hearts a flame with Divine

Purpose you too are desty if you put your trust in me I will remove you from

the path of Darkness revealing the way to Peaceful rivers and verdant Meadows

Whispers In The Wind that I hold dear suddenly fade away leaving behind a sense of calm with each new day as you

awaken to a new day feel my heavenly Embrace surrounding you energizing and

electrifying you in the face of adversity use each day as an opportunity to grow and learn using your enthusiasm

and unfaltering commitment as fuel knowing that I am always here for you is a source of endless Joy a cause to show

my thanks not only with words but also with joyful tears acts of kindness and a

love-filled heart I am honored by your gratitude and my glory is seen in your

joy you will soon see your heart’s desires and prayers answered I will

shower you with Benefits that satisfy your spirit and bring you back to me fear not because my love for you is

unbreakable neither Heavenly being nor powers on Earth seek refuge in me when

faced with overwhelming uncertainty and fear I’m always here to support and guide you through any difficulty and I

have recognized your efforts protect your Beating Heart from the destructive thoughts and words of pessimism and

despair because you are a Priceless gem to me an invaluable treasure that I hold

near as we spend more and more time together soaking up the love that becomes stronger by the day my presence

like that of a frequent travel companion will become more noticeable as time goes on in the end we will be victorious over

your problems and you will be free to enjoy a life of Plenty and joy with my

ability to treat your wounds calm your spirit and provide you with Limitless Joy I am here to be your companion

healer and protector I am well aware of the strategies I have devised for your

benefit can you really grasp the profound s ity of my loving intentions put your worries to rest particularly

the costly ones now is the moment to align your Deeds with a higher purpose

Guided by the Divine spark inside you your soul contains the seeds of grandeur

and when I release the streams of life from my eternal well to nourish them you will become the beautiful person I

always imagined you would be when obstacles that seemed insurmountable finally crumble you will be able to

bestow the gifts that are rightfully yours this is a really meaningful time for me because it is when you say

goodbye to things that no longer represent who you truly are relationships identities and goals you

might grieve for what has passed but as the incredible web of light in life unfolds before you Joy will swiftly

triumph over grief living within the realm is where your deepest aspirations

may be fulfilled my baby not in the transient joys is pedal by the sector

beyond the beginning and the end of time as you strengthen our Eternal tie and enjoy our loving communion you may

discover the strength to flourish in the fleeting light of this life consequently

I strengthen and nurture you my dear so that my Radiance may also fill your life to overflowing and provide blessings to

others There Are No Boundaries to our peace just as there are no boundaries to my love for you I will fill you to the

brim with my spirit as you make space for me in your heart ask and I will also give you enough in

the warmth of our intimate Bond my darling child I speak to you a message of immense importance and strength one

that contains the core of reality my love for you is profound and a

miraculous power that is beyond comprehension thus I beg you to open

your heart completely to its Knowledge from the reverberations of bygone eras

to the vividness of the here and now and finally into the Limitless Horizons of your future with your loved ones I have

been by your side every step of the way within the fabric of my heavenly love is

a treasured tapestry that has a special place in my heart soon God will hear

your supplications and answer your prayers the benefits that are on their way are gorgeous and plentiful so look

forward to them with delight in the complex Walts of life let not worry

linger while your deliverance and assistance fall from high Unstoppable by

everything that would try to prevent their arrival difficulties such as Raging Waves and enemies might emerge do

not be terrified even though there may be many spiritual forces arrayed against you they will fight with all their might

the brightness of my presence serves as an impenetrable barrier protecting you from harm and negativity and my heavenly

Messengers surround your existance stay away from passing judgment or holding grudges against other people the real

enemy is concealed not among them Sly agents and minions of a shadowy infiltrator tie your soul in a web of

traps and a conflict Looms on the horizon one that can drive you to despair if you aren’t careful be strong

my Angelic Legion and March forth with me in the Deep rhythm of adoration and praise because the end of the world is

close the sacredness of morning prayer receives ever greater emphasis in the

safety of your home be spiritually prepared share the news with loved ones

and join together in prayer give my Holy Spirit control of your life I will give

you the ability to manage your emotions which will destroy the foundation of fear and fill your heart with unshakable

