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“TODAY I TOUCH YOUR LIFE” । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved children come close and give

heed to my words this day great change

is imminent the time I have fortold

draws near for years my prophets have

said it is coming soon I know you have

grown weary of these promises wondering

if this prophesied door will ever

open but now my patient and steadfast

ones your faithfulness has been seen you

have withstood the storms and onslaughts

of the enemy with Valor

the hour has arrived for you to witness

my mighty hand at work what I am about

to do will shake Nations and kingdoms

but do not fear though systems of man

falter and strongholds crumble it is to

set you free the world as you have known

it will be no

more I have warned about the coming

economic turmoil advising you to prepare

as best you can for some hard times are

still ahead but remember this promise I

will never forsake you in your deepest

trials my sustaining Grace will be

enough the present corrupt system which

you have known since birth will be torn

down you were born for such a time as

this long ago I deposited my overcoming

strength within you for this battle

truly these are unprecedented days in

history I Am The Great I Am maker of

heaven and Earth and soon the eyes of

all humankind will behold my unmatched

power and Glory the time of birth pangs

is here each contraction growing

stronger and closer together stay near

to me abiding under my wing during this


transition despite the pain be filled

with Supernatural peace and joy your

final push will usher in Freedom like

you’ve never known full restoration

healing of wounds a new life beyond what

you dreamed possible

if only you could see a glimpse of all I

have prepared for you for I am doing

something completely new more wonderful

than your imagination can

conceive I am about to shock and Amaze

the world those who have mocked and

persecuted you who have arrogantly

opposed me who have poisoned my truth

and misrepresented my character will

indeed reap the consequences of their

deeds I have had enough their discipline

will be severe and perfect ly just long

have I extended Mercy yet still they

refuse to turn from their wickedness but

concerning you my faithful one you have

endured fiery trials yet continued to

Hope in me your reward is

coming every prayer every tear of

intercession Every Act done in my name

has been captured in my eternal Ledger

the fullness of time for recompense

draws near so brace yourself for surely

I am doing doing something in your day

that you would not believe even if you

were told as this glorious climax

approaches abide in me as I abide in you

I will supply all needed strength for

the birth pangs fear not for all I have

spoken will come to pass Terrors of

night plagues disasters and warfare

shall not Prevail against you no weapon

formed against you will succeed and no

lie raised against you will stand for

you are under the shadow of my

wings during this turbulent transition

War not against flesh and blood but pray

for your enemies be quick to forgive

offenses even as I forgave you return

evil with good lies with truth spoken in

love maintain integrity and Purity in

all your ways that your witness may be

blameless before all people the time is

short now walk in wisdom toward outside

Fighters making the most of every moment

be filled with my spirit continually

communing with me and surrender and

humility I will guide you each step of

the journey if you yield to my

Whispers The Path is narrow but I open

the way before you now keep your gaze

fixed on me alone not on the swirling

storms around you though oceans rage and

kingdoms totter you will remain unshaken

because I am your rock your Fortress and

high tower I am at work behind the

scenes orchestrating events and aligning

Destinies you will notice signs of my

presence even in midst of growing chaos

there will be visible tokens of my

protection and provision when enemy


converge as Gideon needed fleece ask me

for confirmations if you need

reassurance along the way my messengers

shall bring Scrolls from the thr throne

room to comfort those with wavering

faith for I reward those who diligently

seek me but even more blessed are those

who trust without seeing who hope

against hope and believe the

unbelievable cry out to me and I will

saturate your night Seasons with visions

and dreams of things to come I will make

known my plans to those devoted fully to

my purposes study the lives of my

servant prophets that you may understand

my unfolding Revelations

pray for Heavenly insight and wisdom

which is more precious than fine gold

worship me in abandonment and awe

leaving the future in my capable

hands as you yield more control to me

truly I will Amaze you with wonders


comprehension I am calling you out of

the slumbering masses to awaken take up

your armor and be revealed as Kings and

Priests unto me in the Earth the age of

sitting passive is

over I am igniting within you a holy

fire an unquenchable passion to operate

in signs and wonders that my name may be

great among all people and

Nations all creation is longing for my

mature Sons and Daughters to come forth

in power and Glory C- laboring with me

to restore what was lost through ages of

sin sickness tragedy and death can you

see this Vision the heaven standing open

awaiting the completion of my work the

universe yearns to witness brilliantly

radiant ones moving in unanimously under

Heaven’s direction to reclaim territory

stolen by the enemy releasing captives

from prisons of Despair healing the

Brokenhearted recovering sight to

Blinded eyes proclaiming freedom to


oppressed wholeness and life restored

everywhere my faithful one set their

feet as Moses could not cross into

promise alone neither can my body

fulfill its ordained conquests separated

from each other I am calling all

branches of my Ecclesia into Unity now

to finish this epic race well

together no longer argue over doctrines

or denominations for every part is

needed and I myself ordain each one

where the enemy SWS Division and offense

plant seeds of Peace compassionately

care for the poor widows weak and

wounded Souls I send across your path

pray for Wanderers still lost outside

the fold and remember those of my

children trapped under harsh task

Masters or suffering for their faith

especially Comfort little ones missing

parents I see every precious face crying

out to me not one is forgotten but soon

I will bring Divine Justice deliverance

and restoration to all who believe in me

no situation is impossible for me

therefore be strong now my Frontline

Warriors for you have not come this far

by your own might it is my life force

energizing you for victory flowing

through your innermost being is

resurrection power this Mighty River of

my spirit shall increase rapidly from

raindrops to waves covering the

Nations do not doubt when you pass

through fire for I will be with you in


Flames after the shaking what remains of

man’s kingdoms versus my eternal Kingdom

shall no longer compare for all the

world’s facade will be stripped away the

loftiness of Nations brought low but my

holy mountains shall arise from ashes of


glory renewed awe of me shall sweep

across all peoples and compassion shall

overflow society’s margins to saturate

the starving oppressed

multitudes then my diverse body under

unified leadership of Heaven’s command

will Shepherd Humanity’s emotional

physical and spiritual ual recovery love

and divine order shall form the

foundation of civilization’s rebuild and

my renewed resurrected Community shall

teach people the way back to my purpose

for mankind even face-to-face fellowship

with me as my spirit hovers again over

the hearts of men creation will respond

vibrantly to my gift of eternal life

governing the

planet Barren lands shall yield

Bountiful harvests deserts will drink

from oases Wilderness blossoms like

Eden’s Garden wolves and Lambs side by

side Sons and Daughters prophesying as

my word covers Earth as Waters cover the

sea Glory upon Glory abounding forever

so stay strong stalwart beloved keep

holding your head high as this Valley of


culminates I will back up every promise

with signs and wonders in the heavens

and earth until it is finished carry

fortitude unspeakable knowing you walk

in sin sink with my destined will though

you feel pressed now for a short season

soon rejoicing and celebrations will

erupt worldwide the best and Darkest

Night looms ahead but my Everlasting day

follows swiftly when light penetrates

the deepest

Darkness hope shines brightest on Dawn’s

Horizon I am the bright and Morning Star

arising in your hearts and mine eternal

Victory certain

now so watch and pray as the hour passes

to climatic

finish Rejoice then greatly my child

though storms still rage and the darkest

night still approaches cleave fervently

to this Vision I have spoken allow my

fiery passion for restoring my creation

to overflow your

soul as I protect and Lead You Through

the final stages of the journey believe

that all my promises are yes and amen

soon you will recognize my voice calling

you higher now never doubt that I am

able to preserve you completely

blameless whole and Victorious unto that

day of days when you are revealed in

glory with me

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