Faith No matter how cunning your enemy is you need not be scared he does not

possess the power to read your mind or or decipher my heavenly schemes while he jealously watches your path realize that

your heavenly Creator stands Mighty beneath you my grace surrounds you like an impenetrable Fortress protecting you

from harm and preventing charges against you I will always Stand By Your Side

backing you no matter what in my firm grip you will never be able to escape

refrain from cowering in the face of Terror keep your mind pure because your enemy is Crafty and Relentless but he

will never be able to match the authority of your heavenly father in times of weakness call on me and I will

strengthen and defend you if worries about your children’s future are troubling you Grace entrust them to my

careful Care by surrendering them to prayer under the protection of my wings I promise they will be safe as they go

about their lives enveloped by my Everlasting Love push forward without hesitation I will give you the strength

to face challenges headon and persevere through them they can try to bring you

down but I will fill you to the brim with pleasure and serenity so it won’t matter I am the unwavering protection

and Unstoppable power that you need standing guard against danger your loved

ones are invited to let their hearts be open to me so that the depth of my paternal concern may be shown my

unwavering dedication to you has never wavered and it will not waver I wish you

nothing but happiness and success uccess in the future the floodgates you thought were impenetrable will soon swing open

and plenty will wash over you you are entering into a Holy Covenant with the

promises and Commandments that I have given you each morning I speak guidance

certainty and Limitless love come again to hear them get down on your knees

every day in prayer and watch closely because your enemy is always trying to pull you away from the promises you’ve

made to me but right now I announce that you’re not just Victorious but

fearlessly triumphant your unfaltering conviction makes you a Victor in every

way be aware of this trust me I’m on your side go forth and Proclaim your

message loudly no one can hinder you my boundless love envelops you forever and

ever my heavenly father considers me to be one of his Warriors as he courageously guides me his Divine Force

performs wonders inside me he has my family and myself under his care and we

are safe fortunate and loved everything positive that you ask for in prayer will

come to pass I swear in my presence you will find blessings for your life your

loved ones your meals and your Journeys because of your faith in me I will heal

your physical body erase any painful memories from your mind alleviate your financial hardship and shower you with

abundant benefits like like a tree planted by a stream you will grow tall and sturdy with lush green leaves

Abundant Life and the ability to bless everyone around you as your seeds

proliferate the heat will not scare you make your canopy a refuge for the downtrodden and a Solace for the

guilty even when the going gets tough you need not worry in fact you will

never stop producing fruit in return for your peace I will demonstrate my favor

you may put your faith in me with any task and I will see it through to completion I will keep the approaching

trouble from harming you and your loved ones my guardian angels will encircle

you and keep you safe I will envelop you in happiness and tranquility and you

will experience Delight forever stay calm and composed stay strong I will

fortify you and lend you a hand my right hand which has triumphed will support

you do whatever you do with kindness in your heart because you are doing it for me an excellent request from me will be

your reward for your hard work have complete faith in me not just based on logic if you would only acknowledge me

for all that you do I will smooth your road even if you die you will rise again

because I am the one who gives life to those who trust me honesty and modesty should always characterize you show

tolerance and patience ignore those who try to irritate you don’t don’t yell at or surrender to Violent people your

courageous spirit is a gift from me but I also expect you to use it wisely

believe me when I say that I will help you overcome your fears if you ever experience them again in the face of

evil I will shield you watch over your every move and yield to violence if

necessary your courageous spirit is a gift from me but I also expect you to use it wisely believe me when I say that

I will help you overcome your fears if you ever experience them again I will watch over you shielding you from harm

and ensuring your safety at all times my hand shall be upon you in your dwelling

from this point on whenever you go on a journey keep in mind that I am your God

and that I will always be by your side guiding you with a voice of calm Assurance so that you need not be scared

stay strong no matter what you can count on me to be helpful bye my dear

you are never really alone criticism from envious people may surface when you least expect it pay them no notice even

if they attempt to bring disgrace upon you by bringing up your transgressions refrain from letting sadness and

resentment rule your life no matter what happens you can count on me to remain by

your side I shall be by your side forever you are the most lovely genuine

person I have ever met and I will adore you no matter what the world thinks

those who are quick to criticize someone they have never met are sadly lacking in self-control cling to my countenance

long for my instruction and hide in my shade while you pour love over everything you see I painstakingly

crafted the sky seas and mountains evildoers have a finite amount of time

on Earth but you have an infinite amount of time life and Truth are choices that

everyone now has a great deal of leeway to make you were kind with your reaction when I moved you our faith in one

another will last forever and I will reward you abundantly never be afraid of

timid individuals who are too busy wasting their time attempting to pin you down for your faults I’ve erased those

transgressions from my memory and forgiven you right now I am casting them

into the ocean my power is lifting your mental and emotional burdens along with

any hidden sadness you may still be carrying your outlook will shift and I will bestow upon you even more bravery

to meet life’s challenges with Zeal is my wish for you those who have faith in me will reap my greatest rewards be

humble and keep my word they must not allow authority to corrupt them because of your faith I am pleased that you have

chosen to accept me into your life so that you may obey my commands and live by my word I will restore all that I

have stolen from you stride with Assurance your your fate is in my hands

the tide has turned against your foes quickly please for all the wonderful things in your heart Faithfully seek me

out I will give them to you with all my love I promise to treat you fairly I

have been a witness to your hardships and pains your adversaries used you for their own gain you were calm and

collected you were not out for vengeance you maintained your cool and composure you have faith that I will personally

confront those responsible for your pain since I am holding everything in my hands as you open your heart to accept

this word a light that guides you across the fields and a source of love and

wisdom I will keep strengthening your heart whether you’re at home or at the office my light will illuminate your

whole existence and I’ll give you the strength to face every challenge that comes your way make every effort to be

ready for the many benefits I have planned for you this year I will bring them to pass in the name name of the

father Son and Holy Spirit by speaking to you I am tenderly touching your heart

it is a lovely moment when we pray together in the morning these examples

soore like birds in the sky I am attentive to your desires granting all

your wishes and more I will bestow upon you calmness stability courage and insight your faith in my promises is a

sign of my honor and because of it I will shower you with blessings your whole family will be safe from harm

and assaults because I will keep watch over them they are fearless because they know they are here to fulfill a great

and Noble Mission your perseverance in prayer will yield miraculous results my

holy spirit is ready to lead and console you at all times and the Gates of Heaven

are open keep seeking me no matter what life throws at you I pray that you will

not miss the plethora of good things that are about to come your away please get back to me I can hear your Voice’s

Goodwill and your heart’s kindness I answer you at the appropriate moment

even if it may appear like I’m taking a little longer to respond at times if I don’t immediately fulfill your wishes

don’t lose hope maintain your composure if you haven’t figured it out already

join Pence on his journey there is a purpose to my actions in the spiritual world where events

unfold in ways that elude your understanding if you listen to my voice and follow it I will shield you from any

concealed hazards today your path will be less cluttered and you will have an

easier time reaching your goal right now there is a break in your path show your

appreciation by raising your arms high and thinking back on the times I answered your prayers can you still feel

my unwavering support as I remained by your side through all of your darkest hours remember that I have extended my

hand to you before and I will do so again May these things serve to deepen your trust unleash all your dormant

aspirations and Fantasies now is the time to put them in storage with my permission and help you will achieve

what was previously impossible for you my Holy Name shall be the object of the

utmost reverence and adoration you are now mentally and physically prepared to

stop destructive behaviors you’re completely under under my control you are safe from danger think about what

I’ve said a slew of new weighty choices will present themselves to you at some point if something is making you sick

you need to get away from it refrain from accepting invitations to parties

that tempt you to transgress in return for a fleeting feeling of Joy do not

risk our connection do not feel terrible you have experienced genuine forgiveness

and while you are still experiencing penalty they will all pass many people who used

to laugh with you may now blame you for following me you are going to be the one to swear that I brought about a

miraculous change in your life your loved ones remain in my thoughts for the

people you care about I provide salvation joy and serenity because you

have matured in me upon waking up each day fill your house with faith with your

children listen to praise songs and worship music music set an example that

others may follow remember to always forgive others as I have forgiven you

even if it’s hard forgive it too I will be there to lend you a hand While You

Mend the broken pieces of your broken heart I will hasten their healing so

that they vanish forever from your body and memory nothing you’ve done wrong will

come back to haunt you starting today you must not let the Devourer or fake s

in put all your faith in me every morning with trust and labor I sew a

message in your heart accept it please once you water this Garden it will

quickly Sprout Lush trees wonderful flowers and plants that will provide life and blessings to everyone around

you I am bestowing upon you the spiritual sensitivity and intelligence

to listen perceive and make Intelligent Decisions so that you will never respond

to any circumstance as a result of external pressures because of this no

one will ever manipulate your emotions or trick you my Tranquility will be

yours again all the stress around you will melt away your adversaries will all

flee make sure to give me some time each day make sure to spend quality time with

your family smile and greet them each morning put your grudges aside and go to sleep quiet down and stop yelling at

people I will Empower you to seek my counsel before making any major choices when you’re exhausted don’t attempt to

solve difficulties and don’t take your troubles at work home with you a kind response soothes wrath never resort to

physical force or harsh language in response in all seriousness you should

not accuse someone your everyday demeanor should mirror my Holiness strength love and compassion otherwise I

will continue to bless you I would appreciate it if there were absolutely no dirty remarks made in your family be

careful with your words and may your whole home smell like a sacred spring that purifies the soul impurities in

your spirit will contaminate the water you put out even if it is clean peace

and spiritual Harmony May permeate your house no matter how hard you try you will not succeed nothing is at stake for

you first and foremost make sure my word Echoes throughout your house the more

you exalt the more your walls should tremble hang up simple images to embrace the Power of Words show me how this

sacred text is transforming you and your home and I will be pleased after you undergo this metamorphosis all of the

people you care about will be able to trust you again and they will be more inclined to let me into their hearts at

last they will see that I am more than just a weekly ritual I am a true God I

am God who possesses all power please know that my kindness to you will remain

forever forever I am here to provide a safe haven for the people I care about and I will hold you close while I do so

it makes my heart melt when you show your affection by listening to me talk

we became closer as a result of your comprehension and compliance your life

is undergoing a lovely metamorphosis and your character is becoming stronger with

each passing day no matter what difficulties you encounter today know that I am here with you because because

you are the one who loves and Believes In Me in the face of danger I will protect you and ensure your Triumph I

will restore what others have stolen from you I will expand your abilities and blessings elevating you in glory I

will reclo you in fresh robes and sprinkle holy oil on your head your old

hurts are beginning to heal and you are evolving I have drowned your transgressions in the ocean’s depths and

you must to This Promise constantly I will speak to you as you leave your house and I will be with you as you go

to sleep seeking my faith will bring you comfort and serenity the huge

magnificent and lovely love that signed my commitments ensures their security

please don’t grasp it excuse me but I will not explain it be a part of it

experience it fantasize about it and be happy with it look I the world’s Creator

have come to seek you out to tell you how much I love you this glorious love is fluffing your heart the love you

didn’t want to believe in because people had failed you rather than having you travel great distances or even climb

mountains to hear my voice I am sending you these words via the most unusual of

channels in this very moment I want to speak to your heart and tell you that

you are already experiencing the overwhelming love that exists for you even if you may not have desired to

accept it engulfed by my adoration bask in this new existence without fear or

loneliness and sail on an ocean of bliss as my love guides you to the port where

you will Triumph I love you so passionately that I will never let you be aart from me I will shower you with

Everlasting pleasure plenty and sacred Treasures that no one can take away from

you put your uncertainties aside if you desire a change in your life the devil

so seeds of doubt in your mind so that you will not know me and see firsthand

the Fulfillment of my promises I want the Simplicity of your heart and the

humility of your faith not for you to put your Reliance on your own wisdom in

the morning bring me your plans and I will be your Shepherd leading you to the

fields of green that you have longed for so that your spirit may see the joys of

which I’ve talked so much here it is my presence that rules R not your feelings

there is no room for worry here no amount of poor luck or tough times can

break the calm that dwells in your heart as you anticipate the day when we can spend more time together I love you

without condition as soon as you embrace my love which is both forgiving and accepting of you this tender affection

will transform you you will experience a transformation in your character and

overcome your fear of the unknown the Spirit of love and strength that I have given you makes you strong courageous

fearless and strong willed it does not make you weak or a victim of

discouragement anxiety and Dread will yield to my power instead of those fluctuating emotions feel my power

filling your heart today it was finished when you break free you find out who you

really are help and comfort arrive from above just when you need them so there’s

no need to be afraid or despaired when the time is right you will notice the abundance of benefits and miraculous

fruits that come from believing in me a period of happiness and satisfaction is

upon you greetings I am here now to assure you that I am by your side

tending to you and your family I’ve ordered you to make sure nothing gets in the way of your trip your worries are

valid and I acknowledge that even if you face terrible enemies in your physical body the strength of the loving and

loyal God inside you you is much greater give me your anxieties and I will turn

them into huge gifts by fulfilling my promises and using my power on a daily

basis let my Holy Spirit pour forth into your heart easing your emotions whenever

those memories come flooding back when you wish to express your anguish let it seal your lips so your tongue doesn’t

become tarnished embrace your new life relish it believe in it and well welcome it

with delight as you immerse yourself In this River of Living Waters no matter how bad things become know that I am

always watching over you and your loved ones the dangers of this world are leading you astray but I am here to

infuse you with Vitality My Breath of Life enabling you to deepen your faith

expand your spiritual perspective and recognize that no matter the challenges you encounter or the errors you commit

my value and love for you will endure you have fallen into a pit but I will

save you I am reaching out to you and I will bring you up to a higher level of spiritual power your Worth to me is

immeasurable I feel obligated to inform you of this every morning as the sun

rises you’ll think about me a sign that my kindness is fresh and that my spirit

is beckoning you to pray is when my light begins to shine through your window tell me about your emotions share

your plans with me tell me your concerns and I will answer your prayers and keep my promise ultimately all it takes is a

moment of genuine trust from you to know how much I love you and how I will give you the strength to face each day I have

destroyed the leaves that once held the Scarlet characters you etched with your tears I have wiped the Slate clean of

your transgressions removed the sources of your anguish from your soul and with my bare hands I have cut down the trees

that stand as a constant reminder of your hopelessness indeed you are free and you even express your belief in it

promptly jot down these words on paper this love has set me free for all time

neither your flawlessness nor payment have earned you freedom I am well aware

that there is no way out of the Everlasting fires of hell that await you for your freedom and your

obligations gaining financial support guarantees your success you have join

join the correct group stay focused and avoid making erratic movements here I am

offering you an impenetrable shield stay inside it refrain from dismissing my correction please pay close attention to

my messages keep your pride in check I pray that you will emulate my modesty and simplicity now is the moment to rise

above the past without letting go of hope my role as your heavenly father is to encourage you to gaze up put your

head up and relish in the Beautiful things that are ahead you will be the one to receive my bequest while you are

with me rest and strength are available you’ve paid close attention to my promises now demonstrate your trust by

standing firm and confidently confronting any challenge that comes your way you perceive everything that

exists because I am your God with the power of my Holy Spirit I am directing

you and Performing my will through the power of my word I am illuminating your

path you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy the rewards of your labor at the

appointed time because I will bless your home and send a reign of blessings upon it if you hear these words they will

make sense due to the sacredness of the moment and location you should Bow Low

in respect I want to do miraculous things in your life but I ask that you be faithful devoted and loyal a little

expression of My Affection given that you specifically requested it to show how much I care I’m going to use these

two words not only will I not forsake you today but I also did not abandon you

yesterday I have never left your side whether you are happy or sad in times of

abundance or abundance I never disregarded you or ignored you do not waver even when you sense that your

faith is fading remember the promises I previously gave you I will be by your

side every step of the way so tell those who trouble you that we are interdependent depend on my Mercy think

about how blessed you are but don’t let that thought consume you take advantage of this benefit I giving you if you are

my believer upon its arrival in your possession it will proliferate into several delightful and substantial gifts

finally you will have enough to help others less fortunate and provide a blessing to your own family bread health

strength and peace will be above abundantly yours but you must come and accept them by faith put your fears

aside turn around and face me head on in the dark please come I will answer your

plea and break the chains of disease and curses that have befallen you and your loved ones if I do take something from

you it will be in order to provide you with something even greater I am not trying to take anything away from you

this is a critical and final opportunity for you there is a remarkable difference between you now the person you were

yesterday is not you now the time has come for you to confidently make choices

if someone is always negative you shouldn’t bother asking for their Viewpoint if someone doesn’t wish for

you to receive blessings when you reveal your plans don’t attempt to please them

you will not be discouraged or forced to return to your defeated and Fallen State because I am by your side with

unwavering trust you you will press on and when opportunities present themselves you will seize them allowing

me to enter do not associate with those who bring you down with their negative comments or deeds if someone or

something LED you wrong don’t go back to them I would rather that you not let your heart become icy no more sadness or

despair I see a future filled with happiness and peace for you in exchange for being your universe’s Center and the

object of your undying devotion I promise to shower you with affection and care no matter what anybody says you

can count on me to shower you with love every single day The Tempest has passed

and your trials are over there are no limits to my love and nothing is impossible for me you will now be

showered with nothing but benefits and possibilities because A New Day Has Broken Good Fortune wonderful

connections and unfettered access to Opportunities Financial IAL worries will

no longer be an issue for you I will richly bless everything you do everything you own and the prayers you

offer when I say I will do something I always follow through I promise to

fulfill it completely forever and ever I shall stand by your side when times get

tough you can always count on me to be there for you shielding you from harm and providing Solace I will show you the

way to righteousness and you will no longer be bewildered no matter what I

will be here with you in your thoughts bringing you a Serene beauty that will last forever your heart will overflow

with joy granting you the opportunity to fully appreciate the Splendor of life

because of me you will have cause to laugh and the suffering that has brought you tears will eventually stop I will

always bestow blessings on you I beg you for the good and holy things you seek

because my love for you has no bounds do not be afraid to bring me your desires I

will gladly fulfill them Peace and Freedom are my blessings for you and I will also shower you with plenty I will

ensure that everything you do succeeds and that you never lose sleep over worries or confusion because I will

always be with you bringing your attention back to my promises and my Commandments I am the only one who can

provide you with the kind of Exquisite Tranquility that nothing else on this planet can match

we have heard and considered all of your prayers and petitions I have also listened to your prayers of regret and

complaint but I must say it is the humility with which you thank me that really touches me even when you’re

facing so many challenges you’ve gone through a lot and now you want to retaliate against the procedure that

made you miserable and deprived you of sleep you have worked hard to grow in your faith and it makes me happy that

you call out to me when you’re fighting to remind me father that I love you I am

deeply grateful for every small gesture I may not comprehend but you are well

versed in this trusting in you has helped me realize that everything happens for a reason seeing the tears

roll down your cheeks as you talk has made me cry trusting in me with all your being means knowing that I will provide

for all your needs your sincerity and appreciation are palpable you must

persevere you are about to achieve greatness the parched places in your life will eventually become Lush and the

resources you believed were gone will be redistributed and given back to you in Spades knowing the enemy’s tactics will

prevent you from falling for his falsehoods it doesn’t matter how you feel I will keep blessing you embrace

the challenges that come your way you can reach me if you call out to me my angels have come to guard you so you may

rest easy knowing that you are safe if you remember these words you will be able to triumph over your adversaries

and I know you know this because you’ve seen it before when people realize that I am using you they will run away in

Terror it Bears repeating do not lose sight of it it was me and it will be me

forever you have my unwavering commitment you must possess power always

keep in mind that you are very courageous utilize all the resources at your disposal in including the abilities

I have bestowed upon you so that you may dominate your surroundings by keeping my word you will triumph over adversity

dismantle threats to your household and Conquer every difficulty that comes your way your desire to rid your house and

spirit of evil and darkness is evident in your heartfelt Expressions as are

your battles listen my child I’m here by your side guiding and loving you at all

times get up my darling and say my word with conviction free the people you care

about from their bonds your faith gives you the strength to confront the invisible spiritual forces that lurk in

the darkness in my presence evil spirits quake and flee but watch out if you let

fear and doubt take root when you grip on grudges and complain when life tests

you these evil spirits may try to trouble you don’t give up instead guard

your heart feed your mind with my holy word and cling to your faith keep

believing no matter what my Divine love is with you always even when you’re weak

and fail be strong in your faith my forgiveness is always available to you

when you are under my protection no enemy can defeat you listen comprehend

and learn I am your God Savior and forgiver of your transgressions I am the one who even

when the world seems to turn against you you will find solace in my love shielded from harm do not let despair grip you if

you are in distress if you see no reason to continue please hold on to me tightly

Focus not on the attacks of others but cling to me for no one in this universe loves you as deeply as I do when false

friends and family members betray you remember this I will Elevate you within

your family and the day will come when they repent for their wrongs be as forgiving as I am and offer them love

while protecting your heart from further pain so entrust your heart to me and I will

keep it safe harm will not befall you this is your day to rise look ahead with

faith for blessings await you and your family but I ask for your commitment

seek me obey me and let you have chosen to serve and believe in me and I will do

wonders with you your faith is the vehicle for Supernatural miracles in your life and I trust you come to me

confidently I will grant any good pure and uplifting request you make we

renewed our covenant today and you signed it with my sacrifice and Resurrection now affirm it with love and

dedication overcoming adversity will be easier with your humble spirit and unwavering Faith you are my warrior

fully committed to me and I will never let you down despite everything that’s going on around you you’ve put your

faith in me and sought solace in my arms when you’re in my presence there’s no

need to worry about what the future beh holds I have faith in my blood’s ability to cleanse and forgive Embrace this

truth with all your heart keep your eyes open because I’m about to do a powerful and inspiring miracle in your life

remember that I have forgiven you rather than blaming yourself for past sins

trust that my blood has cleansed your heart and made it new your mind is renewed immerse yourself in my holy

words may your words be filled with life and encouragement reflect on my promise proes and Commandments every day don’t

allow despair to consume you your future is not in my hands my hands hold you and

my wings protect you even when you face difficulties I will protect you your

mind is strong and it will grow stronger as you absorb these words when the time

comes you and your family will take Giant Steps toward a better land and a better future inspire your children to

pursue education and have big dreams with their talents and intelligence they can help me in many ways they can

transform families and entire nations in your home the heroes and Leaders of

Tomorrow are growing before my second coming they will serve as significant instruments of my word but this can only

occur if you honor me in your home and your children witness it let your

behavior and the way you demonstrate your faith always be a testament to your

faith I will turn the tongues of those who have slandered you with their words into words of kindness and compassion

even in the face of adversity I can transform you so that your loved ones

can perceive my strength even though they deny my existence and claim I am

powerless to help you their faith has brought me glory and I assure you that I

will feel my presence in your home your neighbors will be able to see the nighttime brightness of my glory and

your angels will illuminate every room in your house people will be astounded by the

Supernatural and miraculous events unfolding in your home many will gather

to hear your prayer and you will be able to lay hands on those who are ill fix

their problems and mend their wounds I will personally attend to their healing

fix their problems and mend their wounds a beautiful Spiritual Awakening is about

to begin in your family you are in your final days and many are proclaiming it

some want to know the secrets of my coming but they don’t seek me out I will

only show my love to those who believe in me with honesty and integrity and who

aren’t scared to give their lives for my word and for the love of others this is

the powerful word I’m sewing into you listen carefully to where it is coming

from and hold it in your heart as far as you can see I will use your life to

bring my glory to those far away places on foreign soil you will hear languages you don’t understand but I will touch

you and my holy spirit will work through you and your family a spiritual

Revolution is about to start amen if you want other people to experience the blessing you’ve received share this

message with the people you care about you don’t have to join my team of messengers of good news let’s keep

blessing lives Embrace this profound truth with an open heart the words I share with you are filled with

unwavering love I I love you very much and my biggest wish is to see you happy

and healthy strong and joyful and enjoying every day that I’ve given you

get ready for the journey ahead because I’m going to visit you every morning with words of encouragement and

affection carefully planted within you consider this you were born to relish

the taste of Victory not to succumb to defeat and despair I am well aware of the unfair criticisms and judgments

aimed at you by those who seek to undermine you portraying you as a failure and a hopeless cause but take

heart their words have no power in my hands I have the victory in my possession in this very moment I am your

steadfast hope standing as a Beacon of Hope as you let go of negative thoughts

let go of the shadow of inadequacy and let my holy word heal you and resuscitate your spirit it brings you

Joy motivates you and inspires you to dream bigger it fills you with new ideas

and beautiful aspirations that will shape your future allowing you to see that radiant Smile as you smile and let

your heart overflow with happiness know that your journey is far from over the road ahead is filled with wonderful

surprises and kind people can you truly believe in this deep truth can you trust

that you are not only valuable but also meant to hold my hand and not let go I

promise you eternal love and care a Divine love that is unmoved by The Winds

of Change Grace your Sanctuary is ready to weave a story of redemption into your

destiny your passionate prayers rooted in unshakable faith and honesty have

called me to be there for you when you need me with the incredible power to bring about positive change I can’t wait

to use it to your advantage your faith is the key that effortlessly unlocks

incredible possibilities but beyond that know that I love you very much and no matter what you will never be alone with

me as you endure pain I hear the cries for help a love that soothes and covers

you without criticism a gentle presence that envelops you in a quiet Embrace unburdened by criticism you need my

sympathetic ear ready to listen attentively without interruption open up

to me about your deepest desires because in those confessions is your truth

admitting that you can’t do it alone now is the time to accept that you need my help

I know the Hard Road you and your family are on cross a Barren desert where loneliness kills hope and your spirit

Longs for love despite the scorching heat the journey is painful and you’ll

cry out in agony as you step on hot stones that induce tears every trial you

face today is a necessary part of a purifying process just as gold only

reveals its Brilliance after enduring the refining fire so too will you shine

free from negativity my goal is not to elevate you so that you belittle your

brethren instead I want to impart the wisdom of reaching out to help those who

have fallen I understand the magnitude of your struggle keeping faith in my

helping hand while you suffer is no easy feat but I’ve come to protect you and

guide you through these tests I beseech you to break free from the chains of anger vanity fear doubt and

faithlessness do not let the ghosts of the past control your thoughts there is

nothing there that can compare to the Limitless joy that awaits you from now on embark on a voyage of

self-exploration uncovering the subtle and significant causes for gratitude that permeate Your Existence carry the

virtues I bestow upon you in your heart and walk guilt-free know that your

inherent value your family’s worth and the promise of your future surpass The Lure of wealth fame or popular ity

embrace the possibility of loss but do not mourn the loss for what lies ahead

transcends the transient and Ventures into the realm of the Everlasting I am ready to provide for

all your needs and shower you with blessings stay vigilant and mindful of

the cues that signal the Fulfillment of my promises remember that I can turn your

trials into triumphs so don’t give up when the going gets tough I hide plenty

of blessing blings and prosperity so be prepared to handle what I give you wisely look to my holy word for wisdom

on how to use your gifts and talents better and don’t give into the temptation of worldly Goods or debt to

buy nonsense focus on what truly matters take your spiritual journey to new

heights learn from my words and expand your understanding of me in return I

will show you miraculous things and reveal Hidden Truths ensure prompt

attention to yourself and your family leaving no task unfinished I’ve given

you the ability to deal with many challenges today I don’t want you to be in a state of panic at the last minute

afraid to fail be brave and do good deeds even when you don’t feel like it

place people in my hands and pray for them but don’t listen to their complaints or advice they can’t save

someone who’s already headed down the wrong path if you put your trust in me I

will help you in in everything if you put your faith in me first I will lead you to success and give you blessings

that are worth more than gold even when you feel like giving up I will revive your spirit strengthen you and bring you

back from the dead those around you and generations to come will attest to the

Abundant Blessings I give you I will clothe you in honor clear your paths and

fill your house with my glory have faith because I will surely bring it to pass I

want you to know how much I love you and how long I want to be at home I’m about to perform a supernatural powerful and

miraculous change in your life I have noticed your struggles and I am determined to make sure that scarcity

doesn’t affect your family and home for the next few years prayer fasting and

tears have tested your faith and now is the time to reap the rewards of your

devotion your home will be filled with blessings prosperity encouragement and

health you can rest assured that I will fulfill every promise I have made to you

my blessings will bring wisdom power and the ability to discern wise decisions

you have planted the seeds of unwavering faith in your heart your belief in my power and my unwavering presence beside

you have led to my Triumph by placing your trust in me you have experienced the enveloping grace and mercy that I

provide today with my mighty hand I will cause the seeds you have planted to

flourish abundantly in your life and the lives of those around you the time has

come for you to reap the rewards of your steadfastness gratitude and Trust are

Paramount for I am refining your life and preparing you to encounter numerous opportunities through complex

tribulations and arduous trials I will bring an abundance of blessings to your

home that you can’t even begin to imagine your faith and humility are pric less and they will lead to great success

prepare yourself for unprecedented opportunities rest assured that I am in control of your future and that I will

provide for all your needs I will give you the strength to face difficult conversations and obstacles headon I

will be by your side every step of the way and I will see to it that your dreams come true your cries have reached

my ears and I’m here to comfort you and give you the answers you seek your faith

in me is beautiful and your prayers in every situation are like sacred incense

a fragrant offering that reaches my Altar and touches my heart your unfaltering belief in my love for you

and your faith in my assistance move me deeply even though I knew your request

before you spoke your growth is a delight to me when you seek my help so be quiet and know that you will receive

what you seek the trials your family has endured will end and and I will bless you with wisdom strengthening your

intellect and giving you the ability to see the enemy’s plans before they come to fruition keep your faith take action

and seek the blessings I have promised individuals whose names I inscribe on your heart will bless you even if you

haven’t seen or spoken to them in a while I will send you to them so that you can be the answer to their prayers

my blessings are for those who believe in me and seek me with all their heart a door of great magnitude is opening in

your life so be humble and don’t let pride get in the way immerse yourself in

my holy word and your faith will flourish radiating confidence dive into

your Bible please listen to me open your ears every morning cherish the words I

impart and engrave my promises on your soul praying with a bent knee has

immense power so continue to pray with that demeanor when you feel that as you pray my hand will gently touch your head

expressing my love and approval now my darling face each day with bravery

knowing that my angels are with you and that my love is protecting you


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